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Andre The Giant


Also known as Andre el Gigante, Andre Roussimoff, Andre The Giant Frenchman, Giant Machine, Jean Ferre, Monster Eiffel Tower, Monster Roussimoff, Polish Giant

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226.05.2021Rodycaz II10.0A cultural icon that transcended the wrestling business. Truly one of the biggest attractions and easily the greatest giant in pro wrestling history.
917.03.2021PACFan7649.0Was an absolutely spectacular athlete in his prime, and is one point the largest draw in North American wrestling. One of the most popular wrestlers of all time, and a legit tough guy in and out the ring. Seeing his work while being way out of prime prevent me from giving him the perfect score.
1203.03.2021Takerfan9910.0The Original Giant. Great gimmick and was great in the ring in his younger years. Andre is a pioneer for the giants of wrestling. Legendary career and even devoted to the business up to the final days of his life
1426.01.2021Tiger Zilla Gamer9.0As much as I wanted to give Andre a 10, I just couldn't. Based on industry influence alone, he is a 12, but his in ring work and promo skills just made it where I can't give him a 10. Now he has had some pretty good matches with the likes of Harley Race but for the most part, his matches weren't that great. Thats ok though because he didn't need great in ring skills, he is just an icon, and a massive influence on the wrestling industry. Definitely one of the all time greats.
1523.01.2021Brett19805.0I used to think he was only bad in his later WWF days. Where he could barely stand up let alone have a match. I have now seen enough of his earlier stuff to come to the opinion that he was not good bell to bell. He was convincing enough in his role. I could barely understand him on promos.
1626.12.2020WackyStang10.0A Legend who lives up to his status, one of the most recognizable wrestlers in history. also not to mention that he could do some great wrestling in the 70s and early 80s.
1817.12.2020Old ride long line10.0You know your an absolute legend in the business when 30 years after your death some 110 pound internet nerd is thumbing out sentences like, well he was a legend and drew a ton of money but he couldn? t do an arm drag to save his life. I? ve seen a million arm drags in my life but Andre has been apart of some of the most iconic moments in wrestling history. All he did was give to the wrestling business in a day and age where the business wasn? t guaranteed to be around for ever. He? s one of the reasons why dudes are killing them self? s wrestling in front of 25 people in some local vfw right now trying to make it in the business. Hell nobody would give a damn about this site if it wasn? t for guys like Andre. He doesn? t have to be your favorite wrestler to pay him a little bit of respect for his contributions you losers.
1916.12.2020Great Mabe10.0One of the biggest star ever! Not the best giant but the most iconic with Taker and Baba for me. Europe, North America, Japan... The 8th Wonder Of The World deserve my 10
2107.12.2020Killerk710.0My all time favourite wrestler number 1 of greatest wrestlers of all time, was undefeated for many years and was a good wrestler in ring and an icon too wrestling.
2231.10.2020YINCHAN10.0The trope namer, the archetype, the legend, the icon, Andre the Giant was beyond anything you could imagine. Check out his 1970s New Japan and NWA work.
2310.10.2020Mr Nice Guy10.0While many know him as a lumbering immobile giant in the 1980s, In his prime. He was one of the best wrestlers of all time in my book. If it was possible to give someone higher then a 10, I would give that rating to this guy.
2625.09.2020qveenovhell5.0It pains me to say it because I love Andre the character, Andre the presence and Andre the legend, but Andre the wrestler simply was not very good. He was a draw, there's no denying that, but would someone like Andre survive the business in a post-kayfabe industry? I grew up with Andre the Giant and I'll always love him and appreciate what he did but I'm not going to lie and pretend that he was a mat technician or something.
2826.08.2020Ma Stump Puller8.0Andre for MOST of his career was actually a really good wrestler for his size. Surprisingly fast, the guy could really work well, through his real workrate only really came out during his Japan matches, where he could really show off how technically solid he was (much like Hogan, Andre worked more of a generic powerhouse style in the US barring his early career) and Andre also had a surprisingly strong sense of ring psychology: he knew how to work as a beloved face wrecking the heels, or a monster who could crush whoever he was in the ring with, he could sell quite well when he was with someone who could realistically beat him up, and the pacing of his matches meant that he could usually get the best of the guy he was working with. No need to go over how much of a insane draw he was throughout his career as well. Andre was one of the first real international wrestling superstars, and someone who could sell out basically anywhere at any time. The only real downside to his career was his really bad years in the mid 1980's to early 1990's, where he was in a lot of chronic pain and could barely get in the ring half the time, let alone work a match. Regardless, Andre still put over Hulk Hogan on his way out, and was still a big sell. Can't really blame him for the poor quality considering his own body just couldn't go anymore.
