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#DatePromotionEvent NameLocation  RatingVotes
20113.03.2009Ring Of HonorROH Stylin' & Profilin'Collinsville, Illinois, USACardReport7.146
20225.10.2008Ring Of HonorROH Ring Of Homicide 2Edison, New Jersey, USACard   
20314.09.2008Ring Of HonorROH The Tokyo SummitTokyo, JapanCard 6.898
20413.09.2008Ring Of HonorROH Battle Of The BestTokyo, JapanCard 7.505
20516.08.2008Ring Of HonorROH Night Of The Butcher IIChicago Ridge, Illinois, USACard 7.296
20606.06.2008Ring Of HonorROH Up For GrabsHartford, Connecticut, USACardReport7.5811
20730.05.2008Ring Of HonorROH Take No Prisoners 2008Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USACardReport8.7231
20810.05.2008Ring Of HonorROH A New LevelNew York City, New York, USACard 8.5615
20929.03.2008Ring Of HonorROH Supercard Of Honor IIIOrlando, Florida, USACard 9.5041
21028.03.2008Ring Of HonorROH Dragon Gate Challenge IIOrlando, Florida, USACard 8.5021
21116.03.2008Ring Of HonorROH Take No Prisoners 2008Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USACard   
21214.03.2008Ring Of HonorROH Double Feature - Tag 1Dover, New Jersey, USACard 3.678
21312.01.2008Ring Of HonorROH TransformEdison, New Jersey, USACard 5.637
21411.01.2008Ring Of HonorROH Proving GroundBoston, Massachusetts, USACard 6.0714
21530.11.2007Ring Of HonorROH Man UpChicago Ridge, Illinois, USACardReport9.2556
21621.10.2007Ring Of HonorROH Chaos At The Cow PalaceSan Francisco, California, USACard 6.7217
21719.10.2007Ring Of HonorROH Survival Of The Fittest 2007Las Vegas, Nevada, USACard 5.8620
21815.09.2007Ring Of HonorROH Man UpChicago Ridge, Illinois, USACardReport8.2014
21910.08.2007Ring Of HonorROH Death Before Dishonor V - Tag 1Boston, Massachusetts, USACard 8.6014
22017.07.2007Ring Of HonorROH Live In OsakaOsaka, JapanCardReport6.3610
22116.07.2007Ring Of HonorROH Live In TokyoTokyo, JapanCard 8.1421
22214.04.2007Ring Of HonorROH Fighting SpiritEdison, New Jersey, USACard 7.5510
22330.03.2007Ring Of HonorROH All Star Extravaganza IIIDetroit, Michigan, USACardReport7.4716
22403.03.2007Ring Of HonorROH The Fifth Year Festival: LiverpoolLiverpool, England, UKCardReport9.2226
22523.02.2007Ring Of HonorROH The Fifth Year Festival: DaytonDayton, Ohio, USACardReport6.7511
22617.02.2007Ring Of HonorROH The Fifth Year Festival: PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USACardReport7.3812
22716.02.2007Ring Of HonorROH The Fifth Year Festival: New YorkNew York City, New York, USACardReport7.4417
22827.01.2007Ring Of HonorROH Battle Of The IconsEdison, New Jersey, USACard 6.1711
22926.01.2007Ring Of HonorROH DedicatedBraintree, Massachusetts, USACard 6.609
23023.12.2006Ring Of HonorROH Final Battle 2006New York City, New York, USACardReport9.3635
23122.12.2006Ring Of HonorROH International ChallengeHartford, Connecticut, USACard 6.637
23208.12.2006Ring Of HonorROH The Chicago Spectacular - Tag 1Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USACard 6.0910
23325.11.2006Ring Of HonorROH DethronedEdison, New Jersey, USACardReport7.1711
23424.11.2006Ring Of HonorROH Black Friday FalloutLake Grove, New York, USACard 5.788
23504.11.2006Ring Of HonorROH The Bitter EndPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USACardReport5.7712
23603.11.2006Ring Of HonorROH Honor Reclaims BostonBraintree, Massachusetts, USACard 7.3610
23727.10.2006Ring Of HonorROH SuffocationDayton, Ohio, USACard 5.5412
23807.10.2006Ring Of HonorROH Motor City MadnessDetroit, Michigan, USACard 6.409
23906.10.2006Ring Of HonorROH Survival Of The Fittest 2006Cleveland, Ohio, USACard 6.3610
24016.09.2006Ring Of HonorROH Glory By Honor V - Tag 2New York City, New York, USACardReport9.5266
24115.09.2006Ring Of HonorROH Glory By Honor V - Tag 1East Windsor, Connecticut, USACard 7.4822
24225.08.2006Ring Of HonorROH Epic Encounter IISt. Paul, Minnesota, USACard 7.0011
24318.08.2006International Pro Wrestling United KingdomFrontier Wrestling AllianceRing Of HonorIPW:UK/FWA/ROH Frontiers Of Hono(u)r 2Swanley, Kent, England, UKCard 4.505
24413.08.2006Ring Of HonorROH Anarchy In The UKHoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England, UKCard 8.3922
24512.08.2006Ring Of HonorROH UnifiedLiverpool, England, UKCard 9.2637
24605.08.2006Ring Of HonorROH Fight Of The CenturyEdison, New Jersey, USACard 8.3112
24704.08.2006Ring Of HonorROH Time To Man UpLake Grove, New York, USACard 7.109
24829.07.2006Ring Of HonorROH Generation NowCleveland, Ohio, USACard 7.4313
24928.07.2006Ring Of HonorROH War Of The Wire IIDayton, Ohio, USACard 7.1810
25015.07.2006Ring Of HonorROH Death Before Dishonor IVPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USACard 8.6522
