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130.03.2020hazzachelseafc10.0Incredible turnaround from what they are often infamous for, however recent shows, a few years prior to GFW and 2005-07 are the things I want IMPACT to be remembered for. The strongest women's division in the west imo, a variety of main eventers and very memorable recent rivalries (Tessa vs Taya, Tessa vs Sami, Eddie vs Elgin etc. ) are what keep me coming back. The X-Division is severely underrated in its current state with Chris Bey, Willie Mack, TJP, Rich Swann and more chasing Trey. Its the joint biggest if not, the biggest promotion in the UK following the massive decline of WWE in recent years and the way things are running, they absolutely deserve that title and I hope they return to the UK again because of the consistent numbers they get here. Scott D'Amore and Don Callis get massive credit for the success IMPACT is doing. The product often goes head to head or even beats AEW imo with its intriguing storylines or class matches. 10/10
329.03.2020SickPup29.0An incredible turn around under Scott D'Amore and Don Callis, they know what they're doing and will not be dictated to by marks on fansites/social media by putting the belt on Tessa. Got some great up and coming talent like Chris Bey, Kylie Rae, Ace Austin mixed with some vets like Rhino/Ken Shamrock/Raven putting them over. Of course the womens division too.
505.02.2020tlove48man6.0HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? ! Jokes aside, TNA/IMPACT has been through a lot and came out on the other side with a decent product that is watchable, besides making Tessa champion after everything came out about here, they are improving in terms of booking and match quality from earlier this decade.
906.01.2020Bobbythreesixteen7.0Eine Promotion mit einer großen Historie. Es gibt zwar immer wieder Höhen und tiefen dennoch fand ich das Produkt immer ansehnlich. Wenn man mal schaut wer hier alles in den Ring gestiegen ist und was für Topstars diese Promotion hervorgebracht hat besteht für mich kein Zweifel das Impact aufgrund der Vergangenheit auf jeden Fall eine starke Promotion ist. Aktuell liefern sie auch wieder ein sehr stabiles Produkt was hoffentlich weiter so bleibt.
1110.12.2019Wrestling Forever 9.09 Punkte für die ganze Liga und Insgesamt. Klar hatte die Liga auch viele Tief aber aktuell ist es schon stark was sie liefern, dazu die vielen Co-Events mit anderen Ligen was die Qualität nochmal bei den Events steigert. Auch wenn viele TNA Legenden vermisst werden das aktuelle Roster ist auch sehr stark. Was Impact auch wieder von der WWE unterscheidet man ist sehr ernst und spricht das Erwachsenen Wrestling Publikum an.
1328.11.2019maxicazal510.02019 has been a great year for Impact, great PPVs and a lot of creativity as always. The only different show in pro wrestling. The only show that I just can? t stop watching. Whatever happens impact still has me caught up there with their show.
1621.11.2019Thukydides8.0TNA war der Hammer zwischen 2006 und 2009. Erinnere mich gut daran, wie ich es damals bei meiner Oma abends auf Eurosport gesehen habe. Mochte es damals zeitweise lieber als die WWE. Ab 2010 war es leider größtenteils der letzte Dreck. 8 Punkte für die Kindheitserinnerung
1902.11.2019Okaro1434.0I would say the worse promotion in the past 5 years although has improved considerably under Don Callis. We will see how much it will improve now that Sami Callihan is the champ.
2020.10.2019TheEternalSovereign5.0Impact has phenomenal athletes and a storyline that displays effort. It feels professional just like WWE and even offers free weekly shows. The only downside is the matches feel quickened and restrained as if the wrestling is intetionally watered down to build hype for the PPVs and this doesnt do the weekly shows justice. You must have twitch to see full shows, or matches for that matter, for free.
2111.10.2019WrestlingStats17.0IMPACT is a semi-national wrestling promotion based in Canada, but enjoys a significant business presence in the United States (along with some influence in the United Kingdom and Mexico. ) After a period of repeated contraction from its "TNA" era heyday, the brand is currently in an expansion phase thanks to both its parent company's acquisition of a notable broadcast network and slowly expanding touring presence. Their professional wrestling style is best described as wrestling/sports entertainment hybrid. They have a highly respected women's division that has been lauded as one of the best of all-time. Their top title is the IMPACT Heavyweight Championship, but both the IMPACT X-Division and KnockOut's titles have an influential history on wrestling. Their flagship Event is Bound for Glory.
