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Joey Ryan


Also known as Joseph P. Ryan, Hollywood, Joey Hollywood, Joey Blalock, El Gallinero, Gallinero I, Forsaken

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1PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2019165.
2PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2018120.
3SoCal-Wrestler des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20177.
4PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2017141.
5Indy-Match des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20164.
6PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2016158.
7Indy-Tag Team des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20156.
8PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2015223.
9SoCal-Match des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20142.
10Indy-Fehde des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20143.
11Indy-Tag Team des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20142.
12Indy-Match des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20142.
13PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2014261.
14TNA-Most UnderratedCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20135.
15Indy-Fehde des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards201310.
16PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2013138.
17TNA-X-Division-Wrestler des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20125.
18TNA-Gimmick des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20129.
19TNA-Tag Team des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20126.
20TNA-Fehde des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20129.
21TNA-Neuverpflichtung des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20121.
22PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2012266.
23PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2011278.
24SoCal-Wrestler des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20102.
25PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2010171.
26PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2009175.
27Indy-Fehde des JahresCAGEMATCH Year End Awards20095.
28SoCal-Tag Team des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20082.
29SoCal-Wrestler des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20083.
30SoCal-Match des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20089.
31SoCal-Match des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards200810.
32PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2008183.
33SoCal-Tag Team des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20072.
34SoCal-Wrestler des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20073.
35SoCal-Match des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20072.
36PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2007224.
37SoCal-Wrestler des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20061.
38SoCal-Match des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20062.
39PWI 500Pro Wrestling Illustrated2006288.
40SoCal-Tag Team des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20042.
41SoCal-Match des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20041.
42SoCal-Tag Team des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20032.
43SoCal-Tag Team des JahresSoCal Uncensored Awards20021.
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