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529.04.2020Ma Stump Puller5.0For a guy who's been wrestling for 14 years, he clearly doesn't act like it. Weak charisma, a train wreck with a live mic, and decent wrestling skill with a unimpressive look to boot. He's boring in the ring despite being a good safe worker, but I can't really say much beyond that. He's been in a few mediocre tag teams and seems to be going nowhere.
913.03.2020Crippler Crossface6.0
1502.01.2020Cow Man7.0
1631.12.2019JEK 19918.0I liked him a lot in NXT Season 2. He is naturally gifted in the ring. He is/was used more as a tag specialist. Its a disgrace that WWE hasn't really given him a bigger push. He is Curt Hennig's son. He excited me with his moves.
1911.10.2019Jasper Claret6.0
2027.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling2.0I routinely mistake Curtis Axel for a block of wood. He is about as uninteresting as you can get. I know he won some people over with the Hogan rip off gimmick a few years ago, but I've seen the Hogan rip off gimmick before & I had no desire to see Axel's turn with it. He failed with Heyman & failed with McGillicutty. He was one of the least memorable members of the Nexus & he's drowning Bo (who at least has a little bit of charisma) in the B-Team. The Intercontinental Championship was very sad when Axel actually was champion.
2105.06.2019Tim Flyn5.0
2319.04.2019CashGrab5.0He's passable, not the best but not the worst, he doesn't have any real memorable matches to him, I guess he does try though.
2614.03.2019WrestlingStats16.0Assets: Is a sound and dependable worker to have on hand for the midcard. Has a deceptively accomplished history as a tag wrestler. Can entertain audiences if given the right gimmick. - - - Flaws: Does not have an overly impressive physique. His absence of innate charisma is noticeable. Seems to do better as a tag or faction wrestler than he does as a singles competitor. - - - Career Potential: Satisfactory major league midcard/tag wrestler.
2904.01.2019Mahanx3.0I try update wrestlers rating every year , so i don't think about their past , i just think about their 1 last year , i know promotions can make wrestlers years worst or awesome too but it is what it is..... So at 2018 till now i didn't see anything special in Curtis Axel , just create B-Team and a little title reigns.....
3106.11.2018MogGuy4.0I feel sorry for this guy in many ways. He should have been one of this generations top WWE Superstars, but bad booking and lack of mic skills early in his main roster career got in the way. Some of it's not his fault and some of it is. If I say much more this comment will go on forever so I'll just end with this. Highlight of his career: Winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Payback 2013. Lowlight of his career: His god-awful 'Genesis of McGillicutty' NXT promo, which many would say was the catalyst of his downfall. The B-Team tag team he's currently in with Bo Dallas gave him some ok moments, but at this point, the damage has already been done as far as his career is concerned.
3306.09.2018Jon Kings5.0
3729.08.2018Ecstasy ov Dusk8.0
3913.08.2018nintendo6410.0I am a fan of underrated wrestlers for sure and Curtis axel is one of them I have been a fan of Curtis for awhile now and I feel I should rate him now He has gotten alot better with Bo dallas as the B-team and heck they won the Raw tag titles and I thought He was not going to win another title again but He has and thats awesome but anyways I give Curtis axel a 10.
4519.05.2018King of Strong Style7.0
4618.05.2018Ayrat Ganiev7.0
4718.05.2018RollwithRaven9.0Curtis axel was a man who could've been a huge star in the WWE but was ruined by horrible booking. He had a decent run on NXT and was great as an IC Champion. During his early days on the Main Roster it was unthinkable to think that the Son of Wrestling Legend Mr. Perfect and a man who excels in wrestling and on the mic would become reduced to a jobber. He had a great IC run but was not only ruined by the booking but also the fans who bashed him just because Paul Heyman stopped managing him. On this week's RAW he defeated Breezango so hopefully this could be the start of him returning to his former self.
4823.03.2018Oliver95x5.0Nichts besonders. Normaler Durchschnittswrestler. Wir auch nicht mehr in der WWE erreichen als das was er jetzt erreicht hat.
5224.01.2018TheLoudMouth6.0Während sein Vater als Mr. Perfect seinem In-Ring-Namen tatsächlich fast gerecht wurde, halte ich Curtis Axel leider maximal für Mr. Average. Solide Skills im Ring, schwach am Mic und ausbaufähige Ausstrahlung. Als Side-Kick von Miz aktuell aber relativ überzeugend.
5509.12.2017DanTalksRasslin5.0While Curtis Axel/Joe Hennig is a solid ring mechanic, he seems not to have inherited any of the in-ring polish or flair, or the natural charisma that made his father a legend. Debuting in 2010 under the somewhat unfortunate moniker "Michael McGillicutty" in the second season of its original game show format, Axel has a reign each with the IC and Tag Title under his belt, but through various name changes, partnerships and stable memberships, he still hasn't risen above the level of second-string tag wrestler, stable warm body or flunky to other upper-midcarders, and doesn't show much sign of moving out of his current position in WWE.
5808.11.2017Dragon fighter 19972.0Unlike his legendary father- mr perfect, axel hasn't showed anything much special yet. Very bland in the ring and mediocre on microphone. Also a charisma vacuum. His run with paul heyman wasn't interesting at all. Now he is almost a jobber who is an enforcer for the miz. Wow, at least he can get more tv time. And even surprising, he used to be an ic champ. Not totally bad at all.
