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Bray Wyatt


Also known as Fiend, Husky Harris, Duke Rotundo, Tank Rotundo, Tank Mulligan, Windham Rotunda, Windham Rotundo, Alex Rotunda, Alex Rotundo, Axl Mulligan

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113.05.2019World Wrestling Entertainment"You want to see my secret? - Firefly Fun House #4"8.2714
206.05.2019World Wrestling Entertainment"Picnic time - Firefly Fun House #3"6.866
329.04.2019World Wrestling Entertainment"Sociopath is the word of the day - Firefly Fun House #2"6.1512
422.04.2019World Wrestling Entertainment"This is the Firefly Fun House"7.209
509.11.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"We will no longer pay respects to these relics"8.335
602.11.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"I have successfully harvested the souls of The Undertaker and Demon Kane"  
727.07.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"Roman Reigns, this is your burden to bear"7.005
818.07.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"At Battleground the hammer destroys the monument and leaves it crumbling on the ground"  
923.03.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"I will take my rightful place among the Gods as the new face of fear"8.387
1002.03.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"You're gonna burn, Deadman"  
1122.02.2015World Wrestling Entertainment"I will claim the soul of The Undertaker"8.8917
1211.08.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"Iím gonna be the first man in WWE history to leave you speechless and shut you up for good"  
1321.07.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"And unfortunately for you Chris Jericho, I am forever"7.716
1414.07.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"I have never seen anything like Bray Wyatt"7.835
1504.07.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"If you wanna get crazy, I'll get crazy with you but when I do you will never ever be the same again"7.866
1626.05.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"Bray Wyatt, justice may be blind. But for you payback will be a bitch"8.788
1716.05.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"I wanna to thank you for helping me find the cure to your play"  
1805.05.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"You will remember me for what I truly am: A God!"8.576
1927.04.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"Bray Wyatt's passion is not the WWE, Bray Wyatt's passion is Bray Wyatt"9.6024
2021.04.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"They do not love you anymore, John"8.338
2114.04.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"You don't even realize that me and you, we've been playing Catch with knives"2.2014
2217.01.2014World Wrestling Entertainment"Daniel Bryan was given every chance to walk with the reapers but now he will burn with the saints"  
2330.12.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"The machine will never let me win"  
2429.12.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Your words mean nothing to him now!"6.576
2509.12.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm going to prove to you that you are a monster"  
2606.12.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"My poison is already running through your veins"6.675
2716.09.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Patience is a virtue"6.335
2802.09.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Kane made his bed and now he is burning in it"  
2926.08.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"I love you, Sister Abigail"9.0713
3006.08.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"Wanna hear a secret, Kane? I am already dead."  
3115.07.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"I will never turn my back on you."7.887
3208.07.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"This is not the beginning... it's the end."8.387
3324.06.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"We've been here all along"8.436
3420.06.2013World Wrestling Entertainment"We say goodbye to NXT"8.209
3507.06.2012Florida Championship Wrestling"I will not save your world. I wanna watch it burn"  
3624.05.2012Florida Championship Wrestling"I am an angel in the dirt"  
3705.04.2012Florida Championship Wrestling"I am brainwashing you all right now"  
3815.03.2012Florida Championship Wrestling"I hated my daddy"6.448
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