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726.01.2021Uweuwesen10.0Kurt Angle hat immer 100% gegeben! Als Ringer, als Midcardworker zu Beginn und komplett bis zum Ende als GM. Das war wohl auch sein Verhängnis. Ein Gesamtpaket wie man es nur selten erlebt, in allen Belangen! It? s true, it? s damn true
825.01.2021WAILDO PEGASASU9.0
924.01.2021sanjuro10.0It's impressive enough that Kurt transitioned from legit Olympic wrestling to the pro style in no time. That he turned out to be one of the best promos of the modern WWE era is absolutely wild. And for a guy who originally told Vince he couldn't ever lose a match to preserve his reputation, it's amazing that he proved to be so great as a buffoonish character, neck-and-neck with Eddie and Jericho as the funniest worker to ever be a main event-level talent. Too many great matches with too many opponents to name, and only bad timing kept him from being able to have clinics with even more guys who stopped just before him (Bret, Owen) or came just after his prime (Bryan, ZSJ). Helped define the Ruthless Aggression era and then all but singlehandedly elevated TNA before that company's mismanagement dragged him down. Almost all of Dixie-era TNA's great matches outside the X Division and tag scene involve him.
1116.01.2021Chiqui Lecca9.0
1211.01.2021Belka 01710.0
1822.12.2020WackyStang10.0What can I say that hasn't already been said a million times? He's the best to ever wrestle in the ring, he got better and better and he stopped getting better because the WWE wouldn't let him work so he got arthritis. It's a shame really because we could've gotten so many great Kurt Angle matches in 2018 but "Sports Entertainment". But I won't dwell on that. Kurt's had many many great matches in the past with Brock, Benoit, Eddie, Edge, Rey, Samoa Joe, Styles, Jarrett, and even Ken Anderson and Matt Morgan! This man is one the Greatest Wrestlers Olympicly and Professionally, It's Damn True.
1922.12.2020cosmik debris9.0
2116.12.2020Old ride long line10.0One of The greatest ? technical? wrestlers of all time. But unlike a lot of guys that were technical wrestlers, Kurt angle could actually deliver on the microphone. Wether he was playing the dopey idiot or Olympic hero. Baby face or heel the guy always entertained. His matches with the undertaker, Brock lesnar, big show, hhh, Austin, and Chris Jericho were all time classics. I truly believe if he stayed with the wwe he might have made his way into the G. O. A. T conversation. I would rank Kurt in the top 15-20 all time and definitely a top 10 personal favorite.
2215.12.2020Black Liger9.0
2525.10.2020rainmakerpunk10.0Kurt Angle shouldn't be as good as he is, honestly it's mind boggling how good he is, for somebody who didn't spend his whole life training to be a pro wrestler to be this damn good is crazy, Kurt Angle went from being an olympian to just picking up pro wrestling and being one of the best to do it, he quickly mastered the in-ring aspect and what's more surprising is he perfected the entertainment side of wrestling, have more character and mic skills and charisma than just about anyone
2718.10.2020brandon06289610.0Outstanding wrestler and a legitimate tough guy to boot. His matches never disappoint. Being well versed in grappling and submissions, his matches are a technical showcase. Top that off with remarkable endurance and charisma, we have a one of a kind athlete
3121.09.2020SSEighty710.0One of the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in the ring. May be one of the most well-rounded wrestlers of all time. He can be a goofy face, cowardly heel, bad ass face, psychotic heel, and even a lovable authority figure. In the ring, he can adapt to any style, and has put on classics for a number of years. WWE-only fans may not realize this, but his 06-10 career in TNA actually rivals his WWE tenure.
3410.09.2020GabrielReeves1910.0Arguably the best wrestler to ever step foot in a WWE ring. Dude had charisma like nobody's business. He could pull off being the gullable comedy guy while also being able to kick your ass in a convncing was (still as a heel). His TNA work was great up until about late 2012, then his work was just hard to watch. His WWE return, while nostalgic, wasn't the best to be remembered by. His work in 2000-2002 was arguably his best work of his career. Top 10 favorite wrestlers for sure.
