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Also known as Manny Andrade, Andrade Almas, La Sombra, Brillante Jr., Brillante, Rey Azteca II

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421.05.2020Obermacker9.0Hat Alles, um sich an der Spitze zu etablieren. aufregender Wrestler mit guter Ausstrahlung. Liefert immer ab, die Ringbegleitung paßt zu ihm.
810.05.2020Jacob Jones8.0Andrade has fast become one of my favorite wrestlers in WWE. An excellent talent in the ring, it takes a lot for him to have anything resembling a bad match. He is simply one of the most natural athletes in the company and knows how to use psychology and craft a well-told story. With that said, it took him some time to find his footing in not just NXT but on the main roster. When he has however, he has proven to be a top heel. With that said, he has not been proven on the mic yet and while he has faired better than most of his NXT comrades, he did suffer a wellness violation early this year that may have soured company opinions on him. But he knows the right people and his in-ring work shall make him a key player for WWE as long as he plays his cards right.
1618.04.2020stvn2410.0This wrestler is unbelievable. An exceptional in-ring with a moveset worthy of the greatest. My favorite Mexican wrestler with Rey. I hope he will stay US champion for a long time and then he will have a push towards the main event, he deserves it.
2624.02.2020Okaro1439.0This guy is awesome. I believe he can become one of the best heels. His in ring work is amazing. He might be one of the best wrestlers NXT has to offer after Dunne and Gargano.
2912.02.2020Mahmoud Elsayad9.0
4615.11.2019Briefcase 19929.0
4705.11.2019Jon Kings7.0
5011.10.2019Jasper Claret10.0
5312.09.2019AndoCommando9.0Only a 9 because of his apparent need for an English-speaking manager and not already having a body of work that's up to par with the greats, but I expect Andrade will further add to his resume the more he is properly used. Was one of the biggest stars of CMLL when he left, coming across as highly charismatic despite wearing a mask for the majority of his run. During that tenure he also won the IWGP Intercontinental Championship from NJPW's King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura. From the time he turned heel in NXT to when Ciampa returned he was their best worker. He's already put on arguably the best match in WWE (vs Gargano at TakeOver: Philadelphia) and, when given the chance, has delivered on some of the best matches last year with Rey Mysterio. The fact that he hasn't held a title since being called up to the main roster in early 2018 is a fault on WWE's part, not Andrade's. People might think I'm overrating the man, but I have no doubt that Andrade could jump ship to any other major promotion in the world, and would eventually become a World Champion. Andrade might prove to be the greatest Mexican wrestler we've seen thus far, and we are fortunate enough to witness his rise.
5411.09.2019TheFrenchDisaster9.0We realized his talent when he was allied to Zelina Vega, Triple H has, logically, seen a star in him and was right. He ended up on the top of the card with a very good NXT champion reign and making amazing matches here and there. But then, and not surprisingly, his call-up into the main roster was a disaster. It started with some matches without much importance with jobbers, and since then, nothing... He lost in the shuffle, waiting for his talent to be exploited and that's very sad, given his big talent. I hope WWE will realize they are losing a great talent even if, at this point, my hopes are broken.
5726.08.2019Jeffrey Nero Hardy10.0
6017.08.2019HydroBlade-NJPW8.0Ever since pairing him up with Zelina Vega, Andrade's work has been great. His in-ring skills are some of the best in the WWE and his lack of fluency in English is covered up by his manager. Once WWE pulls him out of the midcard and puts him in the main event spot, he will be putting on great matches every single week on Smackdown Live. I will say that his old name, Andrade Cien Almas, was much better than just "Andrade".
6626.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling8.0I think we've only just begun to see what Andrade is capable of. He was floundering before they paired him with Zelina, but since then there is great potential. I think they need to go further with the pair though. We all know that they are not a couple in real life, so they need to explain why they are business associates. We saw that in NXT but the main roster had no context for them as a pair. I do think Andrade was hurt a bit when they gave him the name chop, but I hope that does not hurt him too much going forward. As long as he has Flair backing him behind the scenes, he has nothing to worry about.
7009.06.2019Roger Target10.0Very athletic wrestler. my favorite. I see that the future is waiting for him, where would he not go.
7109.06.2019Danil Czar9.0
7315.05.2019Cow Man7.0Very athletic. Can work as a technical wrestler or a high flier. But I don't understand the thing with his name being shortened. Plays his heel role good. The only thing I have to count off of is the fact that he can't cut a promo because of his inability to speak English. However, overall, a 7.
7608.05.2019MJFJUNE10.0One of my favorite luchadores in wrestling today (second only to Rey Mysterio). He can really do it all in the ring, he can do great mat work but he can also fly with the best of them. I highly recommend that anyone who calls themselves a wrestling fan watches his match with Gargano from NXT Takeover Philadelphia. He truly could be the face of a company in the main event scene. Unfortunately, this will be hard for him to achieve in WWE as they have a thing against pushing those who don't speak fluent English.
7702.05.2019blackx188.0Micwork : (6/10) In-Ring : (9/10) Gimmick : (8/10) Charisma : (8/10) (31/40) = 7, 75. Das sieht jetzt erstmal wenig aus für das was er wirklich ist, allerdings ist das nur wegen seinem Micwork so, was ja Zelina Vega für ihn sehr gut übernimmt. Ansonsten wäre seine Wertung noch viel Weiter oben.
8108.04.2019ErycK249.0One of the best in ring performers on the main roster, I really hope WWE doesn? t screw up his push.
8330.03.2019EE8WRESTLING10.0One of my boys in wrestling and deserves a run at the top of the wwe roster cause hes proven how good he is in and out of wwe if you havent seen him i recomend his series with mysterio gargano and shinsuke all fantastic and proof hes one of the best in the world
8513.03.2019wrestlingfan 0079.0
8705.03.2019Cibs9.0If Andrade learns to speak english he can be the mexican star that WWE has been searching for so long. An extremely talented wrestler whose evolution has been fascinating to watch because he went from being a simple luchador who made many jumps and spectacular moves, to being someone very complete in the ring that can adapt to any rival and style without losing his essence (he clearly took advantage of his time in Japan and NXT).
9223.01.2019Hunter Dunn10.0
9617.01.2019AJStylopz10.0Amazing in ring performer. One of the few spotty wrestlers I truely find special and his charisma is just insane.
9803.01.2019TheManiac9.0Andrade ist super, ein absoluter toller Worker im Ring. Bei NXT wusste man erst nicht viel mit ihm anzufangen, aber als er dann Vega an seine Seite bekommen hat, wurde alles anderes, sie hat ihn einfach kompletter gemacht und so war es nur eine Frage der Zeit, dass er NXT Champion wurde. Nach seinem Up-Call zu SmackDown deutet er immer wieder an, dass man auch größeres mit ihm machen kann, aber bisher scheinen die Ideen noch zu fehlen, aber gegen AJ Styles z. B. hat er die Hütte abgerissen. Bis die Booker ein paar bessere Ideen für ihn haben erstmal noch 9 Punkte, die aber schnell auf 10 hoch gehen können.
9930.12.2018CashGrab10.0Andrade Almas has been incredible in the ring, he's one of the most talented luchadors in professional wrestling, His Feud with Gargano was simple but amazing, and really proved that this man had what it takes to be a main eventer, hopefully his main roster run will turn around and make Cien, An Idol.
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