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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 7.0
laldila wrote on 13.10.2019:
[5.0] "When I first started getting into GCW and deathmatches Crane was a guy who was said to be one of their best. I think for a time he was, but recently he's slowed up a bit and has been eclipsed by other guys such as Eric Ryan and G-Raver. Still, he's willing to go all out for a match and the times I've seen him live he's been great. Its just that every now and then he delivers a real stinker. Hope he can get back to his better days, like in the NGI 2 where he was a delight."
brainbusterbill5150 wrote on 19.06.2019:
[8.0] "Markus seems suicidal, lol. Of the matches I? ve seen him in, he has taken some of the craziest bumps I? ve ever seen. I hope more companies push him. He seems willing to do anything."
LainIwakura wrote on 08.04.2019:
[8.0] "This guy is absolutely nuts. I've only ever seen him in deathmatches and all of them have been pretty violent. Cool tattoos, possibly more satanic than g-raver."
BertPrenticesBoyToy wrote on 07.12.2018:
[5.0] "As far as wrestlers go he's a hell of a drug dealer. Was a solid if underrated wrestler beforehand that worked hard and was better than the credit he was given. Injuries/lifestyle have severely hampered his abilities in 2018"
IsThisWrestling wrote on 17.10.2017:
[9.0] "Perhaps the most diverse deathmatch wrestler going today. You are easily convinced that he is a very self destructive and dangerous person. He is willing to take all the crazy, violent, suicidal spots that no one else is willing to take. Ever since I've taken a close eye to this guy, he has constantly showed signs of improvement. He reminds me of Thumbtack Jack so much that I don't know why all of you damn Germans haven't already been rating this guy. Along with SHLAK and G-Raver, he's the best thing going on the American death match scene, and after his matches this year with Masashi Takeda and Daisuke Masaoka, I hope he is able to pop up in Japan sometime in the coming year. It's a crime he hasn't received more attention, but I foresee that changing soon."
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