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70112.02.2004"I'm an addict and I'll do anything and run over anybody that it's gonna take to get that around my waist"Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero8.898
70205.02.2004"I am overcoming those obstacles"Eddie Guerrero9.6236
70326.01.2004"I worked too hard and I suffered too long to have my reputation torn up by you"Mick Foley, Randy Orton9.6315
70411.12.2003"In my world you're the white girl and I'm Kobe Bryant"The Big Show, John Cena8.3314
70520.11.2003"Rest in peace, my brother"Kane8.4415
70606.11.2003"The chance of John Cena losing to Rey Mysterio?"John Cena9.5916
70730.10.2003"I'm smooth like Han Solo, A-Train is like my Wookie"John Cena5.757
70819.10.2003"And you don't want to mess with me, I'm like a prostitute with herpes"John Cena9.009
70909.10.2003"I didn't come out here to rap, I came out here to fight!"John Cena, Kurt Angle8.9020
71002.10.2003"I'm the dude who makes it okay to root for the villain"John Cena  
71117.07.2003"You ain't a dead man, you just a dead issue"John Cena8.9314
71210.07.2003"I'm like Terminator 3, you're like a Legally Blonde sequel"John Cena  
71321.06.2003"I'm scared of getting mad cow, that's why all I eat is beaver"John Cena  
71407.06.2003"You're the host? I'm the host."Chris Jericho, Eric Bischoff, Steve Austin9.6519
71503.06.2003"I got more hits on the mic than free porno websites"John Cena8.228
71626.05.2003"The match is still on"Steve Austin, Triple H9.6915
71715.05.2003"I'll change him back to the Hulk so quickly you'd think his name is Bill Bixby"John Cena7.309
71810.04.2003"So you're a Dead Man? I'm a necrophiliac!"John Cena9.2312
71930.03.2003"The Rock is here to fulfill his destiny and beat Stone Cold Steve Austin"The Rock9.8329
72024.03.2003"A song about Sacramento"The Rock9.79109
72113.03.2003"I'll whack you more times than a masturbation tournament"John Cena8.788
72203.03.2003"The Scorpion King got a tiny ding-a-ling"The Hurricane, The Rock9.7280
72324.02.2003"It doesn't matter what you people think!"The Rock9.7877
72424.02.2003"Oh, you're the Hamburglar!"The Hurricane, The Rock9.7452
72520.02.2003"This is jail Brock, we're inmates. You just dropped the soap!"John Cena8.0014
72606.02.2003"You want to see the Next Big Thing? Let me take my pants off"John Cena8.3019
72703.02.2003"Evolution has just passed you by"Triple H9.7123
72809.01.2003"You run from me like you run from El Nino"John Cena7.568
72917.11.2002"Tag team partners don't shake hands, tag team partners gotta hug"Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit8.006
73031.10.2002"Alright stop, collaborate and listen"John Cena8.007
73122.10.2002"I'm more of a chair-smashing, frog-splashing dude"Rob Van Dam  
73202.09.2002"They remain blissfully unaware that they're all pawns, being orchestrated by me"Raven7.257
73319.08.2002"We go way back"The Rock9.5823
73405.08.2002"I know that I'm no longer the Showstopper, but I can still fight"Shawn Michaels, Triple H9.4612
73529.07.2002"The fact is, Shawn: Now I am the showstopper!"Triple H8.609
73629.07.2002"Oh, damn, look at that cow over there!"The Rock, Jonathan Coachman9.8525
73715.07.2002"I am here to put the 'E' in WWE"Eric Bischoff6.0616
73815.07.2002"The nWo is now history"Vince McMahon1.1525
73923.06.2002"I've got more ammunition in my cannon than you ever realize"Booker T, Goldust, The Rock  
74017.06.2002"As far as I'm concerned, this is home"The Rock9.1711
74110.06.2002"There's blood in the water now and I am the Great White Shark"The Undertaker9.7019
74208.04.2002"Ladies and gentlemen: The next big thing!"Paul Heyman7.5015
74328.03.2002"Or 20.000 screaming Kane-o-nites..."Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Kane9.60120
74418.03.2002"Why don't you tell the nWo exactly how you feel as only Hulk Hogan can"Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall9.5011
74517.03.2002"Hulk Hogan, whatcha gonna do when The Rock runs wild on YOU?!"Jonathan Coachman, The Rock9.209
74618.02.2002"How do you feel about headlining one more WrestleMania... with The Rock?"Hollywood Hogan, The Rock9.8151
74724.01.2002"If anybody is gonna kill my creation, I'm gonna do it!"Vince McMahon8.8613
74821.01.2002"Clap your filthy hands together for the man who has beaten 'em all"Chris Jericho, Triple H, Kurt Angle8.835
74917.01.2002"I am not a joke! I am serious!"Chris Jericho, The Rock9.7826
75014.01.2002"I'm gonna tell you a story right now. A story about a man named Stone Cold Steve Austin"Steve Austin9.7519
75110.01.2002"I enjoy destroying lives. It turns me on"Vince McMahon  
75207.01.2002"I am The Game! And you can bet your ass I'm back!"Triple H, Kurt Angle7.257
