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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 8.41
emb1310 wrote on 01.06.2023:
[10.0] "PWG is the best Independent Wrestling Federation of all time. It is great wrestling injected with comedy. Even though they only have a few shows a year, they do not disappoint."
MainEventMaster wrote on 26.04.2023:
[9.0] "Possibly the greatest indy promotion ever, the lack of prestige and the onslaught of comedy keeps thhis from being a 10, but its legacy will forever be a strong one."
jone2tone wrote on 09.01.2023:
[6.0] "An indie promotion that caters to an indie crowd that absolutely loves modern wrestling. I can't stand their crowd, simply said. They're obnoxious, they yell and scream, they fall over themselves trying to insert themselves into the action of the matches and trying to pose with workers that are laid out on the ground every time they're out of the ring. The promotion splits its cards between putting together up and coming talent with some of the bigger names not attached to the WWE which tends to make for some incredible matches that you'll never get a chance to see anywhere else - and also some matches that you've seen dozens of times and wish they'd stop recycling already. Essentially feels like a perpetual re-run of the first year of AEW but run in a VFW."
Wrasslinfan619 wrote on 07.12.2022:
[10.0] "This is my favorite promotion ever. So many stars have worked here including A lot of my favorite wrestlers of this generation such as, Bryan Danielson, El Generico, Kevin Steen, Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, etc. Prime PWG is generational, current PWG is amazing. Overall probably my fav promotion ever and the only one that comes close is ROH."
crs285 wrote on 24.11.2022:
[6.0] "Fun promotion but hard to follow. Always brining in a mix of established indy guys and some new talent you should expect to see signed in a few years. BOLA was always exciting with the highest quality matches and Mystery Vortex was a great idea. Problem with it is that it is difficult and expensive to follow as a fan."
Dreamorca wrote on 22.09.2022:
[6.0] "I enjoy their product when it is available. Maybe if the product were as great as it was five years ago it would still follow it as I did back, then, but how they release their product makes it hard to engage with it in modern times. When numerous indies make their shows live the day of or within 3 days on VOD Places like IWTV and FITE TV or Zaiko for [Japan]but PWG still does the home media when as their main output. 64%"
zarkoandjelinovic wrote on 22.07.2022:
[5.0] "Although with gigantic potential, it is sad to say that PWG is the American version of CMLL. They found their comfort zone and never left it. All non-American fans will never be able to see live a BOLA or any show, just buying dvds or blu-rays... in 2022. Now they are available on demand in a network, but the best indie promotions in the whole world have been doing that the last ten years and now they broadcast live all of their shows."
WU20 wrote on 09.07.2022:
[5.0] "Maybe you like it for samy zayn, Kevin owens, akira tozawa or maybe you like it for high high spot fests. These can't buy me t rate. For me it was never a good promotion or even close enough. So rating it as a below average one."
Loki Hipster God wrote on 19.06.2022:
[5.0] "PWG has hosted many talented wrestlers who have worked incredibly hard for the promotion, but Super Dragon is honestly just a terrible booker. He doesn't really come up with storylines other than 'go out and have good match', and he doesn't know how to best utilize talent. He brought in WALTER and had him lose in his very first match. He brought in Drew Galloway and had him lose in his very first match. It's kind of hard to buy into these guys as being big unstoppable monsters when they lose in their first match, don't you think? You can argue that wins and losses don't matter, but if wins don't matter, then what's the point? Wrestling is about more than workrate, it's also about wrestlers having personas and doing what you can to get those personas over, of which PWG fails. As for the matches, PWG has really shaped the modern indie style of excess: overloading finisher kickouts and false finishes in every match until they become meaningless. At PWG, it often feels like the inmates are running the asylum, with guys going out to have GIF-able matches rather than build towards a cohesive whole. The positive is that you do get many unrestrained dream matches between some of the best talents out there. The negative is that it gets old after a while as you quickly start to realize that nothing means anything. The goofy comedy stuff also makes it difficult to take the matches seriously, giving off more vibes that none of this really matters and it's all for play."
Mutoism wrote on 18.06.2022:
"Man, I love this company, it has give us some of the greatest matches in independent wrestling history."
ThatOnePWGMark wrote on 17.04.2022:
[10.0] "The greatest indy promotion ever. PWG literally is a hotspot for great talent, and also some great wrestling. Truly the best wrestling in North America from 2012-2018, and I don? t think it was close. My name says it all, and this review may be biased, but I could care less. I love this promotion so so much, and it? s been a huge part of igniting my love for wrestling again. So glad I was introduced to this, and so glad to be able to own a ton of DVDs from the company. Tons of amazing talents in AEW, WWE, NJPW, ROH, and IMPACT have wrestled in PWG. Guys like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn give credit to PWG for them getting their jobs in WWE, and rightfully so. PWG is such a wonderful promotion, and was one of the best in the world from 2006-2018. It has it all."
ProWrestlingGuy316 wrote on 31.01.2022:
"Bin mir unsicher, wie ich PWG bewerten soll. Es gibt/ gab immer gute Wrestler und auch Matches, andererseits werde ich dem Stil nach stärkerem Konsum recht schnell überdrüssig. Ähnlich wie beispielsweise AAA, wobei es hier in in dieser Hinsicht noch schneller geht. Das Schlimmste ist, allerdings die Tatsache, dass sie Shows nicht live übertragen und man diese stattdessen erst zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt zu Gesicht bekommt. Wir leben im Jahr 2022 und da sollte man erwarten dürfen, Shows zeitnah sehen zu können. Mal abgesehen davon finde ich es auch schwierig, dass man mehrere Shows aufnimmt und dann in Zukunft ausstrahlt. Aber das, was PWG macht, hebt das noch einmal auf ein höheres/ schlimmeres Level und lässt es so wirken, als wären sie im Jahr 2005 hängen geblieben."
