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BossTime wrote about Hurt Business:
[10.0] "Hurt Business is the best stable in all of wrestling right now. MVP give career-renaissance to these three guys and they doing a great job together."
HC7 wrote about RETRIBUTION:
[0.0] "Can't say I was that into this group to begin with. Just felt like they were trying to redo a version of the Nexus debut sprinkled with some of the Shield's original "injustice" rebel type gimmick. Considering all the bad riots in the states as soon as this was happening it made a lot of people turn off from this from the start. As weeks gone on this group has become less and less credible and more and more corny. At least with the Dark Order in AEW they have had periods of up and down even if they started turned off by the fans. Yeah, fuck this group."
[6.0] "Yeah, CM Punk was really good as the Straight Edge Savior (albeit he lost way too much) but the rest of the stable? Serena did reasonably well as a personality but only wrestled two or three matches before getting herself into serious troubles due to her off-screen behavior and Festus and Joey Mercury were two veritable job guys, seemingly getting beaten by Paul Wight every other week as singles wrestlers and by the Hart Dynasty as a tag team. This was basically a job squad with a veritable superstar in the making as a leader, and CM Punk is so good he managed to lift this complete mediocrity of a stable in a somewhat entertaining unit."
LucaGG18 wrote about Imperium :
[8.0] "A European clan, made up of very good European wrestlers, what more could you ask for? But I think this clan would be more serious if they had several titles. WALTER is the UK champion, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel would have to become NXT UK team champions (knowing that they were NXT team champions), and Alexander Wolfe would have to be pushed-up, to be credible even without titles."
HugLikeABoss wrote about New Day:
[10.0] "An absolutely fantastic trio. Their chemistry in promo segments for a threesome is unheard of. For two people to play-off of each other so well is rare but for thee? Impressive. They started slowly in 2014 as babyfaces before finding their feet as heels in early 2015. Soon after, they became one of the hottest acts of all time. They make quirky stuff like unicorns and pancakes work. They have made WWE hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise over the last 5 years. They're that popular. Before New Day, Kofi Kingston had no personality, he was a serviceable babyface but he had a ceiling. This group changed all of that. It gave him a platform to develop a character and it would eventually get him over to the point that the fans helped him win the World title at WrestleMania! Xavier Woods is highly intelligent and is very good at selling different emotions to the fans. Big E's overall presence and demeanour is hilarious to me. I love him. The tag division was dying a slow death before these guys changed the game. I have them in the top echelon of names in the history of the business. They are just incredible. Not a fan of the Freebird rule but I'll let that slide. Side note: WWE regards their 483 day reign as the longest of a tag title in WWE history, eclipsing Demolition's previous record of 478. Unfortunately, Demolition's reign ended on a tape delay, so in kayfabe, Demolition's reign actually lasted 489 days. Back then, TV was the gospel. Ax & Smash defended the belts at house shows for the 11 days until it aired. All WWE had to do was not have New Day drop them in the 11 day window to avoid all confusion, but no, there always has to be an asterisk attached."
Dragonking wrote about nWo:
[6.0] "Was the stable better than the sum of its parts just about but the simple fact it lacked any top level in ring talent that was well used. Syxx and Konan were the best two in ring workers and one was fired the other one was a B Team guy, mostly Henning had lost few steps from his Prime who else did that have and the over la match quilty was never high end and too many Non-contests and otherwise unclean finishes for me."
Dragonking wrote about Team Canada:
[6.0] "Some very good workers in the stable thus this stable is solid. The best workers in it being Roode Young Evens and Williams. Its brought odnw by the weeker workers in its like A1 for example so 6 is a fair rating."
Dragonking wrote about Russians :
[1.0] "Fake Russians and also not very good workers over all Nikita for example from what iv seen of him never had top level match even Flair could not bring out top level match from him. Barry Darsow was solid tag worker he could not carry this stable."
