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226.02.2021dj1617.0really solid, and fun promotion to watch but is somewhat overrated here currently being just over a 9 average I enjoy virtually every show they put on as its a fun couple of hours with some good wrestling and good characters, and they're now seemingly getting some more overseas exposure thanks to the likes of Maki Ito and Yuka Sakazaki, my personal favourite though is Miyu Yamashita, the shows are generally worth watching for her matches alone
1031.12.2020Khalid Ace7.0I truly have no clue what is about this promotion that grant it this high rating. Even though they have a deep roster they still don't produce matches as good as smaller promotions like Ice Ribbon or Sendai.
1129.12.2020joshbrady916.0Don't get me wrong it is good at times and a lot of future Joshi stars come through TJPW, but overall it is mostly comedy wrestling, which isn't my preferred. Stardom is leaps and bounds above TJPW in terms of actual Wrestling.
1216.12.2020Black Liger8.0
1304.12.2020medouse8.0Absolutely great joshi promotion. From wrestling quality perspective there is a lot to complain about. Many girls there are completely green, some are there just because of their beauty and some are really talented. Not many though... However, if we focus on overall presentation of their shows and how much entertaining these can be, it's a genuine diamond. If you love cute japanese girls, this is where you find them. There is a lot of comedy, singing, talking sequences, cool storylines. I could say it's female version of Dramatic Dream Team in some ways. The most talented girls usually advance to bigger and better promotions like Stardom. I like to think about it, that TJPW is a great proving ground and learning facility for future joshi stars. I highly recommend this organisation. Totally worth watching.
1402.12.2020Tapioca10.0Imagine giving a promotion a lower rating because "It doesn't deserve that high rating other people gave to it". TJPW to me is a 10/10 promotion and I completely respect other opinions, but in my experience watching it with other people, it's the easiest promotion to get into, even with the lack of subtitles. There's no overly complicated drama, or elaborate stories that try to mimic a TV show plot. It's just really good characters and their paths for you to support and enjoy, a group of friendly chicks and their own style of joshi puroresu. It's light-hearted entertainment, it's a simple thing, to watch 2 hours a week and don't over-analyze. TJPW is what I wanted from wrestling these days, not overly complicated and serious stuff with lots of big dangerous spots, but a group of colorful characters telling stories in the ring and having the skill to hook you in within minutes. I've been subscribed for 2 years already and I've never felt any regret. Tokyo Joshi just had its 7th anniversary today and it's amazing to see their growth first hand, only good things await, and they will continue working hard to entertain their audience.
1615.11.2020wtg3rusgb910.0I only started watching TJPW at the end of March 2020 & it immediately struck me how much FUN the promotion is. You want all the wrestlers to do well because they drag you in emotionally & by how hard they are trying. From the UP UP Girls opening the show with their latest song, to the top wrestlers like Miyu Yamashita & Yuka Sakazaki the shows fly by. Come on Raku, let's get that first singles win!
1808.11.2020Mudshow Idol9.0
2007.11.2020znezaalj10.0Of course they do not have the wrestling quality that other joshi promotions such as Stardom or Seaddling have, but they always manage to entertain you. It is very cool because you see that the wrestlers may not be that good but you see that they have fun doing what they do and that is what matters most. If you want to have a good time, watch a TJPW show, you will not regret it. P. S They have the coolest ring canvas design in all af wrestling IMO
2203.11.2020Hawksrule9969.0A really fun promotion doesn? t have the highest level of wrestling but it makes up for it with fun characters and some pretty entertaining comedy to there matches. The other positive for the promotion is a the amount of good young rookies that come through in the last year and if they develop them correctly will have a great future main eventers . I look forward To the future of this promotion but the current top starts are great as well and worth watching
2421.10.2020dlam10.01000000000000X TIMES BETTER THAN RAW --- characters / matches / storylines / pop idol performances, all over the top ridiculous, equates to a can't miss promotion ^^
2512.09.2020Sfelpo8.0Without a doubt, my favorite company in the world. Quite rooted in the Idol side of things, specially with the idea of following the growth of your favorite wrestlers. With that in mind, their wrestling is not always the crispiest and you probably won't see them going for the hottest free agents in the market, that's not their way. Their way is bringing girls through their system, some a bit green, let them show their charisma, their character and just let them have fun in their matches while they grow their skills. And, let me say, they grow so fast! All of them have improved so much in this small time i've been watching them and it really feels "rewarding" to see it. So, come on aboard, watch a show, pick your favorites, let yourself become emotional invested in them, embrace the silliness and let's have fun!
3012.06.2020pepe10.0Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling is probably my favorite wrestling promotion for so many reasons. It's Wrestling as it should be, colorful, fun characters, decent to great wrestlers, and super engaging. I don't understand much Japanese, but in just the past few months watching Misao's story arc, or Raku chase her first win, the emotion of Yuka vs Shoko at DDT Ultimate Party, etc, they know how to build these awesome and fun stories that don't get lost in translation at all. Some of the wrestling is a little rough around the edges at times but overall the product and watching wrestlers like Hikari Noa grow make TJPW one of the most engaging promotions out there.
3102.04.2020tokyocyberdrifter10.0I need to put a minimum of 100 characters in here so... Yuka with candy lol Yuka with baseball bat lol Yuka with sparklers lol Yuka with balloon lol Yuka with basketball lol
3202.03.2020ElPolloLoco5.0They have above average production values and usually decent main events, but the "comedy" is cringeworthy at best and downright juvenile at worst and the undercard and midcard are way below the standard Ice Ribbon or Stardom event. In my opinion their greatest draws are the ease of access for viewers outside of Japan and not being overtly dependent on one or two main draws that can be taken away at any moment by you know who.
3904.01.2020Edward Kozinski9.0
4212.09.2019Zo-Zu4.0Can't say I see the appeal. In a market overstuffed with excellent joshi why go for the one which opts, repeatedly, for the cheap gags? Doesn't make sense to me. The women are talented (in the uppercard anyway), but they can't overcome juvenile booking. Too bad.
5009.12.2018Darroa9.0A fun and entertaining promotion. While the undercard needs some polishing, they tend to deliver. The uppercard has the best matches in any show. Plus you get some musical acts during the show that act as intermission which are nice. If they keep this line of work, you will hear a lot from them
5109.12.2018Muramasa9.0One of the breakout promotions of 2018, being affiliated to DDT, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW) mixes perfectly entertaining matches and gimmicks (usually undercard matches) with high workrate matches (usually in the main event scene). It's difficult not finding some character you don't like, as there's a bit for everyone, and the more you watch, the more you fall in love with the full roster. Shows are in the 2-hour duration with a 10-15 minutes intermission, and sometimes feature some musical performances. Only drawback would be language barrier.
5209.09.2018changingfmh9.0While the undercard is not always strong, they're always entertaining. The workrate stuff is at the top of the card, and you are always going to find a match you enjoy.
5324.08.2018Yapperman39.0A fun promotion to follow with one of the best booking around While you not going to get a top work rate matches , the girls are always improving and you will not regret watching TJPW ! how can you not love show names like Let's Go! Go! If You Go! When You Go! If You Get Lost You Just Go to shinkiba ! or Go Ahead, Hot Guys In Itabashi!
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