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[0.0] "What the hell was this? A nonsensical angle disguised as a match that wastes the Tag Team Champions by feeding them to one guy while Paul Heyman shrieks into the mic every five minutes. I'm harsh on Taker's wrestling around this time, but this match being a stinker wasn't his fault. Taker fights to save Paul Bearer from being drowned in concrete, wins, and just kills him anyway for the hell of it. How WWE decided to let this match main event over the excellent JBL vs Eddie Guerrero Bull Rope match is beyond me. Avoid."
[0.0] "This was a really boring match and the stuff with Jake Hager's wife and Dustin forcing himself on her was gross and I doubt they'd be doing that had the Plane Ride from Hell episode of Dark Side of the Ring aired before this. A really bad and bizarre start to a PPV that was very solid. The next match with Darby and Sammy would've been way hotter way to start things off and this could have been left off the card entirely and no one would have missed it in the slightest. Even if they were dead set on this being on the show I don't know why it was the opener."
[0.0] "Kickoff's of any kind are just unnecessary. This one particularly almost made me fall asleep. Asuka and Sane are incredible wrestlers, but I can't say the same about Hartwell and LeRae. Hartwell is okay and LeRae good days are forgotten in PWG's past. I really thought it would be a pretty good match, but it was just unnecessary waste of time. Heros of Wrestling PPV quality."
[0.0] "This stable has nothing interesting and no any fucking sense. Jay White was the top gaijin of biggest Japanese promotion of this era, he got heat while speaking english just because of his way of talking. Even only this shows what kinda top heel potential Jay White has. The Gunns are one of the few teams that has future in this business and will carry tag team wrestling. They are amazingly annoying both in and outside the ring and being in Bullet Club Gold perfectly suited them. Juice probably will join this idiotic Attitude Era sort of act when he returns but I hope he will not do that because dude was becoming a huge star and this can crush his credibility. The Acclaimed was popular before this like always and didn't need this too. This wacky nonsense only happened because our 21st century Herb Abrams had no idea about what to do with his full of potential young five talent that are in a stable together and doing pretty good even with your inadequate booking. I hope this bullshit ends soon and we get our beautiful Bullet Club Gold back with the way we and them deserve."
[0.0] "Jay White should be in the Main Event Scene but hes stuck with an group thats out of date they peaked in 2022 now hes holding the ROH Trio Belts that has no value and is stuck with The Acclaimed just sucks seeing someone like him in this type of situation"
[0.0] "Never would I give a wrestler a 0 unless they ABSOLUTELY deserve it (even wrestlers I dislike both personally and professionally don't often get a 0). But, Tyrus is a really fitting candidate for being an imperfect 0. I'm not going to take into account his political views (because I'm not as politically charged as some are in the IWC), but I will take into account his whole entire (well, not everything but to sum up) professional wrestling career, which was absolutely atrocious. I can see why he was a comedy act in WWE as he has literally zero skills in the ring, can't talk on the mic to save his career, and just looked absolutely bad in every category, this was even more so the case when NWA management thought "Hmmm, maybe this guy Tyrus looks good as the world champion" and did exactly just that. Easily the worst world champion in any promotion in the 21st century and there is a very "strong" list of contenders for that debate. His final match was against EC3, a wrestler who had potential years ago but has completely fallen off as well, but he's still miles ahead of Tyrus at everything in wrestling, that match was the drizzling shits! Tyrus is probably the least mobile wrestler I've ever seen as well. Tyrus was a complete failure as a singles wrestler and this rating is justifiable enough in that regard."
edgyfr wrote about Outcasts :
[0.0] "I try to think, and nothing has come out good from this faction. All their matches had the same shenanigans, and even though two of them were champions, those were probably the most nothing championship reign aew has had. Matches wise it was the worst moment for all three, it looked like they were impossible to give a half good match, while also being annoying constantly. The break up was so bad as well, it happened, then it did not, then Toni Storm left but like, they did not do a single thing with it, then it just broke, is wild that the best thing to come out of this group was Toni Storm losing the title to reinvent herself."
