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Suge D, Pineapple Pete


Also known as Sugar Dunkerton, Suge D, Pineapple Pete, Kareem Abdul Jamar, Carl Wilson, G-No, Sugar D, Coco Rumble

General Data
Current gimmick:
Suge D, Pineapple Pete
36 years
Active Roles:
Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler

Personal Data

Career Data
Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career:
In-ring experience:
18 years
Wrestling style:
Allrounder, Comedy/Gimmick
David Raines, Murder-1 & Jeremy Vain
"Barack O'Jamma"
"Black Mamba"
"Black Swagger"
"Captain Crunk"
"Clothesline Jenkins"
"Converse's Favorite Customer"
"Hot Chocolate"
"Master Of The Sizable Package"
"Monster Afro"
"Mr. Too Many Nicknames"
"Slam McNasty"
"Special Dark"
"The Backcourt Bandit"
"The Soul Of Strong Style"
"The Sultan Of The Slam Dunk"
Signature moves:
Air Dunkerton
The Crunk Capture
The Emancipator
Windmill Slam
Monster Jam
Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow Lariat
The Lockout
Current Total Rating (?)
Valid votes: 25
Number of comments: 10
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Average rating: 5.96
Average rating in 2020: 6.33
Average rating in 2019: 7.00
Average rating in 2017: 6.00
Average rating in 2016: 6.50
Average rating in 2015: 7.00
Average rating in 2014: 6.00
Average rating in 2013: 6.00
Average rating in 2012: 5.33
Average rating in 2011: 5.50
Average rating in 2010: 3.00
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