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#DatePromotionEvent NameLocationRatingVotes
103.04.2022World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 38Arlington, Texas, USACard  
216.05.2021World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania BacklashTampa, Florida, USACard  
311.04.2021World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 37 - Tag 2Tampa, Florida, USACard6.52198
410.04.2021World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 37 - Tag 1Tampa, Florida, USACard7.56250
501.04.2021World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE Friday Night SmackDown #1129 - WrestleMania SmackDownSt. Petersburg, Florida, USACard6.8730
605.04.2020World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 36 - Tag 2 KickoffOrlando, Florida, USACard3.1816
704.04.2020World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 36 - Tag 1 KickoffOrlando, Florida, USACard3.3227
826.03.2020World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 36 - Tag 2Orlando, Florida, USACard6.19185
925.03.2020World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 36 - Tag 1Orlando, Florida, USACard5.74225
1007.04.2019World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 35East Rutherford, New Jersey, USACard6.63221
1107.04.2019World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 35 KickoffEast Rutherford, New Jersey, USACard6.0649
1208.04.2018World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 34 KickoffNew Orleans, Louisiana, USACard4.6941
1308.04.2018World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 34New Orleans, Louisiana, USACardReport6.02262
1402.04.2017World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 33 KickoffOrlando, Florida, USACard5.6967
1502.04.2017World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 33 - "The Ultimate Thrill Ride"Orlando, Florida, USACardReport7.17294
1603.04.2016World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 32 KickoffArlington, Texas, USACard4.9236
1703.04.2016World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 32Arlington, Texas, USACardReport5.46341
1829.03.2015World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 31Santa Clara, California, USACardReport8.43317
1929.03.2015World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 31 KickoffSanta Clara, California, USACardReport6.0242
2006.04.2014World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania XXX - "Let The Good Times Roll"New Orleans, Louisiana, USACardReport8.80313
2106.04.2014World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania XXX Pre-ShowNew Orleans, Louisiana, USACardReport7.4714
2207.04.2013World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania XXIX Pre-ShowEast Rutherford, New Jersey, USACardReport5.436
2307.04.2013World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania XXIXEast Rutherford, New Jersey, USACardReport5.64206
2401.04.2012World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania XXVIII Pre-ShowMiami Gardens, Florida, USACardReport  
2501.04.2012World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania XXVIII - "Once In A Lifetime"Miami Gardens, Florida, USACardReport7.32254
2603.04.2011World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania XXVII - "The Biggest WrestleMania Ever"Atlanta, Georgia, USACardReport4.96244
2728.03.2010World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania XXVI - "Get All Fired Up"Glendale, Arizona, USACardReport7.32253
2805.04.2009World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 25 - "The 25th Anniversary Of WrestleMania"Houston, Texas, USACardReport5.96249
2930.03.2008World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 24 - "The Biggest WrestleMania Under The Sun"Orlando, Florida, USACardReport8.78322
3010.03.2008World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE Monday Night RAW #772 - WrestleMania RewindMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USACardReport8.0023
3101.04.2007World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 23 - "All Grown Up"Detroit, Michigan, USACardReport7.54211
3202.04.2006World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 22 - "Big Time"Rosemont, Illinois, USACardReport7.95187
3303.04.2005World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania 21 - "WrestleMania Goes Hollywood"Los Angeles, California, USACardReport8.77220
3414.03.2004World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania XX - "Where it all Begins... Again"New York City, New York, USACardReport8.40197
3530.03.2003World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE WrestleMania XIX - "Dare To Dream"Seattle, Washington, USACardReport9.42234
3617.03.2002World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania X-8 - "The One and Only"Toronto, Ontario, CanadaCardReport7.02135
3701.04.2001World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania X-7 - " Houston... We Have A Problem"Houston, Texas, USACardReport9.57389
3802.04.2000World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania 2000 - "A McMahon In Every Corner"Anaheim, California, USACardReport6.37132
3928.03.1999World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania XV - "The Ragin' Climax"Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USACardReport4.28124
4029.03.1998World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania XIV - "The Greatest PPV Attraction Of All Time!"Boston, Massachusetts, USACardReport6.83114
4126.03.1998World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania Public WorkoutBoston, Massachusetts, USACardReport  
4223.03.1997World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania 13 - "Heat"Rosemont, Illinois, USACardReport6.26111
4331.03.1996World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania XIIAnaheim, California, USACardReport5.69107
4402.04.1995World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania XIHartford, Connecticut, USACardReport3.35119
4520.03.1994World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania X - "Ten Years in the Making"New York City, New York, USACardReport8.16166
4613.03.1994World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF March To WrestleMania XUSACard  
4704.04.1993World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania IX - "The Biggest Stars In The World Are Coming To Las Vegas!"Las Vegas, Nevada, USACardReport4.22151
4807.03.1993World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF March To WrestleMania IXFayetteville, North Carolina, USACardReport  
4905.04.1992World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania VIII - "Friendship Torn Apart!"Indianapolis, Indiana, USACardReport7.20106
5010.03.1992World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF Prime Time Wrestling - "March To WrestleMania VIII"Biloxi, Mississippi, USACard  
5124.03.1991World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania VII - "Superstars And Stripes Forever"Los Angeles, California, USACardReport6.4595
5211.03.1991World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF Prime Time Wrestling - "Road To WrestleMania VII"Pensacola, Florida, USACard  
5301.04.1990World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania VI - "The Ultimate Challenge"Toronto, Ontario, CanadaCardReport6.39100
5402.04.1989World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania V - "The Mega-Powers Explode"Atlantic City, New Jersey, USACardReport5.4890
5527.03.1988World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania IV - "What The World Is Watching"Atlantic City, New Jersey, USACardReport4.1891
5629.03.1987World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania III - "Bigger! Better! Badder!"Pontiac, Michigan, USACardReport6.94131
5707.04.1986World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania II - "What The World Is Coming To" (Halle 1)Uniondale, New York, USACardReport2.3199
5807.04.1986World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania II - "What The World Is Coming To" (Halle 2)Rosemont, Illinois, USACardReport3.9096
5907.04.1986World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania II - "What The World Is Coming To" (Halle 3)Los Angeles, California, USACardReport4.3797
6031.03.1985World Wrestling EntertainmentWWF WrestleMania - "The Greatest Wrestling Event Of All Time!"New York City, New York, USACardReport5.11151
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