75303.01.2002"Ladies, that's not the umbilical cord ... that's the People's Stroodle!"The Rock, Jonathan Coachman9.109
75418.12.2001"...and an ass-kicking all over New Orleans!"The Rock8.7116
75510.12.2001"I would like to thank myself"Chris Jericho9.137
75619.11.2001"You're no savior, Kurt Angle. You're an asshole!"Kurt Angle, The Rock  
75718.11.2001"Should you lose this match tonight"Vince McMahon7.887
75815.11.2001"You stole my life, my money, my legacy!"Paul Heyman9.8888
75912.11.2001"You wanna sing a duet with Stone Cold Steve Austin?"The Rock, Steve Austin9.7539
76003.11.2001"Tables, Knights, Guinevere, Galahad, What? What?"Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, Steve Austin9.3311
76118.10.2001"You can't win the big one because you're not that good"Chris Jericho, The Rock, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley9.228
76230.08.2001"You don't wanna cry for me, you don't wanna beg for me"Steve Austin9.568
76327.08.2001"What the WCW title has come to"The Rock7.3317
76416.07.2001"Gentlemen, there comes a time when every man must fight for what he believes in!"Vince McMahon, The Undertaker, Bradshaw, Faarooq, Freddie Blassie8.387
76510.07.2001"Gimme a Stunner, dammit!"Vince McMahon9.5921
76609.07.2001"This invasion just got taken to the extreme!"Paul Heyman  
76721.06.2001"I'm a man playing with boys"Kurt Angle, Edge, Christian, Rhyno7.5013
76818.06.2001"Diamond Dallas Page has made your wife famous"Diamond Dallas Page  
76907.06.2001"Because that's what kinda champion Stone Cold Steve Austin is"Steve Austin7.3610
77007.06.2001"To be(smirch) or not to be(smirch) - that is the question"William Regal, Mick Foley8.338
77124.05.2001"I am a fighting champion, a man's man, a champion of champions"Steve Austin8.866
77221.05.2001"You've managed to become an even bigger slut than Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley!"Steve Austin, Chris Jericho9.2710
77314.05.2001"I am the WWF champ and I can't be stopped"Steve Austin, Triple H, The Undertaker9.4714
77426.03.2001"I bought my competition!"Vince McMahon8.809
77508.03.2001"If you try me, I'll make you famous!"The Undertaker9.2519
77614.12.2000"Once upon a time there was a Little Angle... and a Little Regal"The Rock8.6117
77704.12.2000"Hell in a Cell, Rage in a Cage, Painus in your Anus"The Rock9.6165
77804.12.2000"That doesn't even make any sense!"Edge, Christian, The Road Dogg, Debra8.387
77930.10.2000"The only thing that matters"Chris Jericho, The Rock9.7587
78022.10.2000"Our nuts rule all"Edge, Christian7.6315
78109.10.2000"I didn't do it for me, I did it for The Rock"Rikishi, Mick Foley7.007
78204.09.2000"Genital warts rule"Edge, Christian, Mick Foley8.9313
78324.08.2000"Benoit, I'll fight you anywhere"Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit9.6711
78415.05.2000"As good as you are, The Rock is simply...better"Triple H, The Rock, Vince McMahon9.507
78509.05.2000"Life sucks, and then you die!"Vince McMahon9.7616
78608.05.2000"Can you go the distance?"Triple H9.175
78701.05.2000"Tonight is gonna be the longest night in your candy-ass son's life"The Rock, Vince McMahon9.146
78817.04.2000"What was once a great situation, just got ... better"The Rock, Linda McMahon, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley9.6519
78903.04.2000"You are what we call... bottom-feeders"Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley7.675
79017.02.2000"My dream is to be in the World Wrestling Federation without you in it!"Triple H7.409
79117.02.2000"And the Rock's partner tonight is... the People"The Rock9.5222
79214.02.2000"Maybe we've gone a little too easy on our adversaries"Triple H, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley7.436
79314.02.2000"I feel it's my duty to do the same for America as I have done for Europe"Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle8.008
79410.02.2000"Even though I suplexed an 82-year old pregnant woman, I am still a role model for children"Kurt Angle6.809
79507.02.2000"I will end your fifteen year career, and it will be over!"Cactus Jack, Triple H9.6912
79603.02.2000"You guys are simply average"Cactus Jack, Triple H8.866
79727.01.2000"Slap me again and find out what happens"Cactus Jack, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley9.1711
79824.01.2000"It doesn't matter if the Rock's feet touched the ground first"The Rock, Triple H, The Big Show9.7515
79924.01.2000"Your Olympic hero's undefeated streak is still intact"Kurt Angle6.866
80020.01.2000"I take the time to kiss your babies, and you boo me!"The Rock, Triple H, The Big Show8.209
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