[0.0] "This is, without question, one of the worst individual performances I have ever seen. I almost feel bad for giving this a 0, as it doesn't reflect two groups of people who worked very hard to make this work. The crowd, mostly children, are never quiet, buying into absolutely everything, giving the face/heel dynamic their all, and trying to make this a compelling experience. AJ Styles is also working incredibly hard, whether that is out of loyalty to someone who he had worked so closely with in the past, or simply just the love of the game I don't know, but he works like Ric Flair here (ironically enough considering their ongoing partnership in TNA at the same time), using every smoke and mirrors trick, classic heel tactic and bits of movie magic he can think of to cover for the overwhelming reality that is his opponent. I have seen the odd Air Paris match from the aforementioned tag team he and AJ were a part of in the dying days of WCW. I didn't think much of him, but he was hardly what I would consider a bad opponent. There is no easy way to say this then, but the 9 years between then and 2010 must have been some of the roughest a human can endure, because he looks and wrestles like a completely different person. He's immobile, his offence looks hilariously weak, his selling is completely mute and he has the charisma of a loose brick. AJ , god bless him, takes the majority of the match and tries to work around him. This would have probably helped to turn this match into simply a bad match, had it not been for the genius idea to have these two go 22 MINUTES! That decision right there (one that should probably come with it's own prison sentence) makes this a horrifying watch, as the time leaves poor Air Paris with nowhere to hide, and exposes his skillset, or lack thereof, to everyone unfortunate enough to see it. He stumbles around the ring taking the most basic offence AJ can do without selling any of it. When it is finally time for him to get on offense, absolutely everything he does looks weak. AJ simply doesn't have enough bells and whistles to make this stretch for long enough, and the final 10 minutes are absolute agony to get through. The real kicker however, comes at the climax, as we get a horribly executed double ref angle, where Mike Posey and a local ref argue over who has the power over the match. This enables Air Paris to , no joke, get a visual pinfall over AJ. Why the TNA world champion would allow this I don't know, but I guess AJ has a kinder heart than me. I could maybe handle this if the natural conclusion, that being AJ beating Paris once the ref drama had come to an end, had been the intended conclusion. However what we get instead is a no contest, where some local heels rush to the ring to beat up Paris and leave the match without a winner. Why AJ couldn't just beat a man as hopeless as Paris is beyond me, and I wonder if this was what TNA management were watching when they decided to take the belt off of him not too long afterwards."
[0.0] "I just don't get it. The point of joining stables together is to elevate all members to a level they would have not previously reached before right? Why are they doing this then? The acclaimed were doing their thing, maybe getting a bit stale but you know the fans loved it. Bullet club gold was going well too. Why did they do this? It's awful."
[1.0] "Despite dating one of the best wrestlers in the history of Pro Wrestling (shout out to Bryan Danielson), that doesn't mean that Brie Bella was any "good", because she was FAR from that. She regularly botched in matches, had some really bad promos, was an annoying presence on TV, and injured a wrestler on live television because of carelessness. The one point I'm going to give her is for having some name value (mainly due to entertainment outside of wrestling i.e. Total Divas and other shows, it has NOTHING to do with her as a wrestler nor the so-called "impact" she had on the business). The fact that Brie was a former Divas champion, even before her sister, is laughable."
[1.0] "It's a testament to how useless Mark Henry was in 2006 that I might hate a match featuring Kurt Angle more than the Ashley v Mickie match from the same PPV. A scary situation when I find myself feeling like a Angle match going 9-and-a-half minutes was a slog. Just never gets any tangible momentum at all, always feels like it's stuck in the second gear and time constantly feels like it's standing still here. Have to be incredibly stupid to think Angle in this condition should be working with 2006 Mark Henry in the *main event* of a Big 4 PPV. This being the PPV main event may just tip it over the edge of ludicrous. Genuinely more reliable match-making logic could be found on the WWE Games' Universe Modes. Angle then having to cheat to win might be the cherry on top. The brief glimpses of Angle being Angle here are what keep this match above the dreaded 0"
mxkami wrote about Goldberg:
[1.0] "An attraction, not a wrestler. I witnessed Goldberg's debut in WCW as a 9-year-old. He was TAILOR-MADE for someone like me. And I never got Goldberg or his schtick of squash, or be blown up and look f****** horrid in ring. Also, I may have been 9, but I know for a fact that this dude was not winning 100+ matches before he faced Hogan at the Georgia Dome. Dude would concuss himself before every entrance by smashing his forehead into his locker until he was bloody (which, Sandman did better), he ended Bret Hart's career, he almost killed Scott Steiner at Fall Brawl 2000 (which, Steiner had every right to beat Goldberg's ass until the bell with receipts and just straight shooting on him)... This dude SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS, y'all. Call me a s*** wrestling fan, but 13 second squashes do not pop me. Most squashes don't, for that matter. Unsafe worker, charisma vacuum, and I'll close off by saying this: "Super Showdown 2019"."
[1.0] "Really shouldn't be wrestling if you want me to be honest. I watched the Rumble off and on and every moment with her was agonizingly embarrassing with her "skill." She really didn't seem to have any role except to cut in here and there and has only won 3 matches with 2 of them being in matches where Chad and Otis did the heavy lifting for her. She may be attractive, but when you take away her managing style, you are left with less than nothing. She's very uncertain on her feet and thinks Chad's stupid "shush" gimmick is fun. It's annoying, stupid, and makes the 2 of them look like idiots. She needs to find her own character and build upon it. I know she's had less than a year, but I've seen other rookies who are very green get over organically or get over due to who they're siding with. Alpha Academy is NOT it. You have a former 24/7 hunter, an undersized kinda Olympian, and a rotund comedy guy. So, she's the "woman" and nothing else. She should either find a new faction (maybe Chase U.) or go back to NXT and train more. I'm sure there's something to be found, but right now, I would need a microscope to see it."
MattHall wrote about Chase Tatum:
[1.0] "More less a jobber in WCW, he had the size and look, but didn't far much from anything else. He had a good background in sports, but again that was about it. Might be unfair to rate him very low, but he really didn't do much in his very tiny wrestling career. However Chase Tatum wrestled Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Curt Hennig, and even John Cena!"
