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#DatePromotionMatch fixtureWONMatch TypeRatingVotes
123.10.2010CHIKARAAres, Claudio Castagnoli, Daizee Haze, Delirious, Pinkie Sanchez, Sara Del Rey, Tim Donst & Tursas vs. Eddie Kingston, Hallowicked, Icarus, Jigsaw, Larry Sweeney, Mike Quackenbush, STIGMA & UltraMantis BlackTorneo Cibernetico9.0426
207.03.2010Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Chris HeroSingles9.1117
306.03.2010Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Claudio CastagnoliSingles  
405.03.2010Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Matt JacksonSingles  
531.01.2010CHIKARAAres, Claudio Castagnoli, Lince Dorado & Tursas vs. Eddie Kingston, Equinox , Jigsaw & Mike QuackenbushEight Man Tag Team6.8210
607.03.2008Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Big Van WalterSingles  
701.03.2008German Stampede WrestlingAbsolute Andy vs. Ares vs. Chris Colen vs. Michael KovacFour Way8.2714
823.11.2007Catch Wrestling NorddeutschlandAres vs. Chris Hero vs. John KayThree Way9.3610
928.10.2007Pro Wrestling GuerrillaAres vs. Joey RyanSingles  
1027.10.2007Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Chris HeroSingles9.4824
1106.05.2007Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. El GenericoSingles6.7913
1206.05.2007Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Chris HeroSingles9.3729
1321.04.2007Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres & Marc Roudin vs. Atsushi Aoki & Go ShiozakiTag Team  
1410.03.2007Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Nigel McGuinnessSingles8.6212
1517.02.2007Catch Wrestling NorddeutschlandAres vs. Karsten KretschmerSingles  
1603.02.2007German Stampede WrestlingAbsolute Andy vs. Ares vs. Axeman vs. Cannonball Grizzly vs. Chris Colen vs. Emil Sitoci vs. Eric Schwarz vs. HATE vs. Homicide vs. Joe E. Legend vs. John Kay vs. Leon van Gasteren vs. Murat Bosporus vs. Petey Williams vs. Ramirez vs. Robert Ray vs. Steve Douglas vs. Tim Weissbach vs. Violent Tom vs. X-DreamBattlefield8.866
1709.12.2006Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres & Double C vs. Baron von Hagen & Murat BosporusTag Team  
1816.09.2006Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Baron von HagenSingles9.509
1923.07.2006Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Doug WilliamsSingles8.338
2003.06.2006Catch Wrestling NorddeutschlandAres vs. Joe E. LegendSingles  
2131.03.2006CHIKARAAres vs. Mike QuackenbushSingles5.716
2218.03.2006Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Mike QuackenbushSingles  
2329.01.2006Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Mickie KnucklesSingles  
2413.11.2005Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Kenta KobashiSingles7.1421
2503.09.2005Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres, Claudio Castagnoli & Marc Roudin vs. Jamie Gardner, Jody Fleisch & Steve AllisonSix Man Tag Team  
2618.06.2005Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Robbie BrooksideSingles  
2712.06.2004Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Emil SitociSingles  
2804.10.2003Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Chris HeroSingles8.576
2918.04.2003Westside Xtreme WrestlingAres vs. Chris Hero vs. Double C vs. Mike QuackenbushFour Way7.387
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