2426.08.2019tanathoxxxsimplemente excelente, se ven cada vez mas lejos los días oscuros de dixieLand. les ha costado pero se han levantado. solo espero que abandonen Purshit Channel pronto
2611.08.2019Ferdinand Fisa10.0Impact is really awesome. I hate how people are still not noticing the big changes impact has done. The wrestling is on the highest level and the storylines are always interesting. I love IMPACT
2813.07.2019Alphaga10.0It's my favorite promotion around the world, okay, it's not the better, but the booking, the storyline , the wrestlers (men and women) and the performance in the ring is so good.
3116.06.2019latin9159.0With Don Callis and Scott D'Amore leading the promotion's storylines have been solid. The in ring work of the wrestlers on the roster both male and female has been very good for years so with the clear direction the promotion now has Impact has turned the corner and is headed in the right direction.
3412.05.2019Mysterious Figure8.0
3519.04.2019CashGrab10.0I will always have an admiration for this company, ever since I watched it when I was a kid during their Glory years from 2005-2009, it was one of my favorite companies to watch wrestling, nowadays it's a pretty great Indy company, here's to many years to the company now known as Impact Wrestling.
3714.04.2019TylerWhite7.0TNA/Impact Wrestling hat sich eine wahnsinnig schwere Aufgabe genommen, nach der WCW wieder eine Alternative zur WWE zu sein, aber dennoch haben sie es lange Zeit zu mindest für Hardcore Wrestling Fans wirklich gut geschafft und sind bis heute eine sehr unterschätzte Liga. Natürlich waren sie nie annähernd so groß wie die WWE und werden es auch wohl nie sein, erst recht nicht, wenn jetzt die WWE wieder alle großen TNA Leute aufkauft und natürlich hatte TNA sehr schwache Phasen, aber nie waren sie so lang wie in der WWE, die seit Jahren qualitativ bergab geht und jedesmal haben sie es dann wieder geschafft sich irgendwie neu zu erfinden und besser zu werden sowie neue Leute aufzubauen. Also zu einigen Sachen, die TNA besser macht als WWE: Definitiv bauen sie Wrestler besser und konstanter auf. Immer hatten sie mehrere große Namen, die allesamt gute Wrestler waren. Auch pushen sie wirklich meist die, die die Crowd mag und nicht random Leute, die schlecht sind wie in der WWE. Außerdem hatten sie weit früher eine wahnsinnig gute Women's Division, von der die WWE damals nichtmal träumen konnte. Die haben sämtliche großartige Wrestlerinnen, die alle bei der WWE schlecht eingesetzt wurden zeigen lassen, was sie können und dann mit Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Mickie James, Taryn Terell etc. eine großartige Division aufgebaut und auch heute sind sie noch sehr gut und bringen immer wieder neue Talente. Außerdem haben sie kaum versucht ein Mainstream Publikum anzusprechen oder haben PG Wrestling gemacht, sondern es waren immer Wrestlingfans die Zielgruppe. Matchtechnisch hatten sie gerade mitte der 2000er so viele großartige und brutale Matches. Zudem gefällt mir die neue Ausrichtung auch sehr gut, die zum einen sehr viel mit anderen Ligen (LU! ) zusammen arbeitet und zum anderen viel auf Backstage Szenen und Inszenierungen von Charakteren und Segmenten setzt, wofür wohl Lucha Underground auch ein Vorbild war. Und natürlich ist AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe viel besser als Cena vs Orton!
3803.04.2019AndreaCalo19977.0Very hard for me to rate Impact/TNA, given that they've been both by favourite and my least favourite american promotion over the course of different periods. They were never really destined to become a serious competitor for the WWE, even if the booking in the years from 2010 and 2014 had been better, yet up until Hogan came they provided a decent television product with good wrestling and storylines. In the last couple of years I haven't really followed them very closely but apparently their booking has drastically got better. I feel like 7/10 would be the fairer rating overall.
