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729.04.2022texasyosh9.0It took Scott Hall a little while to put it all together but when he did as Razor Ramon, he became must see every time. It's a shame drugs and alcohol derailed his career, and he isn't without criticism with some of his alleged behavior outside of the ring. Inside the ring he was a pure professional. Great matches with the likes of Shawn and Bret, and had natural charisma and great storytelling.
828.04.2022Rodycaz II10.0One of the most complete talents in the history of the business. His issues outside the ring prevented him from reaching his full potential, but he still had a legendary career.
913.04.2022Sweet Fighter V8.0
1517.03.2022vulgar6669.0Scott Hall was a damn near perfect professional wrestler. He is in this unique club of wrestlers who never needed to be a world champion, but could always make a credible challenger. He made some enemies along the way backstage, but he also made a lot of friends and influenced a lot of wrestlers, even beyond the Kliq. Sting credits him as the inspiration for his Crow persona in 1997, and an argument can be made that The Rock's in-ring style is basically a carbon copy of Scott Hall's. His work, in the ring and on the microphone, was always smooth and impactful. Rest easy, Scott.
1716.03.2022MrJabroniCamelClutchAs a wrestler he had the potential to of been one of the all time greatest wrestlers in the history of American pro wrestling , however tragically his demons and past traumas was alot to take on hence his battle with alcoholism , he was no doubt one of the highlights of American pro wrestling in the 90s and was special , another great gone too soon and way too young , god bless you Scott Hall rest in peace.
2215.03.2022ChrisJericho10.0Er war der große Held meiner Kindheit und ich schaffe es erst nach seinem Tod, einen Nachlass über ihn zu schreiben. Was durch und mit ihm alles passiert ist, hat das Wrestling so nachhaltig geprägt, einfach Wahnsinn. Razor Ramon war der erste 4fach IC Champion, der Sieger vom ersten Leiter Match der WWE (Wenn man die vorherigen Test Leiter Matches bei House Shows nicht mit dazu zählt), Mitbegründer der NWO, als The Diamond Studd in der WCW Ideengeber für DDPs Charakter und seinen Diamnd Cutter Finisher, zusammen mit Kevin Nash entfachte er den WWF/WCW Monday Night War erst so richtig, Teil des Curtain Call Vorfalls, etablierte mit seinem Razor Ramon Gimmick, dass auch Heels cool sein können, war für die Beendigung von Goldbergs Streak verantwortlich...... Die Liste könnte man endlos fortführen. Obwohl er NIE World Champion der großen Promotions war, ist es kaum zu glauben, welchen Einfluss er in das große Business hatte. Funfact, in einem seiner ersten Matches bei der WWF besiegte er Paul Van Dale - der Vater von Carmella. Zudem hat er auch Humor, er ist einer von fast unzähligen DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Champions. Razor Ramon war Kult und Scott Hall hat mit Kevin Nash ein Beben im Wrestling ausgelöst. Dieser Mann ist Kult. Ruhe er in Frieden.
3115.03.2022No One10.0One of the main guys that MADE 90's wrestling cool & fun. One of the coolest wrestlers ever who had magnetic "Tranquillo" type charisma. Memorable gimmick as Razor Ramon. Had legendary Ladder matches at WrestleMania X & SummerSlam 1995 against the legendary Shawn Michaels. One of the founding members of the legendary nWo faction. His tag team partnership with Kevin Nash as "The Outsiders" was one of the most successful, dominant, & memorable tag teams of the 1990's. Many of today's wrestlers view him as one of their idols. He is inspirational as he overcame so many personal demons. His death on March 14, 2022 hits home to me personally because he is also a HUGE part of my 1990's wrestling childhood. RIP to the great Scott Hall. One more for da Bad Guy!
