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Too Cold Scorpio


Also known as 2 Cold Scorpio, Black Scorpio, Flying Scorpio, Scorpio, Flash Funk, Black Wozuma

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1105.11.2018BirthofGirth2710.0Huge fan of this guy. I guess this website needs me to comment on why I enjoy him so much. He's an extremely agile high flyer who entertains me in every match that I've seen. I love watching his work in ECW and as I discover more and more, I hold him to an even higher standard. Yes, he had a silly gimmick in WWE but when allowed space to perform, he is a dynamic and interesting wrestler. One of my personal favourites and a definite 10/10 in my PERSONAL ratings.
1204.11.2018Cameron6211297.0Great innovator in the ring. Should have been a midcarders star, but he seemed to be a dick his prevent himself ever reaching those heights.
1401.11.2018JEK 19917.0Great high flyer and crusierweight. This guy was great in WCW when he was with Marcus Bagwell. The man's splash dives were excellent. This was before Jeff Hardy. ECW was his biggest peak. When he was in WWF he had that stupid Flash Funk gimmick in which he hated. He should have got a big push. His time In Pro Wrestling Noah was great as well.
1619.10.2018cmchamp7.0Scorpio was the only great wrestler who couldn't wrestle: he could do everything in the ring, but I don't know why he never looked that good. He even had a decent look and charisma to be successful in the big leagues, but he has been not. I feel like he should have been a 9, but he was only a 6, 5/7. To me, he will always be a mystery.
1702.09.2018pappahouse6.0Flash Funk war ein guter Techniker, welcher aber in der WWF irgendwann echt schlecht eingesetzt wurde, was ziemlich mies war. Er beherrschte den 450 Splash was damals ein absolutes Novum war.
1807.07.2018DaWizWithAD8.0I'm a big Scorpio fan. He was athletic and pretty charismatic to when allowed to show it. Got dealt bad hands in WWF which is a shame as they could have used a worker like him when he was around. Rewatching him recently I never really realized how large he actually was which is just impressing me even more.
1922.04.2018InactiveGuru8.02 Cold Scorpio was a great in-ring performer, was a staple of the mid card in ECW and it was well deserved. He did make it to the WWE as Flash Funk but nothing about that was memorable to me. I do remember the JOB Squad though haha, good times.
2223.02.2018The Old School8.0
2804.04.2017Blood Pump6.0Practically perfected the art of unnecessarily flippy sh*t wrestling in the 90s, 2 Cold knew how to do things in that ring a lot of guys his size some others couldn't do. He wasn't ever a fast competitor but the dude could flip. I know it sounds like I'm slighting the guy, and if I'm being honest I kind of am. I could never get behind the guy because one, he never really seemed to know what he wants to do in the match and two, he taunted a lot. That's not to say I think the guy sucks but his lack of psychology always made it hard for me to appreciate his talents.
2926.12.2016DanTalksRasslin9.0Scorpio was always full of personality and a fun presence on any show, and when he hit the scene in the early '90s, he had a truly innovative and influential ring style with lots of high-flying offense including a number of moves of his own creation. After a run with New Japan, he first gained notice in North America in WCW and moved on to a great run with ECW. His time with the WWF wasn't quite as fruitful; as Flash Funk and then part of the JOB Squad, he had a visible run and some good matches to his name, but the company never seemed as interested in pushing him as his previous employers had been. Went on to spend half a decade in Pro Wrestling NOAH in the mid 2000s. Can still be found plying his trade on the indy scene, and at age 51, he incredibly hasn't lost a step in the ring, still being fully capable of all the high-flying and flip moves he became famous for.
3328.08.2016Mizzle Assault Ant10.0Severley underrated, Scorp is one of the best I have seen. Incredibly creative with his offense but not confined to just spots, he has excellent storytelling as well when he wants to. Never pushed to his potential for a wide variety of reasons, Scorpio continues to impress even to this day in random indy appearances.
3509.08.2016Vacant 218.0
3703.02.2016purpletentacle9.0I think my favorite Sabu match is the one against Mr. Scorpio. Scorpio did not get used well in WWF at all. It was very sad, but we know what the McMahons are capable of by now. JEEZUS!