2907.08.2020CosmicWaterWave3.0Andre the Giant is the greatest French wrestler of all time, no disrespect to him. He was the reason why WrestleMania 3 had a record attendance for 29 years. He was a draw. As a wrestler, it's safe to say he was overrated. His match with Hulk Hogan was a disappointment in my opinion because of his ability to no-sell a move and he was just too slow. Shame that his health played a major part on his declining athleticism. He was always out of shape. His team with Baba during the 90s did not help either.
3118.07.2020SadBulatAndre the gians was the very good performer despite his height in his early years. But then his health was becoming worse and worse every year, and his wrestling skills also was becoming worse and worse. Besides he has no mic skill.
3310.05.2020Keksteur10.0A true legend of the buisness, unfortunately people tend to remember him in his late career when he could barely move around and forget how good he truly was in his prime.
3526.04.2020Der Commander10.0Alles andere als ne 10 ist bei Andre The Giant unberechtigt. Der originale und einzig wirklich würdige Big Man in Wrestlinggeschichte. Die Fehde mit Hogan bei Wrestlemania III bleibt unvergessen. Danke Andre!
3623.04.2020Excellence of Execution9.0Muss manchmal echt schmunzeln, wenn ich alte Bewertungen von mir lese. Gott sei Dank habe ich die meisten dieser Smark Allüren mittlerweile abgelegt. Entsprechend muss ich meine vorherige Bewertung (technisch versnobte sechs Punkte) richtigstellen. Das Einzige, was mich von der Maximalbewertung abhält: Andre hätte nach Wrestlemania 3 Feierabend machen sollen. Er trat später ja quasi als Invalider noch in den Ring. Und das war einfach nur ein trauriger Anblick. Wer bei Andre The Giant nach der Workrate fragt, muss noch viel lernen. Über diesen Kerl und über Pro Wrestling. Was Look, Aura innerhalb und außerhalb des Rings und Sinn für die eigene Wirkung anbelangt, kommt kein anderer Gigant auch nur in die Nähe von Andre The Giant. Auch nicht die wenigen, die größer waren.
3811.02.2020rainmakerpunk4.0No promo skill and no ring skill, being big is not the same as talent, he wasn't that bad in his youth but later on he kept getting even worse as his health sadly failed
4023.08.2019Pm Frank8.0
4225.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling10.0In my eyes, you have to rate someone like Andre for what he was. No he is not Shawn Michaels in the ring, but what he did for the wrestling business can't be ignored. He was an attraction & larger than life. He brought so many eyes to the product when the tides were shifting and a lot of questions surrounded what direction the wrestling landscape would take on.
4314.07.2019Seraphina Leaf7.0
4714.04.2019coolseraz10.0The greatest giant in pro wrestling. Very agile and athletic back in the day but health issues caught up with him. Although, he did big business with Hogan in 87, his body was sadly done by that point. Also managed to make his mark in Hollywood with the classic Princess Bride.
5128.12.2018simonitro9.0Big massive respect to Andre The Giant, his size and strength is thing of legends and icons. Not only in the ring but outside of it, as well. This man was captivating from all ends of the spectrum and had one of the longest winning streaks in wrestling. Him and Hogan had a legendary feud that made wrestling into this huge phenomena especially his match at Wrestlemania III which is still being talked today. R. I. P Andre.. you will always be the icon of the wrestling world.