GriffinX wrote on 20.01.2022:
[9.0] "Maybe the best Indie of all time. A legit whose who has come through the doors of PWG. AEW, NXT 1.0, even ROH all owe a debt to what PWG did and the talent it helped along the way"
SZ1989 wrote on 23.12.2021:
[5.0] "A fun indy promotion but their house style has probably influenced some of the most blatant attempts at fan service and spotfests in recent memory. Might be a bad influence on the industry as a whole if you prefer more grounded and realistic styles of wrestling. The attempt at creating artificial scarcity with their footage doesn't really land well with me either, but to each their own I guess."
Lukasny wrote on 03.12.2021:
[7.0] "PWG bekommt noch immer nicht die Anerkennung, die sie verdient haben. PWG reißt immer ab und hat auch schon große Stars geformt. Für Indy-Fans ist PWG quasi schon ein muss. Spektakulär, aber nicht 0815. PWG ist was besonderes."
BradJohnson34 wrote on 10.11.2021:
[10.0] "PWG was instrumental in getting me back into wrestling. I still watch today but their run from 2013-2017 represents my favorite stretch of wrestling put on by any company ever, with almost every relevant wrestler today having been passed through their halls during that period. Excellent combination of strong style, flippy shit, funny shit, hardcore shit, experimental shit...all on the same card. Excalibur is pitch-perfect on play-by-play. And the crowd is fantastic. Great quote from Dave Metlzer: "The atmosphere was loud and rowdy, but not the slightest bit dangerous. Some would compare the audience to the glory days of the ECW Arena...but they are entirely different. Perhaps if that ECW audience had evolved for two more decades, this is what they would have turned into, but probably not...While there were the occasional funny chants, the primary difference is the ECW Arena audience acted like they were a major part of the show, similar to the current 150 or so fans at the NXT shows in Orlando that always sit in front of the camera, although without the critical nature and aggressiveness of a Philadelphia crowd. The PWG audience acts like they are there to enjoy and enhance the show, but very much are not the stars of the show itself, nor do they want to be...It's clearly an audience that is there to have fun and make the matches, whatever the type they are, come across as good as possible. The audience was older, and smarter in a pro wrestling sense, than an NXT crowd. These people were the real insiders and pretty much kill the stereotype that the fans who know everything become jaded and hard, because this audience was clearly a level above any I've seen, had no illusions about what they were seeing, but reacted in a way that enhanced everything on the show.""
halfwaygore wrote on 12.07.2021:
[6.0] "I feel like their shows are really hit and miss compared to some of the other shows with talent of their caliber. I never know if the show is gonna be a ten out of ten or hardly watchable."
ThatsJustElDandy wrote on 25.04.2021:
[10.0] "PWG can be likened to an open mic night for aspiring musicians, poets, and yes - calm down Cornette cultists - comedians. What I mean by that is open mic nights live and die on the strength of the raw talent in the independent scene at a given time. Given how mid to major companies like AEW and WWE act as a sort of vacuum of promising talent these days, companies like PWG have suffered as a result. By nature, however, PWG allows fresh faces a literal canvas to hone their craft and I believe PWG has proved it enough over the years that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Sure, the style may not be for everyone but because PWG rarely does angles and storylines so I don? t mind one bit talent going out there and doing spotfests. Even in PWG the best talent still rises above and can make their matches stand apart. 10/10 promotion. Also the best fans in the world. Even if a match isn? t great they? re still respectful and attentive, unlike many modern crowds that will try to get themselves over and hurt the overall presentation."
Bushidospirit22 wrote on 23.03.2021:
[6.0] "Few promotions have been as hurt by the pandemic as PWG, and not being able to run shows has hurt them almost as much as all the top indy talent getting snatched up by either the WWE or AEW."
WrestlingStats1 wrote on 20.02.2021:
[6.0] "Assets: Has served as a petri dish which fermented today's modern style of wrestling. The snob factor of their shows is fashionably high just like everything else in Los Angeles (and for good reason. ) Are capable of providing dream matches and "Holy $#! +" moments regularly and with aplomb. - - - Flaws: Their size is capped at their current level due to the need to satisfy the non-compete clauses of the talent they use. Their roster is almost entirely talent who have obligations with larger promotions. This also hinders their ability to distribute shows and forces their reliance on DVDs and digital downloads instead of broadcasting or streaming. - - - Promotion Potential: Triple-A independent circuit wrestling promotion."
BUIOOMEGA wrote on 22.12.2020:
[7.0] "2020 is not the best year to rate PWG but making a mix of nowadays situation and the past, it's still one of the best indy in the world for obvs reasons."
medouse wrote on 04.12.2020:
[10.0] "I don't think any other promotion had an atmosphere like PWG had. That tiny venue in Reseda, CA feels like home for some reason. I guess, it's because of incredible matches I have witnessed there. There is no doubt, that PWG was the best indie wrestling promotion ever. Year 2019 was the ultimate downfall of this company. Their couple last shows were nowhere close to the quality of their best work throughout all these years before. PWG will be in my heart forever."
chrisbbbbb wrote on 13.10.2020:
[9.0] "PWG completely envelops everything that has brought popularity to independent wrestling. High-flyers, submission specialists, and brawlers alike have all made names for themselves in a PWG ring. The company's annual tournament, Battle of Los Angeles, has featured spectacular matches by countless high-profile wrestlers. Kevin Steen (Owens), Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), and A. J. Styles all headlined PWG events. As time has passed, newer, younger workers have been able to carry the torch. This has been proven true in the company's tag team division. Most notably, The Young Bucks worked PWG shows early in their careers, leading to the most successful tag team run in PWG history. The Kings of Wrestling, The Lucha Brothers, and The Briscoes have all competed there. 17 years since the company debuted, PWG has not missed a beat."
znezaalj wrote on 27.08.2020:
[10.0] "PWG and ROH have been the standard for indie wrestling in the US for over a decade; and even though most of the people would say that this two companies are on a low point compared to where they once were, I personally think that even now that PWG has lost some of his stars to other promotions such as: AEW, WWE and NJPW they still have a stacked roster for their shows. There are not huge names like Danielson, El Generico, Steen, The bucks... But still, they have some of the best in the world in the form of: Bandido, Jeff Cobb, Dragon Lee, Joey Janela, Tony Deppen... And with the recent WWE firings such as Chris Hero, they have even more star power to add to their shows. So, I? ll say: don? t sleep on PWG."
