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J Bronson


Also known as PJ Friedman, Phil Friedman, James Bronson, Bronson

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126.12.2015Crippler Crossface7.0
230.08.2012jchiofal8.0Bronson is one of the more improved FCW wrestlers. He moves at a slower pace, but I enjoy his combination of an MMA style with his power game. He is an incredibly strong wrestler, who has improved significantly. He plans every motion and attack so carefully, the it seems disturbingly realistic.
322.04.2012JustinJDMarineau8.0I'm really impressed with how much James Bronson has improved and stepped up his game! Now I think he's definitely better than he's ever been in the past 2 years that he's been in FCW! I liked him when he debuted as the bodyguard so to speak for Peter Orlov (aka Alex Koslov), and he would beat on Leakee twice after Alex's matches against him and relentlessly put that rear naked choke submission on him, then after that partnership ended, he fell off the deep end and lost his mean streak and his mic skills sucked so bad, but ever since he gained the Dr. Bronson gimmick, he has become a better promo cutter, and even now when he no longer has that persona and has become that bully persona again, he's still good at cutting promos and he's improved a whole lot on his abilities in the ring as well which is definitely a blessing for him! He has always been a good submission specialist, him coming from an MMA background and all, but before he got to the level he's at now, he didn't move too well and he didn't make his offensive moves look believable. Now his moves have begun to look better and plus, he has become more dominant in the ring and that I definitely like.
424.03.2012dragonulteo7.0James Bronson is one of the more improved FCW wrestlers. I enjoy his combination of an MMA style with his power game. He is an incredibly strong wrestler, who has improved significantly.
523.11.2011jjchiofalo5.0Bronson has had quite some time to be able to develop his character and wrestling, and so far he has gone nowhere. Bronson definitely throws stiff strikes and rest holds, however, that is honestly all I can say. If he wants to be more of a shoot wrestler, than training in FCW is not the right place he should be. Japanese promotions would develop him to be what he should be, but in the US, his style is strange and unfamiliar.
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