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604.06.2024Ozzy4.0The whole blacklight thing was kinda cool, but the whole thing was wasted on someone with lackluster in ring work, mid promos, and just an overrated figure in her work. The whole rearview thing is aweful, and when you look at all her tag team acts, Sasha is the only good one of the team. And then there was her return, they keep utilizing her as if she is still as "cool" as she was in her first run, but every time she walks out she seemed to fall flat other than her initial pop during the rumble.
1331.05.2024WrestleTube8.0Naomi isn't the greatest woman on the roster right now but she can put up 4 star matches if paired up with the right wrestlers. She is athletic, has great mic skills, and keeps the crowd interested. The only bad thing I could say is I think she should stop the glow gimmick but if people tend to like it then she doing something right. My rating will be a 8/10
1626.05.2024Cleaner3.0Naomi ist schon lange dabei und ist über die Jahre zu einer soliden Wrestlerin geworden. Ich fand ihr "Glow"-Gimmick jedoch immer wirklich nervig und konnte nie etwas mit ihr anfangen. Ein wenig Respekt hat sie sich verdient, als sie 2022 mit Banks aufgrund kreativer Differenzen stiften gegangen ist.
2206.05.2024Cosmo6.0Naomi is not the best bell to bell wrestler which is fine her athleticism creates some great exciting moments and sequences in matches and I think she has good charisma her promos are pretty flat but when shes in the ring she has good charisma overall Im glad she got her deserved flowers in TNA and while shes not my personal favorite shes far from bad
2404.05.2024Thomas Carlson6.0Sie hat sich wirklich hochgearbeitet. Als Tänzerin für einen dicken Dino zum Glow Megastar in der Womens Division. Dann ging sie einfach. Ok die Gründe klingen plausibel. Sich vielleicht neu erfinden. Waren ja auch gute Matches bei Impact. Nur seitdem sie zurück ist geht da nicht viel. Keine guten Matches, die neue Entrance Musik ist grausig. Sie vermasselt Spots immer wieder. Ich hätte ihr gerne mehr als die 6 Punkte gegeben. Die hätte sie auch damals bekommen. Nur zur Zeit reicht es einfach nicht.
2922.04.2024Rassle Fan6.0I hope she's genuinely happy to be back in WWE. I'm sure she's making a ton of money so more power to her. However, her time in Impact did wonders for her career. They bent over backwards for her and made her look like a really big deal. She's not undeserving of that either. In 2016-17 on Smackdown she was doing really well and having decent matches. Now that she's back she's just another face in the crowd. If your name is not Rhea, Becky, or Bayley, you're not getting a lot of tv time or title matches.
3316.04.2024IDriveAFordFusion6.0I believe Naomi is a decent talent. Is she a main event level top-of-the-mountain wrestler? No, not close. But Naomi has a good amount of athleticism and can get a crowd behind her, I remember seeing her wrestle in-person before RAW Reunion in 2019 and I and many others were chanting positively for her. She is also one of the few 'Divas Era' wrestlers to have transitioned well into the new era of Women's wrestling. I don't ever recall hearing a good nor memorable Naomi promo. I think if WWE announces a mid-card women's title, Naomi should be one of the top talents in that division as I think she's better as a mid-carder than a main-eventer.
3707.04.2024cal90996.0A solid hand with an occasional entertaining spot in a Royal Rumble. Zero promo skills and just average in-ring. Just a serviceable midcarder.
4106.04.2024SevenLeg6.0Never really understood Naomi. She debuted at an early age and looked somehwat good in comparison with her fellow Divas... but as women's wrestling evolved she just got caught in the wave. Now, Naomi is a serviceable midcard superstar but nowhere near the "star" she was booked as in Impact.
4401.04.2024Darshan Joshi8.0 
4531.03.2024Khalid Ace6.0 
4726.03.2024Charles Maidhoff7.0 
4823.03.2024JulianPera506.0Wow, who knows what happened to her? ¿Maybe age? ¿Maybe working with new performers? But her in-ring work decreased a bit, she moves really slow. Yes she can give some hard kicks and strikes, but out of that she seems to be lost nowadays, hope she can recover
4920.03.2024Jamesmac01510.0Naomi is someone that is AMAZING! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am every time she is in the ring. I'm always entertained by her moves and matches, and feel like WWE really needs to spend more time showcasing her just like TNA Impact did. She deserves to have another World Title reign, and feel that it would be better than her 2017 reigns since she has grown so much since!