Ma Stump Puller wrote on 14.08.2020:
[7.0] "At their prime, they were a pretty niche promotion that was focused on spotfests and high spots. Mostly completely devoid of serious wrestling, but considering the size of PWG, it didn't need to focus on that. These days PWG is a shadow of their former self as most if not all of their rotating wheel of top talent have been closed in with tight contracts and that need for spotfests doesn't really work when other companies can do the job better, and with higher production values."
THATSGOTTABEKANE wrote on 15.06.2020:
[7.0] "What has happened to my favorite promotion? Is it the amount of talent signing with bigger promotions? Did the wrestling quality decrease? Or do I just miss Reseda?"
AndreaCalo1997 wrote on 31.05.2020:
[6.0] "PWG has provided us, over the years, with some of the best technical wrestling in the world and some of the worst, stupid, childish, uninteresting, unrealistic spotfests that have contributed to transforming the whole world of pro wrestling into smarks' heaven. My rating is kind of an average then."
marexcel wrote on 19.03.2020:
[7.0] "PWG hatte sensationelle Jahre und die begreift man rückblickend nur schwer, aber die Talentdichte, die Innovationen und die Qualität war [sic] beachtlich. Zwar fehlt mir die American Legion Post #308 sehr, aber Präsentation des Produkts und auch der Vertrieb haben auch 2020 immer noch diesen speziellen Charme. Kein Livestream, kein hauseigener On-Demand-Service. Hohe Qualität, schwierige Verfügbarkeit. Irgendwie geil. Über die Jahre war es aber schon die Regel, dass die nächsten großen Stars bei PWG ihre erste Wertschätzung und Bühne bekommen hatten. Da hat PWG doch eingebüßt und muss sich mit GCW oder auch Beyond Wrestling messen, die unter anderen Bedingungen (Live-Stream, regelmäßigere Shows, damit einhergehend andere Frequenz und Verfügbarkeit) für mich zuletzt definitiv besser abliefern. Ich muss nicht PWG schauen, um die nächste Generation Hype-Boys zu scouten. Ich verfolge PWG und sehe GCW- und Beyond-Wrestler, die bereits ihre treue Anhängerschaft haben. Dieser Aspekt kostet Punkte, da zudem die Qualität der Matches im Schnitt auch eingebüßt hat. Jedenfalls für mein Dafürhalten. Generell sind mir die Cards mittlerweile zu Lucha-lastig, verlaufen zu häufig nach Schema F und sind generell nicht vielseitig genug. Natürlich ist das qualitativ noch gut, aber bietet nichts, was ich im oberen Regal ansiedeln würde. Der Hype ist vorbei."
kynky wrote on 09.02.2020:
[7.0] "Watched a lot of PWG back in the 00's but at random, never felt like something to watch on a monthly basis, in ring wise it was always great but production always kept it from being must see."
Dragon Fighter wrote on 01.01.2020:
[7.0] "Just few years ago, PWG was still very hot, but then after 2018, the company has declined a lot. Not 100% their fault as their top stars left for big promotions, but after they moved their old venue in Reseda to the new one. The aura, the magic that used to make PWG what it was were faded away. The show was still pretty decent at best, but no longer must-watch. Feel like many matches now are the exact the same and uncreative. Used to enjoy this a lot, now I don't do really much."
Zo-Zu wrote on 14.09.2019:
[4.0] "PWG is solely responsible for tipping the balance of American indies away from providing a legitimate and authentic alternative to the anodyne WWE and TNA products and into high gimmickry, overabundance of spots and a cheeky, cynical toying with kayfabe that borders on the obnoxious. In 2019 they are the same as they ever were, but the spawn they have influenced have now lapped them. Too bad."
jakk420 wrote on 01.07.2019:
[7.0] "It used to be better, but PWG is still great. I do wish they would focus more on creating storylines and strong characters."
Cibs wrote on 24.01.2019:
[7.0] "A few years ago (2010-2013) PWG was undoubtedly the best company in the United States but have declined over the years. You can still see good matches from time to time there, however, the events have become a spotfest without interesting stories and rivalries. They have sacrificed many things to focus on a specific type of audience."
Makai Club wrote on 26.10.2018:
[6.0] "On paper PWG sounds amazing and can be a lot of the time but the in-house style makes for some tiresome shows. I always find myself enjoying the start and by the end, I'm bored and don't care. A lot of the time the matches feel thrown together regardless of chemistry and it can lead to some stinkers. The booking isn't great (Don't tell Super Dragon I said that) and each show is random. I know that's what PWG is like but they used to do it much better."
Razorokada wrote on 26.10.2018:
[4.0] "I've watched every show this year but I never enjoyed one match, it feels like an indie stars reunion and nothing else. The fact that no match has stories behind and tells none in the ring is the main reason I don't dig the product. I'm just not the target I guess. The audience is on fire tho"
RatingsMachine wrote on 10.10.2018:
[8.0] "PWG shows always have a great atmosphere and the wrestlers always try hard. But the matches can sometime be overrated. There are often times when wrestlers work their matches purely to get pops, and don't even try to tell a story."