[0.0] "I'd never thought I'd give a big fat zero to a stable including Ric Flair, Double A and Jimmy Hart, three of my most favorite characters in pro-wrestling, but this thing only existed to stroke Hulk Hogan's ego even more. Put it this way: you have Hulk Hogan, with a helping hand from Randy Savage (whose relationship with the Hulkster varied according to how much money was at stake), basically laying waste to 8 guys. It's like the cage existed to stop these 8 men, who included two of the best wrestlers ever, period, and Meng and Barbarian, two guys known for their almost superhuman strength and toughness, from running scared from the Hulkster. Oh yeah, and Kevin Sullivan was just grafting himself on the storyline to stay close to Hulky and get the benefits. A complete and utter disgrace."
Dennisiztheman02 wrote about >nWo :
[2.0] "It was cool seeing Hogan, Nash, and Hall appear as the nWo at No Way Out. Until Wrestlemania X-8 they were pretty good but, after the Outsiders turned heel on Hogan it went downhill from there. Sure they added some new members like X-Pac, Booker T, and Big Show but, the original three were out of the group (Hogan was turned babyface, Kevin Nash torn a quad, and Scott Hall being drunk on the Plane Ride of Hell. ) It just didn't feel the same after the group's last days."
[9.0] "This stable has always been great. They feel really badass and all the members now are young so the future looks really really bright."
[10.0] "My favorite Stardom stable! only wrestlers that I appreciate. Giulia is a great leader, charismatic and talented, Syuri is fantastic. Maika has huge potential. Himeka a lot of potential and the new Natsupoi which I really appreciate. I love, love, love Donna del Mondo"
[8.0] "I really like QQ. excellent wrestlers like Watanabe. AZM. Hayashishita. it's not my favorite stable but I really like the wrestlers of QQ and in particular Momo Watanabe"
EthanWrestling wrote about STARS:
[8.0] "not the best but a very solid stable, really talented wrestlers and very good babyface like Iwatani. Starlight Kid. Nakano etc. I really like Stars"
[10.0] "I was really a fan of this stable, it was the most charismatic stable in Stardom. since the death of Hana Kimura it was not the same thing ... now the stable is disbanded"
DCJ2003 wrote about RETRIBUTION:
[0.0] "Bad booking, bad names, bad gimmick. I find nothing interesting in this group. Until there is a change, my rating will be a 0."
BlakeFR37 wrote about Ringkampf:
[10.0] "RINGKAMPF is a European stable, no... IT'S THE European stable, great af, with the best of the best in Germany. RINGKAMPF has shocked the system more than every stable in Europe."
BlakeFR37 wrote about Suzuki-gun:
[10.0] "SUZUKI-GUN ICHIBAN ! This stable means business and every member is so great, one of the best wrestling stables of all-time."
[10.0] "legendary stable. There's a great chemistry between Eddie and Barr, although the other members aren't particularly lost on them either. Faces of AAA's Golden years!"
Okaro143 wrote about Hurt Business:
[8.0] "Something that should have failed became the best thing on RAW. We can all thank MVP for that. His promo work is just incredible. He is the Paul Heyman of RAW. Individually none of them are good except for Cedric Alexander, Sheldon is just way past his prime now. But its painfully clear that WWE would never push Cedric and Cedric himself never got over with the casual WWE fans. But I have a hope that the hurt business could launched Cedric to stardom."
Okaro143 wrote about Authority :
[5.0] "In terms of promo work, the Authority was great. But the existence of the Authority did no favors to the WWE and its roster. No one got over and many got under. Ex- Dolph Ziggler defeated the Authority in Survivor Series and got them fired and Dolph got over big time but he did not get the push he so rightly deserved but instead he became irrelevant under the card."
Okaro143 wrote about RETRIBUTION:
[2.0] "For now. Their first promo was really good because Dijakovic and Mia Yim are really good speakers. I am a huge fan of Dijakovic so I am really hoping for something good."
Okaro143 wrote about Absolution:
[5.0] "Towards the end of this unspectacular stable, we got one of the best women feud in Deville and Mandy who worked really hard and made something that seem uninteresting at the time in a really good feud. The matches weren't that good but the feud was."