5017.03.2024Wrestling fan lifer8.0 
5117.03.2024ultravioletshiroi7.0She's definitely not a major draw but she's very athletic and good in the ring, and her matches are a treat to watch, definitely a bit above mid for me. She just lacks the star power that Becky, Rhea, Charlotte etc have.
5402.03.2024crs2857.0Naomi is one of the best women athletes WWE has. Her booking in WWE has been a mixed bag and she had more success in TNA for that reason. In the ring she is pretty good at using her athleticism to wow the fans. On the mic she is good, but she does have room to improve.
5525.02.2024alfa labarca6.0 
5922.02.2024Okaro1436.0Naomi is a good wrestler, I personally am not a big fan of her gimmick but still she persevered. Her first run in WWE had its ups and downs. She was part of the Funkadactyls which was just Brodus Clay's cheer section, she became a main event after Tons of Funks broke up, won the SmackDown women's championship but she didn't feel like the main event star. Left WWE after being snubbed as Tag Champions with Sasha Banks, made her Impact Debut and became one of the biggest female stars outside of WWE and was among the best women's wrestlers of 2023.
6822.01.2024benny5bellys5.0Trinity has a strong look and presentation and that is about it. Her run in Impact/TNA seems to have been positively received but I have no idea why, the match quality was considerably lower with her on top and by and large she is someone whose matches never really land much higher than ***1/4 even when put with someone much stronger than her. I don't know if people just have low standards or if I am going insane because I won't miss her now she appears to be heading back to WWE
7115.01.2024WRESTLINGFAN19880810.0Y'all crazy if you think Trinity can't go, she set out to prove that time and time again but she don't get the recognition she deserves and I don't wanna say why but y'all know why I'm looking at some of these ratings and I see that y'all don't remember she came in at a time when women's wrestling wasn't looked at in the same light as it is today and she has stood the test of time and reinvented herself when needed, prime examples would be her match with Charlotte on SD live, her I'm assuming last match in the TNA run. I put a 10 so that her average could come up because ain't not way she ain't at least an 8 point rating or higher. I hope that her return to the WWE brings more light to what can do and what she is capable of
7402.01.2024Filip Silva8.0 
7811.12.2023greaterdale8.0Trinity has been great for years and is sneaky under rated. She does good high flying and has a great look and entrance. WWE really messed up not resigning her and now she's tearing up TNA's knockout division. Even though I like Bryan Alvarez his constant hating on Trinity gave a certain kind of fan brain worms on the topic of Trinity. I used to be like that too, but I've since seen the light and now know Trinity is awesome.
8126.11.2023JediSaiyanMaster12037.0Hoping Trinity is doing well in TNA, sounds like she's doing well, because she has always been a good in ring talent who was booked with bad gimmicks in WWE. Don't get me wrong, she has had decent success in "The Fed" and all, but she is clearly more capable than having a dancing and glowing gimmick.
8322.11.2023IreneBae10.0Kudos to TNA/Impact Wrestling for making her shine really good. This promotion gave her a platform to fully utilized her career as wrestler. Too bad, WWE treated her like a trash. So proud of her achievements in TNA/Impact wrestling. Wish she could hold the Knockouts title for a long time with some of the most memorable matches. WAY TO GO TRINITY!
9009.09.2023ProWrestlingGuy3162.0Keine Ahnung, warum sie für verhältnismäßig gut befunden wird. Im Ring spult sie ihre (lahmen) Moves schön auswendig gelernt nach dem gleichen Muster ab, ohne dabei die Führung zu übernehmen, geschweige denn jemanden tragen zu können. Dazu mit doch sehr überschaubarem Charisma und Promo-Fähigkeiten, die wirklich unterirdisch sind. Als Filler für die unterste Undercard noch annehmbar, für mehr reicht es nicht. Das hat sich 2017 schon klar gezeigt und sie hat sich seitdem auch nicht nennenswert verbessert.
9716.07.2023steviecw10.0Naomi / Trinity is great. Very happy for all her success both in WWE and now in Impact Wrestling. So athletic, so charismatic, so easy to root for.