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When two wrestlers join forces, it may result in a marriage, a child and sometimes something quite embarassing. In most cases, however, the new combination is more harmless, because joined forces in wrestling are often no more or less than so-called tag teams. The wrestlers will fight rivals together, win titles together, switch places in the car on the way to the next show and more. But we digress. This database contains all information you ever wanted about tag teams.
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#Most Popular NameMembersRatingVotes
1001Regular GuysBob E. Hill & Tyler Smith  
1002Mom 2KDeon Johnson & Sir Mo  
1003Regulators Sam Quentin & LA Warren  
1004Murder JunkiesBill Skullion & Ian Decay  
1005RemarkablesBubblegum & Dirk Feelgood  
1006YoungbloodsMark Youngblood & Chris Youngblood  
1007RetropopChris Egan & Dave Rayne  
1008RevoluchasAngel de Guerra & El Sombra  
1009Revolution Genichiro Tenryu & Ashura Hara  
1010Revolution Rick O'Shea & Harry Hardshaw  
1011Rhythm And BoozeBuddy Delmar & Frank The Tank  
1012RichesJohnny Rich & Tommy Rich  
1013Rising Suns Prof. Toru Tanaka & Mitsu Arakawa  
1014Yoshihito Sasaki & Shinya IshikawaYoshihito Sasaki & Shinya Ishikawa  
1015Rock 'n' Roll RPM'sTommy Lane & Mike Davis  
1016Rock 'n' SoulKing Parsons & Buck Zumhofe  
1017Rock And Cock ExpressPornstar Juan & Twiggy  
1018Rose CousinsRandy Rose & Pat Rose  
1019New Backseat BoyzTeddy Fine & Trent Acid  
1020Royal KangaroosLord Jonathan Boyd & Norman Frederick Charles III  
1021Russians Krusher Kruschev & Ivan Koloff  
1022S&S Express Scott Storm & Steve Anthony  
1023Sabotage Eddie Edwards & DC Dillinger  
1024Sal Rinauro & Tony MamalukeSal Rinauro & Tony Mamaluke  
1025Salt 'n' PepperStan Lee & Derrick King  
1026Samoan Fight ClubAfa Jr. & Siaki  
1027KrackoLanternKrackerJak & Jacko Lantern  
1028Samoan Island TribeSamu & Mana  
1029Hot Shots Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma  
1030SCUMWrathchild & Killswitch  
1031Serial ThrillazMike Maverick & Shane Helms  
1032Sexual Harassment Eric Xtasy & JT Rodgers  
1033Sexual HarassmentEric Xtasy & Justin Idol  
1034Sexy AssassinsFlex & Tim Grind  
1035ShadowsShadow #1 & Shadow #2  
1036ShaneSawJigsaw & Shane Storm  
1037Shaolin Wrecking CrewMAGIC & Suba  
1038Sheepherders Jonathan Boyd & Rip Morgan  
1039Sheepherders Jonathan Boyd & Luke Williams  
1040Shock And AweAwe & Shock  
1041Shockwave Erick Stevens & Mikey Batts  
1042Shooting StarsSick & Steve Douglas  
1043Sicilian ShootersLittle Guido & Kid Kruel  
1044SiciliansLou Albano & Tony Altimore  
1045Sick And TwistedEvan Siks & Matt Storm  
1046Simply FabulousFabulous Frederick & Carlton Kaz  
1047Simply MarvelousD-Von Fury & PT Hustla  
1048Simply The BestBabyface & Hype Gotti  
1049Sioux War PartyDancing Wolf & White Wolf  
1050Six Feet UnderFreakshow & Insane Lane  
1051Skyscrapers Mean Mark & Dan Spivey  
1052SlackersChad Bowman & Dino Divine  
1053Slaughter BoysJohn Slaughter & Joe Slaughter  
1054SLI 2007Fred La Merveille & Kenny The Bastard  
1055Sodom And GomoraGomora & Sodom  
1056Softcore ConnectionZ-Barr & Nick Berk  
1057Soldiers Of FortuneB-Wire & Sniper   
1058SolutionPapadon & Havok  
1059Sonic FangSonic & Fang   
1060Sexual Harassment JT Rodgers & Troy Lords  
1061Soul PatrolRocky Johnson & Deon Johnson  
1062Soul ShootersDrew Johnson & Appollo Starr  
1063Sound BrothersOwen Sound & Parry Sound  
1064South Coast Rock 'n' Roll ExpressIan Logan & Jake McCluskey  
1065Southern AllianceRoss Jordan & Stixx  
1066Young PistolsSteve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers  
1067Southern ComfortChris Hamrick & Tracy Smothers  
1068Southern ForceBobby Jaggers & Tony Anthony  
1069Southern PosseSonny Trout & Rick Thames  
1070Southern RockersScott Peterson & Steve Doll  
1071Southern RockHillbilly Jed & Indiana Kidd Jr.  
1072Southern SensationsLance Jade & Blade Boudreaux  
1073Southside PlayazJ-Money & Will B. Smooth  
1074Space DragonsSpace Cadet & The Irish Dragon  
1075Stan Hansen & Terry GordyStan Hansen & Terry Gordy  
1076Stanlee SteamersBob Stanlee & Steve Stanlee  
1077Stars And SicklesThe Russian Destroyer & The New York Assassin  
1078Strongbow BrothersChief Jay Strongbow & Jules Strongbow  
1079Strong BrothersSedrick Strong & Roderick Strong  
1080Style And FinesseMike Donovan & Rob Vegas  
1081Sudden Impact Jamie Impact & Stu Pendous  
1082Sudden Impact Zack Storm & Ryan Rush  
1083Suicidal Tendencies Dennis Allen & Sean Allen  
1084Suicidal TendenciesJon Phoenix & Adam Jacobs  
1085Suicide Blondes Jason Lee & Derrick King  
1086Suicide KidzXtremo & Cody 45  
1087SuperDiculousDave Drexler & Mike Rayne  
1088Super HeavyweightsTowel Boy & Hurricane Kid  
1089SuperjocksEd Atlas & Chris Evans  
1090Super MedicsSuper Medic I & Super Medic III  
1091Super MedicosSuper Medic I & Super Medic II  
1092SWAT TeamSWAT #1 & SWAT #2  
1093Team T&A Talia Madison & April Hunter  
1094T2KJames Scott & Wolfgang  
1095WILD IITakeshi Rikio & Takeshi Morishima  
1096Team 420Chip Stetson & Hellcat  
1097Team ArmageddonViolator & Volcano   
1098Team BlondageKrissy Vaine & Amber O'Neal  
1099STIDickie Divers & William Grange  
1100Team DormanstownChris Whitton & Kid Richie  
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