WrestlingRepublic wrote on 03.09.2018:
[6.0] "My issue with this promotion is that most of the time it is just a spot show unfortunately, despite the fact they get access to a lot of great wrestlers. Too often finishers are kicked out of with no good build up to it, and in a way I really feel like this negatively affects professional wrestling as a whole which is why I had an issue with the promotion. However as you have probabaky noticed I did give the promotion a 6/10 which means satisfactory, and so far it sounds like I? m going to give it a 1/10, . The reason I do give it credit, is that it has a great fanbase with a crowd who is always excited and involved in the match, which is something a lot of companies don? t have, yet improves the atmosphere so damn much! So I hope you all understand I why I am giving it this rating. I purely don? t agree with the amount of kick outs and the fact there a lot of the time their isn? t even a build up to these big moves which is where I have a problem with the promotion in all honesty. This is just my personal opinion though."
zephyr wrote on 24.08.2018:
[8.0] "The atmosphere and crowd alone make PWG worth it. Even as someone who isn't too big a fan of their match style, getting swept up by the excited fans is as easy as it is enjoyable."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 02.05.2018:
[8.0] "One of the most prominent, well-regarded and influential independent wrestling promotions in the US today, PWG features a product essentially entirely focused on what happens in the ring, and maintains a high standard for consistent in-ring quality. They have a high-octane in-ring style with performers typically going all-out and trying to make an impression. While they could potentially expand to larger venues, iPPV, etc. at this point, by remaining in the position they're in now they've forged an image as the "cool" company with highly-coveted (and often hard-to-get) tickets for fans and coveted roster spots for workers. Occasionally the in-ring product can be a bit too self-indulgent for my taste, with talent sometimes focusing a little too much on popping the crowd, and I do wonder if the company's strict adherence to its own traditions (DVD-only distribution model; until recently only running the same small venue) might work against it in the long term. But at the end of the day, the in-ring product is strong, talent top-notch and any given PWG event will have something to get the fans talking."
InactiveGuru wrote on 22.04.2018:
[9.0] "They strive to be different, with no online service to offer. It's back to old school of waiting for DVD's to be released before you can watch a particular event. The Battle of Los Angeles they host every year is one of the best if not thee best Pro Wrestling Tournament. EVERY show is must watch and that's what really helps PWG."
luke64299 wrote on 08.09.2017:
[10.0] "PWG currently fights RevPro as my current second favourite promotion behind NJPW. I love PWG's ability to blend serious and entertaining pure wrestling matches with laid-back comedy. Probably the closest a promotion is to early ROH (my fave wrestling product) as you can currently get."
TooSweetPhil wrote on 24.08.2017:
[9.0] "Hach, ist es nicht immer Freude, wenn man PwG sieht? PwG macht einfach Spaß. So gut wie jede Show ist übertrieben nett anzusehen, liefert immer ein nettes Match und überzeugt auch. Das Produkt ist aktuell vielleicht etwas zu spotlastig, wobei das hier jedermann selber Entscheiden kann. Ansonsten ist auch alles Top, starke Crowd, eine nette Atmosphäre und konstant immer starke Shows. 9/10"
LegibleToe762 wrote on 22.08.2017:
[10.0] "I love everything about PWG, their arena, the atmosphere, the format and frequency they produce their shows which means they can have loads of incredible talent from a variety of promotions. This promotion is always fun but also produces some ridiculously good wrestling, the workers never half-ass their performances here, they try to put on the best match possible each time. I'd love there to be a proper online streaming service (not the delayed Highspots, which isn't Highspots's fault, I know) but if that means a compromise on talent, then I'd say to just keep doing what they're doing because it's unbelievably great."
Lucubanget wrote on 20.06.2017:
[9.0] "Wrestling is just like films and music. Sure the Top 40 billboard offers some nice catchy tunes that pleases your ears with their immediate hooks and listenable beats, but memorable music is found somewhere else, far from the mainstream media. Chainsmoker's hit 'Closer' took the world last year while Radiohead enjoying a steady amount of coverage and reviews. The Twilight Saga: New Moon is a box office hit but also getting low reviews while Inglorious Basterds gaining major awards and highly favored reviews. The masses might not know from the get go but as time goes, one will be remembered as one the best films to ever graced the 21th century while the former will either be forgotten or will also be remembered as one of the worst movies ever made. Notice how i differentiate Film and Movies."
WrestleArts wrote on 15.05.2017:
[9.0] "Eigentlich bin ich jetzt nicht sooo der Spot-Wrestling Fan, bin in den letzten paar Jahren jedoch schleichend zum PWG-Fan geworden, man muss halt einfach den Kopf abschalten und genießen. Die Bookings sind immer stark, die Wrestler geben immer 110%, die Crowd in Reseda ist immer gut drauf, Excalibur und Chuck Taylor sind als Kommentatoren unschlagbar, PWG macht einfach Spaß und darauf kommt es ja an."
LazyBiscuit wrote on 08.04.2017:
[10.0] "Although I didn't watch any of their PPVs, instead i watched some matches from their PPVs, they produce the best wrestling in North America, if not in the World. I watched some of the matches of Young Bucks, Ricochet, Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll. I think this company gives indie guys a chance to showcase their talents. I wish they did iPPVs but I heard that they can't do that due to some issues with other promotions."
