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512.06.2020pepe10.0Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling is probably my favorite wrestling promotion for so many reasons. It's Wrestling as it should be, colorful, fun characters, decent to great wrestlers, and super engaging. I don't understand much Japanese, but in just the past few months watching Misao's story arc, or Raku chase her first win, the emotion of Yuka vs Shoko at DDT Ultimate Party, etc, they know how to build these awesome and fun stories that don't get lost in translation at all. Some of the wrestling is a little rough around the edges at times but overall the product and watching wrestlers like Hikari Noa grow make TJPW one of the most engaging promotions out there.
602.04.2020tokyocyberdrifter10.0I need to put a minimum of 100 characters in here so... Yuka with candy lol Yuka with baseball bat lol Yuka with sparklers lol Yuka with balloon lol Yuka with basketball lol
702.03.2020ElPolloLoco5.0They have above average production values and usually decent main events, but the "comedy" is cringeworthy at best and downright juvenile at worst and the undercard and midcard are way below the standard Ice Ribbon or Stardom event. In my opinion their greatest draws are the ease of access for viewers outside of Japan and not being overtly dependent on one or two main draws that can be taken away at any moment by you know who.
1229.01.2020Briefcase 199210.0
1504.01.2020Edward Kozinski9.0
1812.09.2019Zo-Zu4.0Can't say I see the appeal. In a market overstuffed with excellent joshi why go for the one which opts, repeatedly, for the cheap gags? Doesn't make sense to me. The women are talented (in the uppercard anyway), but they can't overcome juvenile booking. Too bad.
2609.12.2018Darroa9.0A fun and entertaining promotion. While the undercard needs some polishing, they tend to deliver. The uppercard has the best matches in any show. Plus you get some musical acts during the show that act as intermission which are nice. If they keep this line of work, you will hear a lot from them
2709.12.2018Muramasa9.0One of the breakout promotions of 2018, being affiliated to DDT, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW) mixes perfectly entertaining matches and gimmicks (usually undercard matches) with high workrate matches (usually in the main event scene). It's difficult not finding some character you don't like, as there's a bit for everyone, and the more you watch, the more you fall in love with the full roster. Shows are in the 2-hour duration with a 10-15 minutes intermission, and sometimes feature some musical performances. Only drawback would be language barrier.
2809.09.2018changingfmh9.0While the undercard is not always strong, they're always entertaining. The workrate stuff is at the top of the card, and you are always going to find a match you enjoy.
3024.08.2018Yapperman39.0A fun promotion to follow with one of the best booking around While you not going to get a top work rate matches , the girls are always improving and you will not regret watching TJPW ! how can you not love show names like Let's Go! Go! If You Go! When You Go! If You Get Lost You Just Go to shinkiba ! or Go Ahead, Hot Guys In Itabashi!
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