Okaro143 wrote about Shield:
[10.0] "The Shield was one of the best things that happened in WWE. They all had their roles- Rollins the genius, the pace setter for the Shield, Ambrose the mouthpiece and Reigns the enforcer. They had an impressive and lengthy undefeated streak and defeated a lot of 'dream teams'. They all became world champions after disbanding but individually none of them had that insane appeal they had together."
Okaro143 wrote about PCB:
[3.0] "The best thing about Pcb was their dissolution starting with Paige destroying Charlotte. That was the best thing. Women's Revolution? Give me a break. It only happened in NXT. Becky would later go on to main event WrestleMania but that match was shit and the women's division as well as their revolution lost all their momentum."
Okaro143 wrote about Nexus:
[5.0] "The idea of Nexus was great but they lost too many important matches and their leader got beaten over and over again and again. They had a horrible booking and individually, only Bryan reached the top. Punk brought a lot of prestige to Nexus but he soon abandoned it."
[10.0] "Personally my favourite stable in all of WWE. All four are already great and accomplished wrestlers but together these four are the most dominant faction in NXT history."
Okaro143 wrote about Elite:
[10.0] "All six wrestlers are great and New Japan misses them but thank u so much for AEW. i also loved the rise of Adam Page in the Elite. Miss Marty, Hope he comes to Aew but anyways. The Elite has come a long way since Bullet Club."
[10.0] "I loved these guys from their first match. They are great in everything, they look organic as a team, they are athletic, their gimmicks are interesting, and Paul is just insanely charismatic. Perhaps my favorite group in LU is on a par with The Crew and Worldwide Underground"
texasyosh wrote about Inner Circle:
[2.0] "At one time there was a lot of promise with this group, but like with everything else in AEW, that's all it was. Promise. Their booking has been atrocious for something that's supposed to be a "monster heel faction", and there's zero interest I have with anything that they have going on right now. It feels like this group was just thrown together to see what would happen, and at first, it worked pretty okay! I think since the start of the pandemic is when it really jumped the shark."
texasyosh wrote about Nation:
[7.0] "After The Rock took over, the new Nation was quite different from the NOD of old. The new Nation had a bigger emphasis on "swagger" under the Rock, and also the hugely successful rebranding of the Godfather. The addition of Owen Hart is super interesting to me, and I personally really like it. Nothing really to write on about the Nation except how The Rock used it as a catapult to huge singles success."
[8.0] "One of the best aspects of RAW over the past few months. There's a ton of potential here. This group is super cool and they have a great dynamic. MVP should be applauded for not only revitalizing his career, but also the likes of Bobby Lashley, Apollo Crews, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. I hope they capture the tag titles soon, and perhaps even something bigger down the line."
[1.0] "A rip off of the Right To Censor stable from WWE this stable was killed a couple of months in due in part to in Real Life cancel culture due to Ryan's history with treating women. This could have been interesting however to see how this stable could have change the characters of Ryan and Forbes for them to be more serious."
texasyosh wrote about Wyatt Family:
[9.0] "One of the most interesting factions in the past 20 years. Unfortunately, looking back it was just a bunch of untapped potential. Regardless, the Wyatt Family brought something new and intriguing to the WWE. They definitely had "the look" and it was backed up with Bray being phenomenal on the microphone with his cultish sermons, and with classic matches with the likes of the Shield."
texasyosh wrote about nWo:
[10.0] "Probably the most important faction in the history of wrestling. Definitely the most profitable, at the least. Without the nWo, who knows what wrestling would've looked like in the Attitude Era, and even today. Backstage politicking aside, everything about the nWo just oozed coolness. The group definitely got diluted with the amount of unnecessary additions, but with even that aside, there's a reason why nWo shirts are still sold and worn to this day."
texasyosh wrote about Elite:
[4.0] "The Elite just never has interested me as a faction. Their YouTube series is cringeworthy and they haven't really had any interesting moments without being a part of Bullet Club. Kenny Omega is great, but his AEW run has had him in the midcard. Hangman Page has really stepped it up in AEW but that's more because of his work with FTR more than The Elite. Cody and Marty didn't really fit in with the rest of the Elite in my opinion, more so just a part of Bullet Club. Lastly, I hate the Young Bucks. Spot, spot, spot, superkick, group spot, kickout from a finisher... repeat for however long their match is."