[1.0] "I mean, it's a Don Harris match, you know that this couldn't be good. The storyline doesn't have much sense, as Gilberti wants Shark's boy mask. Harris beats him and chokeslams him to take the win. After the match, they rip off the mask, but Shark Boy has another one under, so they didn't accomplish anything. It's so stupid."
[1.0] "This match was embarrassingly bad. The interference outweighed the actual wrestling. Even the wrestling was just okay at best with some leg work and okay selling from SHO. However, the overbooking was horrible and killed any interests in the match. That may be the reason why Mr. Meltzer even rated this minus 1 star. It proved how horrible the match was. The ending was the dumbest thing I have ever watched in wrestling. How a title change is done by count out? It just made the ref look stupid. I gave this 1 point because of some wrestling. The rest was pure garbage. How can we continue to suffer from bad House of Torture booking?"
[1.0] "This week's show was the worst WWE show (RAW, Smackdown, or NXT) I've seen in the past year since I started watching WWE again. It was a horrible one. First, The Bloodline/The Rock promo was WAY TOO LONG, and it wasn't that good either! It affected the rest of the show, not in a good way. WWE has to understand that The Bloodline story isn't the only one on Friday Nights! Naomi, Tiffany Stratton, Bayley & Damage CTRL, and Bron Breakker were the most hurt. I can't imagine that that's what Trinity Fatu had in mind when she decided to return to WWE as Naomi... The match was short and didn't highlight her and Tiffany's in-ring quality. The Damage CTRL segment was also too short, which affected the influence of the story behind it. Also, the choice to have Dakota's betrayal so soon after aligning herself with Bayley is questionable at best. As for Bron Breakker, it was an absolute joke! 9 seconds? Are you kidding me? He's just "signed" with Smackdown, and you give him less than 90 seconds in his first two matches? The Street Fight between Carlito & Santos Escobar was ok, again with the outside interference. This story has gone long enough. Now that Rey Mysterio is back, I hope they end this story when Wrestlemania XL comes. The main event was fun, but not only because of the in-ring performance. Having KO as the guest commentator was hilarious. In the past few months, he upped his comic traits. As for the backstage segments, I hope New Catch Republic gets another tag team title chance. They tore the house down last week in Australia. One last thing: is that what LA Knight has come to? Walking around the back with a steel chair looking for AJ Styles? The guy was flaming hot not so long ago. What happened?"
[1.0] "Genuinely soul rending just how flat and heatless and boring and ... SHIT this match is. 13 minutes long my left foot, this match felt like triple the length, the Faceless were awful, Wild Boar had nothing for them, Eddie Dennis has nothing either... what a waste of goddamn time that was, thank goodness The Faceless get replaced with The Origin soon after this. This gimmick is DOA. [1.5]"
[1.0] "Buried Jay White. Healthy Jay White couldn't beat a crippled MJF. This MJHogan stuff just is the drizzling shits. Will take so much time and energy to rebuild White. Making him lose to a one legged man in a match with 0 Psychology since he literally never attacks the leg is awful."
[1.0] "This group has now taken the same spot of a useless group that's not getting over that Jeff Jarrett's posse once filled in. Even if I think that Jay White as a main eventer bores me to tears, I still think he deserves better than that. The only praise I'm giving to this group are because I love the new theme for the Bang Bang Gang (what a terrible name)"
[1.0] "This was just a complete filler episode, matches were completely uninteresting and the challenge was dull."
[1.0] "The entire structure of the season was established as the pro's poll deciding who gets eliminated. By having Tarver and Bryan eliminated through other means does nothing but confuse the audience. Just a pointless decision because of how easy it would have been to just have them put at the bottom of the poll. The matches don't save this show either from the just plain stupid booking decisions."
[2.0] "Rating a pre-show only because it is merged with the actual show on Peacock. This is an abomination that kills my enthusiasm for the product. A couple of airheaded company shills puking up market lingo and generic phrases to generate the most plastic and heartless experience of my life. I hate it so much. The promo packages are flashy and so on, but it is everything else you have ever seen. The actual match of the pre-show saw the crowd actually trying to care but their attempts to make it even better for Indi, who the crowd adored, felt like holding a treat above a dog too small to reach it. The match was not terrible, but it was not stellar either. It also was horribly shot with so many times feeling like the camera does not want you to watch the actual match. Random shots of an uncaring crowd or empty gated off area coupled with so many weird cuts and decisions to focus away from the action. It is a shame because the wrestlers worked hard and it felt like there was a conscious choice to not fully display their ability."
[2.0] "This match is dogs***. But I like watching it because Steiner goes medieval on Goldberg after G'berg blindly throws Steiner into the ropes and almost kills him. All of the interference spots are horrrrrrrrrrrible. Russo, to quote the guys from the Deadlock Podcast, is "built like a slap nut" and rips his shirt off like he won the match even though he didn't do jacks*** but hit Goldberg with an obviously plastic or foam bat with absolutely no force. Midajah looked nervous and like she was just permanently frozen in place so that she wouldn't miss her interference cues. The match is a mess. Idk how Steiner could walk after the spot where Goldberg just dropped him like a sack of rocks, let alone then proceed to shoot on Goldberg for about 5 mins, but hey, life is full of happy accidents, am I right?"