4024.03.2019radikos10.0Impact has been great for the last year, excellent matches, amazing storylines. People still talking trash about this company but for me it's great. Bravo Impact. Keep going!
4309.02.2019DragonDor10.0In the almost two decades of existence, TNA and now Impact have provided a huge wrestling platform for people in the industry to work in. That they never reached the heights of WWE isn't unexpected, given that promotion's momentum, but this company has given jobs to numerous wrestlers and kickstarted the careers of some of the very best in the world. At it's peak, it was drawing a million domestic viewers and likely much more globally, and to this day, Impact still is an international company, with partnerships in Mexico, USA, Canada, Japan, India and the UK. There will always be the naysayers and the spiteful ones who will try to nitpick and focus on the bad things, but in the history of the company, the good has far outweighed the bad. If Impact had never existed, the wrestling world would be much the poorer.
4405.02.2019Cibs7.0The Impact Wrestling case is a sad one. Currently the company is doing good things, they have an interesting roster, they perform good shows and the alliances have worked BUT they can hardly remove the stigma of being that company that failed miserably when they wanted to compete against WWE. The 2005-2008 TNA was phenomenal; a true alternative. Sadly, The Main Event Mafia arrived and from there everything got worse and we already know how the story ended.
4616.01.2019rykejamal9.0Impact has had its history, whether good or bad, and that's the past as far as I'm concerned. My thoughts on Impact are from April 2018 to date, based on what I've seen since I officially began watching. To me, Impact is a solid company that has produced good television content, many of which is easy watching and doesn't feel heavy. Storylines are interesting and easy to follow, and their PPVs during this time frame have ranged from good to great. They have some good characters on their shows and that helps with what to expect every week. At this rate, the company's future looks good.
4709.01.2019MaxyCrazy10.0Went to a lot of shows, awesome people, awesome storylines, awesome fans. Well they fought we will die, they can wait we are still on the map ready to roll 2019 !
4927.12.2018MJFJUNE6.0Impact Wrestling is the red-headed stepchild of professional wrestling and is many times the butt of jokes. All of it is self-deserved due to how the company was managed and seemingly held hostage for many years. However, in it's prime it was competition for WWE and at one point they had one of the most star-studded rosters in the world. That is no longer the case and while they're in another good position I just cannot see them surviving yet another financial crisis. Impact/TNA/GFW/NWA TNA will always be seen as "what could've been. "
5026.12.2018123seanwwfhopefully they can keep a tv deal going it would be sad to lose another major wrestling promotion. Callis and D'amore are doing what they can with what they got. hopefully they can make a profit to continue.
5209.11.2018zephyr5.0Over the course of TNA/GFW/Impact's existence there have been a lot of small ups and downs. And there has been one big down that seems to be slowly going back up. If you'd asked me a year ago, I would have said the company would be closed by now; however with the recent up I'm quite hopeful for Impact's future at this point.
5330.10.2018Redy9.0My second favourite promotion. It has a espectacular rivalries, and the matches are too sweet. Also it has a great wrestlers: Johnny Impact, Tessa Blanchard, Penta, Fénix, Swann, (Hell YEAH) Mack, Sami Callihan... I love it. Since Slammiversary is so great. Thanks you Don Callis, you are getting results like the best moments of TNA
5504.10.2018Mahanx4.0Oh My God ! :/ What are they doing ! im not big fan of TNA (R. I. P) but i like that. i don't know what is in their minds but they have a big problem. They fail TNA legacy , they do changes in everything so fast wtf :/ they change their title looks 100time in this 2or3 year :/ They change location of their show not for event , if was for events was good but isn't. They lost many hot wrestlers and replace they with some low quality wrestlers. 90% of storylines is awful :/ some matches are good but not old times in tna. This guys must change something in their minds first then run this company.
5721.09.2018RatingsMachine4.0TNA/Impact will forever be a promotion that could have been so much bigger than it ended up being. And they should have been. TNA/Impact had a loaded roster, filled with great wrestlers and great talkers, and occasionally had a booker in charge who knew what they were doing. But their incompetent and gullible owner kept falling for the bullshit of conmen and deluded fools, people who merrily took TNA into the toilet in the fervent but mistaken belief that they knew what they were doing and were the chosen ones to lead TNA to the proverbial promised land.