3314.03.2022The Real Godzilla10.0As of today, Scott Hall is about to pass on. So this a tribute and career review. Along with Roddy Piper the greatest wrestler to never hold a major world title (He only held Puerto Rico's WWC title) and if not for his personal demons would have accomplished way, way more than he did. Floundering in the 80s and early 90s with several failed runs in WCW (in 89 and 92), he hit gold with the Razor Ramon gimmick in the WWF in late 92. A mix between his WCW character "Diamond Studd" and "Scarface" he was immediately pushed into the world title picture in early 93, losing to Bret Hart at the Royal Rumble. Then dominated the WWF mid-card with 5 Intercontinental Championship title reigns, until leaving in early 96 for WCW. The rest is history. As a founding member of the NWO Scott Hall became an 90s icon. Always held back by heavy drinking and erratic behaviour, Scott Hall was one of the most charismatic wrestlers ever, who could easily have very good to great matches with the right "dance partner" like Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels. Will be sorely missed ... goodbye "Bad Guy" :(
3714.03.2022sidz229810.0Writing on the day of the horrible news, I want to write good and positive stuff about the legend . His matches with Shawn WM 10 and tag match from WWF Action Zone 1994 were some of the best matches of his era and he was the most charasmatic guy in the 1990's in arguably both companies. RIP Legend
3814.03.2022Wrestling Forever 9.0Irgendwie ist dieser Kommentar auch ein Abschied Post. Der Bad Guy liegt im Sterben und ich erzähle keinen Mist. Er hatte eine Operation an der Hüfte wo durch Komplikationen er sich ein Blutgerinnsel zuzog und 3 Herzinfarkte erlitte man muss sich das vorstellen 3 Herzinfarkte. Kevin Nash welcher zu seinen besten Freunden zählt ist so traurig das man es nicht in Worte schreiben kann und hat sich auf Instagram auch schon verabschiedet. Scott wird nur noch mit einer Maschine am leben gehalten und die wird abgestellt sobald seine Familie im Krankenhaus eintrifft und dann ist er wohl verstorben und die Wrestling Welt wird weinen. Was man auch zu Scott liest der auch einer von Owen Hart Freunden war das er ein sehr sympathischer Mensch ist. Er spricht auch gut deutsch das er einige Zeit in Deutschland lebte. Es wird wieder ein großer Verlust 2022 in der Wrestling Welt werden. Niemand kann ihn ersetzen auch nicht sein Sohn der sein Erbe gut weitermacht aber nicht wie sein Vater ist.
4207.03.2022Mastersword258.0At his best, Hall is one of wrestling's great and while it took him years to get to the top, it's no surprise he became a legend in the business. At his best, he's said to be a genius behind the scenes. He was great with psychology, he could cut a great promo, extremely charismatic, and his ring skills were very good as he had some of the best punches and stiffest chokeslams in the business. As Razor Ramon, he was a great hand in the WWF and could have a good match with just about anyone while in WCW, the Outsiders were a great team and the nWo was groundbreaking for the time. Unfortunately, his peak didn't last as long as it should've and despite making it to legendary status, Hall will always be somewhat considered wasted potential due to his drug and alcohol problems. It would've been interesting to see how much farther a sober Hall could've went. Still, big runs in WWF and WCW while enjoying success in AWA, WWC, and New Japan, he's had a hall of fame career to be proud of.
4707.12.2021HavocKingSlayer92110.0So sad his demons caught up to him, I wish he would have become a world champion in his prime. Man oozed charisma, really good on the mic, did the Scarface-esc gimmick well, and he was a pretty good wrestler.
4905.11.2021Mister Cute Face8.0
5002.11.2021Wrestleking10.0Scott Hall is one of my favourites and is one of the greatest of all time. He had amazing promo skills and charisma, perhaps he had the best promo in WCW. His ring skills were also great. Scott Hall moving to WCW started the monday night wars.
5223.10.2021Conquistador376.0His early career as a Magnum TA clone constantly sputtered; but when he transformed into The Diamond Studd, he became his own man and i was instantly a fan. The Diamond Studd would later morph into unquestionably one of the brightest stars of the early 90's: Razor Ramon. I stand behind the Razor run (from beginning to end) as legitimately great and well worth reliving/rewatching. However i completely despised the nWo angle and to this day HATE IT. hate hate hate! *stomps like Herman Munster* extremely turned off by that angle. Unfortunately his stock with me plummeted so much due to that angle, that i can only give him a 6. Had he never been a part of that garbage? probably a 9 or 10.
5703.09.2021Mutant349.0This guy is the complete definition of undervaluation. It was in ring one of the best in the NWO and always delivered great fights everywhere. His failure to win a WCW or WWE World heavyweight is one of the biggest sins in the entire history of wrestling. Your ladder matches against HBK speak for themselves
5924.08.2021Kashmir7.0His best in ring days were as Razor Ramon in WWF, but his peak star power was obviously with the nWo in WCW. Unfortunately, not much can be said about that run in way of truly memorable (good) moments for Hall.
6010.08.2021Lukasny9.0Scott Hall/Razor Ramon war einfach cool. Zum Wrestling bin ich zwar erst nach seiner Zeit gekommen, aber er war einfach cool. Sein Theme, sein Look mit dem Zahnstocher, das war schon was besonderes. Im Ring mehr als solide und seine Promos überragend. Hatte leider viele Probleme privat, sonst wäre er vielleicht noch größer geworden.