[2.0] "When the best part of a Match is an intervention of Pete Rose, you understand. Boring match, the booking of Kane is shambolic. Terrible waste of time. [*]"
[2.0] "Welp, that was trash. But that wasnt as trash as I expected to see when it comes to the ring. There was some moves that were pretty fluid and correct, so I was going to say thats a forgettable Womens match. Then Nicole Bass came. Oh boy, thats something we want to forget at Stamford. Doesnt deserve a 0.5 rating, but yeah it was shite. [1/2*]"
Pertinax wrote about Xyon Quinn:
[2.0] "Has a great 'look' for professional wrestling but that's about it. He can't work worth a lick and when NXT 2.0 tried to have him show character, it flopped miserably. Maybe more time at the PC will help but guy is also already 34 so it's probable that he just doesn't have it."
[2.0] "At just over 6 minutes, this was clearly rushed, there is barely any wrestling just a bunch of eliminations one after the other, at least Kojima vs Hosaka at the end was decent"
[2.0] "Chevy & Sanchez are genuinely two of the worst wrestlers I have ever seen and I am not exaggerating. They're are so immobile it just drags the whole match down. They get really boring heat for what feels like an eternity, with nothing interesting in the slightest happen. The one highlight is a reverse frankensteiner that is so off beat from the rest off the match it's crazy, but other than that this was an absolute slog to get through despite being sub 10 minutes."
[2.0] "This was pretty awful, actually quite impressive that a guy as talented as Kendrick could have a match quite this devoid of merit. The match revolved around Lacey on the outside, but it all it did was drag down what was going on inside the ring. Kendrick is a natural babyface and Jacobs is a natural heel, yet they wrestled this match with the roles reversed for some unknown reason. Jacobs was particularly bad in his role, as he wrestled like Hulk Hogan just without the charisma, his comeback consisting of him no selling punches and taunting. The finish was what really tied a bow on this one however, as Lacey kissed Jimmy ( which they did a terrible job of making look real) before beckoning Kendrick over to attack Jacobs and pin him. This only served to make Jacobs look like the dumbest babyface in the world, as he was more than happy to go along with Lacey despite it being blatantly obvious what she was doing."
[2.0] "I feel really bad for Jorge because he was a giant without much atheticism; since the very start it feels like every part of his life was him being picked out for his size then getting injured shortly after before being dropped. He was simply too tall and lanky to really be effective at anything without something coming off the hinges. Oh, and he ALSO had terrible diabetes to boot alongside all of that which made him even more inconsistent. He was more or less purely there as a attraction more than anything else, but once the allure of that wore off his wrestling just wasn't anything good at all. The guy clearly at least was trying but his body never seemed to follow whatever he was trying to do from the very limited moveset that he had. Watching him at the very end of his career where he couldn't even do anything bar lean off the ropes and have someone hit him is probably top 5 in the saddest things I've seen in a wrestling ring. Apparently he was a pretty nice guy (to his detriment in places) and the fact that he was committed enough to go to Japan to improve his wrestling skills is proof enough that he was definitely passionate about the business. He just sucked at it."
[2.0] "Not very good unfortunately. I've actually been actively enjoying Ron Bass so far on Mid-Atlantic so this was a misstep for me. The main problem here is I don't think Jim Nelson was a good opponent choice. I'm pretty sure I've seen Jim Nelson a few times now, and each time he bores me to tears. Cool to get a title match on tv at least."
[2.0] "So, in general, the action is about as bad as you'd expect, but not WORSE than you'd expect, which is kind of a good thing? Quite honestly, I was going to give this match 2 points the whole way through, and then the finish REALLY made me consider going to 1 point, but I've mentioned before, I only go below 2 if a match actively makes me angry, and this one did not get there. I actually like Cole's heel work, and the crowd was surprisingly into JR beating him up, so the match had SOMETHING going for it. It's still terrible, but I've seen worse. And then Cole's school boy...ouch. It sort of came out of nowhere, looked really weak, and didn't at all feel like a finish. With a finish like that, it made the match feel like there was no purpose to it. So yeah, a pretty terrible affair. With a more satisfying finish, it might have at least been bearable."
[2.0] "Twenty-five years ago, almost to the day, Kevin Nash had an idea. He believed that actual wrestling on a wrestling show was just too passť, so for his first Nitro on the job, he booked the first hour to not have a single match. Obviously, the idea bombed. Eleven and a half years later during their speed-run of WCW's greatest mistakes, Bischoff and Hogan booked an episode of Impact that had no wrestling for the first 45 minutes. This, too, was an unmitigated disaster. So now it's 2024, and one would hope that after his twenty-minute Twitter ramble earlier in the day, Rock would be gracious enough to not hog the mic but nope, the zombie Bloodline storyline continues to cannabalise SmackDown with another promo that eats up almost half of the entire show. There's not even the saving grace of the promo being well-produced, because S&P at Fox kept smashing the dump button like a child in a candy shop. Front-loading a show with a promo that, in true Rock fashion, goes massively over time means the rest of the card turns into unceremonious burials and squashes (including of Naomi, for god's sake) and your audience tires out by the main event. Poor pacing and poor production have been a hallmark of anything Bloodline-related ever since Dwayne stuck his oar in. I know it's not popular these days, but I like in-ring action, and WWE is anemic to the extreme as of late in that regard. Booker of the Year? Triple H isn't even the best booker in WWE right now."
