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525.03.2020Triple M97.0
1005.03.2020JeanaKymGreat and athletic wrestler with a gimmick that is easy to sell to kids and the LGBT, which is the most underrepresented group ever in professional wrestling. Naomi has always been great, but overlooked by management for reasons I still don't know.
1213.02.2020JEK 19917.0
2313.08.2019Booker C4.0Bin tatsächlich sehr überrascht, dass eine höchstens durchschnittliche Wrestlerinnen recht over gekommen ist und zwei Mal Women's Champion werden konnte. Finde ihr Gimmick dazu leider unerträglich. Wenn ich trotzdem fair bleibe reicht es noch für vier Punkte aus.
2407.08.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling7.0One of the only things to come from the women's season of NXT. Naomi is extremely athletic & has a great look. It's a shame that her title runs never amounted to much because Vince only sees her as having so much likability. She should have gotten a title sooner & been more of a player. Now she is mostly just an enhancement talent or working in a multi-person match when they need more races to round out the roster.
2609.06.2019Danil Czar7.0
2720.05.2019Jasper Claret8.0
3011.05.2019TheSebastian5.0Wirkt mehr wie eine sehr athletische Turnerin als eine Wrestlerin auf mich. Sieht mMn immer mehr nach abgespulter Choreografie aus als Wrestling, wenn sie im Ring ist.
3105.05.2019Himbo8.0Definitely deserves higher than a 6. She's fantastic in the ring, has nipped her botch prone tendencies in the bud, is serviceable on the microphone and is a solid upper mid card player for the women's division.
3224.04.2019CashGrab3.0Terrible, but she's got a pretty cool entrance, stop doing the damn Mike Bailey kicks, you do them terribly.
3313.04.2019Lixyx2.0I can't understand all the hype about her, she is horrible at promos, she does some athletic moves once in a blue moon. Her "glow" appearance is godawful and so annoying. Most overrated woman to be called underrated in WWE right now.
3502.04.2019Jon Kings6.0
3714.03.2019TwistedBliss2.0Ich kann mit Naomi mittlerweile nichts mehr anfangen. Sie ist derzeit einfach auf der Stelle stehen geblieben und zeigt keinerlei Entwicklung. Im Ring ist mittelmäßig und am Mic echt furchtbar. Auch mit Ihren Regentschaften konnte sie mich wenig überzeugen. Deshalb kann ich leider nur 2 Punkte geben.
3805.03.2019Kanato10.0I really don't understand why Naomi has such a low score. She's one of the most athletic ladies in the roster (more so than Charlotte), she's been capable of perfectly switching between face and heel gimmicks throughout her career, and she has very good mic skills. It would be amazing to see her in the Smackdown Women's Championship one more time, or at least be tag team champion alongside 'Mella.
3919.02.2019El Burrito8.0
4019.02.2019Paul Heyman Guy5.0
4428.01.2019wrestlingfan 0077.0
4825.11.2018DanTalksRasslin7.0Naomi shows some great athleticism in her in-ring performances, and has a great look and personality as well. Her promo skills may be her weak point currently, and she needs just that little extra polish to pull everything together in the ring (and maybe a better finisher), but she's still young enough that she has a good chance of assembling the pieces to claim a permanent spot as a top star.
5003.11.2018MJFJUNE7.0Naomi has really come into her own over the last 2 years. She went from valet for a joke character to a really solid wrestler. She's incredibly athletic and her gimmick and entrance are cool. While she still needs to work on her mic skills and get a better finisher I still think she'll be an even bigger star as the years progress
5221.10.2018Joy Black6.0
5602.09.2018Alex Maeda6.0Ich mag Naomi. Sie ist athletisch, ihre Ring-Gear ist großartig und für mich die schönste zurzeit im gesamten WWE-Roster, sie hat sich im Verlauf ihrer Karriere wirklich gut entwickelt und hat großen Spaß bei der Arbeit. Die negative Kritik liegt auf der Hand: Sie kann Moves super ausführen, ist jedoch weit davon entfernt, herausragend im Ring zu sein. Sie braucht eine gute (bessere) Frau, um ein starkes Match abzuliefern. Sie ist nicht gut am Mikrofon, darf aber als glattes Babyface auch keine tiefere Persönlichkeit entwickeln. Naomi sollte an ihrer Ringpsychologie, Crowd Working und vor allem an den kleinen Details arbeiten, damit sie es vielleicht noch schafft, von einer soliden WWE-Wrestlerin zu einer guten aufzusteigen.