5819.09.2018El Burrito7.0
5910.09.2018jonathanhrs10.0Since Don Callis and Scott d'Amore took over the company things only improve after years we see the company having a definite roster with definite stories, a conograma for shows in 2018 the impact will do shows in 4 different countries how long this austin aires was the champion that the company needed, sami callihan and great at being sami callihan, eddie edwards and his new character and great, pentagon and fenix only make fights optimally, tessa and a star next to the rosemary will guide this division Cindy and Sydal, Swann, Trevor Lee, Petey Williams, Ishimori, Dezmond Xavier are all great, impact has it all. to continue in its growth,
6212.08.2018Bill7.0Impact are making a comeback from their horrible booking from the last few years, expecially following Slammiversary 2018, and are using their tallent like Johnny Impact and Sami Callihan very well.
6723.07.2018respect-wres9.0Impact has had their ups and their downs over the years. The talent was always there, but the management was probably tripping for more than half of the time. Some booking decisions made over the years have truly been baffling. But now that D'Amore and Callis have taken over, the company is rising out of the ashes like a phoenix.
7124.06.2018marselfish6.0Die PPV-Zeit von TNA war schon legendär. Plötzlich entsteht da eine Liga mit einem frischen Konzept, frischen Ideen, frischen Workern aus der Indy-Szene und will der WWE Konkurrenz machen. Große Namen reihen sich an talentierten Nachwuchs und erzeugen über die Jahre absolute Top-Stars, legendäre Stories und zum Teil (meist dank AJ Styles) auch gute Matches. TNA wollte im Stil der WWE auch immer durch Geschichten überzeugen und konnte im Entertainment-Bereich wirklich Highlights setzen. Die Match-Qualität war über die Jahre nicht unfassbar hoch, aber hat eben auch seine Momente. Mit der Basis hatte man eigentlich die besten Voraussetzungen eine feste Größe im weltweiten (! ) Wrestling zu werden, wäre da nicht das wechselnde Management und das Fehlen eines fähigen CEOs. So zerstörten die ewigen Neuausrichtungen das Produkt so lange bis sich Neustart an Neustart reihten. Dabei gab es wirklich peinliche Monate, aber zuletzt auch wieder mehrfach gute Phasen und so steht Impact im Jahr 2018 nicht mehr ganz so extrem am Scheideweg, wie Jahre zuvor. Im Hintergrund scheint man Frieden gefunden zu haben, die Kooperation mit den diversen Indy-Ligen in den USA, Kanada, Mexiko, Japan & Co finde ich zwar zum Teil schwach umgesetzt, aber es ist sicherlich sinnvoll, dass Impact hier am Ball ist. Mittlerweile hat man es geschafft, Talente zu verpflichten, die man eigentlich woanders gesehen hat. Zwar hat Impact noch viel Luft nach oben zur eigenen Hochphase, aber der eingeschlagene Weg scheint seriöser als zuletzt. Die Suche nach dem eigenen Stil bringt zwar auch gerne noch etwas Trash hervor, aber darüber kann man auch wegsehen. Impact leidet auch unter der Expansion der WWE, aber die Suche nach der Nische in den USA kann klappen. In Anbetracht der ersten interessanten Jahre und den guten Erinnerungen gibt es hier ordentliche 6 Punkte.
7307.06.2018kynky7.0I was a TNA die hard, buying the weekly PPVs (as bootlegs on ebay) up until the influx of ex WWE guys drove me away. I didn't even mind all the terrible stuff that Vince Russo did because it was mostly entertaining. After Hogan & Bischoff took over I stopped watching and only really came back for Slammiversary & Lockdown shows, although I watched all the MCMG/X-Division stuff and got drawn back in by the crazy stuff that the Hardyz were doing. Now the Global Force era is over I've started watching again. Who knows how long that will last because this company is only every reliable at one thing and that's being unreliable. 2004-2008 was peak TNA for me.
