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118.10.2017Willie Jones10.0When this company had a working relationship with CMLL, they produced one of the more enjoyable TV shows of the time. It's a shame the relationship ended and the promotion faded away.
208.09.2017Cort3z6.0Too bad they arent working with CMLL anymore. Dragon Lee had great matches here. I need to know if season 2 is gunna come out because its almost been a year & I havent heard anything yet. Elite was a good show but I can't keep waiting for season 2.
318.12.2016HeadCheeseOriginal 9 8/8/16 I really the show concept (basing around a round robin tournament) and always seems to seem to very good to great matches on their shows. (I only watch the tv show) Change (Since their partnership with Arena Mexico and CMLL ended they have been seeming to fall of a lot. I am hoping they grow back up during Season 2)
415.10.2016ILoveProWrestling0110.0this is one of my favorite promotions. I love the combinations that make with independent wrestlers of Mexico. See legends like LA Park, Octagon ETC is very good
606.09.2016CorvinLE9.0LLE, ist natürlich die Tochter-Promotion von CMLL, allerdings muss ich sagen, dass ich das Lucha Wrestling dor besser finde als bei dem guten alten Papa ;) Teilweise finde ich vereinzelte Matches ein bisschen langweilig, allerdings wenn zwei echte Luchadore gegeneinander kämpfen, dann ist das Klasse und sind mindestens 3 1/2 Sterne Matches. Und im Namen hört man es, man kann hier die Elite des Luchas betrachten, eine Mix aus CMLL +AAA.
805.08.2016Luv all wrestling7.0This promotion is an easy way to watch for an hour, easy to find their shows and have plenty of great matches. The big problem with Liga ELITE is that with their ongoing tournament is essentially non exsistant, but is a big focal point of the shows, essentially making it so that all of ELITE's shows and matches as un important.
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