5730.08.2018Ecstasy ov Dusk7.0
6310.06.2018VitorRomeu1009.0Naomi is wonderful! It was never considered bad, and I wondered with that 6. 20 it deserves at least 8 right? It has an incredible variety of blows. A more innovative and attractive than the other. Never fails to deserve in the ring and always finds a different way to impress. She deserves more than she receives but I still believe that it will happen.
6521.05.2018King of Strong Style5.0
6614.05.2018BurnItDown1.0Never liked Naomi as a wrestler. She is one of the few women who I wish could do and be better than what we have been shown over the years, but lacks the desire to change. While I do not deny she can be athletic when she wants to be, that is pretty much the only saving grace I can give her. Can't stand her gimmick, her entrance gets a pass because the crowd somewhat loves it, but her overall gimmick has never been interesting nor refreshing. I totally forgot she was a women's champion at one point, so it shows when one of your women had a title reign I do not care to remember because she is that bad. ETA: just because someone is an avid supporter of a community or charity, or is a good person behind the scenes, does not mean they should not get valued any kind of criticism with wrestling as their main job.
6808.05.2018pazampogna8.0I don't get why everyone lays into Naomi so much. She is one of the most athleticly gifted women that has ever been in WWE. Back in the day, Lita was a lot more sloppy than Naomi has ever been, and she gets praised by the same people as one of the best of all time. Naomi also gets points for being a positive presence, someone you NEVER hear a bad thing about behind the scenes who kept her head down, worked hard, and was rewarded for it. She has been a firm supporter of the LQBTQ community and a positive inspiration for all girls, particularly those little girls of color who haven't gotten a lot of that within WWE.
6929.04.2018Adaskerr0.0Absolute disaster, I think she's the worst talker in WWE (alongside Tamina), nothing special in the ring, her gimmick is pretty much saying "feel the glow" and that's all. When I see her on the screen, I know that's the "change the channel" moment. I hope she never gets close to any championship again.
7029.03.2018Okaro1434.0Naomi isn't a good wrestlers. She doesn't even have a good gimmick. Feel the glow. WTF is that. On top of that she has bad mic skills and she botches her moves.
7311.03.2018universe erk7.0
7522.02.2018Ayrat Ganiev7.0
7608.02.2018LivMorgan2027.0She's quite athletic and can do some great and nice moves but I think she's a little bit overrated because that moves that she does it's only this practically, her mic skills need to be worked really bad because when she's with the mic she doesn't show so much of emotion and don't connect with the crowd and her character is unique I know but no so much remarkable and about her booking on SmackDown isn't good because all of the women's roster in the most of the time are in random matches with no storyline at all and for Naomi I hope that she expend her arsenal of moves and get better on the mic.
7929.01.2018TylerWhite7.0Tolle Wrestlerin, die sich stetig verbessert und mittlerweile eine echt gute Performerin ist. Man hätte sie meiner Meinung nach direkt nach dem Heelturn Anfang 2015 zum Titel pushen sollen, da wäre sie jetzt nicht so irellevant und man hätte bessere Fehden für sie. 7 Punkte gibts trotzdem, weil sie sich sehr verbessert hat und eine tolle Ausstrahlung hat.
8114.01.2018Frajagator9.0She's completely good in the ring, she needs to improve the mic skills but she's amazing and talented.
8513.11.2017Klabauter6.0Durchaus keine schlechte Wrestlerin, aber es gibt deutlich bessere Wrestlerinnen, so dass sie immer die zweite Geige spielen wird. Die spielt sie allerdings hervorragend. Ihr Moveset passt zu ihr und ihre Aktionen wirken alle gut durchgeführt. Am Mikrofon ist sie auch solide. // Update 13. 11. 2017 // Ich finde ihre zwei Title Runs völlig übertrieben und kann mit ihrem Glow-Gimmick leider nichts anfangen, daher geht's für sie einstweilen einen Punkt runter. Vor Allem ihr zweiter Run war einfach mies und der Titel in dieser Zeit wenig bis nicht relevant.