[8.0] "Full+full stable. Mic is MVP, powerhouse is Lashley, technician is Benjamin and highflyer is Alexander. They are cool, they are dominant. Their business is to hurt and their business is good. I'm expecting more from that stable. I gave 8 points, because they haven't done anything notable until this time. But I believe in them."
[3.0] "This isn't the worst stable but they had no purpose other than to put Roman Reigns over. After that was done they had a forgettable run with zero purpose. It's a shame that it put a damper on four talented wrestlers with Sheamus, Rusev, Bad News Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio."
[8.0] "They were pretty good as a group: for me personally I didn't really feel anything for their match quality (outside of the occasional Orton bout) and Triple H in particular during this time was insufferable as Reign of Terror World Champion, and not just because he was a heel. That being said as a group they succeeded in getting Orton and Batista over as creditable main event level talent (even if Orton got destroyed by Triple H after getting over as a face successfully..... ) and gave Flair something to do. Good promos and their status in terms of impact is undeniable."
ElPolloLoco wrote about Dark Order:
[7.0] "I 've always liked the idea of an evil brainwashing cult for a stable, I really like the Dark Order presentation (that short "recruitment" video they made is an absolute blast), I even like the idea of putting them on Dark to squash folks. Don't know how high they can get in the pecking order but so far they have been pretty entertaining."
[8.0] "This stable is actually really good. It has a good dynamic with MVP being the mouthpiece, Bobby Lashley being the muscle, Shelton and Cedric being their lackeys. MVP helps out all three with his microphone skills and they're a great stable on Raw. Reminds me of the Nation of Domination a little bit."
Nerfair1 wrote about RETRIBUTION:
[0.0] "That's just a fail from top to bottom. The first appearance was mediocre at best, they didn't even knew who was gonna be in the group, they're wearing silly masks and... oh yeah, SLAPJACK!"
[3.0] "This group is already booked badly. The names of the members are absolutely ridiculous (Seriously WWE? Slapjack? ) Not to mention that the group's first promo was laughed at by some producers backstage. I might change my rating if the group overcomes that embarrassment but for now, I don't see Retribution having a good future."
[5.0] "I have no problem with the clan itself which is intriguing and composed of very interesting names, but I have a hard time with their booking which is messed up."
[7.0] "Finally my boys Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander are being used well. I'm not gonna lie, this stable is the thing that interests me the most in WWE right now, and I'm really invested in Randy Orton. The four of them are good wrestlers and are doing a good work, I hope this stable last long and dominate WWE."
Rocky7 wrote about RETRIBUTION:
[3.0] "I will revise this rating as the group develops, but apart from all the weird booking with them, especially them being offered contracts after constantly destroying equipment and ruining matches - why is Keith Lee not perturbed that the group that has occasionally targeted him counts his best friend (Dominik Dijakovic/T-BAR) and girlfriend (Mia Yim) amongst its members?"
HC7 wrote about Evolution :
[9.0] "Although overshadowed by a more popular Evolution in America, Suwama's EVOLUTION stable is a hot part of All Japan in their current era. Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa's Violent Giants tag team at the forefront and up until his premature death, Atsushi Aoki have been the main core and the main source of this group's prosperity."
HC7 wrote about Hurt Business:
[7.0] "I like them a lot more than the Beat Down Clan from TNA. The "RAW Underground" segments, MVP cutting promos and them wearing half formal wear really has helped them"
[2.0] "There was a time when it was a decent faction, from the beginning of their association to the Stadium Stampede. But since that decisive defeat, they're not even a stable anymore. They do things on their own and nothing connects them anymore. And even before that, I've never been a fan of their work together and I think it's a really overrated stable. Jericho did well obviously, he's been the centerpiece of the Inner Circle since the beginning but Ortiz & Santana are poorly booked, Guevara has never done anything famous and Hager is literally one of the worst workers in AEW's current roster. Sorry but this stable is really not for me and it will never be."
