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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 7.22
zephyr wrote on 25.09.2019:
[7.0] "Pretty much your archetypal quick babyface junior heavyweights. Not entirely sure what their gimmick actually is aside from being Rocky's babies though."
PunchInTheNuts wrote on 12.07.2019:
[7.0] "Really solid team, the junior tag team division is built around them and they're doing a good job. They don't have an insane chemistry, in fact sometimes I think some of their team moves look a little awkward but it's maybe because they are different type of wrestlers. SHO is more of a silent badass type of guy with a lot of power moves, intensity and some MMA training while YOH is more of a showman, but they can be complementary in some way. I think they need more experience and the company to put more care in this division to allow them to have great matches more often, to really established them as one of the greatest junior team. Because storywise they clearly intend for them to break some records in this division, but they still have some work to do."
PuroresuLover wrote on 13.05.2019:
[8.0] "The best Junior Tag Team in the world right now! SHO and YOH have such a great chemistry and both of them knows how to be a cool underdog. Their feud with Suzuki-gun was awesome, I hope they become a big thing in their singles career too."
Sebastian V wrote on 16.03.2019:
[8.0] "Ein Tag Team, dass sich zuletzt richtig gut entwickelt hat und inzwischen konstant gut abliefert im Ring. Haben da inzwischen eine gute Mischung aus Highflying, Character Work und Storytelling gefunden. Sind in nichts davon die besten aber in allem auf wirklich gutem Niveau. Deshalb 8 Punkte. Ebenfalls 8 Punkte für die Ausstrahlung und das Charisma. Sie können sowohl als kämpfende Underdogs als auch als Heels überzeugen. Insgesamt jetzt schon ein gutes Tag Team, dessen Entwicklung noch nicht am Ende ist."
Makai Club wrote on 08.03.2019:
[8.0] "Tag Teams can be hit and miss with me but Roppongi 3K connect straight away, from their days as the Tempura Boyz to their R3K debuts. Both has showed great singles promise as well tags which makes them must watch for me in any regard. They are highly consistent as a tag team, having tons of really good matches and being an enjoyable part of the show every time."
ElPolloLoco wrote on 08.03.2019:
[6.0] "Both young men are good wrestlers, but their tag team feels merely adequate. I don't know if it's the generic gimmick, the ridiculous ring attire, the goofy entrance and hand signs or the fact they are constantly compared to the Forever Hooligans and Roppongi Vice, but this tag team merely feels like filler. Which is a pity because the matches are always entertaining and high energy and both young men are obviously working very hard on their mic skills and character work. It is often said the only failure of Gedo and Jado as NJPW bookers was their treatment of the tag team division, and Roppongi 3K can be considered yet another proof of this."
taabr2 wrote on 04.05.2018:
[6.0] "They are a decent tag team but honestly nothing they have done blows me away completely. I can't help but compare then to Roppongi Vice and they just don't measure up."
koolgirl wrote on 27.12.2017:
[8.0] "Their current run as junior-heavyweight champions seems very promising. The crowd seems to love them, they're good looking guys and their matches that I've seen have been really fun."
arrancar wrote on 07.11.2017:
[7.0] "Sho and Yoh were always my favourites of the previous batch of young lions, and to see them return to NJPW and get pushed as the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions and win the Super Junior Tag Tournament was great. They have a nice swagger in their attitudes, playing up the party boy gimmick associated with Roppongi. In the ring they are already very impressive. Yoh has nice agility and Sho has very impressive strength and timing. Their tag team moves have looked a bit weak at times, but they've mostly been impressive. They're a breath of fresh air and I really hope we see both of them as individual junior stars too."
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