[2.0] "They should rename SmackDown into TalkDown. The first match started after nearly a hour after a veeeeery (too) long promo segment with The Rock talking about cocaine and meth. Wtf? ! At least the last two minutes of that segment was good when Roman Reigns interrupted Dwayne. That promo was a prime example of less is more. It was simply too long. I give this show 2 points for the Dakota Kai turn and the whole Bayley and DCTRL stuff. That was for me the only good part of this weeks SmackDown episode."
[2.0] "Garbage. I get the stipulation was meant to favour Ishimori but O-Khan just looked an even bigger geek than ever the way he was sweating profusely not doing a whole lot. Next to no wrestling, unfunny 'comedy', and a ridiculous ending with O-Khan somehow winning because he fell on the belt? This company is really falling apart. *"
[2.0] "Worst title in AEW rn, seriously what is the point rn ? The point at first was to have some trios out of the tag team division but now every team is interchangeable, I don't get how this is different to the tag division. It's poorly booked and sadly it's since the House of Black reign. Sad to see all those talents stuck in this senseless division."
[2.0] "Due do the limited time conceded to the match, this is not even an adequate encounter. Their interactions lacked during of all the match of any chemistry, specially due to Hobbs responsability. I mean, this was supposed to be at least a midcard feud with some importance for the development of the roster, but just looked like the classic squatch match of the monster wrestler vs the amateur. [*]"
[2.0] "Akebono gets blown up immediately and his offense looks very bad. Muta is content to do his schtick and get out. A disappointing end to a good show."
[2.0] "Snooze and you'll miss it. I can't really say much about it cause almost nothing happened in the match. Just some basic holds and moves, nothing special. I'll give it some slack since it was the 70s, but 2.0 is the most generous rating I could give"
[2.0] "It has now become a trend of the competitions taking far too long and thus lowering my score for the show. This episode is no exception."
[2.0] "A complete afterthought of a Collison. On one hand, this is a recorded show filmed after Dynamite this past Wednesday in preparation for Sunday's PPV. It was doomed to be low energy and booked to be safe to keep wrestlers from injury. On the other hand, it was a failure of a television show with bad-to-mediocre wrestling, bad-to-mediocre promos, and makes me less interested in the PPV than I was after a surprisingly solid Dynamite. This Collision felt nothing like those that have come before, whether in the Danielson-run era or the Punk-run era. If anything, it felt like the worst Dynamites pre-Continental Classic while Tony Khan was giving in to his worst sports entertainment inclinations. The matches tonight were full of interference, no meaningful story elements, shlock, and poor work-rate. The promos were uninspired, full of cliches and catchphrases. Wardlow's promo especially was one of the worst efforts in recent AEW memory. This dude ain't it. At least it was live, though. Deeb's was recorded backstage and was worse. Also, can the women get some real matches booked? These squashes are terrible and don't get anyone over. Whatever. Hopefully, Revolution tomorrow will be a major palate cleanser after a stinker of a Collision."
[2.0] "There was a tack bump and a chair spot. That's about all. The brawling in ring was boring and there was an odd spot with Matt Morgan trying to get a pinfall. The glass being added to the tacks was bad too as they were never used."
[3.0] "Well this match was a total mess due to the constant interruptions by Chief Morley. It was completely impossible for this to be good as the match was always being restarted, however, the first match was ok. Although i like the idea of Chief Morley, i really doubt that this will be effective and i don't think it will last as long as intended. Sooner or later they will cancel or change the direction of this story."
[3.0] "[2.0*] I am literally hating these OC matches and as much as I love him I am sick and tired of watching his matches. He needs 2 or 3 months off to freshen things up. Why the actual fuck is OC defending his championship if he already has a PPV match booked 6 weeks ago. This is not being a fighting champion, this is just wasting TV time with some trash match without any meaning and an obvious result. Everyone talks about the OC fatigue and it is just real. He is a great wrestler and storyteller but AEW overexposed him for the last 2 years. It is literally the same fucking match every week, guys, and with the same predictable results."
[3.0] "Honestly, this was pretty boring to watch, and I'd like to think that it would be the case even in the 1983. Maeda doing his best to sell and have some offense eciting to the crowd, against a dude who could barely run in a ring and making a decent splash. Liked the idea of public warnings, but that's it."