8604.11.2017Dragon fighter 19974.0She is really athletic, can do some cool moves. That's it. Other than that, her in ring work is still lackluster without having good wrestlers involving in. She just know how to do moves. Only pretty good match I have seen from her is with charlotte on SD main event this year. Moreover, her title reign went too long, which kills my interest towards the division.
8917.10.2017The Big Blue Machine3.0A shame she even gets to be in the same ring with people like Natalya, Charlotte or Becky Lynch. Naomi is quite agile, indeed, but lacks charisma and botches quite often. It is a mistery to me how she could become Women's champion on Smackdown.
9015.10.2017Chett Chetterfield5.0
9101.10.2017WrestlingStats16.0With the focus of the WWE women's division largely on other wrestlers, Naomi has quietly yet deservedly established herself as solid women's wrestler in the WWE. A cheerleader for the Orlando Magic, Naomi debuted as Naomi Night spent the better part of 2010 as FCW's Divas Champion. Though she transitioned from FCW to the reality era NXT, her initial position on the main roster was to serve as one of Brodus Clay's dancers alongside Cameron. Once Clay turned heel and was subsequently relegated to NXT, Naomi set out on her own to challenge for the WWE Diva's Title (albeit unsuccessfully. ) With her initial face run unsuccessful, Naomi was packaged as part of Team B. A. D. , but the emerging Sasha Banks overshadowed her in terms of fan popularity from time to time. Following the team's dissolution (and a subsequent injury), Naomi returned as a face character who had a pretty intense raver gimmick (complete with an intricate blacklight routine. ) Her newfound popularity and position on Smackdown's women's roster opened the door for her to earn the Smackdown Women's Title. Though there are questions about her finisher and about whether or not she's injury-prone, Naomi does have the entertainment qualities to make for a sound hand to round out any wrestling card.
9308.09.2017Silver Claw7.0
9620.08.2017gigifer9.0I think Naomi is awesome. she has unreasonably low rating. She is one of the most athletic female in the WWE. No one can do stuff like her for example split-legged moonsoult. she can't do great promos but i think for her character thats ok.
9718.08.2017BritIndy Reviews5.0
9818.08.2017Damian6.0She is not that bad (she actually is ok) if you keep her far far away from the company's microphones.
9916.08.2017Coolboy12310.0Nach all den Jahren und schlechten Bewertungen, muss ich zugeben, dass mich die Booker rund um Naomi enttäuschen. So viel Talent und so viel Potenzial das man nicht ausnutzt. Zudem sind die WWE-Fans auch daran Schuld, die sich heutzutage nur noch beschweren können. Bei Elimination Chamber wurde noch ''You deserved it! '' gerufen und jetzt hört man schon minimale Buhrufe, die sich logischerweise nicht an Naomi selbst, sondern an ihr Booking richteten , richtig ? Nein! Und ich erkenne auch hier (auf dieser Seite) genau solche Argumente, von wegen ''sie arbeitet unsauber und ihre Mic-Skills seien grauenhaft''. Erstens, muss man beachten mit wem Naomi es in ihrer Reign immer zutun hatte (Alexa, Lana, Carmella etc. - was sich nur nach schlechten Matches anhört) und ich bitte euch, nicht jeder ist der geborene Sprecher und deswegen sollte eurer Meinung nach Leute nicht Champions werden ? Sowas lächerliches! Ihre In-Ring-Arbeit ist halt etwas Eigenständiges, was doch super für Abwechslung sorgt. Genauso unverständlich ist der Hate, den sie für den ''glowenden'' Titel bekommt, wenn man sich doch bitte dran erinnern soll, dass John Cena (Spinner-Belt), Edge (Rates-R-Belt) etc. das gleiche taten. Es nervt einfach, dass man an Naomi rumhackt, wie schlecht sie doch sei, aber die gleichen Defizite bei anderen Superstars rauslässt. Ich erkenne ihr Talent und Potenzial an - von mir 10 Punkte.
10013.08.2017SVR20061.0I really can't see the hype with Naomi at all. She's been around for what's coming on 8 years in the WWE and yet she's only shown little spurts of growth. She's still the same, characterless wrestler she was back in 2010, except now she has a catchphrase. Whilst a good athlete (which is why she gets her 1 point), her wrestling isn't good either, and she's horrible on the mic. Maybe there's something I'm just missing with Naomi but whatever it is, it's not showing.
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