3820.12.2015smark calaway7.0
3916.12.2015Phenomenal9110.0One of the best high flyers of all time. And he's STILL performing his amazing feats of agility at 50 years old! He could hang with the best, yesterday AND today.
4010.09.2015Vertebreaker10.0I don't think people realize how few American high-flying wrestlers there were when Scorpio hit the scene. Guys like Brad Armstrong and Brian Pillman, where considered the high-flyers of the time, the real top notch guys were either Japanese or Mexican. Scorpio introduced numerous high-flying moves to the American mainstream, making him one of the most influential wrestlers from the last 25 years. He also was a very good technician and had some charisma as well.
4210.07.2015Crippler Crossface7.0
4617.02.2015Neil Zest9.0Absolut beeindruckender Highflyer, mit ihm habe ich kein schlechtes Match gesehen, im Gegenteil. Was seinen Stil um so beeindruckender macht, ist seine durchaus vorhandene Körpermasse.
4801.11.2014daniel cassidy8.0
5030.07.2014Zed3.0Ich fand den weder spektakulär, noch charismatisch. Klar war er ein High Flyer, zu einer Zeit in der High Flying noch nicht so angesagt war, aber rachte ihm das eine größere Karriere ein ? Nein. Im Tag Team mit Bagwell noch OK, in der ECW dann langweilig und austauschbar(seine WWF Zeit erwähn ich jetzt mal bewusst nicht)und alles was danach kam hätte er sich auch sparen können.
5210.12.2013The Man of 1004 armbars7.0
5313.09.2013Leone8.0Too Cold Scorpio left his mark on the wrestling world when he innovated the 450 Splash. He was not known for telling big epic stories in the ring, but what he was known for his excellent athleticism and charisma. At 6'1 and over 230lbs, he performed a lot of moves that you would expect from luchadores and junior heavyweights, and even in his 40s, he remains in shape and even appeared at times to be better than he was in his 30s. Overall an 8, because you shouldn't expect a Kobashi/Misawa battle out of him, but do expect to see some very, very impressive high flying moves.
5412.08.2013JustinJDMarineau10.02 Cold Scorpio has always been one of my favorite wrestlers to watch especially when I was a kid watching him as Flash Funk! Looking back at that time, he was one of the best examples of what an all-around because not only was he an amazing wrestler and performer, but he connected with the crowd so well because of how entertaining his character was. So all of those things combined were what made people easily gravitate to 2 Cold Scorpio and become fans of his. He was so unique in his own way with everything he did in-ring wise and character wise. Scorpio was not really too small of a guy and he was considered a heavyweight wrestler, but he could fly around like a light heavyweight and his technical wrestling skills were so great on top of that too! It amazed me when I watched him wrestle at Hardcore Justice 2010 and saw that at the age he is now, he can still do the same amazing captivating moves he did in his prime a long time ago. How this guy doesn't get more love with his ratings on this website is honestly beyond me! I do not understand it whatsoever.
5520.07.2013Boris The Menace6.0
5812.02.2013The Woerp6.0
6004.08.2011Double J8.0Ih liebe scorpio einfach. klasse Highflyer mit absolut genialer Babyfaceaustrahlung!
6111.06.2011Finnish Nightmare8.0
6327.02.2011The-Game915.0Scorpio ist irgendwie bei den Fans angesagt aber er ist jetzt nicht wirklich ein ganz großer Star.
6424.01.2011Vimes7.0Gute Technik und auch ein gutes Gespür, wie ein Match auszusehen hat. Für mich unverständlich, warum er dann trotz einer gewissen Ausstrahlung keine größere Rolle in der Wrestlinggeschichte eingenommen hat. Von ihm können sich heutige Wrestler wie Kofi Kingston oder R-Truth, die einen ähnlichen Stil pflegen noch so einiges abschneiden.