[3.0] "What a bizarre way to start Wrestlemania with making win a heel who never had a pop in his career. I mean, Holly was a good wrestler for his time in WWE, but making him win an opener would cool the crowd as hell today. Even if you have other plans for Billy Gunn, you can also give it to Al Snow. Anyway, the match was pretty boring, with not much substance. But it was also nice to see Al Snow carryinf the match and Billy Gunn having symbiosis with the crowd, he knows how to do it. But throwing a guy on a table and some hockey shots are kinda underwhelming for a start. Ill put *1/2 for this match, and lets say 3/10 if I was able to rate."
[3.0] "This stunk - plain and simple. I'm admittedly not a Jericho fan at all these days - but I can at least still point out when he has good matches. He isn't completely washed as a worker but this match just was not it at all. Very slow and clunky with some wildly inconsistent 'character' work throughout. Please just go on tour for a while Chris."
[3.0] "I've certainly seen much worse, but this definitely wasn't very good. Santana did his best, but Warlord struggled. He was plodding and awkward. There were elements of a decent match here, but Warlord seemed too limited to really put the pieces together."
[3.0] "Kyle "The Beard" Ashmore, putting more work into being the funniest wrestler in PROGRESS than anybody ever has. Does all these funny flips, looks like wank. Tries to spark a babyface comeback and it sputters out like a car with one less engine than is considered normal. Hilarious stuff. Sha was alright, he's no Zack Gibson in the crowdwork department but he was animated enough to keep me booing him. [2.25]"
[3.0] "Really not a crazy match tag. Just a summary of the kickoff thread with the fashion files investigation. The content was almost non-existent, and it's mainly a domedy match that's okay but nothing more."
[3.0] "This was a nothing sandwich, besides Hogan doing a Cross Arm Breaker. Bret Hart was desperately trying to carry Hogan, who seemingly actually tried to reciprocate but then we got the classic NWO overbooking and there was a disqualification finish. They should have had a clean match at a Pay Per View with a definitive winner, considering all the in and out of ring build up to this match."
[3.0] "While Manders delivered some more decent brawling in this, his third match of the stream, there's something so bland about Levi Everett that i couldn't get around. Some of the longest five minutes of wrestling i've ever watched, which is not a compliment. [2.5]"
[3.0] "A really underwhelming and quite pointless tag match, shame considering how much I like Asuka. Still Belair's finishing move was pretty cool. 3.5/10"
[3.0] "just a pretty boring match in all honesty a lot of rest hold and not a whole lot happening there was no false finishes except for the last 2 late in the match by truth and even then those werent believable. The crowd were into the match early in the match but that quickly changed once the match got going. I am a huge fan of heel r truth at the time i wish they did more with him. And the finish was ridiculous was the only way to get to where you wanted to go having a kid throw a drink in truths face? Wasnt a fan of this match here. 2 stars."
[3.0] "I respect these guys for their tenure and as tna originals. They definitely have value and should be a part of this company. However, neither man has ever interested me as a singles competitor and this match definitely didn't change my mind. This match did nothing to progress either man nor did it in any way fit the story/feud these guys are having. Kazarian should have solidified himself as a heel here but nothing in the match did. Everything missed oomph and it didn't feel like two guys with personal beef. The finish made Kaz look like a dope and the post match didn't help."
[3.0] "Boltin showed off his strength, Taguchi did some bum stuff, Makabe did his top rope fists, then HoT cheated to win. Just completely predictable and pointless. Why this needed to be on the card I have no idea. *3/4"
[3.0] "There was a few minutes of actual wrestling here so I can't give it less than a 3, but boy the stuff that wasn't wrestling, i.e. the usual HoT GARBAGE reeked here just as much as it always does. What an awful count out finish. This is the way SHO gets his first title win? This current iteration of SHO is one of the cringiest gimmicks I've ever seen. And Taguchi of all people coming out to help Despy, making Strong Style look like one of the most pointless factions of all time. But yeah, HoT are unashamedly awful and get zero heat. *1/2"
[3.0] "Who on earth is booking this stuff, it can't be the same Gedo that booked the 2010s, it just can't be. Umino came off like a complete dork here, getting punked mutiple times then getting pinned clean. It was better than the Jr title match by virtue of having an actual finish, but otherwise it was completely boring and felt like it lasted an eternity. *3/4"
[3.0] "this match was absolutely horrible. Possibly the longest 18 mins of my wrestling watching career. With a total of 2-3 good- descent spots this match is just so vanilla imo."
[3.0] "Of the whole show, only the opening match is worth watching. Otherwise, all the other matches are too short and empty of interest for me to give a serious opinion. There's the Bam Bam Bigelow match, which was rather nice to watch despite being short, but otherwise the others can be skipped."
[3.0] "Terrible. If Narita/Umino is the feud we get for the next 10 years consider me very concerned for the company because this was utterly heatless. Their outside the ring segment where they danced around because neither knew who was meant to be whipped into the barricades was embarrassing, then needing to cheat to beat Honma in 2024 is even more embarrassing. *1/2"
[3.0] "Landel vs. Bass from '85 GAB. Despite an outdoor setting, the 20-minute draw felt stretched. Landel impressed a bit more, but Bass' contribution seemed lacking. The clipped version saved me from the full ordeal. Okay, but far from special. 1.75/5.00 stars."
