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1Westside Xtreme Wrestling16 Carat Gold Tournament 200807.03.2008 - 09.03.2008finals participant9.7235
2All Pro WrestlingKing Of Indies 200126.10.2001 - 27.10.2001Winner9.6711
3Westside Xtreme Wrestling16 Carat Gold Tournament 200906.03.2009 - 08.03.2009eliminated before the semi finals8.6714
4Pro Wrestling GuerrillaDDT4 200922.05.2009finals participant8.675
5IWA Mid-SouthTed Petty Invitational 200417.09.2004 - 18.09.2004finals participant8.507
6Ring Of HonorROH Title Tournament22.06.2002 - 27.07.2002semi finals participant8.175
7Pro Wrestling GuerrillaTango & Cash Invitational24.01.2004 - 25.01.2004finals participant8.118
8Ring Of HonorSurvival Of The Fittest24.06.2004Winner7.675
9Pro Wrestling GuerrillaBattle Of Los Angeles 200503.09.2005 - 04.09.2005semi finals participant7.6413
10World Wrestling EntertainmentRoyal Rumble 201130.01.2011eliminated as #87.1512
11World Wrestling EntertainmentRoyal Rumble 201327.01.2013eliminated as #166.835
12German Stampede WrestlingGSW World Heavyweight Title Tournament19.01.2008finals participant6.609
13Ring Of HonorROH Tag Team Title Tournament21.09.2002finals participant5.866
14World Wrestling EntertainmentRoyal Rumble 201525.01.2015eliminated as #122.6318
15IWA Mid-SouthTed Petty Invitational 200523.09.2005 - 24.09.2005eliminated before the semi finals  
16East Coast Wrestling Association5th Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament24.02.2001finals participant  
17 Dutch Masters 200508.05.2005finals participant  
18Ring Of HonorSurvival Of The Fittest 200606.10.2006semi finals participant  
19New Japan Pro WrestlingBest Of The Super Junior XI22.05.2004 - 13.06.2004semi finals participant  
20Ring Of Honor#1 Contender's Trophy Tournament07.12.2002finals participant  
21National Wrestling AllianceNWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament02.06.2007 - 01.09.2007semi finals participant  
22Ring Of HonorTrios Tournament05.03.2005semi finals participant  
23Ring Of HonorSurvival Of The Fittest 200719.10.2007semi finals participant  
24Force Francophone de Catch2FC Title Tournament03.07.2005finals participant  
25All Star WrestlingWorld Heavy-Middleweight Title Tournament06.05.2003Winner  
26Ring Of HonorROH World Title #1 Contendership Tournament22.02.2008semi finals participant  
27All Pro WrestlingAPW Universal Heavyweight Title Tournament11.05.2002finals participant  
28Ring Of HonorROH World Tag Team Title Tournament06.06.2008semi finals participant  
29International Catch Wrestling AllianceExpo 2008 Tournament04.07.2008 - 06.07.2008Winner  
30Pro Wrestling NOAHNippon TV Cup Junior Heavyweight Tag League 200701.07.2007 - 15.07.2007eliminated before the semi finals  
31Elite Canadian Championship WrestlingPacific Cup 200325.01.2003 - 26.01.2003finals participant  
32Pro Wrestling NOAHNippon TV Cup Junior Heavyweight Tag League 200823.08.2008 - 06.09.2008eliminated before the semi finals  
33Elite Canadian Championship WrestlingPacific Cup 200522.04.2005 - 23.04.2005finals participant  
34Pro Wrestling GuerrillaBattle Of Los Angeles 200801.11.2008 - 02.11.2008semi finals participant  
35CHIKARAKing Of Trios 200927.03.2009 - 29.03.2009finals participant  
36Pro Wrestling NOAHNippon TV Cup Junior Heavyweight Tag League 200912.07.2009 - 25.07.2009eliminated before the semi finals  
37New Japan Pro WrestlingJunior Triathlon Survivor Tournament26.10.2002 - 04.11.2002semi finals participant  
38Westside Xtreme WrestlingAMBITION 104.07.2010Winner  
39Ring Of HonorBest Of American Super Juniors 200502.04.2005semi finals participant  
40Game Changer WrestlingJersey J-Cup 200215.06.2002finals participant  
41World Wrestling EntertainmentKing Of The Ring 201029.11.2010eliminated before the semi finals  
42Midwest Championship WrestlingT-3 200227.07.2002eliminated before the semi finals  
43World Wrestling EntertainmentGreatest Royal Rumble27.04.2018eliminated as #47  
44World Wrestling EntertainmentWWE Intercontinental Title Tournament11.05.2020 - 08.06.2020finals participant  
45World Wrestling EntertainmentRoyal Rumble 202131.01.2021eliminated as #24  
46Inoki DojoBest Of American Super Juniors 200416.04.2004Winner  
47All Elite WrestlingAEW World Title Eliminator Tournament16.10.2021 - 13.11.2021Winner  
48All Elite WrestlingGrand Slam Tournament Of Champions07.09.2022 - 21.09.2022finals participant  
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