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313.02.2020Leon Ramis10.0
412.02.2020oh gawd10.0
805.02.2020Danil Czar10.0
1412.01.2020bmd910910.0My favorite wrestling company in the world. Just about everything they do, even when it seems dumb or with no foresight, ends up being awesome.
1806.01.2020Bobbythreesixteen10.0Rein auf das Wrestlerisch bezogen kann keine Promotion mithalten. Man spürt hier einfach die Liebe zum Wrestling und man bekommt immer das geboten was man erwartet. Der Japanische Flair schadet dem ganzen auch nicht. Hier werden Talente gut aufgebaut und nicht verschwendet. Wenn man es bis in diese Promotion geschafft hat ist das schon ein starkes Zeichen. Und wenn man dann noch erfolg hat dann kann man sich gewiss sein das man ein starker Wrestler ist.
2628.12.2019Combo Broker10.0
2823.12.2019VillainClub9.0NJPW ist wohl aktuell die beste Promotion der Welt. Auch wenn hier nicht alles Gold ist was glänzt. Besonders Jericho schadet dem Produkt in den letzten Jahren sehr. Zudem sind die Tag Team Divisionen quasi nicht vorhanden. Positiv sind dann wieder die vielen sehr, sehr guten Matches und starken Titel Regentschaften.
2920.12.2019snakepit10.0Brilliant booking by Gedo and legendary multi-year performances from stars such as Okada, Naito, Tanahashi and Ishii in recent years have cemented NJPW's status as the best wrestling promotion in the world today. If we're talking about match quality, this is the big league, not some shitshow that promotes "sports entertainment" bullshit.
3018.12.2019CashGrab10.0Not a perfect promotion, but it is very close, only problem I have with it is Gedos treatment of the Tag Divisons.
3210.12.2019Hollywood Hitman
3418.11.2019Briefcase 199210.0
3517.11.2019OxeyNimrod9.0Not every match they have is a hit but when they make a great match they REALLY hit. They're currently 1 of 2 promotions that actually get me hyped for their ppv's. And that's really rare. Without a doubt one of the best promotions if not THE best promotion going today. The numbers don't lie.
3920.10.2019VGSO8.0Excellent promotion. I have only a couple complaints right now, specifically how the juniors and tag division are so neglected, and the fact that the stories seem to have settled into a predictable rut. The quality is still great, but everything feels less exciting than usual.
4020.10.2019TheEternalSovereign7.0A very exciting and legendary promotion. The commentary is all Japanese and the wrestling is perfect. Very few complaints come with this promotion but the few there are, are as follows. NJPW doesnt post full shows online or even full matches mainly just highlight reels. There are television channels that show it live but they have to mainly be special order channels.
4412.10.2019WrestlingStats19.0New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) is an international wrestling promotion based in Japan, but enjoys significant influence in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Austrailia. Their brand is currently in an expansion phase as they increase their size both domestically and abroad. Their professional wrestling style is best described as Strong Style puroresu. They feature no women's wrestling due to their traditional nature and place strong emphasis on established weight classes. Their top title is the IWGP Heavyweight Championship (though the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship is also highly prestigious due to its history. ) Their flagship event is Wrestle Kingdom, while their notable tours include G1 Climax, New Japan Cup, Best of Super Juniors, and World Tag League.
5116.09.2019TheV28.0New Japan is probably the most consistent out of all active wrestling promotions. Due to their variety and the constant evolution of wrestling they have something for everyone and it's a mix of pure wrestling and spot-festivals. And this often leads to New Japan delivering the most compelling match in a period. The long-term booking excels especially due to the focus on wrestling, which leads to organically evolving stories. What I loved most about it is how stables war could always easily manage relevance and character development for many wrestlers. However it's still overrated or to be more precise: the way many fans compare New Japan to other promotions is unfair. I'm talking about comparing a spectacular match of New Japan to the worst of another promotion. In New Japan 3 good matches lead to a positive response, while in other big promotions not having more than 3 good matches leads to a negative response. In New Japan people applaud for the long-termly built rising of their stars and they use their brain, while in WWE people want everyone who knows to wrestle to become champion in their first year and they call every loss a burial. In even more simple words: many New Japan traditions would get trashed under any other banner. A good and important wrestling promotion, but without the hate towards "mainstream" companies New Japan Pro Wrestling's reputation wouldn't be even half as good.
