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1Vikings: The Key [6x05]Kjetill Flatnose2020
2Vikings: Death And The Serpent [6x06]Kjetill Flatnose2020
3Vikings: The Ice Maiden [6x07]Kjetill Flatnose2020
4Vikings: Valhalla Can Wait [6x08]Kjetill Flatnose2020
5Vikings: Resurrection [6x09]Kjetill Flatnose2020
6Vikings: The Prophet [6x02]Kjetill Flatnose2019
7Vikings: Ghosts, Gods And Running Dogs [6x03]Kjetill Flatnose2019
8Vikings: The Buddha [5x16]Ketill Flatnose2019
9Vikings: The Most Terrible Thing [5x17]Ketill Flatnose2019
10Vikings: Baldur [5x18]Ketill Flatnose2019
11Vikings: All The Prisoners [6x04]Kjetill Flatnose2019
12Vikings: The Message [5x06]Ketill Flatnose2018
13Vikings: The Joke [5x08]Ketill Flatnose2018
14Vikings: A Simple Story [5x09]Ketill Flatnose2018
15Vikings: Moments Of Vision [5x10]Ketill Flatnose2018
16Vikings: The Revelation [5x11]Ketill Flatnose2018
17Vikings: A New God [5x13]Ketill Flatnose2018
18Vikings: The Lost Moment [5x14]Ketill Flatnose2018
19Vikings: Full Moon [5x07]Ketill Flatnose2017
20Vikings: The Prisoner [5x05]Ketill Flatnose2017
21Private Eyes: I Do, I Do [1x08]Ben Fisk2016
22InterrogationLucas Nolan2016
23Dumb LuckCameron2015
24Haven: A Matter of Time [5x22]Dwight Hendrickson2015
25Haven: Power [5x15]Dwight Hendrickson2015
26Haven: New World Order [5x14]Dwight Hendrickson2015
27Haven: The Trial of Nathan Wuornos [5x16]Dwight Hendrickson2015
28Haven: Enter Sandman [5x17]Dwight Hendrickson2015
29Haven: Wild Card [5x18]Dwight Hendrickson2015
30Haven: Perditus [5x19]Dwight Hendrickson2015
31Haven: Close to Home [5x21]Dwight Hendrickson2015
32Haven: The Widening Gyre [5x24]Dwight Hendrickson2015
33Haven: Forever [5x26]Dwight Hendrickson2015
34Haven: Now [5x25]Dwight Hendrickson2015
35Haven: Chosen [5x13]Dwight Hendrickson2014
36Haven: Chemistry [5x12]Dwight Hendrickson2014
37Haven: Reflections [5x11]Dwight Hendrickson2014
38Haven: Mortality [5x10]Dwight Hendrickson2014
39Haven: Morbidity [5x09]Dwight Hendrickson2014
40Haven: The Old Switcheroo: Part 2 [5x06]Dwight Hendrickson2014
41Haven: The Old Switcheroo: Part [5x05]Dwight Hendrickson2014
42Haven: Much Ado About Mara [5x04]Dwight Hendrickson2014
43Haven: Spotlight [5x03]Dwight Hendrickson2014
44Haven: Speak No Evil [5x02]Dwight Hendrickson2014
45Haven: See No Evil [5x01]Dwight Hendrickson2014
46Haven: Survivors [4x02]Dwight Hendrickson2013
47Haven: Lay Me Down [4x07]Dwight Hendrickson2013
48Haven: William [4x09]Dwight Hendrickson2013
49Haven: The Lighthouse [4x13]Dwight Hendrickson2013
50Haven: Reunion [3x12]Dwight Hendrickson2013
51Haven: Thanks for the Memories [3x13]Dwight Hendrickson2013
52Haven: Fallout [4x01]Dwight Hendrickson2013
53Haven: Bad Blood [4x03]Dwight Hendrickson2013
54Haven: Lost and Found [4x04]Dwight Hendrickson2013
55Haven: The New Girl [4x05]Dwight Hendrickson2013
56Haven: Shot in the Dark [4x11]Dwight Hendrickson2013
57Haven: 301 [3x01]Dwight Hendrickson2012
58Haven: Stay [3x02]Dwight Hendrickson2012
59Haven: Real Estate [3x06]Dwight Hendrickson2012
60Haven: Magic Hour [3x07]Dwight Hendrickson2012
61Haven: Magic Hour: Part 2 [3x07]Dwight Hendrickson2012
62Bending The RulesNick Blades2011
63Sanctuary: Into The Black [3x20]Thelo2011
64Sanctuary: Uprising [4x02]Thelo2011
65Haven: Sparks and Recreation [2x04]Dwight Hendrickson2011
66Haven: Lockdown [2x09]Dwight Hendrickson2011
67Haven: Who, What, Where, Wendigo? [2x10]Dwight Hendrickson2011
68Haven: Business as Usual [2x11]Dwight Hendrickson2011
69Mind of Mencia: Royal Religious Rumble [2x13]n/a2006
70Highlander: EndgameStraßenräuber2000
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