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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 7.93
Khalid Ace wrote on 20.11.2020:
[6.0] "At some point I used to watch very very few events a year but I enjoyed it more than now while watching it constantly."
dlam wrote on 21.10.2020:
[3.0] "rating low to bump TJPW (rightfully) up in the rankings the only promotion where you can watch a match in the back room at a house with a sliding glass door the only promotion where its is essentially a quest to get to their home venue Ichigaya Chocolate Square - you get off of Ichigaya Station walk across the street, and it is 100 feet up this very obscure narrow alleyway free tea for attendees afterwards so +1 cagematch points"
HC7 wrote on 27.09.2020:
[10.0] "All due to a little bit of Emi Sakura getting some American TV exposure and a global pandemic happening, this promotion went from being just another promotion that only real Japanese wrestling diehards knew about to being an entertaining accessible promotion that is growing its audience at a good rate due to the start of ChocoPro during the current pandemic. Their shows are digestible, fun/entertaining, have intriguing characters, quite good wrestling, as well as showcase the next generation for (mostly) joshi wrestlers and have a really really good fan interaction, mainly due to Baliyan Akki being able to speak to an English audience. For me, their audience interaction really helps my vote"
ElPolloLoco wrote on 10.08.2020:
[7.0] "I have to give credit to Emi Sakura for her creativity in coming up with new ideas in pro-wrestling. The whole ChocoPro thing is not merely ingenious, but allowed her promotion to become relevant at a time when everybody else was forced to stop or at least dial down things a lot. And she did this on a minuscule budget and without even a wrestling ring. Let's how long before somebody else nicks the idea. On the other side there's far too much silliness going on in her shows, and even great talent can only do so much with an old mat and a couple of windows. Great idea but a sort of rough diamond."
Arexwrestling wrote on 05.07.2020:
[10.0] "10 points. Gatoh Move give emotions that no one can give. An ocean of ? fun, simple human happiness and nice people. I wish this organization a long and happy prosperity!"
DespicableMe wrote on 12.06.2020:
[7.0] "Gatoh is a really fun promotion. Even though it's not on the level of Chikara or DDT it's still one really good promotion."
HeadCheese wrote on 26.05.2020:
[10.0] "Constant fun with infectious Tom and Jerry and family like tones. A good time. Vert enjoyable matches, one of my favorite promotions currently"
TalesOfSymphonia wrote on 11.04.2020:
[10.0] "The most fun promotion in professional wrestling today. Every member of the Gatoh Move family is extremely likeable and the atmosphere in Ichigaya is always comfy"
teenagehonvedfan wrote on 13.09.2019:
[9.0] "if you don't like japanese comedy wrestling don't watch this, go and watch BJW or something this isn't for you for me, it's great. the alien spaceship deathmatch was a thing of beauty."
1986jon21 wrote on 02.08.2019:
[5.0] "I don't get the appeal of this promotion. It has terrible comedy and I like comedy wrestling big fan of ddt but this promotion is a terrible imitation. I also think it is a bat backyard fed instead of an actual promotion."
jakk420 wrote on 01.07.2019:
[5.0] "I'm shocked by some of these ratings. Gatoh is fun, but there are a lot of comedy promotions. I don't see what makes Gatoh different. Admittedly, comedy wrestling is not really my thing; that said, I don't think Gatoh is a top tier promotion. They're doing their thing and I admire them for it, but it is a very niche promotion."
jdt79 wrote on 09.05.2019:
[9.0] "Gatoh Move is one of the most fun promotions in the world with some of the best talent in joshi today with Emi Sakura, Riho, and Mei Suruga especially. People come from other promotions to work their shows because everyone loves Gatoh Move. Also, the production values comment another person made is very weird. I watch them on a 55" HD TV and they look exactly as good as everyone else does."
Mikamania wrote on 09.05.2019:
[10.0] ""Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling seems like it's a bunch of wrestlers messing around" and it is. I'm not gonna lie but that's what makes it good. It's goofy, It's serious It's Whatever It's Whatever It Wants To Be But It's Enjoyable. Sure production could be better and it's improving. It doesn't have a on demand service but at the time of writing they're releasing at least 3 matches a week to youtube. It may look like they've placed a mat in a bar but it suits them. In a world where companies strive to be the same, gatoh truly is one of the few unique promotions running today. And the best thing about it to me is the talent enjoy working there to the the degree that wrestlers from bigger promotions come to it last year alone saw wrestlers come from ddt, oz academy, agz, tjpw & stardom just to name a few. I get that 1st impressions are everything but please understand that if you're looking for a serious promotion look elsewhere. If you're looking for something that can change course in a second and enjoy it please give gatoh a try."
Dreamboat wrote on 15.06.2018:
[10.0] "Gatoh Move is a lot of things. Gatoh Move is a tiny Japanese indie novelty where people wrestle on gym mats in a tiny room that opens directly onto the street. Gatoh Move is a multinational innovator that you can get shitfaced and watch whilst rock bands play in the Bangkok venue at the same time. Gatoh Move is those women who wrestle on HEAT-UP shows a lot. Gatoh Move is an idol group. Gatoh Move is a tight-knit group of friends, students and collaborators formed over the majority of Emi Sakura's career, some of whom she's known since their childhood, and who exude the atmosphere of a close family so strongly that it's impossible not to fall in love with them. Gatoh Move is a perfect watch every time they make tape. Gatoh Move is everything that's fun about wrestling. Gatoh Move makes the world a better place by existing. Gatoh Move is a 10. 0 as far as this review's concerned. Gatoh Move is love. Gatoh Move is not paying me for this."
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