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219.01.2021Daisuke Sekigoto10.0
415.12.2020Black Liger9.0
901.09.2020CyberVoltes9.0Minoru Tanaka is a talented technical wrestler who very narrowly falls short of being one of the greatest. Originally a shootboxer, he would be trained by the great Fujiwara. He soon became a wrestler who could do at least a bit of everything in the ring, but his strong suits were always his matwork, submission holds and shootstyle-like striking. He's about to turn 48 now, but you wouldn't tell that by his in-ring work, since he hasn't lost a beat since he started in PWFG. And, yet, as skillfull as he is, he has always been somewhat overlooked for other wrestlers from his time. The thing is, while his resumé is somewhat impressive, some of his best matches and accomplishments would occur in the darkest years of the respective promotions. For instance, he was both IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion many times during 2000 to 2008, but that was quite a low point for NJPW, overall, so most people just didn't really care about what the company's junior division was like. Likewise, he got to be both AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Champion and All Asian Tag Team Champion, but that company was (arguably) at its lowest by 2011-2013. Minoru would keep on fighting for pretty much every japanese promotion plus some overseas, but he spent the latest years of his career appearing mostly in NOAH and WRESTLE-1. By then, Minoru was already at that point in which it was expected he would put other wrestlers over him. Now, he will still get a victory once in a while, but he's putting over quite a few people for a long time now - most of which are very obviously not even close to his level. For some, that might only go to show Minoru is not an egocentric, selfish guy, but I've got to wonder if this is one of those rare cases in which some selfishness would've been welcome, as Minoru could finally get some big wins to get the credit he desearves. Oh, well. Be it as it may, Minoru's career is the product of both some lack of luck and his own personal choices, but he has never stopped performing as a top notch wrestler. On a side note, his in-ring work suffers a little when he performs as "Heat" (a gimmick based on a video game I'm not really familiar with), as his selling comes off as weird, sometimes, but not to the point of being dreadful.
1028.08.2020Jetlag5.0Hat seine Fans, aber ich mag ihn nicht besonders. Ein Shootstyle-Wrestler, der nur seine Spots durchzieht, ist nicht das, was ich sehen will. Seine lasche Art, auf der Matte zu kämpfen verdarb so manchen BattlARTS-Kampf. Da hilft es auch nicht viel, dass er sein Programm nun seit mehr oder weniger 25 Jahren abspult.
1305.08.2020CounterCultureCantCount8.0Minoru is a strong contender for most underrated jr. heavyweight in history. I don't think he's ever had a match where he looked lost or out of place, this guy can adapt to every opponent.
1415.06.2020Khalid Ace7.0
2312.03.2019mikep779810.0Truly one of the best juniors to do it. At the turn of the century Minoru was truly one of the best in the world Insanely unique and smooth offense with a fascinating catalog of matches. One of the most underrated juniors ever.
2622.09.2018Makai Club 9.0Man, how old is he? 45. He is still pretty awesome at this age. And that's not judging from 45 year old standards, he legitimately is a great wrestler. Very good from a technical standpoint as well as a striking stand point. Very agile and versatile. Has a plethora of great matches and feuds. With Koji Kanemoto in particular. Been wrestling for years, and I hope that he doesn't slow down any time soon.
2703.09.2018jamzell008.0He's 45 yet still one of the smoothest juniors in the world. It's crazy how he can still go with the best of them. True sign of a great worker
3218.05.2017Hokuto in Winter8.0
3908.09.2016Luv all wrestling10.0
4407.06.2015Crippler Crossface9.0
4711.11.2014CJ Dusk9.0Even for his size and age Tanaka can do it all. I wish there were more pros like him that still live and breath wrestling.
4813.10.2014Matzinho9.0Meiner Ansicht nach DER Junior des neuen Jahrtausends in der Zeitspanne 2000 bis 2010. Gehört weder ganz zu den Alten aus den 90ern, noch so richtig zu den Jungen dazu, ist in seiner Altersgruppe aber außer Konkurrenz. Im Ring ist Minoru mit seinem griff-reichen Submission-Stil zwar keine Augenweide, aber immer unterhaltsam. Derzeit bei WRESTLE-1 gefällt er mir gut und hält das erfolgreiche Team mit Kanemoto aufrecht.
4929.05.2014daniel cassidy7.0
5020.11.2013Fountain of Misinformation8.0Mit nun fast 41 Jahren immer noch ein Top Junior Heavyweight-Wrestler, der, anders als viele seiner (zumeist jüngeren) Kollegen, ein feines Gespür dafür hat, wann etwas "zuviel" ist und scheinbar immer treffsicher die "richtige Dosis" abmisst. Davon ab gibt er immer 100% und kann fast jeden Stil mitgehen. Jede japanische Promotion wird zufrieden und sogar stolz sein, wenn der Mann bei ihnen auf der Card steht.
5121.07.2013Boris The Menace8.0
5220.09.2012Kenshin Uesugi8.0Ein Junior Heavyweight Veteran, der ein gute Ergänzung für AJPW ist. Ist nicht nur in Top-Form, sondern sieht gar nicht seinem Alter entsprechend aus. Passt gut in Stack of Arms Team und war und wird noch einige Highlights setzen. Könnte durchaus höher eingesetzt werden.
5428.01.2009STRIGGA8.0Guter Junior, der auch 2008 noch einmal groß auftrumpfen konnte, hier vor allem im Tag Team Bereich. Es ist schade, dass er New Japan verlassen hat/verlassen musste. Hoffentlich bedeutet das nicht das Ende seiner Karriere.
5522.01.2009The Sick Lebowski7.0
5709.12.2008mizfreak xwcEr ist äußerst charismatisch für einen Japaner und im Team mit Devitt gefällt er mir eigentlich recht gut, außerdem ist er einfach verdammt cool, habe allerdings bis jetzt nur Tag-Matches von ihm gesehen und weiß nichts über seine Micfähigkeiten, daher bewerte ich ihn noch nicht ~ 7/8
6002.01.2008CM Punk 4 Ever8.0
6107.12.2007D-Style10.0Die coolste Sau von NJPW; sehr charismatisch, coole Mimik, und vor allem sehr schönes Moveset und ich habe viele schöne Matches gesehen: Die 1!
6610.08.2007Phil D10.0
6705.08.2007shannonmoore8.0Ich weis nich ob er in Japan nur einer von vielen ist aber konnte mich richtig gut unterhalten bei TNA.
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