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03.10.2014 - 04.10.2014MCW Tag Team Champion (3x) (with Ruckus)1 dayMatches
31.03.2014 - 01.06.2014APWA World Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Viper)62 daysMatches
22.02.2013 - 03.05.2014MCW Heavyweight Champion (2x)435 daysMatches
25.02.2012 - 23.06.2012APWA World Tag Team Champion (with New Tradition, Chase Stevens, Jock Samson, The Stro and Bobby Shields)119 daysMatches
05.06.2010 - 06.08.2011CZW South Champion427 daysMatches
01.05.2009 - 26.08.2009FNW Heavyweight Champion117 daysMatches
26.12.2007 - 21.02.2009MCW Heavyweight Champion423 daysMatches
05.05.2007 - 07.07.2007VCW Tag Team Champion (2x) (with John Kermon)63 daysMatches
16.07.2003 - 07.09.2003MEWF Maryland Unified Cruiserweight Champion53 daysMatches
16.07.2003 - 16.07.2003MCW Cruiserweight Champion (2x)<1 dayMatches
03.11.2001 - 22.05.2002MCW Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Joey Matthews)200 daysMatches
01.12.2001 - 21.04.2002VCW Tag Team Champion (with Joey Matthews)141 daysMatches
03.02.2001 - 17.02.2001NWA World Tag Team Champion (with Joey Matthews as Bad Street Boys)14 daysMatches
17.05.2000 - 02.08.2000MCW Tag Team Champion (with Joey Matthews)77 daysMatches
17.04.1999 - 30.07.1999ECWA Tag Team Champion (with Mark Shrader)104 daysMatches
21.11.1998 - 24.06.1999SCW Light Heavyweight Champion (2x)215 daysMatches
02.12.1998 - 21.05.1999MCW Cruiserweight Champion170 daysMatches
20.12.1998 - 01.04.1999SCW Tag Team Champion (with Joey Matthews)102 daysMatches
15.10.1998 - 04.03.1999CCPW/ASCW Lightweight Champion140 daysMatches
05.12.1998 - 29.01.1999OMEGA Light Heavyweight Champion55 daysMatches
02.09.1998 - 09.01.1999IPWA Light Heavyweight Champion (2x)129 daysMatches
03.01.1998 - xx.xx.1998NWA 2000 Light Heavyweight Champion?Matches
13.06.1998 - 22.08.1998IPWA Light Heavyweight Champion70 daysMatches
19.04.1998 - 31.07.1998SCW Junior Heavyweight Champion103 daysMatches
26.03.1998 - 08.05.1998SCW Light Heavyweight Champion43 daysMatches
xx.xx.1997 - 17.01.1998SCW Tag Team Champion (with Cueball Carmichael)?Matches
23.10.1997 - 13.11.1997MEWF Tag Team Champion (with Joey Matthews)21 daysMatches
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