6117.09.2017JamesHarro1.0Curtis Axel is one of the most pointless wrestlers on the current WWE roster he has no talent at all and is nothing compared to his father, and that is a shame if he was as good he could be huge but his is stuck as part of the very boring Miztourage.
6229.08.2017Viktor Vaughn6.0Überdurchschnittlich guter Arbeiter im Ring, jedoch ist es um seine Ausstrahlung nicht ganz so gut bestellt. War mit der Rolle als Heyman-Guy überfordert und konnte dem Intercontinental Title keinen Glanz verleihen, im Team mit Ryback hat er mir aber ziemlich gut gefallen.
6402.08.2017Antimaster5.0Ist jetzt seid 4 Jahren in der WWE und konnte sich nicht nachhaltig durchsetzen. Liegt wohl an seiner Austauschbarkeit, er hat einfach nichts, was ihn dauerhaft interessant macht. Ich persönlich mag ihn auf Grund seiner soliden in-Ring Skills trotzdem recht gern, ist in Tag Teams wohl am besten aufgehoben, mit Wohlwollen gibts noch 6 Punkte. Edit: Mittlerweile vollkommen bedeutungslos. Wäre er nicht der Sidekick von Miz würde er bei Superstars jobben. Und irgendwann muss man dann auch mal anerkennen, dass es nicht nur an den Bookern liegt, den Qualität setzt sich letzten Endes immer noch durch. Scheint beim guten Curtis nicht der Fall zu sein, in Ring kommt mittlerweile auch nicht mehr viel. Leichte Abwertung.
6927.06.2017Dean Builenko7.0
7113.06.2017TooSweetPhil3.0Er stellt hohe Ansprüche und das wegen seinem Familienstammbaum. Im Frühen 2013 hat er mir dann später als Heyman Guy wirklich gefallen und bewegte sich auf gutem Weg, speziell als IC Champ. Nahm man ihm Heyman weg und dann ging's anfänglich mit "Rybaxel" unter. Ab dann Paar Mal gejobbt und das war's - Nicht ausreichend.
7231.05.2017El Burrito6.0
7602.02.201706marksr10.0Curtis Axel is such an underutilized talent. He is "perfect" (sorry) athletically in the ring. You can see his true worth when he's putting over a new and upcoming star because he can make anyone took like a million dollars. His only real weakness is that he lacks a natural charisma on the microphone. His 2013 failed push was mainly because of his poor pairing with Paul Heyman (who was more interested in pushing Brock Lesnar as always) and stunted any charisma growth. He should have been booked as a no-nonsense technician who could back it up because it's in his blood to be perfect. I don't think it's any coincidence that The Rock specifically chooses to train with Axel when preparing for a WWE appearance. So highly underrated...
8204.11.2016Astraeus4.0This is going to sound incredibly harsh, and I don't mean it that way. But I'd rather watch a match from almost any other WWE wrestler than Curtis Axel. That's not because he's a bad wrestler -- in fact, he's firmly above average, with good strength and especially impressive mat skills. His problem, though, is that he's utterly lacking in the "it factor" which allows wrestlers to connect with their audience. He has very little charisma, his personality alternately comes off as forced and bland, and even when he was pushed it was difficult to take him seriously. Axel simply doesn't know how to perform -- and that's a death sentence in the modern WWE. He has fairly decent comedic timing, and AxelMania was the best gimmick he ever had, but doesn't that say something on its own? Midcard comedy seems to be this man's ceiling, something which stings even more considering the legendary status of his family.
8823.08.2016ShooterMcShoot6.0He's a good hand in the ring. Almost everyone who works with him raves about how good he is in the ring. But for all the athletic skills he inherited from his father and grandfather, he's missing the critical ability to connect that work with the audience. Part of that is the fact that he doesn't have a character that he can sink his teeth into (Except for the Hogan spoof but that sadly had to end). It's really a shame, because he has all the tools.
8920.08.2016Summerslam Fan 014.0Sicherlich ist er nicht schlecht aber gut auch nicht wirklich. Im Ring etwas überbewertet und gefällt mir da garnicht. Am Mic schlecht, null Ausstrahlung hat für mich überhaupt kein Look. Sogar Paul Heyman konnte da nicht viel rausholen schade aber das Booking war auch schuld dran. 4 Punkte
9111.08.2016DerSteffanie6.0Ein echt guter Wrestler, der genauso wie ein Drew McIntyre seiner Zeit nach einem ersten Push fallengelassen und irreversibel in die Comedy-Sparte gesteckt wurde. Die Glaubhaftigkeit eines Curtis Axel wird wohl nie wieder wiederhergestellt werden können. Schade um einen echt guten Worker, der mit einem Mouthpiece, das seine Charismaschwächen kaschieren kann, echt noch lange sehenswert gewesen wäre.
9921.06.2016AMHTP4.0Curtis Axel, in my eyes, is in a similar position to Jack Swagger. They're both reasonably-proficient technical hands, but neither of them can convincingly carry a gimmick and neither of them are particularly good promos. There's just nothing interesting about Axel; it's not that he's awful, but he utterly fails to do what his father did best -- command attention. Honestly, he's shown the most life in a comedy role, and there may be something to that idea. He certainly hasn't wowed the audience as a serious competitor.
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