6109.07.2021Ma Stump Puller7.0Scott might have had a great body and look, as well as a strong sense of charisma, but what was most apparent on a closer look of his capabilities was his incredible wrestling mind: a guy who came up with endlessly over spots and sequences, came up with Crow Sting and influenced the NWO greatly, and was able to have great matches despite being a so-so wrestler with a average moveset. He just knew how wrestling worked and could squeeze as much as he could from a relatively basic playbook. Ultimately, what kills him in my mind is that a lot of his work post WWF is pretty shoddy due to his mounting substance abuse problems and his once remarkable physique quickly went south along with his ability to wrestle decently. A lot of his career is a weird series of Hall being soberish for a while before going off the wagon again. Sure, he was still as charismatic as ever and could do his thing outside of the ring, but it became quite obvious that he just couldn't operate at that level he was best known for again. Thankfully he's picked himself up since then and cleaned up mostly, but ultimately I can't put him above 7, he's just not consistent enough.
6319.06.2021Daigotsu8.0Hall was a good worker, even late in his career. Nothing amazing, but he was clearly above average. He oozed charisma and could cut a great promo, and he looked awesome. I think he was a shade under a credible main event kind of guy, but he could do in a pinch and could work any other place in a card.
7216.04.2021AnB8.0I kinda wish I could just remove all memory of Hall in WCW from my mind. Loved him as Ramon for WWF, never too interesting in the ring but what a character and presentation! A lot of fun early on in his WCW carreer as well, but teaming him up with Nash on a tag team is one of the worst decisions I've seen in pro wrestling, and WCW had tons of bad decisions to pick from. Don't do drugs, kids.
7727.03.2021Brainbuster Rhymes8.0
7916.03.2021ProWrestlingGuy3169.0Stand sich leider selbst im Weg, sonst wäre seine Karriere noch um einiges erfolgreicher gewesen. Wirklich guter Wrestler und vor allem unglaublich charismatisch. Zum Glück hat Scott seine Probleme mittlerweile in den Griff bekommen.
8327.01.2021Uweuwesen10.0Scott Hall ist einer meiner absoluten Lieblinge! Er ist unfassbar charismatisch, ist sensationell am Mikrofon und Wrestlerisch ebenfalls über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Sein Karriereherbst war um ehrlich zu sein alles andere als berühmt... nichts desto trotz die Höchstnote.
8418.01.2021Chiqui Lecca9.0
8605.01.2021WrestlingStats18.0Assets: Had the size and image needed to get over at the highest level. Was a competent and well-decorated midcard and tag champion. His character work took off once he transitioned from a pro wrestling promotion to a sports entertainment promotion. - - - Flaws: Repeated battles with substance abuse were a horrible hindrance to his career. Consequently, he never had the opportunity to enjoy a true main event run. May have been slightly overshadowed by the company he kept despite being extremely charismatic. - - - Career Potential: Admirable major league midcarder/tag specialist and any faction's Number 3 wrestler.
8704.01.2021ManiaMan9310.0The bad guy is one of the most underrated legends in american history. He was very early in my first hours of wrestling shows one of my favorites. I never forgot the Ladder match with him against HBK at WM10, or his interference moment in WCW Nitro 1996. He also created with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash the most epic organization/stable of all time 'the nWo'.
8816.12.2020Black Liger8.0
9108.11.2020KENTAfan8.0A solid mid-card talent with a great look and charisma. His greatest success was his wars with Shawn Michaels over the IC title, and Michaels truly brought the best out of him.
9527.09.2020ElPolloLoco3.0If you want proof how hot wrestling was in the 90's, look no further than Scott Hall. He was only notable for his height in AWA and NJPW: not a bad wrestler by any means but not bad was as far as he got. In WWF he got insanely over thanks to his Tony Montana impersonation... and the mega-push the promotion gave him because of it, including puttting him in the ring with Shawn Michaels, where Scott Hall had no business being. If you want to know why the Heartbreak Kid is a serious contender for the greatest wrestler of all times, just think about this: people still consider Scott Hall a great wrestler merely on account of those matches. In WCW he fizzled away quite rapidly: his tag team with Kevin Nash was something beyond atrocious in the ring (and Hall often looked like he was nursing the mother of all hangovers) and Hall's promos quickly went from bad to worse. Without his Tony Montana impersonation he wasn't worth much. But he remained insanely popular, even long after he chose to hit the bottle instead of the wrestling ring and to this day people are still ready to cut him way more slack than he deserves. The guy was far more over than he deserved, as simple as that.
9803.08.2020Conor6.0He had a good career through his run with WWF which ended in the mid 90s. He might have been a 7 or 8 had he retired then, but he took the money and ran to WCW. This took him down a notch for me because other than the Outsiders/NWO storyline, he really didn? t do much and sort of coasted on his reputation.
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