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314.06.2020Khalid Ace7.0
623.03.2020BDD6.0Eddie Dennis is a solid wrestler, he looks good, and he is good at the microphone, in the ring he is solid, his matches are nice, but there always seems to be something missing to reach the MOTYC level.
819.03.2020Crippler Crossface6.0
1124.02.2020wrestlingfan 0076.0
1315.02.2020RYVNAYouTube3.0Eddie Dennis is just a bad old school heel. The 3 points that I gave is only for his promos in PROGRESS but when he start to wrestle... He can do good matches only against good opponents like David Starr or OJMO recently
2228.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling6.0Showing promise in NXTUK. Can talk & has a good look. He's just missing some intrigue. I think a manager would do wonders for him. Get Paige away from Asuka & Kairi (who don't need a manager) and stick her with Dennis. I think he could become a viable main eventer for that brand if they did that.
2418.01.2019El Burrito6.0
2510.01.2019Alchemiist8.0Interesting seeing how he? s being booked as a dominant guy and is in a feud with Dave Mastiff. Solid ring work, but needs a bit of flash to his character. Easily my top 5 singles wrestlers in NXT UK
2701.01.2019CashGrab8.0He's quite grown into a very solid wrestler ever since his heel turn. I think he needs new ring gear though. His moves are cool.
2901.06.2018InactiveGuru6.0Good as a singles competitor and good in a tag team. I think the next few years will be the cornerstones to Eddie Dennis to see if he can really break out in the UK. I for one am hoping he can, good lad.
3028.12.2017Even Flow7.0
3227.08.2017BritIndy Reviews7.0
3318.06.2017Glover5.0A solid tall lad. He's solid as a singles wrestler and as a tag wrestler in FSU. He's a pretty charismatic guy, but not by a lot. He's not bad, but he doesn't stand out whatsoever unless he's a cog in a spotfest match or against a really great opponent.
3713.03.2015gaxal07.0I've seen Eddie Dennis throw around some of the biggest men in British Wrestling, and despite his height he can go toe to toe with some of the gifted technikers, but his strongest point has always been his tag team work, adding an element of power which works very well with his usual tag team partners.
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