[4.0] "Possibly one of the main factors on why TNA lost its position as a clear cut number two promotion. They were NWO wannabes with motorcycle gimmicks and a large portion of their members were bad workers. There were some good things coming from it, such as Bully Ray being revealed as the leader and had a good run as TNA heavyweight champion. Nevertheless their storylines only added to TNA's downfall."
[0.0] "Four foreign wrestling heels paired up as a potential formidable stable which ended up turning into a flop. This waste of a stable only existed just to get Roman Reigns over. It didn't help when Barrett got hurt and the chemistry just wasn't there."
[2.0] "This waste of a stable just adds up to Cody's already terrible Stardust gimmick and probably one of the reasons why he left WWE. It's cool that they paired him up with The Ascension, whom WWE turned into a jobber team. Man, this was bad."
[6.0] "A modern day J. O. B squad that does a good job at getting beat up quickly and using social media to their advantage. Glad they split up after a short while (that was due to Adam Rose getting released from WWE)."
xKvmiiTrxsh wrote about 3MB:
[3.0] "Gotta give this stable some credit here, as both Jinder and Drew became world champions when they came back. This trio was nothing more than three dudes stuck in the midcard doing comedy. I would have rated this stable even lower if it wasn't for all three men becoming champions. I hope that goes the same for Heath when he comes back he becomes world title material."
[3.0] "Stable full of blokes who can't cut promos in spite of that being the point in their gimmick. Was originally a Rich Swann storyline which started from referees seemingly screwing Swann and Myron Reed, so then Rich left for some reason, the referee storyline was dropped and then it simply became a "we're three annoying guys" gimmick."
[8.0] "Were a stable of generic, rich bad guys, interestingly enough gained traction the first time when MJF took some time off and then again after he left. Additions of Logan Creed and Gino Medina were pointless, along with Aria Blake who came across as a trashy white girl trying to look rich, the Hammerstone/Holliday version have charisma and chemistry in spades."
[10.0] "Really, really good stable, great collection of workers. A good stable should enhance the workers as much as the workers enhance the stable, and LIJ is a fantastic example of that."
[10.0] "it's a bloody shame Bret is the only one still alive. As perfect as a stable can be in regards to pure in-ring talent, and quite innovative for the time, i. e. heels in America and faces outside of it, kind of a macrocosm of WWE's want to throw anything at the wall to see if it would stick in 1997."
[10.0] "This is, honestly, the best stable in professional wrestling right now. They rules so much. MVP giving a career-renaissance to Lashley, Alexander and Shelton is beautiful to see."
jchiofal wrote about Hurt Business:
[8.0] "Really enjoying Hurt Business. Sometimes it takes a stable to elevated a group of wrestlers past their glass ceiling. MVP has enough charisma and is great enough with a microphone that he can cut promos for days, and boost other talents around him. Shelton Banjamin, Bobby Lashley, and now Cedric Alexander all physically gifted, with Shelton being an everyman that can do everything, Lashley being a straight up powerhouse, and Cedric being an incredibly athletic competitor. While the three of them are talented separately, they lack MVP's charisma and mic skills, and that's what makes the stable effective. What one wrestler lacks, another has and it all balances out. Doesnt hurt that the four of them are straight up badasses together, and as a stable with their suits they look classy, but you know they can and will throw hands at any second"
DCJ2003 wrote about Hurt Business:
[10.0] "Shelton was a jobber that appeared in Main Event. Lashley was in a stupid storyline with Lana. Cedric was a jobber. MVP came and made them all look like starts. Nothing more to say."
[0.0] "The worst group I have seen, almost all members are either woefully miscast or simply objectively terrible, and the entire purpose of the group seemed to be to give Russo a chance to be on 10 different segments on every show and do endless grating promos."
