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10101.05.2008"I love being the champ!"Samoa Joe  
10215.05.2008"I didn't, I don't and I will never respect you!"Christian Cage, Rhino7.175
10315.05.2008"You can shoot all you want, but you can never touch the Beautiful People"Angelina Love, Velvet Sky6.898
10401.05.2008"The numbers don't lie and they spell disaster for you"Scott Steiner, Petey Williams9.6069
10524.04.2008"It's all about winning!"Booker T, Sting3.6212
10610.04.2008"I'd rather be overpaid than underpaid"Kevin Nash, Sting8.309
10710.04.2008"It'll just be me, standing over you, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion"Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe  
10810.04.2008"It's my turn to shine around here!"Matt Morgan4.127
10931.01.2008"It is not shame that you're dealing with, Chris. It's guilt."James Mitchell6.335
11013.03.2008"Trust me, I'm comin' back with the belt"Samoa Joe7.609
11107.02.2008"You know that you wanna thank me for what I did"Robert Roode8.228
11221.01.2008"And that's the fishing line, cus Shark Boy said so"Shark Boy8.0423
11302.12.2007"TNA is the guys who come in here and risk their lives on scaffolds and wires"Samoa Joe9.5968
11429.10.2007"I watch CSI, Law & Order and 24"Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash7.1413
11518.10.2007"Rick Rude or Robert Roode or whatever that jabroni's name is"Junior Fatu0.4841
11601.02.2007"It's better to be used than useless"James Mitchell7.709
11716.11.2006"VKM is declaring war"BG James, Kip James1.4433
11813.11.2005"Christian Cage will fulfill his destiny"Christian Cage7.8918
11913.08.2006"I'm blazin' everybody tonight"Monty Brown8.0015
12004.05.2006"Largest grossing champion in the history of the business"Kevin Nash, Alex Shelley8.2913
12112.11.2004"We're gonna make you hate being in this business"Kevin Nash5.146
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