Too sweet91 wrote on 07.03.2017:
[10.0] "Entweder man liebt PWG und seinen Stil oder man hasst es...... Ich persönlich liebe PWG, meine absolute liebelings Promotion ! Die besten bzw. Größten indy-Stars feuern regelmäßig alles ab was sie haben und die Fans sorgen für eine unvergleichliche Atmosphäre :) unvergessliche Matches und Spots soweit das Auge reicht, indy wrestling at his best ! Wer hingegen mit dem übertriebenen Stil bzw. Spot wrestling nichts anfangen kann sollte lieber etwas anderes schauen ;) (obwohl PWG auch viel mehr als das zu bieten hat und jede Card verschiedene Stile bietet) Ich liebe diese Promotion jedenfalls ! Zum Abschluss also mal ein: PWG PWG PWG !"
AtticusFinch wrote on 25.11.2016:
[10.0] "Without a doubt, the best independent in America. Though AAW could take that crown soon, PWG is still the top dog in independents. When a company can run an irregular schedule and still sell out, still make a ton of money off of DVD purchases, and make people want more, I think you're doing a great job. One could say it's a bit of a shame that they've stepped away from their old booking habits, the lack of storylines and homegrown talent, but they've just grown up and that's fine. They make indie dream matches come true and they always deliver (even if it takes some time). I'd love to see these guys try to expand and grow, but I understand their reasons against it and I respect them for it. Hopefully one day they'll manage to get an on demand service rolling instead of the year wait with the Highspots service."
wrestlingfan1993 wrote on 10.09.2016:
[10.0] "Pwg hat immer die top Wrestler der Welt versammelt und zeigt pure Action unglaublich wie gut die liga ist mit Battle of los Angeles noch ein top tunier das sich jeder Wrestling Fan in den Kalender schreiben sollte !"
Luv all wrestling wrote on 06.08.2016:
[10.0] "This is a super indy at it's finest, very very super. Always expect multiple amazing matches on every pwg card."
ApexOfEvolution wrote on 27.05.2016:
[9.0] "Für mich sowas wie der West Coast-Pendant zu ROH. Ebenfalls gute Shows, tolles Roster, die Titel werden sehr gut eingesetzt. Gleichzeitig vermarktet sich die Liga mit tollen Titeln für ihre Shows sehr gut. Und sehr geil ist es natürlich, das wohl wichtigste Indy-Turnier im Jahr nach einem Album von Rage against the Machine zu benennen."
ShooterMcShoot wrote on 26.05.2016:
[9.0] "A really great promotion, but I can't rate them a 10 for a very specific reason. That is they only run once a month in a very small building that seats 400 (while it is a charming and encouraging sign that tickets sell out in literally seconds and in most cases, you're lucky to get them). Since they lack a regular schedule, it comes off a bit amateurish (especially considering they could do more shows). Other than that, I'd give them a 10."
PuroFan wrote on 22.02.2016:
[10.0] "Excellent spotfest company, Pro Wrestling Guerrila is easily the best american company in the moment and so it´s crowd!"
craigoh wrote on 28.01.2016:
[10.0] "Pro Wrestling Guerrila in the last few years has moved forward so well in terms of the talent they are able to bring in and the matches and shows they put on, bringing in top UK, Mexican and Japanese talent (like Aero Star, Fenix, Akira Tozawa and Will Ospreay). the deal with Ring of Honor now will only strengthen the talent available to them and hopefully give the chance for some of their guys to get on ROH TV as they deserve more attention."
gav26 wrote on 15.01.2016:
[10.0] "Just started watching PWG last year, wrestling at its best. Exciting matches on every card, great entertainment."
CGNRavens wrote on 18.10.2015:
[5.0] "Ja ich gebe PWG wirklich nur fünf Punkte. Ich verstehe den Hype um PWG nicht, ich habe ihn nie verstanden. Ich bin jemand der auf vielerlei Sparten des Wrestlings steht, wenn man aber bei einer Veranstaltung wirklich nur diesen einen Stil bekommt, na dann jagste mich! Der Opener ist bei PWG schon so völlig überzogen, wie ein Hauptkampf eigentlich sein müsste. Klar, es gab auch Schlachten die ich mir genüsslich angeschaut habe, wie bspw. Super Dragon gegen Kevin Steen. Meine Wertung bezieht sich, natürlich, nur auf DVDs.. Live, mit Sicherheit, viel geiler und da würde ich sogar hin weg sehen über 3506 Moonsaults im Opener ;)"
MoonsaultsEdgecution wrote on 07.10.2015:
[10.0] "PWG wartet 2015 wie gewohnt mit internationalen Dream Matches auf und macht einfach einen Heidenspaß! Zwar ist der Main Event Style eines jeden Matches auf der Card nicht jedermanns Sache, allerdings hilft es den Talenten sich global in Szene zu setzen und einfach jeder der Akteure genießt das Spotlight. Für mich nach Ring of Honor DIE Promotion in den USA."
KimboSlice wrote on 04.09.2015:
[10.0] "was soll man zu PWG sagen außer großartig? Bei jedem Event herrscht eine bombastische Stimmung, die Matches sind nie schlecht oder durchschnittlich, Storys sind steht's kultig und machen Spaß und das ist auch die Hauptsache bei PWG: der Spaß. Und den haben alle, Fans - Wrestler - Booker, einfach alle. Derzeit kommt man nicht an den 10 Punkten vorbei."
murasaki00 wrote on 16.08.2015:
[9.0] "Easily the most exciting and innovative wrestling in North America. With a real focus on storytelling inside the ring instead of backstage or on a microphone. The only down side is the commentary team which spends too much time trying to be clever and not enough time calling the action."
Kevin434 wrote on 05.08.2015:
[6.0] "PWG ist vielleicht ganz unterhaltsam, wenn man live dabei ist ist das echt ein Highlight. Aber es ist NIEMALS besser als ROH oder andere top Ligen, was bei PWG abgeht ist größtenteils Spotwrestling, sinnlos aneinandergereihte Matches die alle auf Main Event niveau sind, Spotwrestling.... ! Das ist für mich kein Wrestling auf top niveau, auch wenn viele Matches gut sind. Live erlebnis: klar 10 Punkte, aber wenn man das ordentlich bewertet kommt da für mich nicht mehr als 6 in frage. Mit PWG werde ich mich nie anfreunden."
