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128.02.20215nicoShuffle7.0Been an off-and-on watcher of Impact from the weekly ppv days. Have been watching them a lot more recently, and are my favourite to watch weekly. They put on a very decent show, and I personally don't have a problem with the no frills presentation during these times, it's the content (and contests) that matter, and Impact has been doing this well recently, the hook-up with AEW is also a bonus (especially for Impact, it must be said. ) My only real complaint is the recent dubbed in crowd effects, with how low the volume is, it makes it sound like the building is haunted or something? , It's not necessary in my opinion.
226.02.2021Leth992.0They had the roster for most of 10 years, yet they f---ed up every single time thanks to the booking and the management, with their constant run-ins early and their constant use of Jeff Jarrett in the main event scene even if he had ALMOST no business being in there. Their best years were no doubt 2005-2007
517.02.2021WAILDO PEGASASU6.0
818.01.2021Undisputed Kieran8.0
1102.01.2021SanPellegrinoImpact currently has a massive issue as to why it is so hard to watch and care right now about it, it's not the lackluster roster that barely has a top guy let alone a true star, it's not the financial situation or the brand recognition... it's the presentation of the show itself and by extension the management that doesn't know how to change it. The area they are using with no crowd is far too big, the camera angles they use aren't great, make it difficult to follow action and really emphasises the previous fact of large unfilled space. BUT the biggest factor as to why this show currently SUCKS is the commentary team, Josh Matthews has to be without a doubt the worst, most boring and charisma-void play by play caller ever. The only way I've managed to get through shows recently are by having them on mute.
1719.12.2020Black Liger5.0
1814.12.2020Readysaltedcrisps210.0Loved Impact wrestling since I discovered it around 16 years ago. It helped me fall back in love with wrestling after stopping watching WWE.
2008.12.2020Resident8.0TNA wrestling had gone downhill around 2015 or 2016. It had gotten bad, but they have improved again the last few years. At one point they even stopped having X-division matches, but thankfully that has come back and the X-division matches of the last few years have been really good. Impact wrestling has really improved since TNA when it was on Pop. I am enjoying Impact now on AXS TV and Twitch. Impact wrestling has really improved and been putting on awesome shows. Why is the NWA Title and NWA Tag Team Titles still listed with Impact wrestling? TNA was only working with NWA from 2002-2007. Impact wrestling (Formerly TNA) hasn't worked with the NWA since 2007.
2106.12.2020Belka 01710.0
2204.12.2020medouse5.0Before Impact became Impact, I remember them being called TNA. Oh boy... what a great promotion that was. Their best feature was definitely the acrobatics, tag teams, spectacular matches and former WWF legends living their second life there. Many great wrestlers had their best years there: Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries, AJ Styles and many more. Currently, this company is competing with other wrestling TV shows, but it's absolutely the worst. Their roster, their storylines, everything. It just sucks.
2301.12.2020SickPup210.0Its the most consistent wrestling show going right now, every thing they do makes sense. TNA is dead, get over it. Its not a thing anymore. They've moved on and rebranded as something else. Love live Impact. Anyone in AEW or WWE are there likely because of Impact, modern day ECW in a way. Don Callis and Scott D'Amore have done a tremendous job.
2424.11.2020Sowban Muhammad10.0
2520.11.2020Khalid Ace2.0Yeah they used to be great & at some point they were my favourite promotion but right now Impact is by far the worst promotion I've ever watched. The last great match they've had was 2 years ago Callihan vs Penta! What a joke of a promotion.
2712.11.2020rainmakerpunk4.0Lots of legendary matches and stars made here, also a lot of bad booking and bad years here, TNA could of been something incredible, and sometimes it was, but overall it's a flop
2906.11.2020Upgrayedd10.0All companies have ups and downs, and even though TNA/Impact Wrestling seemingly had more such bumps than the rest, I always believed they could eventually dethrone WWE as the top wrestling promotion in the WWE. I'll bring up some speculation right now: if a serious investitor acquired this promotion and signed some of the talent WWE ditched due to COVID-19, they could definitely become the best of the best. And I'm not even talking about signings like Lesnar here. All in all, great promotion with one roller-coaster of a history, but always delivered
3130.10.2020WrestlingStats17.0Assets: Was, at one point, the second-largest wrestling promotion in North America. Innovated the way that women's and cruiserweight wrestling was promoted thanks to their Knockout and X Divisions (respectively. ) Has the power to draw in big name talent and benefits from its relationship with a broadcaster to remain on television. - - - Flaws: A sustained decline in their creative and business practices devolved the previous value of the brand - Only now is it genuinely building back up again. Their current domestic broadcast doesn't have the same audience reach as of some of its competitors. Need to develop their own homegrown talent (as they did in the past) instead of being overly reliant on talent from other promotions (as they often do today. ) - - - Promotion Potential: Minor league wrestling promotion with national league upside.
