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231.03.2020Ma Stump Puller8.0I think RVD is a massive mixed bag. On the one hand, his athleticism can't be ignored: he was massively ahead of his time and used a innovative moveset that made him pretty much over from the get go considering how cool it made him look. With the right guy keeping up with him (like Jerry Lynn) he can have great matches. That's the first problem through, not many people could keep up with a peak RVD, and he wasn't very good at hiding the talent difference between him and his opponent, which led at times to matches which didn't feel evenly matched or well thought out. RVD also lacked a lot of ring psychology and some of his best matches (either single or tag) are for the most part just spot shows where he goes from one big move to the other without any pacing. While he got a bit better at this he was never at a main event level mostly due to that awkwardness working the slower WWE style. That and his not particularly good mic skills make him good for a mid card champion but he couldn't really break through that barrier outside of a very short WWE Champion run.
426.03.2020HugLikeABoss7.0RVD was massively over wherever he went. With an array of flashy moves and cool looking ring gear it wasn't hard to see why. Personally, I find him a little irritating as he comes off as bragging about his drug use. What you do in your own time is your business, I don't want to hear about it. Karma came his way and his habit more or less ended his career in WWE just as he was finally given the top prize. After he dropped both the WWE & ECW titles and was suspended, all of his supporters thought it was so cool to chant "Marijuana" and "420". I don't understand drug culture. They're proud of this? Bizarre. Anyway, RVD's popularity is undeniable and as such, he has enriched the lives of the majority of fans who saw his work.
711.03.2020AJStyle20156.0Even though I never liked him, it? s hard to call him direct a bad performer, he? s rather very, very mediocre, because he has charisma and a couple of good matches without special rules.
1528.12.2019Brutish Dandy7.0
1622.12.2019Cow Man8.0
1817.11.2019Liam Willows10.0
2324.08.2019Pm Frank8.0
2501.08.2019DanTalksRasslin8.0RVD has an interesting ring style with plenty of high-flying moves and martial arts techniques, and his unusual flexibility enhances his selling ability. While perhaps not a technically great talker, he has a certain laid-back charisma and can get the crowd behind him through body language and taunts. Capable of good matches when motivated; when not his matches sometimes become formulaic. His popularity was reaching its peak during and after the Invasion; unfortunately WWE failed to capitalize on that opportunity to push him to the next level.
2628.07.2019JEK 199110.0Mr. The Whole F'N Show Rob Van Dam! Excellent high flyer! He was not big but was very fast and flexible. I find he kicked more than punch or takedowns. A legend in ECW. In WWE he was great at the start and went downhill. It was a time when WWE wanted big guys to be champions. Also very exciting to watch.
2725.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling10.0During his peak, he was one of the most fun performers to watch. His cool & calm demeanor was something I could relate to & made me want to root for him. Not every wrestler needs to be yelling & super intense all the time and Rob made being the antithesis to that trope work for him. His frog splash was always my favorite & only now the the version we're seeing from Montez Ford do I see one equally as impressive (although admittedly, Art Barr's was nice also). I wish Rob didn't get that arrest shortly after One Night Stand 2 because it would have been nice to see him as a legit top guy for longer than what we saw bloom from that pinnacle-reaching moment.
2909.07.2019WrestlingStats110.0Assets: Has mountains of charisma and is naturally likeable by all. Demonstrates a moveset that could please both traditional and modern fans of wrestling. Can work at all places of the card and in any capacity asked. - - - Flaws: His documented issues with substance abuse have hindered his overall legacy (including costing him a main event run at the highest level. ) Is known to be something of a stiff worker. Was somewhat undersized by traditional standards. - - - Career Potential: Elite major league upper carder... or the whole F'n show.