Zed wrote on 26.06.2015:
[5.0] "Uncharischmatische Nobodys ohne Ausstrahlung, die durch eine Turnhalle hüpfen. Und die Fans fiden das auch noch toll. Das hat noch weniger mit Wrestling zu tun als Ultravoilent Matches. Solides Indyprodukt, mehr nicht."
Wrestling Forever wrote on 07.06.2015:
[10.0] "Nach wie vor die beste Liga in Amerika, mit den besten Crowd und den besten Kommentatoren. Auch das die ROH Wrestler die fixe Verträge haben bei PWG nicht mehr antreten durfen wurde sehr gut durch Bailey, den Beaver Boys, Trevor Lee, Biff Busick, Drew Gulak und der Monster Mafia ersetzt und es kommen immer wieder Neue dazu ein weiterer großer Pluspunkt für PWG auch eher nicht so bekannte Wrestler zu booken. Schließlich schaue ich auch nicht alle Ligen und so einer wie Lee war mir vorher noch nicht bekannt. Wenn ich einfach nur Wrestler sehen will die Spass haben bei wrestlen dann schaue ich PWG. Den wo sonst haben die Wrestler solche eine Freihheit hier können sie alles zeigen und machen. Eine kleine Kritik muss ich nun PWG geben es ist manchmal fast unmöglich das Match of the Night zu ermitteln weil es einen Kracher nach dem anderen zu sehen gibt. Edit 09. 05. 2015 Interessant auf dem offiziellen PWG Forum konnte man 2012 Super Dragon Fragen stellen und er hat die auch beantwortet es ist viel Interessantes dabei. Es wurde auch gefragt wie man auf dem Name Pro Wrestling Guerrilla kam etwas was ich auch schon gerne wissen wollte. So ganz weiß er das nicht mehr es gab zuerst einige dummen Namen für die Liga die Dragon erdachte nach seiner Rückkehr aus Japan zuerst sollte es nur ein Tunier geben sicher haben damals die PWG Six nicht gedacht wie schnell PWG beliebt wurde. Excalibur hatte die Idee die Liga Pro Wrestling Gorilla zu nennen würde auch besser zum Logo passen. Doch dann haben sie sich für Pro Wrestling Guerrilla entschieden weil sie aus dem Nirgendwo kamen. Kaum einer kannte sie ja damals vor der PWG Zeit. Edit 7. 06. 2015 Ne, ne die 1 Punkte des englischsprachigen User kann ich nun gar nicht nachvollziehen. PWG kann keine TV Show machen da sie Wrestler von Ligen booken die Verträge da haben und somit es nicht dürfen. Hat auch Super Dragon auf eine Frage geantwortet es ist PWG nicht erlaubt auch hätten sie dann nicht mehr die Freiheit das zu tun was sie wollen."
Viper99 wrote on 08.04.2015:
[10.0] "Edit:Wertung von 9 auf 10 erhöht! Einfach die momentan beste Indy Liga die die USA zu bieten hat (TNA mit einbezogen). Unglaubliche starke Worker zu Gast, Sehr Starke Matches und immer Super Stimmung!"
ARIZA wrote on 29.03.2015:
[6.0] "Die Cards mögen ein "Indy Dream Match" nach dem anderen haben, der andauernd gleiche Stil lässt mich aber kaum einen halben Event schauen, ohne dass es mich langweilt. Als Fan vor Ort ist das sicherlich absolut großartig. Für mich vor dem PC/Fernseher aber nicht wirklich. Auch wenn natürlich immer wieder gute Matches dabei sind."
TAWPTierJustin wrote on 07.01.2015:
[10.0] "I love watching PWG every chance that I see links online and watch the shows! It's just straight up wrestling with only a world title and world tag team titles in their company, no storylines, no BS, good matches, and it seems like every wrestler who gets booked in a PWG show has fun there every time and that's awesome as hell!"
Bedder wrote on 05.12.2014:
[10.0] "My favourite wrestling promotion for the last few years now. PWG are a boutique wrestling company in California, the one that all the best indy guys want to work for. Their shows are always spectacular and well worth the money to buy on DVD, the six-week wait for release of DVDs for new shows is a bit annoying. The worst thing about PWG is that over the last couple of years the WWE/TNA have signed a good deal of their regular talent away. They have done their best to replace them but it did affect the show. Recently they bounced back with an absolutely stacked card at BOLA 2014 featuring a lot of returning stars such as AJ Styles and Matt Sydal."
ThySmithy wrote on 19.10.2014:
[10.0] "Without a doubt the best Independent company in the world , every match is amazing . never ever a dull moment , PWG is what a Wrestling Promotion Should be"
ilovewrestling wrote on 21.08.2014:
[6.0] "PWG ist für mich so eine Sache. Die Cards klingen immer gut, aber es ist meiner Meinung nach einfach zu viel. Es gibt zu viele Matches, welche wie Main Events geworkt werden, sodass es unheimlich schwer ist sich eine PWG Show am Stück zu schauen. Desweiteren gibt es zu viele Matches, bei denen ohne Story einfach nur herumgeflippt wird. Wer solche Matches mag wird bestimmt seinen Spaß daran haben, aber mein Fall ist es nicht."
Ultraviolent Lariat wrote on 28.03.2014:
[10.0] "You want EXCELLENT wrestling and EXCELLENT crowd... PWG is your company. Amazing, awesome, great, ALL. PWG is the best promotion at the momment... Better than all."