[10.0] "What more can be said about this stable that hasn't been said before? They were the very first cool heels, men so charismatic and so devoted to their characters and image they made it fine to cheer for the bad guys. The act originally consisted of Angel Blanco and Dr. Wagner, and became an instant sensation as not only they impressed in the ring but in the media as well: they were the very first rudos who had features about them in weekly sports magazines, posing with their titles and working out in the gym. Both men also took their training regimes extremely seriously so they just looked so good in their all white costumes. As trios wrestling kept on gaining in popularity, La Ola Blanca decided to add a third member: this was originally El Enfermero (the usual tag partner of Medico Asesino), but after a few weeks he asked to be relieved of his duties because his declining health didn't allow him to keep up the insane schedule demanded of the top rudo act in the country. He was replaced by El Solitario and it turned out to be an amazing choice, not just because Soli was one of the best up and coming wrestlers in Mexico and was a perfect fit in the act (great look, excellent in-ring skills, boundless charisma etc), but because when he eventually turned tecnico and was savagely attacked by his former partners it ignited one of the best feuds in history with Dr. Wagner."
[0.0] "A stable that really makes no sense. Why would Santana & Ortiz associate with Jericho ? Why would Sammy being the young pompous arrogant wrestler associate with all of them ? I don't think it has ever been known as to why. Now having Jake as the bodyguard to Jericho works well but this stable has done no favors to anyone. They dont even click well as an entire group."
Messiah7 wrote about Inner Circle:
[2.0] "This stable was good during the first months but it's been a long time since they've done anything significant together. They used to do a lot of six-man tag or match like the Stadium Stampede, now they don't do anything. It's all about Jericho alone, Jericho with Hager, Ortiz with Santana and Sammy Guevara in solo. Rare are the times when they do things together now, even promos. And even when they did, I was never a fan of this clan, it was just Jericho with his buddies. Poor LAX."
[8.0] "I like the Eruption in the sense that it's the perfect combination of wrestlers. None of them are good in the ring, they almost always disappoint me in singles matches, but together they show really decent performances, revealing their best side. These three were, for a while, the reason why I could miss some matches when watching full events, and when they formed a team, I breathed a sigh of relief, but only because I would have to miss less. But the longer I watch them, the more I like them. Tag team championships in their hands have really become interesting. I don't know how long this strange stable will last, but I hope it will last as long as possible. They complement each other and that's great."
[10.0] "These 3 seriously had possibly the best chemistry between any faction around that time. They were usually the highlights of any show they were on. Angle is ungodly great when it comes to comedy and Edge and Christian were always great. Top 5 factions in WWE history."
BanksPrint wrote about Dark Order:
[8.0] "It took me a long time, a very long time, but I'm now a big fan of the Dark Order. Even if some like Silver, Reynolds and Vance are just jobbers, I've managed to dig the delirium of this clan since Brodie Lee's victory over Cody. They're at the top of their credibility, especially the champion who make an oustanding job. And I would like to add that Anna Jay is the perfect female member for the Dark Order. Let's be clear, they're far from perfect, due to a few bad creative decisions since the beginning but now they're super entertaining."
LucaGG18 wrote about Dark Order:
[10.0] "Probably the best clan in AEW. Of course, at first I didn't really take them seriously, but as soon as Brodie Lee came along, it became serious. They're dominant, dangerous, and that's all we wanted. And I'm waiting for the moment when Colt Cabana will be heel and become a full member of the Dark Order."
[2.0] "Randy Savage was my favorite wrestler ever. Mona (later Molly Holly) is one of my favorite women wrestlers ever. Madusa was very talented. But this stable was entirely pointless and a waste of time."
[8.0] "The Ugly Ducklings is for me, of the most underrated team in the world. Lude and Killjoy are so fun and have one of the best teamwork ever seen, Coach Mikey is a great manager and Colby Corino a perfect leader for the group. Hoping to see them more booked because they deserves so much more (like a lot of independant teams (The REP, Gym Nasty Boyz, Metro Brothers, Big Facts, Akuto Death Society... ))."