5404.10.2018The Wrestling Historian9.0
5501.10.2018JEK 199110.0I think he is excellent overall. I personally don't think he is underrated. The last few reviewers need to look at his early years not so much the later years. I agree he was not that great at promos but was excellent at his character. Great wrestling skills using boot kicks, take downs and airplane spins. In his early years he was excellent beating 3-4 wrestlers at once, piling them on top of each others and sitting on top of them for the pin. Not too many wrestlers do that expect for him. Big show did not do that. His matches in the early 70's in Montreal were great feuding with Don Leo Jonathan and Killer Kowalski. In Japan he was an instant hit. The man was big and great for his size. He fought in many promotions throughout the States and the world. I did not like the Giant Machine gimmick he had. He was both great at a babyface and heel. WWF was were he spent most of his career. Great feuds with Big John Studd, Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts and Killer Khan. When he was a heel in 1987 he was excellent. After he was WWF champion he started to slow down in his career sad. He had to retire from wrestling and was a manager for a bit. It was very sad to see him in crutches. He is a legend now. Even though his life was very short, he is a memorable actor, wreslter or athlete that people can remember.
5721.08.2018pappahouse3.0Ich hab ab Wrestlemania III vieles von ihm gesehen, Stuff aus den 70ern und früheren 80ern entsprechend nicht, deshalb ganz klar gilt diese Bewertung für die späten 80er und frühen 90er Jahre. Hier war er körperlich schon sehr stark eingeschränkt und hatte echt komische Bewegungen, sorry, ich kann nicht mehr als 3 Punkte geben.
5818.07.2018Cameron6211293.0I've only watched the later years in his career but he was an old, slow, boring wrestler with the trap hold being 80% of his matches and stumbling around the ring and sitting on his opponent the other 20%. Occasionally he would give us a chop or two. Wad nothing special on mic, could barely understand him most of the time. He wasn't fun to watch... but he was big.
6131.05.2018InactiveGuru4.0Granted I haven't seen him work in Japan which I will check out at a later date and revisit my rating all I am rating on is the aging giant I saw in the WWF. Unfortunately by the time I saw Andre his health was deteriorating and he was incapable of putting on a good match couple that with his lack of personality to his character and it didn't leave a positive impression of the legend.
6223.05.2018King of Strong Style9.0
6423.04.2018Rabid10.0Andre the Giant is the biggest mainstream draw in the history of professional wrestling. I could just say that and stop, but this man had such an aura, he had such a great personality and he couldn? t easily pull off the gentle giant baby face or become a hated monster heel. His work isn? t the best in his later years, but Andre the Giant could go in the 70? s and with his iconic matches in the 80? s, especially in a classic with Hogan at WM3, Andre the Giant is truly one of wrestling? s best performers. His impact will never be forgotten. RIP
6514.04.2018Gauntlet849.0While Andre the Giant was slowing down during his most popular years there's no denying the impact he on professional wrestling. Everything about him is legendary. If we didn't have visual evidence of his existence the stories you hear about him make him almost sound mythical. His presence alone is enough to garner interest. In the mid-80s he was a force and even in his sporadic appearances in the early 90s when he could barely move he always had my attention.
6613.04.2018GulakBusick10.0Most people caught Andre at the end of his career but I'd urge them to check out his work from the 70s and early 80s when he was more athletic to appreciate what an incredible performer he was. His matches with Stan Hansen and Killer Khan are legendary. Not just one of the best "big men" of all time, one of the greatest in-ring performers period.
6823.03.2018Kings Road To NWA9.0In his prime, Andre could move like a man half his size. His matches in Japan with the likes of Stan Hansen, Abdullah The Butcher, Killer Khan, Adrian Adonis, Antonio Inoki were very good. He had some quality matches against Harley Race over the NWA World Heavyweight Championship as well. Andre could sell, he knew psychology, and how to really work his gimmick. In the mid 1980's until his retirement he was a shell of himself in the ring. Huge draw.
7019.02.2018Makai Club 7.0I love his match with Stan Hansen and his matches in Japan were always a joy. Even though his WWF matches are awful to watch and really make me hate wrestling, they are iconic and his career is legendary.
7101.02.2018CHN3258.0The ultimate big man, who in his prime could hold the ring with the best of them. Slowed down a lot toward the end of his career due to failing health, but was still a big draw and could put butts in the seats. Simply iconic.
7304.11.2017ianlapierre9.0Andre is an icon. He never lost a WWE match in 15 years before losing to Hogan in one of the most iconic wrestling matches in history. He is arguably one of the most menacing figures to ever grace the squared circle.