3013.06.2019TechnicalWrasslinRob Van Dam is still amazing kicker/striker and high flying genie The Whole F? N Show could of been a wwe champion Best custom mitb He should of been ECW champ before One night stand
3109.06.2019Loki Hipster God8.0
3207.06.2019Tim Flyn7.0
3905.12.2018Steamboat25117.0RVD ist ein technisch sehr versierter Wrestler, der durchaus mehr als Spotmonkey ist. Am Anfang seiner Karriere war seine Moveset wirklich unglaulich innovativ und jedes Match sein Erlebnis. Später war das auch mal im absoluten Standard und gewisser Lustlosigkeit verhaftet. Im Hardcorebereich hat er freilich verschiedene denkwürdige Matches abgeliefert und immer wieder kranke Spots gezeigt und genommen. Zwischendurch hat er es eben auch im normalen Wrestling weit gebracht, auch wenn er nie zum Maineventer geworden ist. Dafür fehlt ihm vielleicht doch ein wenig Persönlichkeit und auch am Mic konnte er nicht überzeugen.
4224.11.2018pappahouse7.0Ein toller High Flyer mit etwas eigenwilligem Stil. Relativ schwach für mich am Mic. Ich gebe aber unumwunden zu, dass ich hier nur die WWE Zeit und nicht die ECW Zeit bewerten kann.
4529.09.2018zephyr8.0One of many cases of wrestlers who used to be absolutely amazing but just kept making their career look worse by wrestling for years past their prime.
4628.09.2018RatingsMachine5.0Rob Van Dam could do some incredible things in the ring, and had an undeniable charisma, but he was incredibly overrated as a wrestler.
4727.09.2018Oliver95x8.0Hatte in der WWE einige gute Matches und auch in der ECW. Er hat Charisma und ist ein guter Entertainer.
5129.08.2018Ecstasy ov Dusk9.0
5423.05.2018King of Strong Style7.0
5823.04.2018Resident10.0One of my favorite wrestlers. Had amazing matches in ECW though the years. Longest reigning ECW T. V. Champion. He had the belt for like 2 years. For a while, he would always have the best match on the show even though he wasn't in the main event. He's always been way over with the crowd. Also, had a good run in WWE where he won the ECW Title and was WWE Champion, even though that was a short run. Great high-flyer, but could also wrestle technical or hardcore with moves like the Van Daminator and Van Terminator, but his regular finisher was the Five Star Frog Splash. Also, when I met him he was super cool nice guy.
5921.04.2018RPMX1239.0One of the most impressive and exciting movesets in WWE/ECW history with so many fun and awesome matches under his belt. I freakin love RVD
6221.03.2018QuiffMaster10.0Revolutionary style and one of my all time top 5. The stuff he was doing in ECW was lightyears ahead of its time and he could have an amazing match with just about anyone out there in his prime.
6717.02.2018coolseraz10.0R... V.... D! I have been a HUGE RVD fan since I started watching wrestling. He is very athletic, cool and one of the original and best high flyers in the business. He has left his mark in whichever promotion he has been in (ECW, WWE, TNA). He would have become a bigger star in WWE but he ran into the brick wall called HHH's reign of terror in 2002 and then he got high when they were pushing him properly in 2006. That being said, I will remain an RVD fan for life. His tag team with Kane is quite underrated for how cool it was.
6805.02.2018ryan rey 210.0
6903.02.2018Fedorlei Gomipierre5.0Incredible athlete, cool look and ring gear, good poise and a natural charisma without really saying too much, tons and tons of really cool, innovative moves. In spite of these positives, RVD matches almost always seem to lack the requisite intensity and psychology to every really "connect" with my sensibilities as a pro wrestling fan. Too often his selling is erratic and the layout of his matches lack logical build. Some of his stuff looks "too real" because he so often stiffed his opponents, while other times RVD's botches were clearly transparent. Possibly the best way I could describe RVD is that he was the coolest wrestler when I was 10 years old and wanted every wrestler to just do crazy videogame moves all the time... But the more knowledge, exposure and understanding to wrestling I obtained as a fan over the years, the less I saw in RVD as a talent and became all too aware of his shortcomings as a worker, with his matches just not holding up and looking quite sloppy.
7031.01.2018CHN3258.0My favourite wrestler as a kid, no one flew round the ring and made it look effortless like RVD. He was ahead of his time in terms of his high flying, high impact style in the ring.