5304.09.2019ElPolloLoco10.0I will rate NJPW on one thing along: the mind-boggling amount of amazing talent they have selected and trained over the decades. Hiroshi Hase, Shinjiro Otani, Shinya Hashimoto, Keiji Muto, Jushin Liger, Yuji Nagata, Hiroshi Tanahashi... this is not merely luck but it means even in the darkest days of Inokism the people in the promotion cared so much about the future they never gave up. The young talent they are showcasing these days, be them Japanese or foreigners from the LA Dojo, is really great: they may not be doing crazy aerial stunts but they burn with a little of the same fire that burned inside Kenta Kobashi, which is the most important asset a wrestler need. This is a company that has been shaping the future of wrestling for decades and, hopefully, will continue to do so for many years to come.
5403.09.2019Henrique Alves10.0
7122.07.2019Neil Zest8.0
7709.07.2019Paul Heyman Guy10.0
7904.07.2019PunchInTheNuts10.0The greatest Japanese wrestling promotion, so much history and prestige and is now in a new golden age. There is always things that could be better (the tag team divisions) but overall the product is very well booked with long term stories, the ability to create new stars like it's incredibly easy, prestigious titles and obviously great matches because the environment is very favorable to get the best out of everyone. The structure of the whole year is almost perfect with every division and titles having a good spotlight at some moment and different tournaments to kind of break the formula of longer singles matches. Excellent roster, full of experienced guys and prodigies, with the ability to give a big fight feel very often.
8002.07.2019brandon0628969.0The only reason that this promotion does not get a 10 is because of the tag division. Enough GOD already. They're great but we need some fresh new faces in the tag team division!
8128.06.2019Jeje059.0Eine echt gute Promotion mit den besten Wrestling was die Welt zu bieten hat. Ich finde es schade das sie keine Konkurrenz für die wwe sind.
8223.06.2019Scott Bailey10.0
8518.06.2019Cow Man9.0
9105.06.2019Tim Flyn9.0
9204.06.2019TheFrenchDisaster9.0The New Japan Pro Wrestling is one of the best promotions of all time, they know how to build future legends. They organize matches and pay-per-views of high quality, some matches are even all-time classics, they even possessed the greatest stable of all time
9713.05.2019owenc51010.0This is an excellent promotion no doubt about it. Like any promotion, it has its highs and its lows. Currently, many would agree, it is the best promotion in the world. They are known for their consistently great shows and matches and good story lines. their tournaments are some of the biggest events of the year for all of wrestling, the biggest being the G1 Climax where the best matches of the year happen. There are many huge stars from there like Tanahashi, Okada, Naito, Ibushi, Ospreay and many more. A lot of Gaijin have prospered there in recent years like Michael Elgin, Zach Sabre Jr, AJ Styles, Ricochet, The Bullet Club and so on. A lot in the past as well like Vader, Stan Hansen, Andre the Giant, Scott Norton, and Chris Benoit. the stables are awesome such as LIJ, CHAOS, Suzuki Gun, and GBH. A bunch of people have jumped ship in the past years but they adapt and stay on top. Other things to mention are that the top titles are prestigious and it matters when wrestlers win. Other things that New Japan are best known for are their junior heavyweights of the past decades like Jushin Liger, Minoru Tanaka, Koji Kanemoto, etc and the three musketeers Keiji Muto, Masahiro Chono, and Shinya Hashimoto.
9812.05.2019PuroresuLover10.0The very best promotion right now, and not only in Japan! Although NOAH is my favorite, NJPW is rising since 2012 and they keep making great matches and creating great workers like Shota Umino, Hirai Kawato and Katsuya Kitamura. Sure, they have their fails, like Gedo making Tetsuya Naito challenge for the Intercontinental Championship since April 2018, but they're still great.
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