7622.06.2017PathosLogosEthos10.0I bet most people will only remember him as the original big guy, and I bet most people will write off his in ring work. But they're dead wrong. Andre was way ahead of his time as far as in ring storytelling goes. He knew how to control ever gram of his size to his advantage. Absolutely underrated as an in ring worker. Maybe not the most compelling character, but a great worker.
7717.06.2017Mizzle Assault Ant9.0A true legend. Not only a giant but truly knew how to use his size and project himself as a true unsotppable force. Even gave good performances when his body was broken down late in the game. Awesome aura. He had his bad days so I won't give him a full 10, but on the whole he was an all time great.
7813.05.2017neumanns837.0Natürlich eine absolute Legende wurde aber gegen Ende total unter Wert verkauft was ich extrem schade fand ...
7908.02.2017Argylex7.0Iconic figure. Still can't rate him higher due to his limited wrestling skills. He was OK when he was young and healthy, but in his mid- and later years it was painful to see him struggling... God bless his soul.
8008.01.2017styles828.0Also ich fand Andre war schon eine unglaubliche Erscheinung aber leider am Ende im Ring nur noch ein Wrack. Aber in den siebzigern wirklich sehr gut für seine Größe und er er war Hogans größte Bedrohung damals. Rip Andre
8429.10.2016singaporecane8.0Most people on here seem to pan him for his career in the 80s with the WWF, but his work in this 70s is where he really shines. He put on classics in Japan with guys like Antonio Inoki, and let me tell you- Andre The Giant was incredibly agile for a man his size, and could work like nobodies business. Don't judge him until you've seen him in his prime, he was everything people thought about him and then some. Easily the greatest big man in wrestling history, bar none.
8520.09.2016Mr Lightning9.0
8620.09.2016MushaVR969.0The greatest giant in professional wrestling history, a true legend in and outside the ring. I am going to be honest. The reason I rate André The Giant this high is definitely not for his wrestling skills even though he was able to perform very well for his size, not for his mic skills either or what I would consider make a great wrestler... Anyway, even if he didn't have what I consider essential to be a great professional wrestler, his aura and what he represents would've been enough for me to consider him a true all-time great, unlike guys like Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior, two of the biggest impostures in wrestling history who were made up as all-time greats... But the reason this giant has such a big place in my heart is because I have so much respect for my fellow Frenchman. France has never produced any legitimate star or world class talents but André remains an exception and that's why he is such a big inspiration for me. The impact he had on the industry is monumental, he was the definition of "larger than life". He is one of the biggest draws of all time, he was such a massive attraction, his physic was so captivating, he was a true force of nature and a fascinating man both inside and outside the ring, stories about André are legendary, everybody loved him and he represented France like nobody ever will in pro wrestling. He is not one of the greatest wrestlers of all time for what he did in the ring but he was truly the 8th Wonder of the World, a unique character and a true legend.
8727.08.2016Summerslam Fan 017.0Naja nicht schlecht nicht gut. Andre The Giant war im Ring vor den 90ern für seine Statur kein so schlechter, ich hab mir eben paar Matches von ihn aus den 90ern gesehen das tat weh der Mann war ein Wrack sogar Giant Gonzales ist dagegen 100 mal besser. Am Mic war er eigentlich auch ganz solide, und näturlich schon ne beeindruckende Ausstrahlung gehabt. Ohne ihn wäre Wrestlemania nicht so groß geworden. RIP
9017.08.2016Sonny Black6.0
9113.08.2016Luv all wrestling10.0Andre the Giant is a legend who has competed for many different promotion and is a part of one of the biggest moments of wrestling for a long time. I can not think of anyone who said anything bad about Andre.
9204.08.2016The Chosen One3.0While he is a true legend and perhaps one of the greatest in history he just wasnt a good wrestler. Most of his matches consisted of him no- selling until he did his finisher. Also I cant think of a match of his that I actually enjoyed. Overall their is no doubt he is legendary but I will have to rate him 3/10.
9705.06.2016ErycK246.0Andre was a great man. Its a shame we lost him so soon, but his in ring skills were terrible. He had a larger than life persona.
9814.04.2016Hilljimmy Bill9.0
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