7701.04.2018steviecw8.0Perpetually under fire veteran promotion. Rose as a hot new thing, giving veterans like DDP, Shane Douglas, Scott Hall, X-Pac, Ken Shamrock, Jerry Lynn, etc a place to go after the fall of ECW and WCW. Both semi-reviving and expelling the NWA, the promotion went on to help launch (along with ROH) the careers of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels (and to a lesser extent CM Punk), while allowing people like Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, Sting, Rhino, RVD, Raven (and founder JJ) to hold a top spot in a televised promotion once again. The "Knockouts" division was a huge improvement on the WWE "Divas" for the longest time and can be credited for raising the bar. The promotion gradually became less reputable with Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter bearing much of the brunt of that criticism but they would continue to reestablish/feed wrestlers towards WWE and NXT, including Impact World Champions like Drew Galloway, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, "Broken" Matt Hardy, Lashley, EC3, Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray. The show has been improving lately with Matt Sydal, Eli Drake, Austin Aries, Brian Cage and Trevor Lee being obvious standouts. Where it will go from here is anyone's guess. I like that they're behaving more as an Indie, co-running shows in different regions and putting the results on TV/PPV/Twitch. It's better than living purely in a TV studio with a middling audience. TNA/Impact is not a perfect promotion, likely it's no one's favourite source of wrestling anymore but it's provided some great moments and amazing stars. If you look at current or recent title reigns in WWE or ROH and even now the NWA, you'll see notable Impact alumni listed, though it's notable that they dropped the ball with the likes of Will Ospreay, Mark Andrews, Big Damo and (most significantly) Okada in favour or Booker T, Scott Steiner, Mr Anderson, etc.
7817.03.2018Sebastian V6.0Impact ist in 2018 ein Produkt, dass nicht schlecht ist ohne überragend gut zu sein. Was Booking angeht würde ich der Liga 6 Punkte geben. Die Zeiten der ganz schlimmen Upfucks sind vorbei und teilweise hat man wirklich gute Ideen und findet auch Wege, Leute gut over zu bringen ( siehe Allie oder Rosemary) aber so ein paar TNA typische Over the Top Geschichten sind dann doch wieder dabei. Der Roster und das im Ring gezeigte sind auf gleichem Niveau. Man hat eine Mischung aus Ex WWElern, Wrestlern die man selbst zu dem gemacht haben was sie sind aus dem Indybereich und durch die Partnerschaften auch internationale Wrestler. Die herausragenden wie Marufuji oder Ishimori sind aber eben solche Gastwrestler und man sieht sie nicht besonders oft. Insgesamt muss man ihre Leistung anerkennen, dass sie immer noch eine der Promotions mit TV-Deal sind trotz der Schwierigkeiten der letzten Jahre.
7903.02.2018ryan rey 25.0
8114.12.2017DaBigDog2.0Such a waste of promotion. Back in the 2000's TNA was the gold of pro wrestling. Too bad they threw everything out of window to focus on popular wrestlers who departed from WWE. Should have keep focus on their own talent, who knows, right now they could be at the peak. Instead, all of their best wrestlers gone to WWE. Karma
8424.11.2017AndradeisNXT20182.0All this company has going for it is Eli Drake, despite his weird "DUMMY YEAH" catchphrase, but every other title is held by subpar wrestlers. Matt Sydal has lost a lot of his entertainment value since the end of his WWE run as Evan Bourne. Rosemary is become a jobber to the stars, and deserves much better. LAX is okay, but not as good as they used to be. Definitely a waste of talent. Other than Eli Drake, and American Top Team, IMPACT is just painful to watch, this companies talent, whenever they did they left elsewhere, rather it be NJPW, ROH, NXT, and to an extent, WWE, they were treated much better, and became much more popular.
8515.11.2017BritIndy Reviews5.0
8802.11.2017ElSagacious10.0I have been watching TNA's shows since 09, this company got lots of ups, and tons of downs, great things like 3 way dance main-event with AJ, Joe and Daniels;Austin Aries's world title reign;Trevor Lee captures the X divison title 3 times and great stable like Decay. Bad things like Pacman's tag title reign;Hogan-Bischoff things;Aces&Eights and Dixie Carter, but no matter which period this company was in, they keep providing great quality shows with weird charisma, to me, it was already a big part of pro wrestling, and still got a lot of potential to be better. Even thought the Anthem situation was still unpredictable, I still look forward to see this promotion went different road from the old WCW, grow bigger, and once again Arise!
