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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 7.5
marselfish wrote on 31.01.2021:
[8.0] "Haben sich gut weiterentwickelt über die letzten Jahre, aber der letzte Schritt zum absoluten Top-Stable fehlt noch. Wenn 2021 El Desperado da helfen kann, den nächsten Schritt zu machen, wäre das eine schöne Sache, aber auch in der Heavyweight Division kann Suzuki Gun Entwicklung gebrauchen. Taichi macht das zwar wirklich gut zuletzt, aber da get noch was und bei Suzuki selbst wird langsam klar, dass er diese Rollen eben nicht (mehr) spielen soll."
medouse wrote on 13.12.2020:
[9.0] "One of the best japanese factions ever. Unlike other stables they still keep the pace and they are still on the top for so many years now. I think they will be out there rocking the world for another 10 years. Their heel gimmick and hard style is their best factor. Besides that, they have a living legend himself - Suzuki Minoru. What a group!"
BlakeFR37 wrote on 05.10.2020:
[10.0] "SUZUKI-GUN ICHIBAN ! This stable means business and every member is so great, one of the best wrestling stables of all-time."
Ma Stump Puller wrote on 08.08.2020:
[7.0] "Like most stables, you have to judge them by the sum of their parts, not just one or two people. Suzuki-Gun have improved since their pretty terrible NOAH invasion with the rise of Taichi as a actual threat (and not, you know, pin fodder) and Zack Sabre Jr, who has breathed new life into the group and has also improved a ton personality and promo wise, and seems to be positioned as the group's eventual leader. Suzuki is still the best quality wise out of them, even if his age is starting to catch up to him. The rest of the group are either battered vets who can barely work (TAKA, Lizuka before he retired, Kanemaru to a lesser extent) or junior heavyweights still tailing behind (Desperado, DOUKI). In their prime, they were a dangerous faction that was booked strongly: the last few years has massively nerfed them and I doubt they will be in the main title picture unless something crazy happens. At the moment, the group is mostly not great, and they really need new established talent beyond ZSJ to really get them rolling again."
Casey Cline wrote on 23.07.2020:
[10.0] "Suzuki-gun is my favorite faction in New Japan Pro Wrestling. They have great cohesion and a great selection of wrestlers. You have Minoru Suzuki (what's there to say that hasn't been said already? ), grizzled veterans Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Taka Michinoku, over the top heel Taichi, technical wizard Zach Sabre Jr. , unique junior heavyweight El Desperado, and the promising new addition Douki. I can't ask for a better selection of heels."
Scott Kobayashi wrote on 23.07.2020:
[9.0] "As a faction they are top tier. But their booking has hurt them a little. They are clearly seen as the lowest faction on the kayfabe New Japan totem poll. Suzuki does a great job as the leader and is still capable of strong main event performance once or twice a year even if New Japan is fading him out. ZSJ and Taichi are being positioned as the no. 1 and no. 2 members respectively with both likely to trade the roll as top guy in the faction and no. 2 around. Despy is being set up as the junior ace of the group, Kanemaru is the vet who on his day can still go, but is excellent at laying out matches, and DOUKI is the pin eater. They got hurt by the departure of DBS and especially Archer. They need a bruiser. A Jeff Cobb or maybe the freshly minted regular roster member Karl Fredericks would be good additions to the group."
PunchInTheNuts wrote on 12.07.2019:
[9.0] "Great faction of assholes. It's the less dominant faction in New Japan but they just do their job really well to get their opponents over while still remaining kind of a threat. At this point Suzuki will clearly never win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, I doubt he'll even win the Intercontinental Championship again, he's clearly falling in the hierarchy so it will be interesting to see if some members turn on their leader again. Zack Sabre Jr. is the top threat right now, Taichi is becoming a solid number 2. The visual of this faction is cool and they still feel united in some way."
PuroresuLover wrote on 16.05.2019:
[10.0] "A bunch of badasses doing what they want to do and no one is going to stop them... yup, I'm alright with this."
