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10622.07.2019Neil Zest8.0
11209.07.2019Paul Heyman Guy10.0
11404.07.2019PunchInTheNuts10.0The greatest Japanese wrestling promotion, so much history and prestige and is now in a new golden age. There is always things that could be better (the tag team divisions) but overall the product is very well booked with long term stories, the ability to create new stars like it's incredibly easy, prestigious titles and obviously great matches because the environment is very favorable to get the best out of everyone. The structure of the whole year is almost perfect with every division and titles having a good spotlight at some moment and different tournaments to kind of break the formula of longer singles matches. Excellent roster, full of experienced guys and prodigies, with the ability to give a big fight feel very often.
11502.07.2019brandon0628969.0The only reason that this promotion does not get a 10 is because of the tag division. Enough GOD already. They're great but we need some fresh new faces in the tag team division!
11628.06.2019Jeje059.0Eine echt gute Promotion mit den besten Wrestling was die Welt zu bieten hat. Ich finde es schade das sie keine Konkurrenz für die wwe sind.
11723.06.2019Scott Bailey10.0
12405.06.2019Tim Flyn9.0
12504.06.2019TheFrenchDisaster9.0The New Japan Pro Wrestling is one of the best promotions of all time, they know how to build future legends. They organize matches and pay-per-views of high quality, some matches are even all-time classics, they even possessed the greatest stable of all time
13013.05.2019owenc51010.0This is an excellent promotion no doubt about it. Like any promotion, it has its highs and its lows. Currently, many would agree, it is the best promotion in the world. They are known for their consistently great shows and matches and good story lines. their tournaments are some of the biggest events of the year for all of wrestling, the biggest being the G1 Climax where the best matches of the year happen. There are many huge stars from there like Tanahashi, Okada, Naito, Ibushi, Ospreay and many more. A lot of Gaijin have prospered there in recent years like Michael Elgin, Zach Sabre Jr, AJ Styles, Ricochet, The Bullet Club and so on. A lot in the past as well like Vader, Stan Hansen, Andre the Giant, Scott Norton, and Chris Benoit. the stables are awesome such as LIJ, CHAOS, Suzuki Gun, and GBH. A bunch of people have jumped ship in the past years but they adapt and stay on top. Other things to mention are that the top titles are prestigious and it matters when wrestlers win. Other things that New Japan are best known for are their junior heavyweights of the past decades like Jushin Liger, Minoru Tanaka, Koji Kanemoto, etc and the three musketeers Keiji Muto, Masahiro Chono, and Shinya Hashimoto.
13112.05.2019PuroresuLover10.0The very best promotion right now, and not only in Japan! Although NOAH is my favorite, NJPW is rising since 2012 and they keep making great matches and creating great workers like Shota Umino, Hirai Kawato and Katsuya Kitamura. Sure, they have their fails, like Gedo making Tetsuya Naito challenge for the Intercontinental Championship since April 2018, but they're still great.
13425.04.2019JustAWrestlingFan10.0New Japan does something that very few other promotions manage to do and thats make every wrestler feel important. They also has mastered the art of long term stroytelling. Most wrestlers has some sort of connection either through the stable system or epic feuds. That makes most of the matches feel important. They also manage to feel like more of an legitimate sport mostly due to all the tournaments they hold every year. Even though some of the undercard feels like filler it still makes sense due to the stable system. That gets mostly every wrestler on the show without putting them in a random 10 man tag with people they team with just because they are faces or heel. Thats also something i love. Faces could feud with each other and heels could feud with each other. It doesnt always has to be face vs heel and that makes every wrestler able to face each other.
13521.04.2019Makai Club 7.0The company has dropped in my mind in the past few years. The matches are always fun but the booking and basically everything about the company is very stale and boring. The pain of gaining popularity is the increase of shows online and that has lead to over exposure and it's took its toll. Like I said, the marche are usually good but the feuds and builds lack that creative spark.
13711.04.2019Black Mass With Love10.0The best promotion in the whole wrestling world. I watch a lot of wrestling, but, really, I don't know where else I can see the same number of incredible matches. There are many amazing talents in NJPW. Naito, Okada, Tanahashi, Ibushi, Ishii, Takahashi and many others (I mean only Japanese performers... And Kenny). Omega made his name in NJPW, like his friends, The Young Bucks. Will Ospreay became one of the best wrestlers in the world as a result of working in NJPW. I like this atmosphere, I feel that New Japan is a very special place. Wrestling is an art here. King Of Sports. Undoubtedly.
14005.04.2019TigerMaskReplica9.0Is New Japan Pro Wrestling a perfect promotion? Surely not. Some of the undercard and midcard territory belts have little (IWGP Tag Team, US Heavyweight) or even no prestige (f'n NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team): they frequently suffer from lazy booking and with so many title changes none of the actual champions have enough time to give value to those titles. Luckily, NJPW excels in literally any other field. The average level of the roster is probably higher than any other company and their top stars are among the best wrestlers of all time. The big shows range mostly from good to fantastic and countless amazing matches were held over the past 7 years. But what puts NJPW above the rest of the competition is the production: from the camera work and hype videos to the backstage interviews and wrestlers' themes, everything is planned to the last detail and this helps every enthusiast to get invested and "feel" a comprehensive wrestling experience. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best wrestling promotion in what is perhaps the golden age of pro-wrestling.