New Strategy wrote on 15.03.2014:
[10.0] "Ich habe leider noch nicht so viel von PWG gesehen, aber das was ich gesehen habe, lag immer zwischen sehr gut und phänomenal. Hier geht die Luzie ab. Wer auf Non-Stop-Action gepaart mit einer Prise Humor steht, der ist hier goldrichtig."
EvilPriest wrote on 10.03.2014:
[10.0] "The very best wrestling federation in the world, I've never seen a bad PWG show and they have some of the wrestlers in the world. I'd love to see Paul London, Low Ki, AJ Styles and Jack Evans back to PWG."
Silas wrote on 30.11.2013:
[7.0] "PWG ist für mich eher ein zweischneidiges Schwert. Die Cards klingen fast immer großartig. Aber dadurch dass fast jedes Match wie ein Mainevent geworkt wird, ist es unheimlich schwer sich ein PWG Event am Stück anzusehen."
TheMemoryMaker wrote on 11.10.2013:
[9.0] "Pro Wrestling Guerrilla doesn't place much value on finishing maneuvers, but if you want to be entertained, PWG is the best possible destination. The quality of the matches improve with every show and the best independent wrestlers in teh world all come here. Worth the $."
Alex Riley 4 wwe champion wrote on 03.09.2013:
[10.0] "PWG hat richtig gute Promotions! Die Shows sind hervorragend, davon könnte sich die WWE eine Scheibe abschneiden."
Finlay wrote on 12.04.2013:
[10.0] "Diese Liga ist unglaublich . Gutes Booking und gute Wrestler und das sie zu Zeit den erst vor kurzem entlassenen Trent Barreta an bord holen ist eine gute Idee von ihnen . Also der Zeit gefällt mir diese Liga mehr als WWE ."
affenmann wrote on 28.01.2013:
[9.0] "Zur Zeit die wahrscheinlich beste Independent-Liga der USA."
blackwhitesun wrote on 08.05.2012:
[10.0] "Beste Liga derzeit, da gibt es nichts. Einfach nur gutes Wrestling, ohne groß nachzudenken. Meistens from top to bottom genial. Das wirklich tolle Publikum wertet das ganze dann noch zusätzlich auf."
Fighter Daron wrote on 29.01.2012:
[9.0] "Best Indie promotion on the planet and nº:1 in combining wrestling with comedy."
Sandmann wrote on 25.08.2011:
[10.0] "Ich verfolge PWG ja erst wirklich seit Ende 2009. Doch was die Leute rund um Excalibur im Jahre 2010 geleistet haben ist der Wahnsinn. Sehr geniale Shows mit hochmotivierten Wrestlern. Natürlich sehr schön das mittlerweile auch einige Leute aus der NWA Hollywood den Durchbruch bei PWG geschafft haben. Dazu eine meistens sehr genial aufgelegte Crowd in Reseda die den Events noch einen zusätzlichen Reiz gibt. Einfach ein sehr geniale Wrestlingliga."
Rated R Champ wrote on 05.06.2011:
[9.0] "Dadurch, dass die Liga seltener veranstaltet als zB ROH hat man natürlich weniger Storylines, das meiste was PWG diesbezüglich auf die Beine gestellt hat, konnte aber wirklich überzeugen. Zudem entäuschen PWG Events praktisch nie, es gibt immer starke Matches und auch immer eine gesunde (aber nicht übertriebene) Portion Comedy, die vor allem nicht dämlich wirkt. Dazu noch die teils wirklich abgefahrenen Segmente und/oder Kommentare und man hat ein rundum überzeugendes und unterhaltendes Produkt."
Aquifel wrote on 02.05.2011:
[10.0] "Gerade auch durch das saustarke 2010er Jahr und den top Start ins jetzige, gibt es nun auch die Höchstwertung. PWG schafft es meistens, dass selbst auf dem Papier recht uninteressant klingende Matches immer noch ein gewisses Niveau halten (bei Zeiten sogar richtig überraschen) und jede Show hat so seine Must-Sees. Wrestlerisch also sowieso klasse, ist bei PWG sowieso eines noch erwähnenswert: Der geniale Kommentar. Da wird nicht selten über so ziemlich alles und jeden ohne Tabus Witze gerissen. Für manch einen sicher gerne mal zu derbe, ich lach mich meistens scheckig. Egal, momentan die beste Indy-Liga."
Carnevale wrote on 25.04.2011:
[9.0] "Neben SHIMMER meine Favorte Indy Liga, sehr gute Shows vom Wrestling her, tendieren aber ab und zu dazu zu viele Spotfests zu zeigen - sonst ist aber jede Show sehr sehenswert."
Homicide187 wrote on 21.09.2010:
[8.0] "PWG bringen fast immer tolle Main Events, aber irgentwie werde ich mit PWG sonst nicht so warm, das ich vollkommen hin weg wäre."
Topper wrote on 23.08.2010:
[10.0] "Des grands jeunes talents combinés avec la venue de stars de l'indy, très souvent de belles cartes, très souvent de bons shows avec toujours de bonnes surprises, ce qu'il se fait de mieux dans l'indy"
Woodstock wrote on 12.08.2010:
[7.0] "Aktuell das Aushängeschild des amerikanischen Indy-Wrestlings. Die Liga bietet auf ihre ganz eigene, charmant-chaotische Art immer wieder wirklich starke Events. Wer sich einen ersten Eindruck vom Indy-Wrestling machen will, ist hier hier sicher gut aufgehoben."
homicidal cena michaels wrote on 05.07.2010:
[9.0] "Eine Liga die oft gute Shows abliefert und gute Champs hat. Aber manchmal ist ihr booking nicht so gut und sie liefern schlechte Shows ab. Ich sehe sie klar hinter ROH da diese ein besseres Roster haben und konstant auf hohen Lvel sind. da ROH mehr Shows hat, kann es auch passieren das eine Show mal nicht so toll wird. Insgesamt eine sehr gute Liga, aber nicht die Beste denn das ist und wird auch immer ROH bleiben."