ElPolloLoco wrote on 29.04.2019:
[6.0] "This stable started off great but already in 2015 got long in the tooth. Packing them off to NOAH was an interesting choice and could have been a nice way to quietly disband the stable and give its members a fresh start once the novelty had worn off, but instead the invasion angle dragged on for far too long and threatened to drag NOAH down with it. Since the stable was brought back to NJPW it has done little more than bore me to tears. Outside of Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr the only stable member who's worth anything is El Desperado, and he's rarely allowed to have a decent match. Taka Michinoku and Yoshinobu Kanemaru used to be great but age and injuries haven't been kind to them, Takahashi Iizuka was a good tag wrestler... over a decade ago and has mercifully since retired because his body just couldn't take it anymore, Taichi is one of the dullest wrestlers I have seen in the past decade and only notable for the race queen accompanying him to the ring (when the budget allows it) and mercifully Davey Boy Smith Jr and Lance Archer haven't been seen in a while because neither is much better than Taichi. That I am giving them a positive rating is a testament of how good and intriguing were at the beginning of their existence."
KING wrote on 09.11.2018:
[6.0] "Suzuki surrounds himself with punk ass bitches in order to have interferences, that's all, the juniors surrounding him are just midcarders, the stable improved after recruiting Kanemaru from NOAH and ZSJ tho, so I'll give them a 6"
liveru wrote on 24.10.2018:
[9.0] "Suzuki-gun reminds me of the old gang factions from the 90s, but ten times better. Each member of the group has his own skills and strengths and when they come together, winning matches seems to be secondary behind hurting their opponents. I love it. Suzuki is the perfect horrendous boss that has built himself an army of like minded individuals. It helps that the vast majority of the members are very good wrestlers."
TooSweetPhil wrote on 09.12.2017:
[4.0] "Insgesamt ist das Stable zwar nicht wirklich perfekt, auch nicht sehr gut, aber alle mal interessant. Eine Fraktion rund um einen Lonely Warrior wirkt Schwarz auf Weiß etwas diskutabel, aber wenn man sieht wie fast jedes Mitglied perfekt das "Arschloch" verkörpern kann, klappt das schon. Für mich fehlen im Stable aber die besonderen Mitglieder. Klar, Desperado hat sich durch's BOSJ verbessert und ja ZSJ/Suzuki sind genial, aber sonst ist der Rest, allen voran Taichi nur da um in Multi-Matches den Pin einzustecken oder in Main Matches eingreifen. Deswegen geht meine Bewertung auf 7 runter. UPDATE: Hier bedarf ein großer De-Rank. Mittlerweile sind SZKG Matches, die genießbar sind eine absolute Rarität! Unfassbar wie hier immer wieder Matches im Bullsh*t etc. enden. 3 Punkte Abzug noch auf die ausreichenden: 4/10"
arrancar wrote on 28.11.2017:
[5.0] "Suzuki-gun has some good to great talents in its ranks, obviously excluding Iizuka. Every single member excluding Iizuka is capable of producing good to great matches also, but its the overall package that really holds back the stable. TOO. MUCH. INTERFERENCE. It's just awful seeing matches go down the tubes from the very bell because there are already some Suzuki-gun members interfering on one of their members' behalves. All that interference played a large role in Suzuki's awful NEVER title run and also just generally holds back a lot of the undercard tag matches. Suzuki-gun members swarming someone on the outside or using weapons to knock an opponent down while the referee isn't looking is extremely dull, especially when its such a common occurrence. It's at the point where even a wrestler miraculously surviving the Suzuki-gun shenanigans and fighting back to achieve victory is itself also boring because it happens relatively frequently. I think most people watch NJPW because it really treats its wrestling like a sport. That's why I watch at least. Suzuki-gun just reminds me of the westernised wrestling industry that I try to mostly avoid. It's a shame too, because these wrestlers could put together a fantastic stable if they wished. With less interference while still maintaining their heel direction they could easily be great. I won't say the stable is outright bad, because they still produce some decent tag matches, but I definitely won't say they're good either."