[3.0] "The silence during this one was deafening at points. Lee is technically fine but there is not much there that the fans gravitate toward. He just comes and goes each week with little lasting impression. Giving him Mike Sydal did not do him any favors in that regard."
[3.0] "This probably would've been my least favourite match of the night if not for Johnny Weaver. This match was relatively boring but Weaver had some very good babyface fire throughout this match that saved this from being even worse. I do not care for the Grappler or the Super Destroyer."
[3.0] "This match was maybe 8-7 minutes too fucking long. It was just boring. First time watching VAMOSTAR so this matches wasnt a good introduction. Its not like the wrestling was bad or the wrestlers are bad the match was just boring."
[3.0] "I did not care for this and I am tired of seeing both these two teams. I don't really care for the overtly hardcore stuff in early ROH."
[3.0] "[2.0*] This is the second match I remember the most from this event, and for a completely opposite reason than Brutes vs Imperium. This was so bad that was the match where I finally understood that Ronda was never going to work out in WWE, and she really never did. Bad match."
[3.0] "There are a few really good women in women who are at a level easily ready for TNA but instead they hire Xia Brookside. This match was trending to be a 2 star effort but we get a cheap double count out to set up the three way at the special. That match might be real rough unless Grace puts a shift in."
[3.0] "Nothing of note in this match outside of the predictable Kai turn. Wish they would have let the Kai and Bayley saga play out a bit more before turning Kai. There was no bell or anything as the ref just left which I thought was weird."
[3.0] "It was one of the worst shows this year. Wrestling without wrestling is something with something. Most of the plots are absolutely not interested, as they have long outlived their usefulness. The quality of the matches leaves much to be desired (and there are practically none). It feels like I watched some kind of scandalous category b talk show where the guests are fighting."
[3.0] "It was a Toru Yano match. Weird and random booking to have a 4-way match with the choice of these 4 guys. It was enjoyable in parts, but forgettable overall. Yano had some nice comedy bits. The finish with Yano pinning Okada was fun. Not much to say. *3/4"
[3.0] "There's a real sense of pointlessness to this match. Multiple changes in participants add confusion before the match even starts. Hercules seems out of place and its easy to forget just how over he was with Power & Glory only a month ago. Berserker, Mustafa, and Skinner have corny gimmicks that never really got over and seem like bad comedy acts. Duggan has been just sort of there in the midcard for months and needed something to reignite his career, and saddling him with Slaughter didn't cut it. Props to Tito and Kerry for adding some fire to this one and getting the crowd going, if only temporarily. The ring work isn't awful. There are no silly cooperative spots like we would get today. But the match isn't exciting either and just never gets out of first gear. Don't waste your time."
[3.0] "This just feels really flat, maddening considering the individuals involved. The crowd don't ever really feel into the match, there are chants here and there but no real energy to speak of. They try and have the match that most would expect, hard hitting non stop action etc, but it just feels weirdly flat. Stone especially feels like a man trying to force an epic battle out of a match that just hasn't earned the gravitas it needs to work."
[3.0] "The worst World women's title of any major promotion in the world. Bad booking, poor matches and seriously Stop, Shida, Hayter and Rosa are AWESOME wrestlers but they couldn't elevate this title, this is a prop and only a reason to force TK to give women a PPV match otherwise we know he wouldn't even try. With the direction it seems to go, I guess they could have a brillant division in a few years, but rn it's sad and tbh VERY deceptive to see women treated this way"
[3.0] "I really appreciate All Japan throwing all the crap comedy wrestlers into one match so we can get it over and done with quickly enough."
[3.0] "Match was the drizzling shits. Friendship should never outweigh theWorld title. Vole literally dropping MJF on his head several times but then deciding not to hit him with a belt shot made no logical sense. And then the stuff after the match was even worse. The Brochachos stuff has been a huge miss and really hurt both Cole & MJF's credibility in my opinion. The story the match told was illogical to the action in the match combined with the after match. This was the also makes no sense knowing what it eventually lead to aka The Devil."
[3.0] "Giving away both Angle/Sting and Christian/Sting in one show. Can only be Vince Russo. Interference in the match from Angle on top of it."
[3.0] "A match that did nothing for Bobby Roode especially at this point. Very one sided and a counterproductive match to have booked."
[3.0] "An ok match with Storm seeming at least competitive at points but was largely dominated by Sting with Matt Morgan being more of a focus."
[3.0] "A very nothing match that's brought down even further by a bad finish. Hopefully Jordynne can carry these two to an alright match at Sacrifice."
[3.0] "Overall a pretty mediocre match. I was a surprised by just how over R-Truth was in 2010, but once again not much to write home about in this particular match."
[4.0] "Actually not a terrible match like I was expecting but it wasnt exactly great either. Also couldnt follow who was even in the match. 3.5/10"
[4.0] "[2.5*] Very bad match and I feel sorry for Atlantis Jr. He is one of the best on CMLL and has a very unique style, he is more of an old school wrestler with some power moves, and I am sorry for him. Jericho should not be nowhere near the ring. He is moving in slow motion and gave a terrible performance + politicked to be on the PPV. Even the mexicans were sad to see."
