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101.08.2016World Wrestling Entertainment"Jericho, listening to you speak, time passes like kidney stone"8.8131
212.11.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"Who cares about the number of minutes that somebody was clinically dead?"6.2523
324.09.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"You wanna be a statistic or do you wanna be a legend?"9.4322
416.01.2012World Wrestling Entertainment"It kills you that you never made it to this stage, the WWE, as a competitor"8.8014
529.07.2010Impact Wrestling"This little extreme reunion of yours was never a part of their plan"  
601.10.2009Impact Wrestling"You're a cheap, low-rate Mick Foley wannabe"9.0615
716.04.2009Impact Wrestling"Keep the little sneakers at home, because I'm lacing up the leopard skin"9.436
826.03.2009Impact Wrestling"A lot of people out there could use your help Stinger, but I'm not one of them"  
930.10.2008Impact Wrestling"This is not your war, it's mine"  
1018.09.2008Impact Wrestling"It ain't about disrespect, it's about guys like you"8.675
1101.08.2008World Wrestling Entertainment"You bring this Edge and the Undertaker will tear you apart!"9.80132
1224.07.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"What has become of Ric Flair?"7.757
1317.07.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"I came, I saw, I kicked your old ass!"7.568
1410.07.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"You no longer matter to me, Ric!"9.3812
1507.06.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm gonna stake the hearts of your heroes, and I'm gonna shove them down your throats"9.5015
1620.03.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"Whether you like or hate him, Edge speaks the truth"7.609
1727.02.2006World Wrestling Entertainment"You're Rated O for Overrated"9.6525
1826.01.2004World Wrestling Entertainment"I worked too hard and I suffered too long to have my reputation torn up by you"9.6315
1907.06.2001World Wrestling Entertainment"To be(smirch) or not to be(smirch) - that is the question"8.338
2009.10.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"I didn't do it for me, I did it for The Rock"7.007
2104.09.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Genital warts rule"8.9313
2207.02.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"I will end your fifteen year career, and it will be over!"9.6912
2303.02.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"You guys are simply average"8.866
2427.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Slap me again and find out what happens"9.1711
2520.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"Do not bring your children to Madison Square Garden"9.3314
2617.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"You woke up the SOB"9.7918
2713.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"I'm gonna tear you apart in New York City!"9.8120
2810.01.2000World Wrestling Entertainment"All we're about is fairness"9.2916
2911.01.1999World Wrestling Entertainment"Until you say the two magic words, Rock, 'I quit!'"9.7927
3015.11.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"Your new WWF Champion, the Corporate Champion, The Rock"9.4612
3127.09.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"When I broke JoJo Miller's guns"8.209
3204.05.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"Reach into his chest and pull out his heart!"8.9212
3306.04.1998World Wrestling Entertainment"You chanted someone else's name"9.4116
3426.05.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"A man of integrity?! I ought to smack you!"9.7314
3519.05.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"I wanted to be where the blood and guts were, Jimmy"9.5521
3607.04.1997World Wrestling Entertainment"By the time we're done we are going to look like twins"8.5017
3706.02.1996Extreme Championship Wrestling"Mikey, you're making me look like a liar"8.257
3810.10.1995Extreme Championship Wrestling"You had to be hurt!"9.7515
3903.10.1995Extreme Championship Wrestling"You're a disgrace to professional wrestling, Tommy!"9.8935
4019.09.1995Extreme Championship Wrestling"Dewey Foley is a three-year-old boy, you sick sons of bitches!"9.9277
4112.09.1995Extreme Championship Wrestling"The problem with being hardcore"9.7928
4231.01.1995Extreme Championship Wrestling"As of now, Cactus Jack DOESN'T CARE!"9.228
4313.12.1994Extreme Championship Wrestling"I will take away from YOU whatever I want. And right now: I want your souls"8.409
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