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When two wrestlers join forces, it may result in a marriage, a child and sometimes something quite embarassing. In most cases, however, the new combination is more harmless, because joined forces in wrestling are often no more or less than so-called tag teams. The wrestlers will fight rivals together, win titles together, switch places in the car on the way to the next show and more. But we digress. This database contains all information you ever wanted about tag teams.
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#Most Popular NameMembersRatingVotes
9401Smack IndustriesAlexander & Jon E. King  
9402Dunn DealDal Knox & Vinny Dunn  
9403Golden AceHiroshi Tanahashi & Kota Ibushi  
9404Emerald JusticeKid Liger & Link Van Haggard  
9405Pirates And Ninjas Are Totally AwesomeNinja Fury & Pirate Burns  
9406Perfect Strangers Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff & The New Zealand Dream  
9407Xtreme SuperstarsDavey Deluxeo & Jordan Invincible  
9408Kiwi ExpressDavey Deluxeo & Dils Deluxeo  
9409Fire MountainDanny Jacobs & Elias   
9410Team Pro-TeamJustin Decent & The Waipukurau Warrior  
9411Dictators Of ImpactAlfred Valentine & Dominic Le Fauce  
9412Mixed Martial Arts ExpertsA-Class & Harley   
9413TnT TK Cooper & Lil T  
9414ClementsonsJoel Clementson & Luke Clementson  
9415Fro-FitnessJustin Decent & Pat Schisk  
9416G1ftedLogan Cruz & Wheezy T  
9417Grey WolvesJheras Grey & Jimi Grey  
9418Wylde N RandyRandy Fitzsimmons & Willie Wylde  
9419Lotus Gavin Quinn & Juntai  
9420Agents Of ChangeAaron Henry & Jakob Cross  
9421Jukebox HeroesElias & Pat Schisk  
9422Brown MagicTED & TKD   
9423Butcher Vachon & Stan VachonButcher Vachon & Stan Vachon  
9424UnguidedAce Of Knaves & Harlequin Of Hate  
9425Cesaro & Shinsuke NakamuraCesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura  
9426Mosh Cliff Killmeister & Kyle Shaddix  
9427Reck SquadLuscious Page & Timothy Savage  
9428Epic LoveCody Love & Treyvon Smith  
9429GinjazBE Stone & H2   
9430Country Club Tier 2Dan Blizerian & Kipp Rude  
9431Lucha DaddiesMotros Jungle & Ryan Kidd  
9432Go Hard Life TwinsLaur & Linda   
9433Saints Nevermor & Overdose  
9434Pretty Marvelous And StrykingSteve Sterling Jr. & Tyler Matthews  
9435Deadly Alliance Criss Chambers & JJ Castillo  
9436Keystone State Dude CoreShawn Phoenix & Ziggy Haim  
9437Wet DreamBig Fish Rembowski & Daniel Winchester  
9438Sons Of DarknessAaron Roxas & Danny En Fuego  
9439Crazy SelfieMr. Selfie & Stevo Stevens  
9440Purists Dan Splash & David Eton  
9441Agents Of Chaos Big Vik & Xavier Shadowz  
9442Devil's Rejects DM Morrelli & Jakob The Butcher  
9443Too Much SwagBrick Andrews & White Stevens III  
9444Power CoupleDan Evans & Natalie Wild  
9445Coalition Blizzard & Sterling Glory  
9446Young Studs Jared Kripke & Jayden Quick  
9447Mid Michigan Meme MachineDollar & Kipp Rude  
9448Dangerous Minds J-Dogg & Kevin Roberts  
9449Privileged DW Kelley & Robbie Keto  
9450Pub CrawlersJohnny O'Mara & Zero The Antihero  
9451MinajatwaCJ Ward & Larry Canis  
9452CarnatioCarnage & Heratio  
9453Team NRGJack Walker & Sean Morrel  
9454Vicious And Delicious Morgan Black & Warren Banks  
9455ExpressElliot Lucan & Jack Tayson  
9456Devil's Advocates David Deville & Rex Dangerous  
9457Ruff NexCO Hustler & Country  
9458Kinji Shibuya & Mr. MotoKinji Shibuya & Mr. Moto  
9459Initiative Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon  
9460Pepper Gomez & Rocky JohnsonPepper Gomez & Rocky Johnson  
9461Irish Jackie & Sky Low LowIrish Jackie & Sky Low Low  
9462Miller Brothers Ed Miller & Dan Miller  
9463High HopesAlex Zayne & Caleb Courageous  
9464Sick BoysErin Jacobs & Rory Coyle  
9465Frank Hester & Roberto SotoFrank Hester & Roberto Soto  
9466Ashen BrothersDamian Black & Nick Grey  
9467Old City OutlawsPJ Hanson & Terry Kadillac  
9468Rent Collection AgencyMikey Everynite & The Landlord  
9469Al Perez & Larry ZbyszkoAl Perez & Larry Zbyszko  
9470Student Union Freddy & Jack   
9471Dogs Of War David Faulkner & The Babyfaced Pitbull  
9472Jeff Jarrett & Robert FullerJeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller  
9473Les Blousons NoirsMarcel Manneveau & Claude Gessat  
9474Bang Bros August Matthews & Davey Bang  
9475PUNXChristian Kobain & Crash Jaxon  
9476Girls RoomAva Everett & Davienne  
9477HEATShane Alden & Virus   
9478Rebellion Jack Toreno & Taylor Essex  
9479FormidableBrett Ryans & Zak Northern  
9480Steve Armstrong & Tommy RichSteve Armstrong & Tommy Rich  
9481Danny Davis & Hubert GallantDanny Davis & Hubert Gallant  
9482King Parsons & Pork Chop CashKing Parsons & Pork Chop Cash  
9483Bill Ash & David SchultzBill Ash & David Schultz  
9484Robert Fuller & Ted DiBiaseRobert Fuller & Ted DiBiase  
9485Attempted MurderAlister Crowe & Dorian Crowe  
9486Dave Morgan & Tony CharlesDave Morgan & Tony Charles  
9487Damage Inc. Caleb Scott & Paul Wolfe  
9488Shovel BoysAustin Tyler Morris & Brandon Taggart  
9489Waves And CurlsJaylen Bradyn & Traevon Jordan  
9490Wealth Of WrestlingBlake Banks & Daniel Lacey  
9491Apex EchelonJosh Dawkins & Kwame Nas  
9492Amir Jordan & Kenny WilliamsAmir Jordan & Kenny Williams  
9493Helsinki BruisersKing Kong Karhula & Salomon Strid  
9494TylinerBobbi Tyler & Kelly Sixx  
9495Beach Bod GodsAngel Camacho & Ray The Bae  
9496Fugitives Seth & Wyld Chyld  
9497Sons Of SalemRex Chapel & Sinn Krowley  
9498Riott Squad Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott  
9499Nia Jax & Shayna BaszlerNia Jax & Shayna Baszler  
9500Not Yet RatedJordan Kingsley & Kevin Ryan  
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