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Los Ingobernables

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ElPolloLoco wrote on 05.10.2019:
[10.0] "The original incarnation of Los Ingobernables was absolutely amazing and it's incredible they managed to become what they became since they were saddled with the dead weight of La Mascara and Mark Jindrak. While La Sombra (and later Naito) carried the stable in-ring, it's undeniable Rush was the guy who made Los Ingobernables what they were. Kinda like some great heels of yore he literally became the gimmick, so much many fans asked themselves if Rush wasn't merely a real life mamón allowed to be who he really was in the ring. Rush was always interesting, always controversial and completely unafraid of experimenting new facets of his gimmick. And let's be honest here: if it weren't for Los Ingobernables Naito would still be going nowhere in the upper midcard, kinda like Goto, instead of becoming the only wrestler remotely comparable to Stone Cold Steve Austin nowadays. After Naito returned to Japan and La Sombra left CMLL the stable became a bit of a laugh, a bit of a joke, but it lives on in its Japanese incarnation."
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