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10103.12.2009"When I bark, that man over there, he bites"Bobby Lashley, Kristal  
10225.05.2006"When you get the tables, set it for three, because lately I'm eating for two"BG James, Kip James7.005
10320.06.2006"Where is this? I've never seen a two-sided ring before"Alex Shelley, Johnny Devine, Kevin Nash9.0713
10431.01.2011"You amounted to nothing before Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff got here"AJ Styles, Eric Bischoff8.296
10522.10.2009"You are paranoid"Kurt Angle, Rhino, Brother Ray  
10615.05.2008"You can shoot all you want, but you can never touch the Beautiful People"Angelina Love, Velvet Sky6.898
10712.06.2008"You can't beat Booker T!"Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe  
10831.05.2012"You didn't cut the promo of your life"Joey Ryan, Al Snow, Taz, Bruce Prichard  
10926.11.2009"You didn't want me to be your worst enemy"AJ Styles, Daniels  
11024.09.2003"You hurt me and I didn't think I could be hurt"Raven7.866
11107.02.2008"You know that you wanna thank me for what I did"Robert Roode8.228
11207.05.2009"You know what we do to video games? We beat 'em!"Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Consequences Creed, Daniels, Jay Lethal  
11326.09.2013"You lose this match tonight and it's gonna be lights out for one of you"Bully Ray, Knux  
11403.04.2012"You need a damn miracle to get your ass out of that cage"Bobby Roode, James Storm8.507
11504.01.2010"You need to grab your boots and get in line with the rest of the crew"Jeff Jarrett, Hulk Hogan5.2511
11630.10.2002"You need to quit being Jeff Jarrett's little studge, 'cause chico, he's playing you like one of Ricky Ricardo's bongo drums"Ron Killings, Scott Hall  
11718.02.2004"You should never forget what brought you to the dance"Raven  
11815.02.2010"You spit on the United States of America"Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson6.6711
11905.11.2003"You will outpower me, you can outwrestle me, but one thing you can't do is outthink me"Father James Mitchell  
12001.10.2009"You're a cheap, low-rate Mick Foley wannabe"Abyss, Mick Foley8.6915
12104.12.2002"You're the dinosaur now, man"Roddy Piper7.5615
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