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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 7.58
WrestlingStats1 wrote on 02.04.2021:
[8.0] "Assets: Has a pretty awesome physique and the image any promoter would want. Is the consummate heel and perfect rudo. Possesses innate charisma and can work in any capacity on the card. - - - Flaws: Had to leave Mexico to finally realize his potential as a main eventer. Doesn't have immaculate size by major league standards. Improving his English skills would endear him to North American fans. - - - Career Potential: Exceptional national league main eventer with upside."
Wrestling Forever wrote on 12.12.2020:
[9.0] "Der weiße Stier von ROH könnte man ihn heute nennen. Leider darf er wohl aktuell nicht in die USA einreißen. Ich weiß auch nicht wo er aktuell ist. Ganz anderer Stil als sein Bruder Dragon Lee wrestlet sehr hart und aggressive. 2021 wird er mehr mit seinem Bruder Dragon Lee wrestlen."
ElPolloLoco wrote on 30.09.2020:
[7.0] "Amazing "new generation" rudo in CMLL, the best of the past decade without a hint of doubt: not even associating him with such a bad case of nepotism as La Mascara could stop his momentum. And let's not forget Rush's the guy who laid the foundation upon which Naito built his present Ingobernable character. I won't question the reasons why he left CMLL, but his following career has been an unmitigated disaster: joining a sinking ship such as the present ROH completely killed his momentum and his inability (or unwillingness) to connect with fans like he did in Mexico coupled with his attempts to build a cheap clone of Los Ingobernables is making him look really bad these days. Perhaps he should swallow his pride and head back to Mexico if he's not able to reinvent himself."
Damian wrote on 23.04.2020:
[5.0] "Rush is charismatic, I ain't gonna argue that. But he is relatively boring. He has a bad finisher, can't cut a promo in English and his in-ring work is meh most of the time, even though I want to, I can't get excited about him."
Resident wrote on 04.03.2020:
[2.0] "He seems terrible to me and I can't stand him. I feelike I am missing something. He is incredibly boring in the ring and has no mic skills and no charisma whatsoever. He is also just average wrestling- wise in the ring, while guys like Flamita and Bandido are much better. He has just a few brawling moves and a very limited skillset. Most of the ROH roster are better in the ring. Kick in the corner as a finish. What a horrible finisher. He is a terrible champion and has done nothing to elevate ROH. As a matter of fact, when he won the belt I stopped watching ROH, started watching again when PCO won, but probably won't watch since Rush won the belt again. He is the Goldberg of ROH. He did absolutely nothing to get a title shot the first time. Was an incredibly boring champion, then PCO which was cool, but now another crappy Rush win. I wish they would give the ROH World Title to anyone else in ROH. Guys like Jay Lethal, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bryan Danielson were great champions. Even Matt Taven was a great champion compared to Rush. He must have something on ROH management, otherwise I see no reason why he would be a top star there, much mess ROH Champion."
Cibs wrote on 07.01.2019:
[8.0] "Rush is probably the biggest star in Mexico right now. The guy has a lot of charisma and presence in the ring, he is also an excellent rudo. His biggest problem is that he is a 100% brawler and that often limits him to a specific type of matches."
ps avila wrote on 03.01.2018:
[10.0] "One can´t deny Rush has been in supreme spots since 2013. The Ingobernable mayor is here to stay, surviving member of the CMLL´s ruling faction (even when his father is one current member he barely worths the naming), the son of el Toro Blanco has is main appealing by being an undomable brawler, a menace to every luchador he faces and being one of a kind. Rush is a name that won´t be sidelined for a long, long time, because ¡no pasa nadaaaaaaa!"
HeadCheese wrote on 18.12.2016:
[8.0] "Rush is very good brawler with in Ring presence aura. He excels in frantic brawls. I would like to see more of what he does."
robrosell wrote on 22.03.2016:
[10.0] "he call him self a very diferent face, reason, because hi´s pure power, is strong, good on mic and ring skill and the people heate him and is face, but is despiadate when is one on one. He never quit for a match and is invictus for apuestas record, a new face for a new generation with a name to be greatest."
Zero wrote on 04.08.2014:
[9.0] "One of the most interesting and charismatic wrestlers around today. Untouchable Rudo, but was a bit of a flop as a technico which holds him back from a 10. Excellent feuds vs. Negro Casas and Shocker. Scary thing is he's actually getting better and better."
Mike09 wrote on 20.07.2014:
[9.0] "Good wrestler who has gained a spot in the CMLL and the current Lucha Libre scene. He has a characteristic style that make some people hates him and others love him. Alongside La Sombra, they are the bigger cards that CMLL has to put on the line."
Wolky wrote on 28.09.2012:
[6.0] "hat durchaus potential, gefällt mir im ring schon ganz gut."
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