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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 8.00
theeternalsovereign wrote on 18.10.2023:
[5.0] "The time that I had watched PPW was the time they had their fourth grand prix tournament. I was a little exicted and saw it had what they called UEFI rules If im recalling the acronym accuratley. This UEFI ruleset had what In my opinion is one of the worst parts of pro wrestling, and that is when it pretends to be a different sport like MMA. When WWE or anyother promotion tries to emulate UFC or real wrestling it very often falls flat in entertainment value and overall quality with the rare exceptions being the Bryan Danielsons and Zack Sabre Juniors. The reason those two are so well known and succesful is because they are so good at wrestling they can blend the fake and real but not everyone can do that and PPW certainly cant either. I appreciated the effort but the execution was pretty awful. Other issues the promotion had were poor lighting and sound quality. The ring may as well have been half lit and the audio audible but as if it was far away. The camera work was really wobbly and the overall product was just not there, and this could be reflected in the poor crowd turnout. The venue wasnt massive but the few times the camera facwd the crowd there were at least three empty seats between each person if I were to estimate the turnout id say 20 attendees our of nearly a 50-60 fan venue, not a good look. It wasnt all bad as many promotions arent. The ring was good size and quality the announcers were a little stale but still seemed to be enjoying themselves and were the most audible element of the whole show. The were some good wrestlers but they were mostly from other promotions so I feel to some capacity it would be unfair to label their skill as a PPW element. The ring announcer had motivation but was hardly audible due to the poor audio. The referees were a major highlight they were professional and stayed out of the spotlight. And lastly another highlight was the names of talent showing up on screen as they entered. This honestly should be an industry standard at this point and any promotion that doesnt have that should lose one point to amy rating made on this site. Glad to see PPW at least knew the direction they should be going and hopefully they continue to grow and improve as I look forward ro monitoring their progress since I am a native to the state."
zarkoandjelinovic wrote on 07.06.2023:
[10.0] "I wasn't sure about the UWFi style, but after watching the Iron Man Death Match (60 minutes of The Bev vs. Ron Mathis) and all the Magnum Opus episodes I definitely love this company. The storylines are brilliant, the quality in ring is among the best ones around the world, the stipulations and the tournaments are completely original and they give us all of these from a small arena in Indiana. Imagine what they can do in the future with more budget and following. Paradigm has a promising future like the only and the best US company with shoot style mixing it with deathmatch, hardcore and American style."
Sir Cheese wrote on 16.02.2021:
[8.0] "I really enjoy this promotion. Some of the UWFi matches don't work for me, but most of them are pretty good. They use great, well-known indie talent like the Rejects, Myron Reed, and Dominic Garrini, but they also utilize fantastic lesser known wrestlers like Hoodfoot, Chase Holliday, and, of course, Billie Starkz. Some great up and comers here too. During the pandemic, they've done some pretty interesting things like the Heavy Hitters Contenders Series and No Hook. Can't wait to see what this promotion has in store in the future!"
Tyler Rollins wrote on 12.01.2021:
[9.0] "Peculiar, they revived the UWFI style, clearly one of the most unique federations in the business. Even with a few meetings they foment a lot"
Jstorr1992 wrote on 11.01.2021:
[8.0] "Interesting promotion with UWF-i style matches. Shows always fly by for me and I can't wait for what 2021 has in store for Paradigm."
Diegonapoli wrote on 07.01.2021:
[8.0] "Seitdem die Promotion mehr auf Shoot Style bzw. UWFi Rules setzt gibt es definitiv 8 verdiente Punkte ! Dadurch hebt sich Paradigm Pro sehr von den anderen Indy Hardcore Zeugs ab. Ich empfehle jedem sich mal das Fighting Spirit Heavyweight Grand Prix 2 Turnier zum Start anzusehen , besonders die Wrestler Vorstellung im UWFi Style hat es mir sehr angetan."