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Joey Ryan


Also known as Joseph P. Ryan, Hollywood, Joey Hollywood, Joey Blalock, El Gallinero, Gallinero I, Forsaken

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1Anarchy Championship Wrestling14th Annual Lone Star Classic24.11.2019eliminated before the semi finals  
2Prestige Wrestling2nd Annual Rise Or Die Trying Tournament15.11.2019semi finals participant  
3IWA Mid-SouthTed Petty Invitational 201912.09.2019 - 13.09.2019eliminated before the semi finals  
4International Wrestling CartelSuper Indy 1815.06.2019eliminated before the semi finals  
5Bar WrestlingTrios Tournament20.02.2019 - 21.02.2019eliminated before the semi finals  
6Lucha Libre And LaughsCandyman Memorial Cup Tournament01.06.2018 - 02.06.2018eliminated before the semi finals  
7World Series WrestlingWSW Tag Team Title Tournament16.03.2018 - 17.03.2018semi finals participant  
8Dramatic Dream TeamD-Ou Grand Prix 201805.01.2018 - 28.01.2018semi finals participant  
9Wrestling In Japan - Freelance ShowsToshiwasure! Five Organization Shuffle Tag Tournament 201631.12.2016eliminated before the semi finals  
10HoodslamHoodFighter 201602.12.2016finals participant  
11Atlanta Wrestling EntertainmentAWE Tag Team Title Tournament19.06.2016eliminated before the semi finals  
12Lucha UndergroundCueto Cup07.05.2016 - 11.06.2016eliminated before the semi finals  
13Lucha UndergroundBattle Of The Bulls Tournament09.04.2016 - 23.04.2016semi finals participant  
14Lucha UndergroundTrios Tournament13.12.2015 - 10.01.2016finals participant  
15Pro Wrestling BushidoWarrior's Way Tournament 201526.07.2015eliminated before the semi finals  
16IWA Deep SouthSoft Core Cup18.07.2015finals participant  
17Queensland Wrestling AllianceGlobal Domination Tournament21.06.2015Winner  
18Pro Wrestling GuerrillaDDT4 201522.05.2015eliminated before the semi finals  
19Freelance WrestlingFreelance Tag Team Title Tournament06.02.2015 - 10.04.2015semi finals participant  
20Quintessential Pro WrestlingWoman's Tournament13.09.2014finals participant  
21Women's Superstars UnitedQueen & King Of The Ring 201410.05.2014finals participant  
22Pro Wrestling GuerrillaDDT4 201431.01.2014eliminated before the semi finals7.118
23Family Wrestling EntertainmentOpenweight Grand Prix12.10.2013 - 07.12.2013eliminated before the semi finals  
24Championship Wrestling From HollywoodSantino Bros. Wrestling Title Tournament05.09.2013eliminated before the semi finals  
25Pro Wrestling GuerrillaBattle Of Los Angeles 201330.08.2013 - 31.08.2013eliminated before the semi finals7.716
26Quintessential Pro WrestlingQPW Title Tournament16.06.2013eliminated before the semi finals  
27Wrestling Cares AssociationRace For The Ring27.04.2013 - 18.01.2014eliminated before the semi finals  
28Impact WrestlingJoker's Wild 201312.01.2013semi finals participant  
29Pro Wrestling GuerrillaBattle Of Los Angeles 201201.09.2012 - 02.09.2012eliminated before the semi finals  
30Pro Wrestling BushidoWarriors Way Tournament 201229.04.2012eliminated before the semi finals  
31Pro Wrestling GuerrillaDDT4 201221.04.2012eliminated before the semi finals  
32Ring Ka KingRKK Tag Team Title Tournament19.12.2011 - 20.12.2011eliminated before the semi finals  
33Mach One Pro WrestlingNational Wrestling AllianceThe Hall Of Fame Cup21.05.2011semi finals participant  
34National Wrestling Alliance Pro WrestlingNational Wrestling AllianceBe The Star Television Tournament15.05.2011 - 10.07.2011eliminated before the semi finals  
35Mach One Pro WrestlingNational Wrestling AllianceNew Years Day Cup 201101.01.2011semi finals participant  
36Pro Wrestling GuerrillaBattle Of Los Angeles 201004.09.2010 - 05.09.2010Winner  
37Pro Wrestling GuerrillaBattle Of Los Angeles 200920.11.2009 - 21.11.2009semi finals participant  
38Pro Wrestling GuerrillaDDT4 200922.05.2009eliminated before the semi finals7.675
39International Wrestling CartelSuper Indy VIII15.05.2009 - 16.05.2009eliminated before the semi finals  
40High Risk WrestlingSole Survivor Tournament06.03.2009semi finals participant  
41Pro Wrestling GuerrillaBattle Of Los Angeles 200801.11.2008 - 02.11.2008eliminated before the semi finals  
42Pro Wrestling GuerrillaDDT4 200817.05.2008 - 18.05.2008eliminated before the semi finals  
43Anarchy Championship WrestlingLone Star Classic16.12.2007semi finals participant  
44IWA Mid-SouthTed Petty Invitational 200728.09.2007 - 29.09.2007eliminated before the semi finals  
45Pro Wrestling GuerrillaBattle Of Los Angeles 200731.08.2007 - 02.09.2007eliminated before the semi finals8.7511
46Alternative Wrestling ShowAWS Heavyweight Title Tournament22.06.2007 - 27.07.2007eliminated before the semi finals  
47New Wave Pro WrestlingNWPW Heavyweight Title Tournament06.05.2007finals participant  
48CHIKARAKing Of Trios16.02.2007 - 18.02.2007eliminated before the semi finals  
49Ground Zero WrestlingGZW Heavyweight Title Tournament13.10.2006semi finals participant  
50Wrestling In The USA - Freelance ShowsJeff Peterson Memorial Cup 200616.06.2006 - 17.06.2006semi finals participant  
51National Wrestling Alliance Pro WrestlingSuper Lucha Tournament21.05.2006eliminated before the semi finals  
52IWA Mid-SouthTed Petty Invitational 200523.09.2005 - 24.09.2005eliminated before the semi finals  
53Pro Wrestling GuerrillaBattle Of Los Angeles 200503.09.2005 - 04.09.2005eliminated before the semi finals7.2312
54Pro Wrestling GuerrillaTango & Cash Invitational24.01.2004 - 25.01.2004semi finals participant7.448
55Revolution Pro WrestlingRevolution J 200320.09.2003eliminated before the semi finals  
56Pro Wrestling GuerrillaBad Ass Mother 300029.08.2003 - 30.08.2003finals participant6.228
57All Pro WrestlingAPW Central Coast Heavyweight Title Tournament22.06.2003eliminated before the semi finals  
58Alternative Wrestling ShowAWS Tag Team Title Tournament02.11.2002semi finals participant  
59Revolution Pro WrestlingRevolution J 200228.09.2002eliminated before the semi finals  
60Revolution Pro WrestlingSpirit Of The Revolution02.06.2001 - 14.07.2001semi finals participant  
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