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126.01.2021WackyStang8.0This dude rules, yes Mr. The Bodyguard This is The Pro Wrestling. But I'll be a bit more serious, I've only seen The Bodyguard tag team with Zeus and holy hell what a team, and the Bodyguard does some surprisingly athletic stuff for an old muscle monster like himself.
225.01.2021Black Liger6.0
421.01.2021COLEGA FREAK10.0IS THIS PRO-WRESTLING? THIS IS PRO-WRESTLING. Thank you Bodyguard, for everything you do for us. I will never food or drink again.
724.03.2020Crippler Crossface6.0
913.10.2019Combo Broker5.0
1102.06.2019ElPolloLoco5.0I honestly don't know if this guy is a rather good comedy wrestler or just a very bad ordinary wrestler. Until I find out my rating is sitting right in the middle.
1203.05.2019-dustykeyboard9.0I love grandpa roid. You love grandpa roid. You love his karaoke. You love his very high kicks. You love his meaty rump. You love his facial hair. I love his karaoke. I love his very high kicks. I love his meaty rump. I love his facial hair.
1407.10.2018RatingsMachine2.0Bodyguard is a sub-par talent, who gets by on having the kind of look that, because of what obviously went into gaining it, assures him of an early death.
1522.07.2018The Lodger of Souls9.0The Bodyguard isn't usually my kind of wrestler, but he's really grown on me. A huge mass of muscle who just throws guys around and is stiff as fuck. He is a little limited by his age, he's nearing 50, but he is a great performer who puts on great matches.
1702.10.2017The Big Blue Machine8.0I love this guy! Despite his size, which reminds me of Scott Steiner, he is very agile and throws roundhouse kick like if it was easy. He is also very versatile, as he is both an accomplished single wrestler and a tag team wrestler. Probably, one of the best heels in Japan at the moment.
1830.07.2017isalrightnow9.0I don't care what youse all are on about, I love Bodyguard, he's great and strong and I like his matches. When he does a big suplex or whenever he does that really cool high kick I clap like a happy child, and that is all I need from my wrestling, really.
1905.06.2017PistolPeteMatty6.0He might be the worst pro wrestler I’ve seen in my life? Watching a match from him is instantly fascinating, as he’s blown up only 3 minutes into a match, looks like the Japanese Scott Steiner (shitty tattoos and all), and is almost 50 years old. In case you’re wondering, I fucking love him and will have to start watching more AJPW just to see more of this guy.
2015.08.2016Sonny Black4.0
2118.09.2015Boris The Menace4.0
2220.06.2015Matzinho4.0Ich habe so meine Schwierigkeiten mit Yojimbo. Als Enforcer-Counterpart zum hervorstechenden Zeus hat er seine Rolle gefunden und geht irgendwie in Ordnung. Rein optisch bildet er eine perfekte Ergänzung zu seinem Partner - was mich jedoch stört, ist seine geringe Körpergröße, die das Powerhouse-Image irgendwie konterkariert. Er ist eben kein Daisuke Sekimoto. Schwächen im Look sorgen aber nicht dafür, dass ich vier Punkte vergebe. Die bekommt er, weil er im Ring in meinen Augen einfach nicht besser, als ausreichend ist. Mit 40 noch Wrestler zu werden ist ein mutiger Schritt und ich akzeptiere ihn im aktuellen AJP-Produkt, aber dass er sich jetzt mit 46 noch großartig entwickelt und zu mehr, als einem kleinen Farbkleks in der Liga wird, daran glaube ich nicht. Am Ende des Tages eine etwas stärkere Version vom unsäglichen Strong Man.
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