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112.07.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Summer Itabashi Series 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
212.07.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Crazy Diamond 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
306.07.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT/Chris Brookes Produce Shin-Kiba No Fans Extravaganza #1Tokyo, JapanCard  
405.07.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Nakama AIDYoshikawa, Saitama, JapanCard  
503.07.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT De Aimashou 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
628.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Dramatic Dream Tsurumi Vol. 2Yokohama, Kanagawa, JapanCard  
727.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT TV Show! #8Tokyo, JapanCard  
821.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Dramatic Dream Tsurumi Vol. 1Yokohama, Kanagawa, JapanCard  
920.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT TV Show! #7Tokyo, JapanCard  
1019.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Street Wrestling Money In The Bag ~ Tosochu ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
1114.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT With Dramatic Dream TeamTokyo, JapanCard  
1214.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Comeback Anytime 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
1313.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT TV Show! #6Tokyo, JapanCard7.309
1407.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Wrestle Peter Pan 2020 - Tag 2Tokyo, JapanCard8.1833
1506.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Wrestle Peter Pan 2020 - Tag 1Tokyo, JapanCard7.5519
1603.06.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Himitsu 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
1730.05.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT TV Show! #5Tokyo, JapanCard7.436
1823.05.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Extreme Title Match One Bout ShowTokyo, JapanCard  
1923.05.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT TV Show! #4Tokyo, JapanCard6.008
2016.05.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT TV Show! #3Tokyo, JapanCard6.709
2115.05.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Remote Pro Wrestling Audience Experiment MatchTokyo, JapanCard  
2209.05.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT TV Show! #2Tokyo, JapanCard6.3610
2302.05.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT TV Show! #1Tokyo, JapanCard7.1512
2404.04.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT UNIVERSE LIVE! April Fool 2020Chiba, JapanCard  
2530.03.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Protect The Elderly From The New Coronavirus! Kyou Clinic Pro WrestlingSaitama, JapanCard  
2626.03.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Hiragana Muscle 2Tokyo, JapanCard  
2722.03.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Dramatic Hykaumangoku! 2020Kanazawa, Ishikawa, JapanCard  
2821.03.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Hermit Purple 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
2921.03.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Nasukogen Nature School Pro Wrestling Again!Nasu, Tochigi, JapanCard  
3020.03.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Judgement 2020Tokyo, JapanCard6.8311
3111.03.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT LIVE! Maji Manji Rojo Wrestling In Saitama Super ArenaSaitama, JapanCard8.757
3207.03.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT UNIVERSE LIVE! One Chan SaturdayTokyo, JapanCard  
3303.03.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT UNIVERSE LIVE! One Chan TuesdayTokyo, JapanCard  
3401.03.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT UNIVERSE LIVE! One Chan SundayTokyo, JapanCard  
3528.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT UNIVERSE LIVE! One Chan FridayTokyo, JapanCard  
3624.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Isn't It Dramatic 2020Nagoya, Aichi, JapanCard  
3724.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Star Platinum 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
3823.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Into The Fight 2020Tokyo, JapanCard6.2511
3916.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Dramatic Do It! 2020Kumamoto, JapanCard  
4011.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT (Brand New) BOYZ ALPHA - Valentine Edition -Tokyo, JapanCard  
4109.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Sunday Kasukabian! 2020Kasukabe, Saitama, JapanCard  
4202.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ibaraki De Ikappeyo Katsupe 2020Kasumigaura, Ibaraki, JapanCard  
4302.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Yumehito Imanari Produce "Zenshin Imanari"Tokyo, JapanCard  
4402.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Katsumura-gun vs. Shota-gun Full Battle One Match Performance ~ Burnout! Hot Battle, Fierce Battle, Great Battle! ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
4502.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Aijo 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
4602.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Ganbare Joshi Pro Wrestling 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
4701.02.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Valentine Itabashi Series 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
4827.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Hiragana Muscle 1Tokyo, JapanCard  
4926.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Sweet Dreams! 2020Tokyo, JapanCard6.3311
5023.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro New Year! Ganbare 3WAY Renamed BBQTokyo, JapanCard  
