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10128.04.2004"If you're so loyal to the 3 Live Kru, then you oust the birdman and you replace him with the suntanned superman"AJ Styles, BG James, Konnan, Ron Killings, Vince Russo  
10208.12.2011"I don't need you to think about me when you go to bed at night"James Storm, Kurt Angle  
10304.10.2007"For all his wanted genius, he wasn't intelligent enough to not stay past the expiration date"Raven  
10418.10.2011"I was the first one you screwed by no showing one of our events"Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett  
10527.11.2002"My name is Vince Russo and I am the antichrist of professional wrestling"Vince Russo  
10617.04.2012"Maybe my luck has run out"James Storm  
10731.05.2012"You didn't cut the promo of your life"Joey Ryan, Al Snow, Taz, Bruce Prichard  
10819.03.2013"I saw Bob Holly in the back. He looked great for 75 years old, but he didn't even want a piece of us."Bully Ray, Devon, Brother Runt  
10919.06.2002"To be the NWA Heavyweight Champion is the ultimate goal"Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall, Ricky Steamboat, Jackie Fargo  
11026.09.2013"You lose this match tonight and it's gonna be lights out for one of you"Bully Ray, Knux  
11126.09.2013"It's the one percent that creates your world that you get to live in"AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter  
11203.10.2013"Itís put up or shut up time for AJ Styles"AJ Styles, Bully Ray  
11303.10.2013"Are you ready to take a ride on the Dixie train?"Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter  
11403.10.2013"Flair put you on the map, who's gonna put me on the map?"Magnus, Sting  
11510.10.2013"How can they tell me to do anything better, when I am the best the industry has ever seen?"Sting, Dixie Carter  
11617.10.2013"It's no wonder everbody is saying 'Dixie sucks'"Bully Ray, Dixie Carter, Magnus  
11717.10.2013"Dixie Carter, you reek of desperation"AJ Styles  
11817.10.2013"I will make you pay and be the next World Heavyweight Champion"AJ Styles, Bully Ray  
11920.10.2013"I'm gonna respectfully decline this 'Hall of Fame' induction"Kurt Angle, Sting  
12005.12.2013"Two belts, but there can only be one TNA World Heavyweight Champion"Magnus, AJ Styles, Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, Dixie Carter  
12131.05.2016"Brother Nero, I knew youíd come"Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Reby Sky  
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