3506.10.2020BUIOOMEGA10.0This 10 is pretty symbolic. In a world asphyxiated by the pandemic with the competition among the promotions based on how a federation can overcome the audience limitations or worst, with a WWE recycling old names to put on good shows, AEW that, aside from the very high quality of their undisputed product, is the nowadays trend... Impact is still there! With a lot of good matches, always (almost... ) good stories, no lack scriptures or anything like that. Interesting World Champion in EY, good ol' MCMG as Tag Champs, the X-Division scenario with many characters builded up, great Knockout division and a enjoyable variety of show. In this crazy times, the n. 3 of US is doing very well imho.
3606.10.2020Legend0036.0Impact habe ich Anfang 2010 verfolgt und hat mich echt gefallen. Leider finde ich keinen Zugang zum heutigen Produkt, was einerseits an den Storys, aber auch an den Superstars liegt.
3703.10.2020Briefcase 19927.0
3823.09.2020texasyosh4.0A super up and down history, TNA/Impact has certainly had its moments. There is potential in Impact, but it's not there yet.
3918.09.2020SkylerLovefist10.0Impact has returned to being absolutely fantastic and an excellent alternative. The problem is, a lot of people either won't give it a chance because of the company's past, or will simply dislike it because of popular internet opinion. While they lack super, super big names like they used to have back in the day, there's something for everyone, and the women's division in particular is an incredible highlight which never disappoints.
4016.09.2020burner236.0I give it a 6 just because i absolutely loved TNA. At the time, it was the first "non-WWE" product i watched, and it felt awesome. The Golden Era. Nowadays, i simply can not get engaged. I watched Slammiversary hoping for a new beginning, but it quickly faded. I hope in their success, because of my nostalgia.
4106.09.2020El Burrito7.0
4203.09.2020Paul Heyman Guy6.0
4510.08.2020Shooter5.0Impact... Schwer zu bewerten. Eigentlich nicht schlecht, aber halt auch nicht so wirklich gut und vor allem mittlerweile völlig belanglos und uninteressant. Die schaffen es einfach nicht, diesen Teufelskreis aus "Potential zeigen" -> "sich verbessern" -> "upfucken" -> "repeat" zu durchbrechen. Man baut sich immer wieder von grundauf neu auf und dann trifft man Fehlentscheidungen wie z. B. Tessa Blanchard zum World Champion zu machen oder Trash TV mit irgendwelchem Unterweltkram, bei dem Leute "sterben" zu zeigen. Aktuell hat man wieder einen Buzz erzeugt mit den ganzen WWE-Abgängen und einen glaubwürdigen Champion, aber ich sehe früher oder später schon wieder Fehlentscheidungen und Probleme kommen, die das Produkt wieder runterziehen. Es ist bewundernswert, wie sich die Promotion am Leben hält, aber dass da wirklich nochmal was Großes kommt, daran glaube ich nicht. Dazu ist das gezeigte Wrestling manchmal auch noch zu indy und spotlastig.
4822.07.2020Casey Cline8.0Impact has been consistently great for the past couple of years but unfortunately they never fully recovered from the Ls they took in the past. Hopefully all the new signees will help bring more eyes to Impact and will be taken seriously again.
5318.06.2020hofkanxd10.0Promotion that has best characters since ECW. I think their storylines more unusual and unique than any promotion in the business. Also fans are really loyal with them.
6015.05.2020haroldanthony3 5.0
6405.02.2020tlove48man6.0HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? ! Jokes aside, TNA/IMPACT has been through a lot and came out on the other side with a decent product that is watchable, besides making Tessa champion after everything came out about here, they are improving in terms of booking and match quality from earlier this decade.
6706.01.2020Bobbythreesixteen7.0Eine Promotion mit einer großen Historie. Es gibt zwar immer wieder Höhen und tiefen dennoch fand ich das Produkt immer ansehnlich. Wenn man mal schaut wer hier alles in den Ring gestiegen ist und was für Topstars diese Promotion hervorgebracht hat besteht für mich kein Zweifel das Impact aufgrund der Vergangenheit auf jeden Fall eine starke Promotion ist. Aktuell liefern sie auch wieder ein sehr stabiles Produkt was hoffentlich weiter so bleibt.
6910.12.2019Wrestling Forever 9.09 Punkte für die ganze Liga und Insgesamt. Klar hatte die Liga auch viele Tief aber aktuell ist es schon stark was sie liefern, dazu die vielen Co-Events mit anderen Ligen was die Qualität nochmal bei den Events steigert. Auch wenn viele TNA Legenden vermisst werden das aktuelle Roster ist auch sehr stark. Was Impact auch wieder von der WWE unterscheidet man ist sehr ernst und spricht das Erwachsenen Wrestling Publikum an.
7128.11.2019maxicazal510.02019 has been a great year for Impact, great PPVs and a lot of creativity as always. The only different show in pro wrestling. The only show that I just can? t stop watching. Whatever happens impact still has me caught up there with their show.
7421.11.2019Thukydides8.0TNA war der Hammer zwischen 2006 und 2009. Erinnere mich gut daran, wie ich es damals bei meiner Oma abends auf Eurosport gesehen habe. Mochte es damals zeitweise lieber als die WWE. Ab 2010 war es leider größtenteils der letzte Dreck. 8 Punkte für die Kindheitserinnerung
7702.11.2019Okaro1434.0I would say the worse promotion in the past 5 years although has improved considerably under Don Callis. We will see how much it will improve now that Sami Callihan is the champ.
