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117.10.2016Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA22 ~ DNA Grand Prix 2016 Season Opener ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
218.10.2016Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA23 ~ DNA Grand Prix 2016Tokyo, JapanCard  
319.10.2016Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA24 ~ DNA Grand Prix 2016Tokyo, JapanCard  
420.10.2016Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA25 ~ DNA Grand Prix 2016Tokyo, JapanCard  
521.10.2016Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA26 ~ DNA Grand Prix 2016Tokyo, JapanCard  
623.02.2017Dramatic Dream TeamDDT FIGHTING GIG DNA 30 ~ Starting Signal Run! ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
714.03.2017Dramatic Dream TeamDDT FIGHTING GIG DNA 31 ~ Letís Spend The Night Together ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
821.04.2017Dramatic Dream TeamDDT FIGHTING GIG DNA 32 ~ COME TOGETHER ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
910.05.2017Dramatic Dream TeamDDT FIGHTING GIG DNA 33 ~ Kill The King ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
1004.07.2017Dramatic Dream TeamDDT FIGHTING GIG DNA 34 ~ Starting Over ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
1105.08.2017Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Beer Garden Fight 2017 ~ DNA 35 ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
1207.09.2017Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 36Tokyo, JapanCard  
1312.10.2017Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 37Tokyo, JapanCard  
1409.11.2017Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 38Tokyo, JapanCard  
1513.12.2017Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 39Tokyo, JapanCard  
1621.01.2018Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 40Kawaguchi, Saitama, JapanCard  
1714.02.2018Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 41 ~ Valentine Special! ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
1807.03.2018Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 42Tokyo, JapanCard  
1905.04.2018Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 43Tokyo, JapanCard  
2009.05.2018Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 44Tokyo, JapanCard  
2103.06.2018Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 45Tokyo, JapanCard  
2216.07.2018Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 46 ~ Osaka First Expansion! Would You Like To See DNA? ~Osaka, JapanCard  
2311.08.2018Dramatic Dream TeamDDT DNA 47Tokyo, JapanCard  
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