[10.0] "I absolutely adore Eruption. I love all three people in the stable and they all have roles that fit so well it's outstanding. Higuchi is the big boss and leader of the group, just throwing people around, left and right, choke slamming fools as he wrecks house. Sakaguchi is the silent badass who can kill you in the blink of an eye with a kick or a choke (though he's also utterly hilarious, he blends into DDT's comedy style well). Saki Akai is the beautiful, but dangerous woman who's gotten better even since joining the stable, evolving from just pure eye candy to a legit badass in her own right. They're the perfect trio, and I see nothing but good things on the horizon for them."
[8.0] "Very good trio. They're all charismatic and super good in the ring. I love their titantron, their logo and their theme song too."
[6.0] "Pretty well-coordinated fun stable. They were all not the best performers, but nevertheless they was good entertainers"
xKvmiiTrxsh wrote about Dark Order:
[9.0] "At first Ithought the Dark Order were just a dark version of the Super Smash Bros that created one of the worst gimmicks AEW has ever thought of, especially the creepers. However, with the additions of leader Brodie Lee and young talent such as Alan Angels, they've recently been on fire as of late. Their BTE segments were hilarious and Brodie Lee repeatingly yelling at John Silver made me laugh."
[10.0] "After Marty Scurll was left off the Elite, I thought he wouldn't really have anyone. Then, he decided to form this amazing faction full of diverse wrestlers. Flip Gordon is an amazing high-flying heel, PCO was still going strong even at his age, and Brody King was the muscle. The leader Marty Scurll is a great talker as well. This team has a lot of great chemistry and I do hope this stable returns once Ring of Honor could now run empty arena shows again (if Marty was allowed to come back to ROH considering the recent allegations)."
Ralph86 wrote about nWo:
[10.0] "This changed the picture of wrestling. Hogan's Heel turn and the story/creation of the nWo Organization was the best thing what could happen for wrestling. The promos, drama and storys are made history. Thank you WCW and especially Hulk Hogan. nWo 4LIFE!"
[9.0] "Brilliant faction. They're all great, maybe Shelton should be more serious but he did a good job as Lashley the brawler and MVP the talker did."
[9.0] "A dominant stable that cannot fail to impress. Their performance at Battle Riot was simply unforgettable. These guys are just gorgeous"
Rocky7 wrote about Dark Order:
[9.0] "Great stable, even better Chili's spokespeople. Once Mr. Brodie Lee destroys fools and deals with that kid John Silver, I have a hankering for some baby back ribs with barbecue sauce. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson have been a great team for many years, Alan Angels continually impresses, they've found a purpose for Anna Jay and Tay Conti, and somehow Lee is the Hank Scorpio to Colt Cabana's Homer Simpson. Well layered after an iffy start."
[2.0] "In the beginning it was an interesting clan with a lot of starpower, now it's a clan that doesn't even look like a clan anymore. They have never done anything memorable together except the Stadium Stampede and they are all the lackeys that Jericho sacrifices in his place. Poor LAX."
Damian wrote about Imperium :
[6.0] "Imperium, aka WALTER and boring friends. WALTER has the talent and charisma/size to be a good enough leader to carry them, but the others are lacking in various areas."
BanksPrint wrote about Imperium :
[10.0] "Excellent clan composed of four very good wrestlers who all complement each other well. The idea of a European clan at NXT UK was necessary and it works very well. They have everything it takes to equal Undisputed Era among the best stable in NXT history."
[8.0] "In fact, a rather undeserved stable. Chic line-up, charismatic leader and interesting story, these guys deserve more attention, 8/10"
[9.0] "Never liked the stereotypical anti-American gimmicks but the Russians were pretty good. Well, either it seems to me so solely because I am also from Russia. But anyway 9 points"
[8.0] "A group consisting of a bunch of excellent wrestlers who united were able to make a noise. Excellent union, I can not bet to them less than 8 points"
[9.0] "This faction thus far has brought Lashley back into the main event scene, made Benjamin look like an actual star instead of a jobber (despite him holding the 24/7 championship) and established MVP as a fantastic heel once again. They all bring their own take to the stable and are exceptionally well together. Hoping nothing but big things for this faction coming forward."
btcaunce wrote about Hurt Business:
[8.0] "So far, this faction has been great. I had no idea that in 2020 I would be rooting for a team made up of Bobby Lashley MVP and Shelton Benjamin over Apollo Crews, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Ricochet, but here we are. MVP has really showcased a side to him I didn't know he had, and Bobby Lashley has been completely rejuvenated. Time will tell what this will do to Shelton or anyone else that ends up joining, but so far, so great."
