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131.10.2020, 23:43JCPEventUpdate
231.10.2020, 23:41JCPEventNEW
331.10.2020, 23:39JCPEventUpdate
431.10.2020, 23:39Jaden Newman vs. Ken DixonMatchguideNEW
531.10.2020, 23:39Logan Creed vs. O'Shay EdwardsMatchguideNEW
631.10.2020, 23:37JCPEventNEW
731.10.2020, 23:33MPX The PurgeEventNEW
831.10.2020, 23:32Honori Hana vs. TsukushiMatchguideNEW
931.10.2020, 23:32JCPEventNEW
1031.10.2020, 23:31WWAEventUpdate
1131.10.2020, 23:31Satsuki Totoro & Yuki Mashiro vs. Suzu Suzuki & YappyMatchguideNEW
1231.10.2020, 23:31JCPEventUpdate
1331.10.2020, 23:30JCPEventNEW
1431.10.2020, 23:29Abyss vs. Andrew Everett vs. AR Fox vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Trevor LeeMatchguideNEW
1531.10.2020, 23:28Madeline vs. Momo KohgoMatchguideNEW
1631.10.2020, 23:28Batista vs. Bill DeMott vs. Booker T vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Bē vs. Charlie Haas vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian vs. Christopher Nowinski vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Edge vs. Goldust vs. Jamal vs. Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena vs. Kane vs. Matt Hardy Version 1.0 vs. Maven vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Rikishi vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rosey vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Tajiri vs. Test vs. The A-Train vs. The Undertaker vs. Tommy DreamerMatchguideUpdate
1731.10.2020, 23:27Jonathan Gresham vs. Tracy WilliamsMatchguideUpdate
1831.10.2020, 23:26Matsuya Uno vs. Yuko SakuraiMatchguideNEW
1931.10.2020, 23:24JCPEventNEW
2031.10.2020, 23:24The FiendWrestlerUpdate
2131.10.2020, 23:22EMLL Viernes Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventNEW
2231.10.2020, 23:21EMLL Viernes Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventNEW
2331.10.2020, 23:20EMLL Domingos Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventNEW
2431.10.2020, 23:19JCPEventNEW
2531.10.2020, 23:18EMLL Super ViernesEventNEW
2631.10.2020, 23:17EMLL Super ViernesEventUpdate
2731.10.2020, 23:17JCPEventUpdate
2831.10.2020, 23:16ROH Wrestling #476EventUpdate
2931.10.2020, 23:16Gold Rush Tournament 2020TurniereNEW
3031.10.2020, 23:16Maika vs. Tomoka InabaMatchguideNEW
3131.10.2020, 23:16EMLL Super ViernesEventNEW
3231.10.2020, 23:15JCPEventNEW
3331.10.2020, 23:15AWF Heavyweight ChampionshipTitelUpdate
3431.10.2020, 23:14AWF Gold Rush 2020EventNEW
3531.10.2020, 23:13EMLL Martes De ColiseoEventUpdate
3631.10.2020, 23:13JCPEventUpdate
3731.10.2020, 23:12EMLL Domingos Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventUpdate
3831.10.2020, 23:11JCPEventNEW
3931.10.2020, 23:11EMLL Super ViernesEventUpdate
4031.10.2020, 23:10EMLL Super ViernesEventUpdate
4131.10.2020, 23:09JCPEventNEW
4231.10.2020, 23:08EMLL Domingos Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventUpdate
4331.10.2020, 23:07JCPEventNEW
4431.10.2020, 23:06EMLL Super ViernesEventUpdate
4531.10.2020, 23:06JCPEventUpdate
4631.10.2020, 23:05EMLL Domingos Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventUpdate
4731.10.2020, 23:03EMLL Viernes Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventUpdate
4831.10.2020, 23:00Torneo de ParejasTurniereUpdate
4931.10.2020, 23:00EMLL Super ViernesEventUpdate
5031.10.2020, 22:59Lars Anderson & Paul DeMarcoTagTeamsNEW
5131.10.2020, 22:55JCPEventNEW
5231.10.2020, 22:55Torneo de ParejasTurniereUpdate
5331.10.2020, 22:55EMLL Martes De ColiseoEventUpdate
5431.10.2020, 22:53JCPEventUpdate
5531.10.2020, 22:50EMLL Domingos Arena MexicoEventUpdate
5631.10.2020, 22:50JCPEventNEW
5731.10.2020, 22:49DanhausenWrestlerUpdate
5831.10.2020, 22:49EMLL Super ViernesEventUpdate
5931.10.2020, 22:46JCPEventNEW
6031.10.2020, 22:45JCPEventUpdate
6131.10.2020, 22:41JCPEventNEW
6231.10.2020, 22:40EMLL Martes De ColiseoEventNEW
6331.10.2020, 22:38EMLL Domingos Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventNEW
6431.10.2020, 22:37JCPEventUpdate
6531.10.2020, 22:36Torneo de ParejasTurniereNEW
6631.10.2020, 22:36EMLL Super ViernesEventUpdate
6731.10.2020, 22:36JCPEventNEW
6831.10.2020, 22:35EMLL Super ViernesEventNEW
6931.10.2020, 22:33JCPEventUpdate
7031.10.2020, 22:32EMLL Super ViernesEventNEW
7131.10.2020, 22:31Torneo de ParejasTurniereNEW
7231.10.2020, 22:31JCPEventNEW
7331.10.2020, 22:30EMLL Domingos Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventNEW
7431.10.2020, 22:28JCPEventNEW
7531.10.2020, 22:28EMLL Domingos Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventNEW
7631.10.2020, 22:26EMLL Viernes Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventNEW
7731.10.2020, 22:25JCPEventUpdate
7831.10.2020, 22:24JCPEventNEW
7931.10.2020, 22:24EMLL Super ViernesEventNEW
8031.10.2020, 22:21EMLL Martes De ColiseoEventNEW
8131.10.2020, 22:21JCPEventNEW
8231.10.2020, 22:20EMLL Super ViernesEventUpdate
8331.10.2020, 22:19EMLL Domingos Arena MexicoEventNEW
8431.10.2020, 22:17EMLL Super ViernesEventNEW
8531.10.2020, 22:17JCPEventNEW
8631.10.2020, 22:14JCPEventNEW
8731.10.2020, 22:10Joint PromotionsEventUpdate
8831.10.2020, 22:10Joint PromotionsEventUpdate
8931.10.2020, 22:10EMLL Super ViernesEventNEW
9031.10.2020, 22:10Joint PromotionsEventUpdate
9131.10.2020, 22:10Joint PromotionsEventUpdate
9231.10.2020, 22:10Joint PromotionsEventUpdate
9331.10.2020, 22:10Joint PromotionsEventUpdate
9431.10.2020, 22:09Joint PromotionsEventUpdate
9531.10.2020, 22:09Joint PromotionsEventUpdate
9631.10.2020, 22:09Joint PromotionsEventUpdate
9731.10.2020, 22:08EMLL Super ViernesEventNEW
9831.10.2020, 22:07JCPEventNEW
9931.10.2020, 22:06EMLL Domingos De ColiseoEventUpdate
10031.10.2020, 22:02EMLL Viernes Arena Coliseo GuadalajaraEventNEW
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