14125.03.2019Tiger Mask 66610.0
14519.03.2019zephyr10.0I credit NJPW with getting me back into wrestling with their great matches and booking. I pretty much fell out of love with wrestling entirely but they helped me become really invested and enthusiastic about it which I'm very grateful for.
14820.02.2019Zer0 MY10.0
14919.02.2019LIJ36910.0The best. Booking always makes sense, big matches almost always deliver, they produce some of the best wrestlers in the world, and while it? s not as in depth or swervy as wwe, they have great long term storytelling
15224.01.2019Cibs9.0I really like New Japan more than in the 90s and the 00s, what they offer is good; although I do believe that in recent years the fans have overrated it a lot. The ring quality is still the most solid but in the last year they have had some problems that have lowered the quality of their product and, except for their important rivalries, everything else is usually on a secondary level with nothing attractive, only names in the ring wrestling in automatic mode without long-term consequences.
15327.12.2018MJFJUNE10.0Absolutely beautiful wrestling that is almost a lost art. Easily the top promotion in the world the last few years in terms of wrestling quality. It can be said that their current state is a broken record but I truly see big things in the future for this promotion especially if they can get a larger TV deal in America then AXS TV. Some of the best matches and wrestlers in the world have fought in this promotion and nearly all of its titles have unmatched prestige.
16029.10.2018Redy10.0My favourite promotion: the best matches with the best wrestlers. This company make me so happy and make me love wrestling all time. With all right they are THE KING OF SPORT. If i have to put a grade: 10
16223.10.2018mercywellness18.0I have been a New Japan fan for a long time, getting my first DVDs during the 04-05 times and absolutely loving all of the hate and aggression that was built up and paid off on violently. Huge fan of Nagata, Kensuke, Wataru Inoue, Tenzan, Tanahashi. I've loved watching this company grow and evolve into the powerhouse it is today. I am always a fan of great work with simple, easy to follow storylines. NJPW quenches many thirsts as a Professional Wrestling fan.
16410.10.2018RatingsMachine10.0Despite the fact that there is cause for concern over the increasing westernisation of the product, New Japan remains, from an in-ring standpoint, the premier promotion in the world today. And within their culture, New Japan is far more respected than its western counterparts.
16730.09.2018ListlessLegend9.0NJPW is growing while still providing the wrestling quality that people want. They are currently experiencing some growing pains along the lines. The Tag division is in shambles with little life, and after the Takahashi injury, the Jr division feels stalled, but in time will restart. There is a lot of promise in the future of NJPW.
16818.09.2018Miz Ki10.0
17212.09.2018jamzell008.0While their top end matches and current stars are great, this is far from a perfect promotion. From meh storylines, booking and almost nonexistent Jr and tag divisions outside of tournaments, they could be better.
17312.09.2018AJStyles8310.0Best wrestling promotion on the planet by a mile. It treats wrestling with prestige, like it's an actual sport, the match quality is tremendous. What it lacks in production values and WWE-style promos/storyline development it more than makes up for with the incredible in-ring product. The go-to promotion for wrestling purists. Also helped by the fact that there isn't a weekly TV show in my opinion, so it never gets stale, even during the G1 where you watch the same wrestlers for 19 nights over a month - it's full of excitement like you're watching the World Cup. Wrestle Kingdom is can't-miss, the intro alone always has you pumped up and they never disappoint. Go watch Dominion 2018 if you want to see just how awesome wrestling can be in 2018.
17826.08.2018Ecstasy ov Dusk10.0
18213.08.2018M7Wrestling10.0New Japan Pro Wrestling is the best wrestling promotion in the world right now in my opinion, i love Japanese wrestling and it's because of NJPW
18722.07.2018Jasper Claret10.0
18821.07.2018Moritz Heinrich10.0
19520.06.2018Ted Blake10.0
19718.06.2018Jukeboksi9.0New Japan is all about protecting wrestling as an artform first and foremost. The wrestlers are not out for themselves to make the most money, and the owners are not out to control every aspect of every detail. A collective effort is made by the locker room to protect the concept of a hierarchy of wrestling moves, going from opening strikes to flashy finishing sequences. This is showcased through every card through most every match, from the opening Young Lions (and projects like Lion's Gate) submitting to Half Crabs to Main Eventers protecting their finishers as legitimate killers. This concept of hierarchy also shows in respect towards weight classes (which has lessened in later years) and the way wrestlers are booked to make the most out of their current situations. Multi-man tags manage to represent the roster well while still keeping most workers fresh and safe, while singles matches are kept as special occasions deserving of proper focus. The breaks and pauses between shows and tours are intended to let workers heal, enabling them to go all out with less to worry about, when they are on the big stage. All development and progression happens slowly with rare exceptions, yet it feels like there is constantly something going on and at the same time, brewing beneath the status quo. The energy and strength of the roster is an effort decades in building, and continues as a tribute to the great showcase of pro wrestling as a competitive comparable to sport. New Japan, to me, equals a love for wrestling, because they enable the workers to bring their absolute best night in, night out, the most out of all promotions.
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