RickRoll wrote on 17.04.2010:
[10.0] "Ist zusammen mit CHIKARA das derzeitig einzige was mich in den Staaten anspricht. Super Wrestler, gut gebookt, gute Matches, PWG weiß einfach wie es geht."
Anti-Champion wrote on 23.12.2009:
[9.0] "Gehört mittlerweile zu den besten Wrestlingligen. Wie bereits erwähnt wurde sind die Gaststars aus Japan das Sahnehäupchen, wobei sich die eigenen Wrestler nicht zu verstecken brauchen."
DJ MaSch wrote on 12.09.2009:
[10.0] "IMO die Nummer Zwi auf dem Indy Markt, wenngleich sie 2009 vielleicht sogar ein wenig besser waren als RoH. Alle Indygrössen sind hier Stammgäste und es gibt hochklassige Matches zu sehen. Allerdings ist mir die Undercard ein wenig zu sehr auf Comedy beschränkt."
Top-Hardy wrote on 09.09.2009:
[10.0] "Ist in diesem Jahr meiner Meinung nach deutlich an Ring of Honor vorbei gezogen und überzeugen mit unfassbar genialen Cards. Vorallem die Young Bucks sind DIE Atraktion der Promotion. Die gut ausgewählten Fly Ins aus Japan und co. machen die Promotion für mich zur Zeit einfach "Perfekt" Weiter so PWG."
Blaze wrote on 05.07.2009:
[9.0] "Sehe ich noch hinter ROH, dennoch eine oftmals sehenswerte Company. Innovatives und frisches Produkt mit vielen Indygrößen, wobei mich nur manchmal die Comedy stört. Nen paar mehr Shows im Jahr würden sicherlich auch gut tun."
Alex Shelley wrote on 01.07.2009:
[9.0] "PWG ist von der wrestlerischen Qualität und Vielseitigkeit meiner Meinung nach das stärkste Indyprodukt. Ein bischen weniger unterhaltsam als Chikara, dafür aber natürlich mit einem Vorsprung, was die Qualität des "Stamm"-Rosters betrifft. Das DVD Produkt ist leider Gottes jedoch unter dem ROH/Smartmark Niveau anzusiedeln. Schade eigentlich, da es IMO viele Leute davon abhalten dürfte, zu realisieren, dass PWG besser ist als ROH :)"
DawgPound85 wrote on 28.06.2009:
[9.0] "Mit Sicherheit eine der besten Ligen der USA, die Events sind oftmals kurz und knackig, aber seltenst langweilig und lohnen allermeistens den Kauf der DVDs. Es gibt eine ausgewogene Mischung von All-Stars der Indy Szene und eher lokalen Workern und mit dem eigentlich immer grandiosen BoLA hat man auch einen Feature-Event, auf den man sich das ganze Jahr freuen kann."
Lakasey wrote on 14.01.2009:
[7.0] "Hat einen gewissen Charme und war die erste Indy-Promotion, die ich gesehen habe. Sehr talentierter Roster."
T-Wayne wrote on 10.11.2008:
[9.0] "Verdammt gute Indy-League mit vielen talentierten Wrestlern"
Kaffoe 666 wrote on 17.09.2008:
[9.0] "PWG rockt, auch wenn RevPro damals mehr Charme hatte. PWG ist halt mehr Indy als klassischer SoCal. Aber was sie machen, machen sie definitiv sehr gut! :)"
FiveStar wrote on 08.09.2008:
[8.0] "Coole Indy-Liga, welcher jedoch wie mein Vorredner schon zutreffend formuliert hat, leider nicht mehr den Charme einer richtigen SoCal-Liga im Lucharesu Style ala. RevPro rüberbringt, sondern die letzten Jahre eine gewöhnliche, aber dennoch qualitativ extrem hochwertige, wenn nicht sogar die hochwertigste, US-Indy Liga geworden ist."
Eddie wrote on 15.08.2008:
[10.0] "Hab ein Paar ihrer Events gesehen, und die European Vacation 2007 sogar Live letzes Jahr. Das einzige was zu PWG zu sagen ist: WOW! Super Matches, super Liga, einfach SUPER -> 10. 0 Punkte. Was anderes bleibt mir nicht übrig."
christhebondz wrote on 26.05.2008:
[6.0] "Gute Wrestlingpromotion, die mich zuletzt jedoch nur noch bedingt anspricht."
Typical wrote on 02.02.2008:
[10.0] "Ich hab nun 5Shows gesehen und es ist wie bei ROH, ich bekomm nicht genug. Ganz klar Westküsten-ROH."
Moshpit-Hooligan wrote on 29.01.2008:
[10.0] "Habe mich in den letzten Wochen mehr und mehr mit dieser Liga beschäftigt. Ist für mich fast wie die westküsten Antwort auf ROH."
Texas Tornardo wrote on 15.12.2007:
[10.0] "Dieses Jahr mit Ring of Honor die beste Indy Promotion in der U. S. A!"
LexLuger4ever wrote on 01.12.2007:
[10.0] "Die für mich interessanteste Liga außerhalb des Mainstream Bereichs! Sie verbessert sich konstant und das Wrestling an sich ist ein Genuss!"
Baszdmeg wrote on 24.06.2007:
[10.0] "Die Promotion macht einfach nur Spaß - das Beste, was man in den USA sieht. Egal ob Eastcoast oder Westcoast, Pure Wrestling oder Strong Style - bei PWG gibt es alles PLUS die besten und lustigsten Promos Amerikas."
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