[4.0] "Big tag main event. I really liked when Jumbo and Hansen locked up. Dumb DQ finish however. 2.00 stars."
mxkami wrote about Lita:
[4.0] "Okay, look. Lita was my first wrestling crush. I followed her closely at the height of the Attitude Era, and forward. She's not very good... I'm sorry. She isn't super athletic and while her moveset is impressive, it is soooooo dangerous. In fact, go back and watch some of her stuff. Throw a dart at her catalog, and you'll probably hit a match 50% of the time where she spikes herself and looks like she's about to break her neck, her opponent's neck, or both. Absolutely a legend, absolutely deserves her praise. But man, I get hella nervous every time I come across one of her matches now."
[4.0] "A rollercoaster of a PPV, the lowlights of which I think are more notable. The cruiserweights mostly hold everything together on their end with the exception of Gedo and Jericho whose match features a botch that could have potentially ended Jerichos fucking career. Disco Inferno has a match with Jacqueline wherein he runs from her for ten minutes only to end up losing anyway. Piper and Hogan were allergic to quality in-ring work at this point in their careers and this is the event that epitomizes their sheer incompetence as they cobble up what is potentially the worst and most dangerous cage match of all time. If nothing else, its certainly the most confusing with no one in or outside the cage even pretending to understand the rules."
[4.0] "Too short to be much of what it was. Match felt rather rushed as a result and would have benefited from more time."
[4.0] "Triple H/Flash Funk is a nothing match with a few decent high spots from Funk and Chyna looking menacing could be a TV match at best (4/10) Mankind/Rock is also a fairly boring match with some decent Foley character work and a good Crossbody into Mandible Ccaw counter (4/10) The Gauntlet match is the word of the night. Some intensity by Ahmed but nothing else and it goes for way too long (3/10) Shamrock/Vader is a solid debut for Ken who looked really badass. It was stiff but also fairly disjointed at times (6/10) Taker/Austin has a decently hot start love Taker fighting in his entrance attire but after that it spends way too much time rest holds to be fun (5/10) A very underwhelming PPV"
[4.0] "I don't know what they were trying to do during the triple threat portion of the match. Strange psychology, ridiculously contrived moves, just poor wrestling. Miguel hit some of the softest kicks I've ever seen. The step-up enziguri into the cutter on Bailey had the stupidest set-up and it just looked terrible. Gresham was bumping in very unnatural ways too. The singles match between Miguel and Bailey after Gresham's elimination was an improvement at least. **1/4"
[4.0] "A perfectly okay debut for Damo and another perfectly okay match for Gibson to get his style and reputation across to the PROGRESS fans. Best moment was Damo's Fighting Spirit kickout off a gentle-looking Brainbuster. It made sense, yknow! [2.75]"
[4.0] "Not much to say, and no big surprises. It's a nice tag match, but nothing more, a classic booking with a logical victory. It's interesting for what's to come, but we're not expecting anything incredible either."
[4.0] "This was one of those matches that definitely aren't for nerdy wrestling fans that rate on Cagematch. This was meant for the crowd to have a good time cheering for the good guy and boo the bad guy. It started with Byson doing a pretty lame walk and brawl that lasted a while until Thomas eventually took over and heeled it up for heat. I don't think Bakabella really added anything to this match either. Not notably bad, but not work watching in my opinon. **"
[4.0] "A simple bad match between the actually worst of LIJ ans J5G. The ending looked weak with that Leglock and they actually did nothing of at least cute. They just repeated the same moves they have done over and over again in the Road to- show matches. **1/2"
[4.0] "There was enough showmanship here to give this match some entertainment value, but overall I thought it was fairly underwhelming. It is very slow and plodding, and a lot of the offence from both men looks pretty poor. The crowd enjoys themselves and it hits all the major notes that it needed to, but even if you're a fan of Hogan's routine I don't think this was one of the better examples of it"
[4.0] "Not good. I love them both, but this wasn't it at all. The match was fine technically - but it was way too long, with way too little heat for what a lucha de apuestas match should be. This would probably have been a 6 or 7 if they had cut the time in half."
NoNameAlexey wrote about System :
[4.0] "Most bland and boring main event heel stable that could been created in modern TNA. Edwards, Myers & Alisha just suck as characters and they are bringing down Moose, who is only one interesting wrestler in the whole stable. I think Moose could be even more solid main eventer without them."
crs285 wrote about Satnam Singh:
[4.0] "Works in his current body guard role but hasn't shown anything in terms of ring skills, mic skills or charisma. His size is incredible but he needs more ring time outside of AEW or on ROH to develop in the ring."
[4.0] "Emty and mediocre match without anything interesting, as I expected. I liked only Daisuke and Kanon's final move, but it doesn't matter when the rest of the match is boring."
[4.0] "I know this was the early days of the IWGP world title and even the best belts and champions have their off matches but this one was really not very good. Slow, plodding, abrupt ending. Not a fun watch."