3631.08.2020Criss Axton10.0
4104.08.2020Donnie8.0If you only ever watched his peak WWF/E work, you'd think he's one of the greatest to ever do it. But when you actually watch all of it, you'll find a deranged cripple that had one match type and had to be dragged kicking and screaming by better men (AJ/Joe/Jarrett) into something different. When he was on, he was the man, but man when he off he was trash.
4422.07.2020martizzletae10.0One of my personal favorites of all time! The man is a jack of all trades. Starts off as a goofy straight-laced guy, months later wins the world title and becomes a wrestling machine, putting out classic after classic, and could still find the time to be seriously entertaining
4809.07.2020sabbathbloodysabbath10.0I don't think it's much of a shock that he turned out to be great in the ring, but I don't think anyone could have predicted how entertaining his character would become as well, especially considering his gimmick is "wrestler. " I loved him on the mic almost as much as I loved him in the ring. Angle was one of the best parts of the Attitude Era, and that continued into the Ruthless Aggression era as well. One of the reasons I consider 2000-2004 to be WWE's peak.
4905.07.2020Scott Kobayashi10.0
5126.06.2020Omega JeriFlair10.0
5517.06.2020Khalid Ace7.0Kurt was very good in the ring "at some point in his career at least" but I've always thought there's a problem with the way he's selling & his striking offense. He wasn't good on the mic also.
6016.05.2020Conor10.0Kurt Angle was one of the greatest ring technicians of all time. Could be a great babyface, but was a far better heel. Had a wonderful sense of comedic timing and great character work. Had great matches with just about anyone; AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, HBK, Samoa Joe, Steve Austin, Undertaker... etc. One of the greatest of all time and one of my favorites.
6111.05.2020Wrestlefan2010.0One of the most talented wrestlers of all time. Had plenty of great matches, can play a comedic and serious heel really well and is also very entertaining to watch.
6301.05.2020Rey Dino9.0
7005.04.2020TyNoelBahGod10.0Kurt Angle is one of the most talented wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring. What proves that is how quick his transition was from amateur wrestling to professional wrestling. His arrogant entitled gimmick made him one of the best heels in the wrestling business and his matches with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Shawn Michaels are legendary.
7227.03.2020Mudshow Idol10.0
7322.03.2020Oregano Jackson10.0Kurt Angle was great, not just as a wrestler but also as an entertainer. He was already a tremendous mat-wrestler when he made his debut, but his quick mastery of the WWE style of wrestling enabled him to have great matches with everyone from the likes of Shane McMahon to the likes of Shawn Michaels. On the flip side, Kurt was also really funny, especially as a heel; he had no qualms about being the butt of a joke for the entertainment of the fans. In a nutshell, Angle is one of the most complete professional wrestlers of all time because of his mastery of every single aspect of the game.
7907.03.2020AAA300010.0Kurt "German Suplex" Angle. Angles Vielseitigkeit habe ich gemocht. Er war technisch gut und hat exzellent Matches geführt. Am Mikro konnte er auch was. War auch mal witzig. Egal ob Heel oder Face. Kurt Angle konnte alles, nur leider keinen richtig würdigen Abschied bekommen von der WWE.
8312.02.2020Mahmoud Elsayad10.0
8409.01.2020Danil Czar9.0
8828.12.2019Brutish Dandy9.0
8913.12.2019Jon Kings8.0
9021.11.2019Briefcase 199210.0
9217.11.2019Liam Willows10.0
9713.10.2019Combo Broker10.0
10001.10.2019TheGorgis30910.0Kurt Angle was the best damn wrestler going for about the entirety of the 2000s and leading into the 2010s as well, and I will battle anyone who challenges that notion. The total package, great technical wrestler, excellent mic skills that also get underrated a bit because of his mush mouth style of speaking and off course charismatic as hell, the three things that are key to my enjoyment of a wrestler. He was also a great seller and also had great comedic timing that has lead to so many funny moments through the years. Although his last years as a wrestler weren't that great, don't let that subtract from your enjoyment of the Olympic Hero. Oh it's true. It's damn true.
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