6623.09.2010downtown26.0Trotz vieler Skills leider überhaupt nicht Mainstream-tauglich, angefangen vom seinem zumindest damals ungewöhnlichen Wrestling-Stil bis hin zu seinem eigenartig anmutenden Körperbau. Schade eigentlich, denn er war ein wahrer Pionier auf dem Gebiet des High Flying zu seiner Zeit und mit viel Ring-Psychologie ausgestattet und hätte dadurch einer großen Promotion durchaus hilfreich sein können. Ich gebe seiner doch illustren Karriere angemessene 6 Punkte.
6815.03.2010Eddie8.0Too Cold Scorpio ist ein absolut großartiger Techniker (gewesen), der mir nur in seiner Phase als Flash Funk nicht so gut gefallen hat. Aber allein das Match bei ECW gegen Jericho, Pitbull und Douglas, das kann ich mir jeden Tag wieder ansehen, 8 Punkte.
6923.02.2010Matt Macks4.0Einer der Pioniere des High Flying-Wrestlingstils im amerikanischen Wrestling, insbesondere in der WCW. Aus irgendeinem Grund war er für mich jedoch nie wirklich interessant, was sich später in der WWF oder bei Pro Wrestling NOAH nicht änderte.
7019.01.2010ShakDragoon8.0Lustiger aber auch äußerst talentierter Veteran. Schade dass er momentan nur unregelmäßig in der US-Indyszene auftritt.
7225.10.2009ReiskartoffelAuf dem Bild sieht er irgendwie aus wie Lorenzo/Lorielle XD. Musste mal gesagt werden.
7305.10.2009Fountain of Misinformation7.0Hat zu allen Zeiten und in allen Stationen seiner Karriere sehr gute Leistungen gezeigt, obgleich an ihm natürlich auch der Zahn der Zeit genagt hat.
7403.08.2009T-Wayne7.0Seine besten Zeiten sind schon längst vorbei. Aber für eben jene erhält er von mir 7 Punkte.
7529.07.2009108 Sterne8.0In der WCW ein fantastischer High-Flyer; leider mal wieder in der WWF mit einem unsinnigen Gimmick degradiert.
7714.01.2009Marco E8.0In der WCW, ECW, CWA und Japan in den 90ér Jahren großartig! da gab es mit Sicherheit keinen besseren Highflyer als ihn. Da mochte ich ihn sehr. Aber was ich so in den letzten Jahren von ihm gesehen habe, hat mit dem alten Scorpio nicht mehr viel zu tun.
8022.11.2008Tomko7.0War in der ECW cool, in Japan großartig, aber in der WWE schwach! Ist auch heute nur noch ein Schatten seiner selbst!
8410.07.2008ghost8.0In der originalen ECW brilliant als cooler und witziger Heel. In der WWE als Flash Funk auch nicht schlecht, war ein unterhaltsames Gimmick - aber ohne Nennenswerte Fehden oder Matches. Insgesamt: Gut.
8508.07.2008ecw forever8.0
8802.05.2008The Sick Lebowski9.0In der WCW zusammen mit Bagwell und in der ECW genial, auch in Japan recht gut. In der WWF hat er leider nie ne grosse Rolle gespielt, weil er zu wenig Big Man und Entertainer war. Allerdings ein erstklassiger High Flyer.
8924.04.2008blackwhitesun4.0In der WCW gut, in der ECW mittelmäßig, aktuell anscheinend ganz schlimm. Das Problem bei ihm ist, dass er konditionsmäßig dermaßen abgebaut hat, dass er nach jedem Move 5 Minuten verschnaufen muss. Dadurch wirken seine Matches (auch schon in der ECW) langsam und langweillig. Im Moment leider nur eine Schlaftablette.
9231.03.2008Brahma Bull4.0
9331.03.2008Rob Van Duesenschrauber4.0
9430.03.2008Metal Overlord4.0
9604.03.2008chaos6.0Für seine Statur war er wohl einer der besten Highflyer seiner Zeit.
9720.01.2008Baszdmeg8.0Wrestler, der Highflying revolutioniert hat, dazu aber technisch nicht unbegabt ist. Leider finde ich Scorpio oft genug viel zu eintönig.
10009.12.2007Asgaroth 3366996.0
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