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When two wrestlers join forces, it may result in a marriage, a child and sometimes something quite embarassing. In most cases, however, the new combination is more harmless, because joined forces in wrestling are often no more or less than so-called tag teams. The wrestlers will fight rivals together, win titles together, switch places in the car on the way to the next show and more. But we digress. This database contains all information you ever wanted about tag teams.
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#Most Popular NameMembersRatingVotes
9601Buzz Sawyer & Ole AndersonBuzz Sawyer & Ole Anderson  
9602Greg Peterson & Silento RodriguezGreg Peterson & Silento Rodriguez  
9603Art Thomas & The Amazing ZumaArt Thomas & The Amazing Zuma  
9604Delia & Marie-AnnaDelia & Marie-Anna  
9605Fuzzy Cupid & Ivan The TerribleFuzzy Cupid & Ivan The Terrible  
9606International Superstars Blanco Loco & Dream Girl Ellie  
9607Vice City EmpireAJ Cazana & Donovan Daniels  
9608Bash BrosChris Ross & Dave Turner  
9609Money Shot Elijah Dean & Zach Nystrom  
9610Faculty Mr. D & Ms. Marti  
9611Northern ThreatLuc Lapointe & Jean Paul  
9612Northern Threat Luc Lapointe & Dexter Hardaway  
9613Z&EAndrew Everett & DJ Z  
9614Texans The Texas Outlaw & Tommy Jack McGee  
9615Los Guerreros EspacialesElemental & Orbita  
9616Los BravuconesBanner & Menex  
9617Boots And LariatsPat Sawyer & Ray Ross  
9618Booty And The AceArik Royal & Faye Jackson  
9619Border Patrol Colt Stevens & JR Kratos  
9620LIGHTSOUTHarszang & Tyrone Kidd  
9621Oklahoma Bad BoysBad Boy & Glen Steel  
9622Queens Of WrestlingKatey Harvey & Pollyanna  
9623Queen's World OrderMitchell Starr & Priscilla   
9624Shootokan Fight TeamJonathan Rukin & Thomas Leduc  
9625Short And SweetMatty Short & Sweet T  
9626Tokyo TwinsTokyo Twin I & Tokyo Twin II  
9627TEMPLEJeff Black & Lenny Lilac  
9628UnbookablesDave Waz & Steve Gage  
9629UnbrokenAlex Decay & Marc Mandrake  
9630Unbreakables Kent Nelson & Warren Banks  
9631ZWOMr. Blur & Shane Fox  
9632CultureLee Johnson & Liam Gray  
9633EstoniaboyZKert Kukk & Mike Nomad  
9634Fun PoliceGreg Rotten & Sensei Bock  
9635Fun Time TroubleFun Time Phil & Mike Burr  
9636FunBoyzFoxx Vinyer & Kyle Brad  
9637Giant SlayerzFrankie Verrillo & Yann Pike  
9638Cowboy Bradley & Sonny Boy CassidyCowboy Bradley & Sonny Boy Cassidy  
9639Lord Littlebrook & Tiny Tim Lord Littlebrook & Tiny Tim   
964010 Minute MagicBrian Klass & Matt Jones  
9641Team CurfewMax Risky & Skyler   
9642Crazy Tough EnemiesJoshua Bishop & Matthew Justice  
9643X-HectorMajor-X & Neal The Hector  
9644420 BrothersKamik-C & Skalibur  
9645Cowboy Bradley & Lord LittlebrookCowboy Bradley & Lord Littlebrook  
9646Pancho Lopez & The Brown PantherPancho Lopez & The Brown Panther  
9647LEGIT Brandon Paradise & Shane Hexxon  
9648Noise BrigadeJohnny Torres & Juba  
9649Noise R UsMike Check & Rob Lias  
9650Old School Empire Damien Wayne & Mike Booth  
9651Old School Empire Patch & Vincent The Fixxer  
9652West Side EliteCousin Ali & Jake Lindo  
9653West Side Playas 2099Boyce In Da Hood & Vanilla Icebox  
9654La Combinaison GagnanteJimmy Rampage & Simon Steeler  
9655Blade BoyzCorvus Blade & JC Blade  
9656Cowboy Bradley & The Jamaica KidCowboy Bradley & The Jamaica Kid  
9657Varsity BlondsBrian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison  
9658Admit Two ProductionsMovie Myk & Patrick Scott  
9659Abbey Street Boot Boys Chuck McMullen & Gil Quest  
96602 Broke BlokesChris Von Sharpe & Matt Fox  
9661East And West Express Angus Barnett & Tommy Cash  
9662SPiCEAPMaika Ozaki & Tae Honma  
9663Fat Machine GunsTrucker & Jason Cain  
9664La Familia SangrientaJaime Lector & Santiago Sangriento  
9665La Fusion MalditaArgoz & Sombra Lagunera  
9666La Legion Du NordDagmar & L'Impitoyable Skoll  
9667La Raza Leon Negro & Sonico   
9668La Revenge Des NerdsParadox & The T   
9669Old Skool RidersAnthony Mafia & Kent Nelson  
9670Old SkullLukas Skott & Rayo Verde   
9671Old Time ClassicEmilio & Nick Cage  
9672Raging SicknessJason Levi & Rage   
9673Young Wolves Michael Dunn & Poncho Arp  
9674Young TeamDylan Angel & Wee Jay Smalls  
9675Grimy BastardsDeklan Grant & Devon Moore  
9676Aaron Insane & Sasa KeelAaron Insane & Sasa Keel  
9677RighteousBateman & Vincent   
9678Brick City BoyzJulio Cruz & Victor Chase  
9679Weapon NextBrock Hall & Logan Lynch  
9680Luis Martinez & Pancho PicoLuis Martinez & Pancho Pico  
9681Felix Godo & Marcos GodoFelix Godo & Marcos Godo  
9682Los NegociantesDemonio Infernal & Fresero Jr.  
9683Omar Atlas & Tito MontezOmar Atlas & Tito Montez  
9684Texas Outlaws Bobby Burns & Dan Wilder  
9685Glass CeilingAce Haven & Dameon Ceretone  
9686BodgeaDanny Rivera & Papo Esco  
9687Killer Instinct Chucky Bates & Gunner Wixx  
9688Sideshow Cypher & Nacho Clown  
9689Yo BoyzBobby Yela & Rocco Blaze  
9690Boxcar BoysHomeless Bob & Sidewalk Sam  
9691Brisbane Street BulliesAdrian Alexander & Chris Lockwood  
9692Brand Chris Bradley & Kristian Ross  
96932ATBig T & Sweet T  
9694Bashby BrothersBashby & Bob Bashby  
9695Beauty And The Beast SlayerKimberly Spirit & Zac Belmont  
9696Aerial HyBrosJay Garner & Shogun J  
9697Aiston Inc. Ryan Eagles & Bruce Mills  
9698AntiHeroesAndrew Rogers & Chris Walker   
9699JeremiesNoah Jeremi & Pete Jeremi  
9700Kings Of BeastLeon & Red Scorpion   
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