7820.10.2019TheEternalSovereign5.0Impact has phenomenal athletes and a storyline that displays effort. It feels professional just like WWE and even offers free weekly shows. The only downside is the matches feel quickened and restrained as if the wrestling is intetionally watered down to build hype for the PPVs and this doesnt do the weekly shows justice. You must have twitch to see full shows, or matches for that matter, for free.
8126.08.2019tanathoxxxsimplemente excelente, se ven cada vez mas lejos los días oscuros de dixieLand. les ha costado pero se han levantado. solo espero que abandonen Purshit Channel pronto
8311.08.2019Ferdinand Fisa10.0Impact is really awesome. I hate how people are still not noticing the big changes impact has done. The wrestling is on the highest level and the storylines are always interesting. I love IMPACT
8513.07.2019Alphaga10.0It's my favorite promotion around the world, okay, it's not the better, but the booking, the storyline , the wrestlers (men and women) and the performance in the ring is so good.
8816.06.2019latin9159.0With Don Callis and Scott D'Amore leading the promotion's storylines have been solid. The in ring work of the wrestlers on the roster both male and female has been very good for years so with the clear direction the promotion now has Impact has turned the corner and is headed in the right direction.
9012.05.2019Mysterious Figure8.0
9119.04.2019WackyStang10.0I will always have an admiration for this company, ever since I watched it when I was a kid during their Glory years from 2005-2009, it was one of my favorite companies to watch wrestling, nowadays it's a pretty great Indy company, here's to many years to the company now known as Impact Wrestling.
9314.04.2019TylerWhite7.0TNA/Impact Wrestling hat sich eine wahnsinnig schwere Aufgabe genommen, nach der WCW wieder eine Alternative zur WWE zu sein, aber dennoch haben sie es lange Zeit zu mindest für Hardcore Wrestling Fans wirklich gut geschafft und sind bis heute eine sehr unterschätzte Liga. Natürlich waren sie nie annähernd so groß wie die WWE und werden es auch wohl nie sein, erst recht nicht, wenn jetzt die WWE wieder alle großen TNA Leute aufkauft und natürlich hatte TNA sehr schwache Phasen, aber nie waren sie so lang wie in der WWE, die seit Jahren qualitativ bergab geht und jedesmal haben sie es dann wieder geschafft sich irgendwie neu zu erfinden und besser zu werden sowie neue Leute aufzubauen. Also zu einigen Sachen, die TNA besser macht als WWE: Definitiv bauen sie Wrestler besser und konstanter auf. Immer hatten sie mehrere große Namen, die allesamt gute Wrestler waren. Auch pushen sie wirklich meist die, die die Crowd mag und nicht random Leute, die schlecht sind wie in der WWE. Außerdem hatten sie weit früher eine wahnsinnig gute Women's Division, von der die WWE damals nichtmal träumen konnte. Die haben sämtliche großartige Wrestlerinnen, die alle bei der WWE schlecht eingesetzt wurden zeigen lassen, was sie können und dann mit Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Mickie James, Taryn Terell etc. eine großartige Division aufgebaut und auch heute sind sie noch sehr gut und bringen immer wieder neue Talente. Außerdem haben sie kaum versucht ein Mainstream Publikum anzusprechen oder haben PG Wrestling gemacht, sondern es waren immer Wrestlingfans die Zielgruppe. Matchtechnisch hatten sie gerade mitte der 2000er so viele großartige und brutale Matches. Zudem gefällt mir die neue Ausrichtung auch sehr gut, die zum einen sehr viel mit anderen Ligen (LU! ) zusammen arbeitet und zum anderen viel auf Backstage Szenen und Inszenierungen von Charakteren und Segmenten setzt, wofür wohl Lucha Underground auch ein Vorbild war. Und natürlich ist AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe viel besser als Cena vs Orton!
9524.03.2019radikos10.0Impact has been great for the last year, excellent matches, amazing storylines. People still talking trash about this company but for me it's great. Bravo Impact. Keep going!
9809.02.2019DragonDor10.0In the almost two decades of existence, TNA and now Impact have provided a huge wrestling platform for people in the industry to work in. That they never reached the heights of WWE isn't unexpected, given that promotion's momentum, but this company has given jobs to numerous wrestlers and kickstarted the careers of some of the very best in the world. At it's peak, it was drawing a million domestic viewers and likely much more globally, and to this day, Impact still is an international company, with partnerships in Mexico, USA, Canada, Japan, India and the UK. There will always be the naysayers and the spiteful ones who will try to nitpick and focus on the bad things, but in the history of the company, the good has far outweighed the bad. If Impact had never existed, the wrestling world would be much the poorer.
9905.02.2019Cibs7.0The Impact Wrestling case is a sad one. Currently the company is doing good things, they have an interesting roster, they perform good shows and the alliances have worked BUT they can hardly remove the stigma of being that company that failed miserably when they wanted to compete against WWE. The 2005-2008 TNA was phenomenal; a true alternative. Sadly, The Main Event Mafia arrived and from there everything got worse and we already know how the story ended.
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