9112.09.2017Johnny Amped10.0es ist wirklich sehr schade, wie sehr TNA/IMPACT/GFW an Ruf einbüßen musste und vor allem auch, wie wenig Verständnis die Fans zeigen. Dass die Promotion reichlich Fehler begannen hat, das liegt auf der Hand. Fragwürdiges Marketing, oftmals ein überzogenes Booking, große Verluste des Kaders in Kombination mit unnötigen Verpflichtungen, Skandale und vieles vieles mehr. Kurz gesagt; die Company aus Nashville hat sich einiges zu Schulden kommen lassen. Etliche Neuversuche, viel zu oft wurden "Major Announcements" angepriesen und genauso oft sprach man von "change". ABER zwischen all dem Chaos darf man folgendes nicht vergessen; die guten Momente der Company sowie die Tatsache, dass diese Organisation mittlerweile (Stand 2017) 15 Jahre alt ist. Das ist eine verdammt lange Zeit im Wrestling Geschäft. Und meiner Meinung nach ist es da vollkommen in Ordnung, in solch einer langen Zeit viele Fehler zu begehen. Vergleichen wir das mal mit der WWE: die WWE hatte auch etliche Namenswechsel hinter sich, hat für etliche Skandale gesorgt, dutzend mal sich neu erfunden und einige Karrieren fast schon ruiniert. Und trotzdem wird die McMahon'sche Company immer noch gefeiert. Die GFW hat es, im Gegensatz zu ROH, geschafft, im Mainstream Fuß zu fassen. Viele heutige Stars haben bei IMPACT ihre Wurzeln (AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe und sogar Xavier Woods), etablierte Namen/ Legenden befanden sich in einem zweiten Frühling (Sting, Sabu, Christian Cage) und legendäre Matches fanden in dieser Organisation statt. Dazu die revolutionären Divisions der Highfyler sowie der Knockouts, die die Szene in Nordamerika nachhaltig beeinflussten. Diese Tatsachen sowie eine einzigartige Geschichte bekommen von mir 10 Punkte.
9417.08.2017Mizzle Assault Ant4.0Sadly I've got to drastically lower my rating, in fairness I don't even feel like the GFW of today is even the same company as we've seen in recent years, but they are considered the same so here we are. With the return of Jeff Jarrett, many of the top talents in the company have been driven away by bad contracts and poor decisions, leaving most of the roster occupied with those who have burned their bridges or who are desperate for exposure. Remaining talent who labored for years to create quality are treated as an afterthought or shunted to the midcard, and the show is dominated by bickering announcers, WWE name drops, and washed up talent pushed to the world title. I would rate the current product a zero, but they have definitely had some good years. 2005 sticks out, as does the extremely underrated 2012-2016 period. Now we're back to the bad old days, and I doubt anything will change soon.
9509.08.2017Jonathahrs10.0Since the beginning of the year the show has been improving a lot, Jeff Jarrett has been rebuilding the company, people have to stop speaking badly of Impact wrestling without even having watched if they want a show this year without doubt the impact will return to be great
9808.07.2017Criss Axton7.0TNA is in a very weird place as of 2017. After being one of the most different companies from the course of 2002 to 2009, it transitioned into pretty much WWE Lite, with a lot of it's Ex-Talent getting more TV time and Pushes than the TNA Originals, Due to Hogan and Bischoff trying to recreate a similar environment to WCW. Now that Hogan, Bischoff, and 95% of their Homegrown workers are no longer in cahoots, The Company is trying it's best to reinvent itself by new management and more Finance from other sources, along with a nice mix of Indie guys, Ex-WWE Guys, and Homegrown Guys keeping it a float. They still need to work on storytelling though. UPDATE: They're doing a lot better than expected. Now under the name, Global Force Wrestling, After the Slamiversary PPV, It's pretty clear that they are improving, Alberto El Patron is Champ, Big Old School TNA Names, such as LAX, Scott Steiner, Shark Boy, Suicide, Matt Morgan, and more. Once again, it's getting better. You work your magic, Jarrett.
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