Killerk7 wrote about Hurt Business:
[4.0] "Good heel stable but MVP is on his backside most of the time staring at the lights and it's basically "Hide Behind Bobby" because MVP and Shelton are not really that good anymore and Bobby is the only one that does the work in tag matches. MVP also complains about anything which is annoying, if each wrestler actually done there work in this stable instead of 2 people being old squash wrestlers i would vote a bit higher but as said it's basically "Hide behind Bobby"."
[9.0] "Really surprising to hear there are no comments regarding how this stable has become one of the best in ROH today. Rush, the current ROH World Champion, is also the leader of this faction. and the most charismatic. Not to mention Dragon Lee as one of the best wrestlers in the world as well as his brother and the current ROH TV Champion. They pretty much collected every singles title ROH could offer them. Do not forget Amy Rose as the mind of the faction and Kenny King as the midcarder. Overall a great heel faction."
[8.0] "A trio of 3 entertaining characters in AEW working together combined into 1 thing. They have wonderful chemistry. Marko Stunt may be the weakest link, however he excels well at taking risks and bumps when needed. Luchasaurus is good at playing the role of the stable's protector. Jungle Boy is easily the best wrestler of all the members in this group. He can hang with the best wrestlers around the world well and I'd rather see this group grow even further with Jungle Boy as a potential future World champ and Luchasaurus/Marko as tag champs."
[8.0] "A very good stable that was interesting to follow. They worked hard and really deserved tag team belts that they have won in different lineups and titles of the best team of the year which they won for several years in a row"
ElPolloLoco wrote about HMK:
[7.0] "I should probably rank this stable far higher because in those years Kaori Yoneyama and Emi Sakura could literally do no wrong and their tag team was simply incredible. But they were so good in fact they ended up overshadowing a very young, albeit already rather good, Hanako Nakamori while Mori, or Maury, always felt like some sort of fifth wheel. So we have basically 9 points for the Yoneyama-Sakura part and 5 points for the Mori-Nakamori part , meaning a cool 7."
[1.0] "One of the worst gimmicks AEW implemented (besides the original Dark Order, before Brodie Lee came). Glad it ended because it would have damaged the women's division even further."
[8.0] "Awesome stable. Tsuruta-Gun represented the Old Guard of AJPW fighting back against the new guys on the block, led by their top ace, bitter over Misawa's rise in popularity, and the wrestlers involved had some great tag matches against some strong, established new guys, which got them over in the long run. They also managed to get some good matches even in Tsuruta's rapid decline in health due to his Hepatitis. It's just a shame that Tenryu left the company, as he likely would have been tagged along with Tsuruta in this stable, which would have only made their matchups even better."
[10.0] "This is easily my favorite faction not just wrestling today, but of all time, the dynamic between Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt works perfectly."
[6.0] "Yes, storyline with Beefcake's amnesia and his main-event run with Hulk Hogan at Starrcade was awful. But generally in my opinion TFoF really wasn't bad stable. 6/10"
[10.0] "Best stable not only in WCW but in the whole world of professional wrestling. They gave to us couple of truly legends. Among them Brutus Beefcake who finally stopped being a Hogan's slave and personal barber, the Yeti, Big Show with hair, the Yeti, returning Zeus which we missed so much, the Yeti and others. What can we talk about they had a personal leprechaun! And yes ofc we owe them birth of the greatest gimmick of all time *cough* the YEETTAAAAAAAAY"
[10.0] "Lucha House Party is a trio full of talent who make a good match every time they get the chance to wrestle. They've been super good at 205 Live and SmackDown since they team up. So underrated."
[0.0] "A stable that never did anything of note and was only put together to further the feud into Summerslam with Slaughter and Hogan. After the team lost, Slaughter turned back face and the group was disbanded."
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