25117.06.2006Ring Of HonorROH In Your FaceNew York City, New York, USACard 7.2710
25210.06.2006Full Impact ProRing Of HonorFIP/ROH Impact Of HonorOrlando, Florida, USACard   
25303.06.2006Ring Of HonorROH DestinyEast Windsor, Connecticut, USACard 6.5713
25412.05.2006Ring Of HonorROH How We RollLake Grove, New York, USACard 4.9211
25528.04.2006Ring Of HonorROH Weekend Of Champions - Tag 1Dayton, Ohio, USACard 6.5011
25622.04.2006Ring Of HonorROH The 100th ShowPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USACardReport7.5818
25701.04.2006Ring Of HonorROH Better Than Our BestChicago Ridge, Illinois, USACard 9.1329
25831.03.2006Ring Of HonorROH Supercard Of HonorChicago Ridge, Illinois, USACard 9.0740
25930.03.2006Ring Of HonorROH Dragon Gate ChallengeDetroit, Michigan, USACard 8.5222
26011.02.2006Ring Of HonorROH Unscripted IILong Island, New York, USACard 5.4417
26128.01.2006Ring Of HonorROH DissensionCleveland, Ohio, USACard 6.8714
26227.01.2006Ring Of HonorROH Tag Wars 2006Dayton, Ohio, USACard 6.7515
26314.01.2006Ring Of HonorROH Hell Freezes OverPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USACard 7.2913
26417.12.2005Ring Of HonorROH Final Battle 2005Edison, New Jersey, USACard 9.4339
26519.11.2005Ring Of HonorROH A Night Of TributeLong Island, New York, USACard 7.228
26604.11.2005Ring Of HonorROH Showdown In MotownDetroit, Michigan, USACard 6.4211
26729.10.2005Ring Of HonorROH This Means WarWoodbridge, Connecticut, USACard 8.3112
26814.10.2005Ring Of HonorROH Enter The DragonCleveland, Ohio, USACard 6.7310
26902.10.2005Ring Of HonorROH UnforgettablePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USACard 7.9313
27001.10.2005Ring Of HonorROH Joe Vs. KobashiNew York City, New York, USACard 8.0332
27117.09.2005Ring Of HonorROH Glory By Honor IVLong Island, New York, USACard 7.2014
27220.08.2005Ring Of HonorROH Night Of The Grudges IIMorristown, New Jersey, USACard 6.118
27313.08.2005Ring Of HonorROH Punk: The Final ChapterChicago Ridge, Illinois, USACard 8.9432
27412.08.2005Ring Of HonorROH RedemptionDayton, Ohio, USACard 8.0016
27523.07.2005Ring Of HonorROH The HomecomingPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USACard 7.309
27616.07.2005Ring Of HonorROH Fate Of An AngelWoodbridge, Connecticut, USACard 8.0713
27709.07.2005Ring Of HonorROH Escape From New YorkNew York City, New York, USACard 7.509
27818.06.2005Ring Of HonorROH Death Before Dishonor IIIMorristown, New Jersey, USACard 7.7515
27912.06.2005Ring Of HonorROH The Future Is NowNew York City, New York, USACard 7.5510
28004.06.2005Ring Of HonorROH New FrontiersWilliamsville, New York, USACard 6.507
28114.05.2005Ring Of HonorROH Nowhere To RunChicago Ridge, Illinois, USACard 7.9313
28213.05.2005Ring Of HonorROH The Final ShowdownDayton, Ohio, USACard 7.4612
28307.05.2005Ring Of HonorROH Manhattan MayhemNew York City, New York, USACard 9.2044
28416.04.2005Ring Of HonorROH StalemateDorchester, Massachusetts, USACard 7.228
28502.04.2005Ring Of HonorROH Best Of American Super Juniors TournamentAsbury, New Jersey, USACard 6.5510
28612.03.2005Ring Of HonorROH Back To BasicsWoodbridge, Connecticut, USACard 6.9211
28705.03.2005Ring Of HonorROH Trios TournamentPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USACard 6.118
28826.02.2005Ring Of HonorROH Third Anniversary Celebration - Tag 3Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USACard 7.6912
28925.02.2005Ring Of HonorROH Third Anniversary Celebration - Tag 2Dayton, Ohio, USACard 7.5510
29019.02.2005Ring Of HonorROH Do Or Die IVElizabeth, New Jersey, USACard   
29119.02.2005Ring Of HonorROH Third Anniversary Celebration - Tag 1Elizabeth, New Jersey, USACard 7.309
29215.01.2005Ring Of HonorROH It All BeginsCambridge, Massachusetts, USACard 6.788
29326.12.2004Ring Of HonorROH Final Battle 2004Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USACard 7.2113
29404.12.2004Ring Of HonorROH All Star Extravaganza IIElizabeth, New Jersey, USACard 8.9020
29506.11.2004Ring Of HonorROH Weekend Of Thunder - Tag 2Elizabeth, New Jersey, USACard 7.637
29605.11.2004Ring Of HonorROH Weekend Of Thunder - Tag 1Revere, Massachusetts, USACard 7.568
29716.10.2004Ring Of HonorROH Joe Vs. Punk IIChicago Ridge, Illinois, USACard 8.2321
29802.10.2004Ring Of HonorROH Afternoon ShowPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USACard   
29902.10.2004Ring Of HonorROH Midnight Express ReunionPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USACard 7.809
30011.09.2004Ring Of HonorROH Glory By Honor IIIElizabeth, New Jersey, USACard 8.0011
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