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217.03.2023Wizz2110.0Aufwertung auf 10 Punkte: konstant unterhaltsame Wochenshows, starke PPVs und ein inzwischen wieder sehr gutes Roster. Seit Scott D'Amore den Laden vor ein paar Jahren quasi übernommen hat, läufts bei denen wieder. Weiter so, Impact Wrestling!
1019.02.2023TerwilligerTheLucha9.0Many a fan will look the other way due to the perceived stench of LOLTNA, but the product has done a complete 180 in the last few years. Impact has mastered the art of "less is more", taking in talents with relatively minimal buzz and giving them a platform to truly shine and hone their craft. Silently the home of several of the best performers in the business today (Alexander, Bailey and Mickie come to mind immediately). Every division appears to be given the proper attention and feuds seldom seem randomly thrown together. Backstage segments feel unique to the characters (A Death Dollz backstage feels different from a Moose, a Decay, or a Design). Truly entertaining wrestling and a much welcome return to form after the dark years. Hope for nothing but the best for this promotion.
1406.02.2023Lukasny8.0Ich schaue mittlerweile ab und zu mal rein (EDIT: Mittlerweile wieder richtig aktiv). Früher sicherlich stärker, aber die machen im Moment echt gute Arbeit. Profitieren auch sehr von der Kooperation mit AEW. Das Roster sieht sehr gut aus, jung und dynamisch. Mit den entlassenen WWE Wrestlern nochmal um 2 Ecken besser geworden. Die Women's Division kann sich auch sehen lassen.
1810.01.2023gutsdozer7.0A few years ago I'd have given this half my current rating, and before that when it was TNA I'd have given it a quarter of that. But Impact has REALLY stepped up recently. The X-Division has always been good, but this year in particular every title scene is interesting and has fun feuds with a killer roster, and even the midcard feels like they all have something to do with several individual undercard feuds. Not even AEW is doing that right now. Frankly, it's best to treat TNA like a separate promotion entirely. The owners and the branding are all very different now; Anthem just owns the trademarks. I just hope they're willing to expand and take risks instead of remaining a small pond full of big fish that keep outgrowing it.
2314.12.2022The Hitman Dave7.0 
2606.12.2022sbg20228.0A promotion that in recent years, has gotten better and has washed the bitter taste of the Vince Russo/Dixie Carter era out of their mouths. I mean, you talk about a redemption story, this is the poster child for such a term.
2704.12.2022Jordan Impact A very good solid promotion these days and offer a lot of variety for most wrestling fans. They have one the most underrated women? s divisions in my opinion plus my favourite wrestler is here (that? s Rosemary by the way)
2926.11.2022Wrestling With Shurg7.0 
3428.10.2022crs2857.0A company with several ups and downs. Seems to have found its footing now. Early TNA was a top tier promotion but the Hogan and Dixie eras was some of the worst pro wrestling of all time.
3820.10.2022SIRasdf238.0This rating is based purely on their more recent output, which has been pretty great. It definitely feels like Impact has finally found a stable niche for itself in the modern wrestling landscape. They're relying less on WWE castoffs and more on their own talent. Josh Alexander is a great fighting champion who can have a 4 star classic with just about anyone. If you want an idea of how good Impact has gotten in the past few years, I reccomend checking out one of their more recent PPVs like Slammiversary or Bound For Glory. They feel a lot like Ring of Honor back in the day which is a great complement compared to the WCW wannabes they were in the past.
4208.10.2022JDNaz819.0While they're not as popular as they once were, Impact Wrestling still delivers a very good product, week in & week out. Plus, as good as their weekly show is, their Impact Plus/Ultimate Insiders Shows & their PPV's are even better, they knock it out of the park on every one of those! If you haven't seen it lately, give it a shot...I think you'll enjoy it!
4715.09.2022GM56 Champion5.0 
4805.09.2022GwenCube647.0Genuinely an underappreciated company. Some of the best wrestling and wrestlers of the 2000s are from Impact. They did have quite a bit of bad moments from around 2009-2018, but I think it's recovered enough to be watchable again.
4929.08.2022FEEBLE5.0Great past, great memories. But, TNA/Impact had a huge downfall since 2010, when Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter put the company to the ground. I'm very surprised that TNA is still alive, it's really nice. However, I can't say that Impact is a top tier wrestling promotion. Although it has so many great wrestlers, I simply can't simpitize with none. The past of TNA is beautiful, but I cannot see the present so bright.
5027.08.2022Viktor Vaughn6.0 
5124.08.2022AJJasonX8.0Sehr interessante Liga, die ich anfange der 2010er Jahre immer wieder gerne verfolgt hatte. Bin jetzt nach 6 Jähriger Abwesenheit wieder in das Produkt eingestiegen und verfolge diese Liga wöchentlich
5222.08.2022mtorrealba998.0Although they have had too many ups and downs in their existence, IMPACT has managed to give great matches and stories over the years, and they have had several of the most important wrestlers of the world on their roster. A pretty decent company that I hope will continue to live for many years.
5321.08.2022comewhatmay9278.0Impact has a storied history full of ups and downs. How many times has the company been on the verge of closing only to rally back' The past couple of years has really seen the company improve. Lots of great stars, awesome matches, and their working relationships with NJPW and AEW have given them some amazing roster depth. 2021 brought me back to the company.