5119.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Dramatic Hagoromo Densetsu 2020Shimizu, Shizuoka, JapanCard  
5219.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Turned Orange 2020Saitama, JapanCard  
5318.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT New Year Dramatic Itabashi Series 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
5413.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Wrestle Tororokobu! 2020Osaka, JapanCard  
5513.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Onita Oya Pro Wrestling Raising A FlagOsaka, JapanCard  
5612.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Saraba Seishun No Hikari 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
5712.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Wrestle Shiokobu! 2020Osaka, JapanCard  
5811.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Handmade In Japan FES 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
5905.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT New Year Dramatic Itabashi Series 2020Tokyo, JapanCard  
6003.01.2020Dramatic Dream TeamDDT New Year Special 2020! All Seats 2000 Yen ShowTokyo, JapanCard6.257
6128.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 The Final!Tokyo, JapanCard  
6228.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT BASARA 115 ~ Shinra Bansho ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
6322.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro White Breath 2019Tokyo, JapanCard  
6421.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Tetsuya Endo Local Return! D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 Pursuit!Shiroishi , Miyagi, JapanCard  
6517.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT BASARA 114 ~ Banquet ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
6615.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 In Harajuku - Tag 2Tokyo, JapanCard  
6715.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT BASARA 113 ~ Hishiaradachi No Yubi Wa ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
6814.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 In Harajuku - Tag 1Tokyo, JapanCard  
6910.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 In HiroshimaHiroshima, JapanCard  
7009.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 In FukuokaFukuoka, JapanCard  
7108.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Snow Blind 2019Osaka, JapanCard  
7208.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 In OsakaOsaka, JapanCard  
7305.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 In ItabashiTokyo, JapanCard  
7401.12.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 In KimitsuKimitsu, Chiba, JapanCard  
7530.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 In Yokohama - Tag 2Yokohama, Kanagawa, JapanCard  
7629.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 In Yokohama - Tag 1Yokohama, Kanagawa, JapanCard5.568
7726.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT BASARA 112 ~ Banquet ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
7824.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT God Bless DDT 2019Tokyo, JapanCard5.887
7923.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Bookstore Pro Wrestling AgainTokyo, JapanCard  
8017.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganpro Charisma Local Triumph! Nanto Ken Ohka 2019Nanto, Toyama, JapanCard  
8116.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Eight Pillar Dragon Castle 2019Nagoya, Aichi, JapanCard  
8216.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Dramatic Niigata! 2019 ~ Super Sasadango Machine Local Return ~Niigata, JapanCard  
8316.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT BASARA FUMA FEST Vol. 3 ~ Wrestlers Of The FaithTokyo, JapanCard  
8415.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Yokohama's Strongest! DDT Martial Arts Open Tournament 2019Yokohama, Kanagawa, JapanCard  
8512.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT YaroZ Part 8Tokyo, JapanCard  
8610.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT AGF 2019 ~ Sparkling Maiden's Muscle Land ~ Final BattleTokyo, JapanCard  
8710.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT BASARA 111 ~ Oshu Battle ~Sendai, Miyagi, JapanCard  
8809.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Star Man 2019Tokyo, JapanCard  
8909.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT AGF 2019 ~ Sparkling Maiden's Muscle Land ~ Opening BattleTokyo, JapanCard  
9008.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT In This Case Shin-Kiba Is Just Right 2019Tokyo, JapanCard  
9103.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ultimate Party 2019 ~ DDT Group Big Set ~Tokyo, JapanCard8.7434
9202.11.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ryogoku Furage Matsuri ~ How To Enjoy Ultimate Party 2019 100 Times ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
9327.10.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Pre Ultimate Party 2019 ~ Ready To Go! ~ Ryogoku Big Eve Festival!! ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
9427.10.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT BASARA 110 ~ Banquet ~Chiba, JapanCard  
9526.10.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ganbare Pro Working Man 2019Tokyo, JapanCard  
9623.10.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT BASARA 109 ~ Banquet ~Tokyo, JapanCard  
9722.10.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Shinshu Chashu Minanoshu 2019Nagano, JapanCard  
9820.10.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT (Brand New) BOYZ 1 - DDT Special Edition -Tokyo, JapanCard  
9919.10.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT Ryogoku Colonel Sanders 2019Tokyo, JapanCard  
10014.10.2019Dramatic Dream TeamDDT In Biwako Part 3 ~ Boat Racing Is Martial Arts On Water! ~Shiga, JapanCard  
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