7129.01.2018TylerWhite9.0Einer meiner absoluten lieblings-Wrestler und das nicht zu unrecht, denn es gibt kaum einen Wrestler, der so gut unterhalten kann vorallem im Ring wie RVD. Einerseits ist er natürlich ein richtig guter Highflyer und Techniker, weshalb eigentlich jedes seiner Matches unterhaltsam ist liegt jedoch vorallem auch daran, wie gut er Matchstories erzäheln kann und vorallem wie gut er durch sein Charisma mit den Fans interagieren kann. Eine absolute Legende vo allem im Hinblick auf Hardocre Wrestling in den 90ern und definitiv einer, der auch heute noch super unterhalten kann. Alles in allem ein super Gesamtpaket, der vielleicht defizite am Mic hat, die aber ausgeglichen werden durch andere Bereiche. 9/10
7703.10.2017The Big Blue Machine8.0Until 2007, I would have told you that Rob Van Dam was one of the best wrestlers in the world. His agility and his martial art skills, along with his charisma, made him an unique performer in the USA. After his long hiatus, he returned as something different - and not in the good way. His run in TNA and his return to WWE have been lacklustre: he was incredibly clumsy, and his agility worsened terribly. I only hope he retires soon.
7825.09.2017El Burrito8.0
8516.05.2017acutelock9.0One of my all time favorites. So freaking unique and fun to watch. As a kid most of my favorite wrestlers were based on their character and their finisher, guys who were larger than life on the mic like Rock and Stone Cold. RVD is probably the first guy I grew to love because of his ring work, and it really changed the way I watched wrestling. Looking back now as a 25 year old, all of his stuff absolutely holds up.
8705.04.2017Blood Pump8.0Of all those who's passed in and out of Paul Heymans doors and stayed for a long duration of time Rob Van Dam is by far the most popular (aside from Paul E. himself, Terry Funk and Mick Foley), and if we're including the temporaries like Eddie Guererro, Chris Jericho, ect) hes still one of the more popular guys. When one thinks of ECW its almost certain that Rob will be the first or second name one would list off. He was an athletic man who moved fast, jumped high and had some amazing work. He moved on to WWE and accomplished quite a bit there as well. Its been argued that he could've accomplished more if they had pushed him sooner. Perhaps, but at the very least no one can take away the fact that he owns a win over John Cena when John was at his most pushed.
9117.03.2017Lee Vilenski8.0
9416.02.2017Squared Circle5.0I like the guy, he's got a decent move set and works very hard. That being said, he's nothing special. Undersized, doesn't particularly generate heat. Sure he flies around plenty, but that's common place now. I guess I'm an old Kayfabe guy. Like Bruno said, if he can't beat me in a real fight, he's not going over. It's been my problem with wrestling since the Attitude Era, Ken Shamrock obviously excluded.
9628.01.2017The Real Rater8.0In-Ring Skills:Zwar nicht mehr so stark wie früher aber ich mochte seinen Stil immer. 8/10 (50%) Promos/Schauspieltalent:Guter Durschnitt. 8/10 (25%) Charisma/Erscheinung/Gimmick:Er hatte das gewisse etwa. 9/10 (25%) Sind dann insgesamt 8, 25 Punkte für The "The Whole F'N Show. = 8 Punkte
9908.01.2017rjsbx117.0Rob Van Dam. The best and most successful of any of the mainstay ECW originals. An innovator in terms of using flexibility in a moveset and one of the original "holy shit" wrestlers. Until I saw Van Dam execute half his arsenal, I wouldn't have believed anyone could pull off those moves. He's always had a great non-verbal charisma, great look, incredible agility, athleticism and coordination, insane flexibility and strength. The Van Dam lift where he does the splits and lifts a big weight is insane. He never had to try hard to get over, his laid black attitude always was a hit with fans. RVD never got to replicate the same level of impact he had in ECW in WWE (or TNA). He got sloppier and lazier and his love for Mary Jane hindered him in later years but when motivated he could churn out big timer performances.
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