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Also known as Kane The Undertaker, Commando, Mark Callous, Mean Mark, Master Of Pain, Punisher, Punisher Dice Morgan, Texas Red, Texas Red Jack

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1World Wrestling EntertainmentThe Next Big Thing gelingt das Unmögliche: Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker02/2014 - 04/20145.6631
2World Wrestling EntertainmentWenn der Tod beim Deadman plündert: Undertaker vs. Punk II03/2013 - 04/20138.0332
3World Wrestling EntertainmentDas Ende einer Ära: Undertaker vs. Triple H 201201/2012 - 04/20129.1049
4World Wrestling EntertainmentDie letzten Outlaws: Undertaker vs. Triple H 201102/2011 - 04/20117.3841
5World Wrestling EntertainmentDes Teufels liebster Dämon - Undertaker vs. Kane 201006/2010 - 10/20107.5438
6World Wrestling EntertainmentLegends of WrestleMania Teil II: Die Obsession des Heartbreak Kid12/2009 - 03/20109.82122
7World Wrestling EntertainmentDas Animal auf Abwegen: Batista vs. Mysterio vs. Undertaker10/2009 - 01/20106.2123
8World Wrestling EntertainmentVerschwörung wider Willen: Undertaker vs. Punk08/2009 - 10/20093.0241
9World Wrestling EntertainmentLegends Of WrestleMania: Taker vs. Michaels 0902/2009 - 04/20099.4179
10World Wrestling EntertainmentVickies schlagkräftiger Rächer: Undertaker vs. Big Show09/2008 - 12/20086.7130
11World Wrestling EntertainmentZur Hölle mit ihm: The Undertaker vs. Edge05/2007 - 08/20089.76181
12World Wrestling EntertainmentDer Tod und das Tier: Undertaker vs. Batista01/2007 - 12/20078.85129
13World Wrestling EntertainmentUndertaker & Kane vs. Kennedy & MVP09/2006 - 12/20067.2552
14World Wrestling EntertainmentUndertaker vs. Great Khali04/2006 - 08/20063.4252
15World Wrestling EntertainmentUndertaker vs. Mark Henry02/2006 - 04/20062.6057
16World Wrestling EntertainmentDer Legendentöter und der Totengräber02/2005 - 12/20058.2092
17World Wrestling EntertainmentUndertaker vs. Heidenreich10/2004 - 01/20054.5029
18World Wrestling EntertainmentMiniaturen und Ministry-Erinnerungen: Undertaker vs. JBL07/2004 - 12/20047.2511
19World Wrestling EntertainmentPaul Bearers schockierendes Ende: Undertaker vs. Dudley Boyz03/2004 - 06/20044.4121
20World Wrestling EntertainmentDie Wiedergeburt des Deadman11/2003 - 03/20046.8540
21World Wrestling EntertainmentDie Doppelte Dosis für den Deadman10/2002 - 08/20033.2437
22World Wrestling EntertainmentEin junger Hund sucht den Revierkampf: Taker vs. Cena06/2003 - 08/20037.505
23World Wrestling EntertainmentUndertaker vs. Brock Lesnar08/2002 - 10/20027.4433
24World Wrestling EntertainmentRic Flair vs. Undertaker02/2002 - 03/20027.2637
25World Wrestling EntertainmentDer Undertaker, Kane und Richards' Obsessionen04/2001 - 09/2001  
26World Wrestling EntertainmentEin People's Champion wird zum Stalker: Undertaker vs. DDP05/2001 - 08/20010.4824
27World Wrestling EntertainmentDominante Duos: Brothers Of Destruction vs. Two Men Powertrip04/2001 - 05/20017.0910
28World Wrestling EntertainmentThe Games kleiner Makel: Undertaker vs. Triple H02/2001 - 04/20018.7147
29World Wrestling EntertainmentBedrohung aus der Südsee: Undertaker & Kane vs. Rikishi & Haku01/2001 - 03/20014.005
30World Wrestling EntertainmentDas Monster kann's nicht lassen: Undertaker vs. Kane 200008/2000 - 09/20002.2312
31World Wrestling EntertainmentKane, X-Pac und die Fühler der dunklen Seite07/1999 - 09/19995.109
32World Wrestling EntertainmentEine Fehde, eine Ära: Austin vs. McMahon04/1998 - 07/19999.75178
33World Wrestling EntertainmentDie Klapperschlange und der Sensenmann: Austin vs. Undertaker06/1998 - 07/19998.9520
34World Wrestling EntertainmentThe Rock vs. Undertaker04/1999 - 06/19996.4232
35World Wrestling EntertainmentDie Ministry greift nach der Macht12/1998 - 05/19998.5164
36World Wrestling EntertainmentSchatten der Vergangenheit: Undertaker vs. Kane05/1997 - 12/19989.73145
37World Wrestling EntertainmentSunnyboy auf der dunklen Seite: Undertaker vs. Michaels08/1997 - 01/19989.2736
38World Wrestling EntertainmentSchwarz holt Gold: Der Taker gewinnt seinen zweiten Titel01/1997 - 08/19976.9435
39World Wrestling EntertainmentUndertaker vs. Diesel12/1995 - 03/19967.6435
40World Wrestling EntertainmentDer Urnenraub der Million Dollar Corporation11/1994 - 08/19955.5943
41World Wrestling EntertainmentSärge, Rudelattacken und Chuck Norris: Undertaker vs. Yokozuna11/1993 - 11/19946.3314
42World Wrestling EntertainmentDer doppelte Undertaker06/1994 - 08/19945.7721
43World Wrestling EntertainmentUndertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez01/1993 - 08/19932.6062
44World Wrestling EntertainmentEin Brutalo wird zum Angsthasen: Undertaker vs. Kamala08/1992 - 11/19925.6215
45World Wrestling EntertainmentDer Dunkle wechselt die Seiten: Undertaker vs. Roberts02/1992 - 04/19926.6931
46World Wrestling EntertainmentHogan und die schwarz-schillernde Allianz08/1991 - 02/19927.296
47World Wrestling EntertainmentKlassenkampf in der WWF: Rhodes vs. DiBiase08/1990 - 01/19915.7527
48World Championship WrestlingRoad Warriors vs. Skyscrapers04/1989 - 02/1990  
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