Micha1704 wrote on 17.09.2017:
[6.0] "Solides Stable mit Solider Besetzung. Einzig MiSu, Sabre und an manchen stellen Desperado stechen hier noch wirklich heraus. KES wird solide gepusht, schwächelt jedoch hinter den anderen Heavyweight Teams. Taka und Taichi sind nicht schlecht, aber auch nicht mehr als Opener Guys und Lizuka kann man voll vergessen. Ein ganz großer Kritikpunkt am Stable ist das Booking um sie mit den ständigen Eingriffen welche den Matchflow komplett killen und die Matches meist sogar 2-3 Stufen abwerten. Vom coolen NOAH Stable um Suzuki zum soliden, aber schlecht gebookten Stable von New Japan welches bei weitem nicht mit CHAOS, LIJ oder dem BC mithalten kann. Schade."
Leo Evans wrote on 17.09.2017:
[9.0] "Das Stable gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut. Stimmige Zusammenstellung von lauter richtigen Arschlöchern, die schon beim Entrance eine ganz gewisse Aura besitzen. Suzuki als Leader ist sowieso über jeden Zweifel erhaben, ZSJ als neuestes Mitglied mochte ich nie, bei Suzuki-gun finde ich ihn genial"
Headlock wrote on 21.06.2017:
[3.0] "Die Einzelteile von Suzuki-gun gehen von Grandios (Minoru Suzuki, El Desperado) zu Gut (K. E. S. TAKA Michinoku), Langweilig (Kanemaru, Taichi) und grottig (ZSJ, Takashi Iizuka) Aber anstatt das die Guten Wrestler die schlechten hochziehen ist es leider genau das Gegenteil. Was schade ist da das Stable 2012-13 großartig war"
SlothFacts wrote on 04.03.2017:
[8.0] "This stable started out kind of interesting. Minoru Suzuki is one of the best wrestlers in the world, and the initial concept seemed to be a that of a bunch of roughneck freelancers who train together, and back each other up (rules be damned). The stable had a dangerous air about it, and it didn't hurt that Minoru Suzuki was (and still is) one of the best wrestler in the world. Killer Elite Squad have been a pretty solid tag team, and at the time, TAKA Michinoku was great. Now-a-days, the stable is more known for the kind of overbooking that characterized their overexposing run with NOAH. Ironically, the run would have been fine had it ended in the first year like it seemed it was going to. The addition of Takashi Sugiura to continue their run atop the promotion was a bridge way too far. Now back in NJPW, they're sporting stylish track suits, and had an incredibly hot return that washed away a lot of the bad taste the NOAH run left in many people's mouths. Unfortunately, there are still issues. Namely, TAKA is old and just seems to take some nights off, Taichi is incredibly bland, and Iizuka is even worse than Taichi. Still, the addition of guys like El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru has helped the stable continue to give solid performances (even if Gedo doesn't seem inclined to give Desperado much of a chance)."
Luv all wrestling wrote on 22.06.2016:
[4.0] "This suzuki gun stable is the pure definition of over exposed as far as booking is concerned, this stable has been the only storyline noah has been focusing on for the past 18 months and it still has not ended! I really hope suzuki gun leave noah soon as their dominance have not only burnt the fans out but has become predictable, pre this horibble angle they have been somewhat intresting and need a change of focus, probably going back to njpw is what's best for them"
Matzinho wrote on 03.11.2014:
"Das Stable ist super, aber mal ehrlich, das Bild sieht doch irgendwie befremdlich aus, wie Takayama und Suzuki da schwitzend und keuchend hinter den verschmitzt grinsenden Taichi und Michinoku stehen, die ihnen den Hintern entgegenstrecken ..."
apc24 wrote on 03.03.2014:
[9.0] "Minoru Suzuki's powerful stable Suzuki-gun has a group of very talented wrestlers (including Gaijins) who are strong competitors and really have potential to become A-Class players."
Roode66 wrote on 07.01.2014:
[9.0] "Benjamin ist ein guter Wrestler, KES aktuell eines meiner Lieblingsteams überhaupt, TAKA Michinoku ist sowieso cool, Taichi macht seine Sache auch wirklich gut und Minoru Suzuki ist sowieso die coolste Sau und der einzige Mensch auf der Welt, den so eine abgefuckte Frisur wirklich gut steht. Das Stable ist also fast durchgängig mit Leuten besetzt, wie mir wirklich gut gefallen. Schade nur, dass es für Suzuki noch nicht für den World Title in New Japan gereicht hat evt auch in Zukunft nie ganz reichen wird."
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