5625.07.2022Hail The Fallen Angel8.0 
5719.07.2022BAILE310.0If we? re talking about throughout all time, I feel like Impact Wrestling has to be a 10. A company that housed many great wrestlers for and from WWE. Kurt Angle, Christian Cage and Bobby Roode being some of the best to ever do it in Impact and truly cemented a legacy for themselves.
6014.07.2022MooGati9.0Call me nostalgic, but Impact really seems to be having fun with their twenty year anniversary, and I love that they're fooling around with the good and the bad. Beyond that, every performer has a character, purpose, or TV time, something I can't say about the bloated rosters of WWE, AEW, and NJPW. Talent is exploding in every promotion, for sure, but Impact really seems the best at maximizing everyone's potential (apologies to Chris Bey, guy will be a star as soon as he leaves or stops being Bullet Club fall-guy).
6112.07.2022derjoker2022 In meinen Augen vielleicht das beste Jahr von Impact Wrestling ( seit der Umbennung). Mit den wenigen Mitteln schafft man immer eine gute bis starke Show auf die Beine zu stellen. Man verliert leider immer wieder gute Wrestler ( die man aufgebaut hat) aber bis jetzt konnte man sie durch immer ersetzen ohne an Qualität zu verlieren.Dazu hat man in meinen Augen die besten Damen Division ( von den bekannten Ligen in den USA) Der einzige Minus Punkt wäre die Zuschauer Anzahl. Ich weiß nicht warum man nicht mehr Leute zieht.
6204.07.2022eltetechori8.0This promoter has a problem, and it is that there are still remnants of that legacy of long ago, however, I think the product has been improving along its new path as Impact Wrestling, it has not changed the essence in certain things, and I personally like it a lot and therefore I support it with this assessment.
6403.07.2022Roddy MundoTV1910.0 
6811.06.2022Reinhard Lohengramm6.0 
6906.06.2022No One8.0 
7105.06.2022GriffinX8.0I've been an Impact fans since the second week of the NWA TNA era. So I have legit seen every single up and down this company has had. They have produced a lot of really good talent and had some amazing matches.
7325.05.2022Uncle Paddy7.0 
7519.05.2022XXDoubleHHXX10.0Impact is truly amazing. It went from being a potential rival for WWE to nearly dead to one of the top Independent companies in America.
7608.05.2022Rangod10.0A sort of gets a bad wrap cause of people listening to guys who claim they get Wrestling or know it but if you want the bare bones of Quality wrestling this company owned by ANTHEM a group of Canadian lawyers fits it.
7708.05.2022AntekT10.0In addition to natural sympathy caused by the fact how "hard to kill" is this company, they are making simple and enjoyable weekly show and their PPV's stand on incredible quality this year. They successfully build up their own stars, especially Josh Alexander is killing it right now.
7909.04.2022SlimShady29119910.0Sehr viele gute und schlechte Zeiten erlebt. Kurz vor dem Bankrott gewesen und trotzdem existiert diese Liga noch. Hat einen größtenteils fantastischen backlog (natürlich auch Mist dabei, ist normal nach so vielen Jahren). Heutzutage bietet IMPACT super Storytelling mit guten bis großartigen Matches auf wöchentlicher und monatlicher Basis. Seit Jahren mittlerweile konstant geblieben.
8322.03.2022flo4.0I don't know, TNA to me was always just mid. Tried to get into it a couple times over the last 15 years, but I just can't. If I was a little older back in the Styles, Joe, Suicide days, I might've been able to appreciate those banger matches. But can't really say I've ever truly enjoyed an Impact show.
8507.03.2022Evan Jackson8.0 
8702.03.2022Okaro1436.0Once, the 2nd biggest wrestling promotion in the US, it almost went to ruin under Dixie Carter's leadership but has since found it's footing again. It seems improbable that Impact will be as good as it once was, especially with AEW's hot rise and WWE's presence, but it is still standing its ground. Some of the greatest wrestlers on the planet are alumni from this promotion: AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe, etc. to name a few.
8801.03.2022texasyosh5.0A super up and down history, TNA/Impact has certainly had its moments. There is potential in Impact, but it's not there yet.
9020.02.2022Crippler Crossface8.0 
9211.02.2022NakazawaNumberOne10.0I won't pretend the in-ring is the best you can see on TV these days, but for both employing wrestlers for twenty years and for being the best place on TV for wrestler's to show character, build, and growth, TNA/Impact will always get a gold rating from me.
9321.01.2022Dogo7637.0There have been some rough years but Impact is in a good spot right now. Moose is a heel champ that's fun to root against. There's a nice ongoing story with the babyface Josh Alexander chasing after Moose but having to face many challenges along the way. The Knockouts division has consistently been one of the greatest parts of Impact, Mickie James is a great vet and can still deliver in the ring as champ. The tag divisions are kinda meh at the moment but The IInspiration are fun in their various segments (and one of the most puzzling WWE firings). The X-Division is the division to watch this year. Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, Mike Bailey, Laredo Kid, Chris Bey, and Steve Maclin have the ability to put on some phenomenal matches. I will revisit this score after Slammiversary or Bound for Glory.
9605.01.2022Scott Bailey6.0 
9811.12.2021benny5bellys7.0In with all the lol TNA stuff are some absolute gems in terms of In ring action and story telling and they have been a hugely important part of many careers.
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